Hard to imagine a stadium is `feasible’


So the there’s a “feasibility study” on the table for the Oakland-Alameda County Authority board to look in to the possibility of a football stadium which could house both the Raiders and 49ers, according to the Oakland Tribune.

The study would cost $125,000, and seemingly wouldn’t take nearly that much to determine city and county residents are wary of anything having to do with their local government in conjunction with the Raiders.

Taxpayers still have $150 million to go to cover Coliseum upgrades from the deal that brought the Raiders back to Oakland 15 years ago. They’ve had three winning seasons during that span, are currently on a string of seven consecutive blackouts and even their own fans are paying for billboards calling for Al Davis to surrender football decisions to a general manager.

It’s not like sending JaMarcus Russell and Tom Cable out to rally the public is going to build a wave of enthusiasm for the project.

Look, I’m all for a shiny new facility even if it’s half of what Jerry Jones pulled off in Dallas. But Jones got it done with considerable help from Arlington, and the city of Oakland and Alameda County are simply not going to be able to fund a stadium. Nor should they, in the current economic climate.

When it comes to stadiums in the Bay Area, the biggest problem faced by local franchises to get something done is AT&T Park. The San Francisco Giants have set the bar impossibly high, paying for the stadium themselves and paying down the debt themselves.

That’s the starting point.

And probably the ending point, as well.

Of course, I’m the same guy who picked the Colts to win big in the Super Bowl