Deals with Seymour, Seabass require some thought


NFL teams were able to designate franchise and transition players as of today and can do so for the next two weeks.

During that time, the Raiders can be expected to lock up defensive end Richard Seymour and place kicker Sebastian Janikowski, whether through the tagging process or long-term deals. If last season is any indication, when Nnamdi Asomugha and Shane Lechler became the highest paid players at their positions, both are feeling good about breaking the bank themselves.

However, there’s a chance both could come away disappointed _admittedly a relative term when millions of dollars are being discussed.

Oh, they’ll still be Raiders, but it’s probably unrealistic to think they’ll come away with the kind of deals Asomugha and Lechler received, contracts which stunned not only the players involved but the rest of the NFL.

Seymour is classified as an end for purposes of his tag, meaning he would earn $13,398.000 if he doesn’t come to a long-term agreement. If given the exclusive tag, it could be more, as his deal would be recalculated with the top five salaries at his position as of April 15.

But Seymour isn’t looking for a year-to-year existence, no matter the salary. He will turn 31 during the 2010 season and is looking for what could be his last big score. Given that he’s a unique player given his ability to move inside as well as play at the end, and the fact that he has five Pro Bowls under his belt and three Super Bowl rings, his agent, Eugene Parker, will be looking closely at three contracts while setting his price.

The two highest paid defensive ends are Minnesota’s Jared Allen (six years, $74 million, $31 million guaranteed) and Indianapolis’ Dwight Freeney (six years, $72 million, $30 million guaranteed) and Washington defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth (seven years, $100 million, $41 million guaranteed).

With the later years of the deal so much window dressing, the guaranteed money is the issue. Seymour, who wisely went on record saying how much he enjoyed it in Oakland, probably can’t be brought home with less than $35 million in guaranteed money. Parker could reasonably request Seymour be made the highest paid lineman in the NFL.

For all his accomplishments, that’s a huge figure for someone who had four sacks in 16 games (including two in the opener) and whose presence couldn’t prevent the Raiders from being one of the most porous teams in the NFL against the run.

After giving up a first-round draft pick in 2011, allowing Seymour to walk isn’t an option. Unless the Raiders are willing to pay him the huge guarantee, or can get back a first-round draft pick, they’ll be looking at keeping him with a franchise tag and paying the $13,398.000. Given Asomugha’s age and level of performance, it was an easier call to write the check for his three-year deal than it will be with Seymour.

In past years, franchising Seymour would have meant Janikowski would be a free man. Not so in the absence of a collective bargaining agreement. With no CBA in place, teams can use both franchise and transition tags. In Janikowski’s case, the franchise tag is $2,814,000, the transition tag $2,629,000.

Janikowski knows what Lechler received _ $16 million over four years, $9 million guaranteed.

But it’s hard to make the case that Janikowski should get anything approaching what Lechler got. Lechler has been among the NFL’s premiere punters since he arrived in 2000. Janikowski, in 2009, enjoyed his first truly elite season as a place kicker.

What he does have in common with Lechler is that Al Davis is proud of the draft where he got both his kickers, getting Janikowski in the first round and Lechler in the fifth.

This year’s climate may not be conducive to long-term contracts with big money paid up front. Salaries won’t be paid in the event of a 2011 work stoppage. Bonus money is out the window.

As you may have noticed, blog postings have slowed in the absence of news but are will pick up as events warrant . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Don’t forget Dmac.He’s getting a boatload of money for doing very little.

  • Plunketthead

    Neil thats not quite true.
    He puts Tiger to shame in the baby making department.
    Custody battles, Clubbing with his posse, entrenching himself in the wannabee gangster club in Little Rock

    He has little time for mundane things like football.

  • Plunketthead

    Tim Lincecum makes me want to become a Giant fan for about two seconds, then I come to my senses.

    Trade him to the Raiders for twinkletoes and Jawannabee

  • buckeyeraider

    You’re right Neil. Dmac as well. I’ve read that Gallery has always been willing to help the team, and has restructured several times to lower his cap figure. I hope some of his teammates are willing to be team oriented, and defer some money, as well.

  • Kate Mara makes me want to become a Giants fan!

  • Congrats to the Freak Tim Lincecum.

    Even though I am an East Bay guy, I grew up a Will Clark fan and a SF Giants fan.

    $23 million can get that guy a bunch of reefer!!

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  • Plunkett, it”s more like $400 + ext.+ext.+ext.
    Youre talking about people (like myself) being on unempolyment for 3+years!!

    And people say Obama is not doing his job!!

    Oh snap….guess what I started!

  • 4eva…

    I’m doing fine and yourself ? Good to hear your weathers getting better!

  • Just fine Neilb!….It finally stopped raining so now I can take off my leaky brake-line hose and put on a new one….man no brakes REALY sucks lol

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  • I guess that’s the good thing with sales.

    Not much job security, but if you can sell, there is always a desk open somewhere out there.

  • I make parts for the car industry.Last year sucked but with all the trouble going on with Toyota,a big customer for my factory,this year could be just as bad.

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    Alot of work but, good times.

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  • Plunketthead


    three years?
    Thats going on across the country. It cant end well.
    Time to rebuild the infrastructure before we all turn into lazy deadbeats.

  • Plunketthead

    I have a 97 silver and black Powerstroker.
    I hope it holds out for another 200,000 miles

  • ummm whats that Plunk?

  • Plunketthead

    Ford F250 diesel

  • buckeyeraider

    Well fellas I’m out for awhile. My lil girl has a basketball game. The kid can shoot the rock. Over the summer she embarrassed a bunch of us guys in the neighborhood playing horse at the end of the block. She’s a tenacious little defender too. Don’t know where she gets her skills. Not from me. I could barely dribble one of the damn things. Hoops was not my game. Football and lil league baseball only. Hope to check back later.

  • Plunketthead Says:
    February 13th, 2010 at 9:12 am

    three years?
    Thats going on across the country. It cant end well.
    Time to rebuild the infrastructure before we all turn into lazy deadbeats.

    It can’t end well……more like WW III!!

  • Trade DMAC for a Ford F250 diesel!

  • Midwest Fan

    I’m about 5 mins from Gallery’s parents house. Thinking about going over and sending him my best with his recovery. Any ideas on what I should take over?

  • HayesDaze37

    It’s a great day to be a Raiders fan. Isn’t it?

    MWFan — Gallery needs a recliner and massages. Hook him up.

    Oh…and the Raiders MUST pick O-Line early this year, because your average professional athlete simply does not return from multi-level back fusion. That is no minor procedure.

    The Draft??

    MLB/O-Line/D-Line. All taken in the first 3 rounds.

    A trade down could bring a few more prospects to the table…at MUCH lesser prices than just one top-10 (who has the same chance of success/failure as mid-round picks).

  • Plunketthead

    My truck runs better but the Little Rock Gangsta makes the big bucks.

  • HayesDaze37

    Of course, Al will try to plug a few holes outside the draft…

    …keep on swingin’ for the fences, Al!

    Oh…and YES, even JaMarcus will be open to re-structuring his deal, when crunch-time is upon him. There isn’t a player in the league who isn’t afraid of next year’s impending lockout.

    A nice little bonus in the bank this year could go a long way toward paying the bills next year during the freeze.

    Things are tough all over. Even for (some) millionaires. Just ask ’em.

  • Nnamdi21

    Bishing about Obama is missing the point. The Reap-pube-lycans had 10-12 yrs to fah-k shy-te up. can’t expect Obummer to fix it all in 1 year.

    I wish he’d take his power as President seriously and go after the crooks in big business that raped our country.

    C’mon Obama, Cheney’s abuse of the power of President was unprecedented and done for evil.

    The least you can do is abuse that power to set things right.


  • HayesDaze37

    There may be more re-structured deals this year — throughout the League — than we’ve seen in a long time. Maybe forever.

    There will be some journeyman bargains to be had through trades and Free Agency this year, too.

    Al will get a few right this year.

    Oh, yes he will, you doubters.

  • Mistabr0wn

    Nnamdi, you forgot to mention the Dems are in bed with Wall Street, they have the market cornered on cronie capitalism but thats ok with you. How about Goldman Sachs, your ok with them getting HUGE tax breaks by your pals.

    Your also ok with Barback giving out Millions to buy votes for his Health care plan that nobody wants & wont even pass through the Dem congress.

    In the dictionary they should a picture of you with your head in your anus. Maybe i’ll email Websters and give them a holla!

  • DKnight007

    Oh Priesst and Hayezdaze,

    Haven’t you learned anything the last 7 years while the old man has ruined the franchise?

    Or perhaps do you two actually work for the old man? Do you get paid to try and sell this messed up product?

    Sure sounds like you might be one of the sad lot of season ticket reps who has to try and trick people into wasting their hard earned money on a mismanaged operation and product.

  • Mistabr0wn

    How about Navy Corpsemen? What an intellectual that 0bama is! I bet he is the Pres of ALL 57 states! 0bama might be the most ignorant Pres we’ve ever had, he makes Bush look like a rocket scientist.


  • HayesDaze37

    DK — Dunno what you’re talking about. I’ve spent a small fortune on my Raiders all these years — and never on the payroll once. Please don’t knock my lifelong loyalty by claiming I might work for the Old Man. But, if I did, he’d have at least one truly loyal employee working for him.

    As far as ruining HIS team? Hey, it’s HIS team…no matter how I (or you) feel about it. Nobody is making ANY of us be a fan, we choose to do it. I don’t believe this team is close to being ruined…just beat-up and a little (a lot) bloodied.

    Al will get it right, and set it right, again.

  • HayesDaze37

    And — Although I admire BHP’s loyalty to the team he loves so much, he and I vary differently on a number of issues…including a WIIIIIDE gap in our feelings toward one JaMarcus Russell.

    Where BHP still KNOWS JaMarcus will “get it” — I have seen enough to know the leap is probably too large for the kid. (But, I still don’t throw him out yet.)

    Here’s one: JaMarcus has “more potential” than Gradkowski? Why’s that exactly — because of the cannon arm? If cannon arm were THE answer, the Hall Of Fame would be littered with Billy Joe Tollivers.

    What I know is the REAL answer…great quarterbacks have bigger brains than arms. Street smarts/high IQ/football smarts, whatever. Just have smarts…ESPECIALLY the football type. I worry about JaMarcus’s ability to process information quickly enough at this level.

    Of course, Gradkowski (or Frye, for that matter) has as much potential for success at this early stage of his career as JaMarcus does.

    Having seen all of them under the gun, and in front of the camera, the argument is easy to make that the other guys actually may have MORE potential, because they seem to “get it.”

    That’s just one example of our differing opinions… yet, I will always respect BHP’s undying Raiders loyalty. Even when he’s wrong.

  • # Midwest Fan Says:
    February 13th, 2010 at 10:13 am

    I’m about 5 mins from Gallery’s parents house. Thinking about going over and sending him my best with his recovery. Any ideas on what I should take over?


    A contract with the Jets might make him feel better.

  • Midwest Fan

    Don’t think I can provide that.

  • Well then there’s not much you can do for him. As long as anyone’s a Raider, they’re miserable.

  • Joe Montana is the only great QB I can think of with an avg arm.

  • NoMoreFargas

    Oh what a saint Gallery is an overpaid G who couldn’t cut it at LT if you see his parents see if they have T-rex arms just like Robert. Funny how you don’t usually waste the overall 2 on a G. So hey maybe Dmac,DHB,Russell should just switch to lower value spots so they can get love like T-Rex Gallery does.

  • Oakland could be getting a new stadium
    Posted by Mike Florio on February 13, 2010 2:56 PM ET
    We’ve been hearing rumblings for weeks now that the best location for a new 49ers stadium could be, of all places, Oakland.

    And from those rumblings are coming the first hints of reality. According to Chris Metinko of the Oakland Tribune, the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority Board will consider a request for a “feasibility study” regarding the possibility of building a new football stadium next to the place where the Raiders currently play.

    “The Raiders have been interested in this for a long time,” Deena McClain, Executive Director of the Authority, told Metinko. “This is a more organized look to see what the options are.”

    If the 49ers and the Raiders remain in the Bay Area, the league wants the two teams to share a venue. The proposed site in San Francisco is not, we’re told, economically feasible. And we’ve heard increased chatter that the Niners’ efforts to build in Santa Clara won’t ultimately succeed without the Raiders playing there, too.

    So Oakland might be the best place, no matter how loudly 49ers fans complain.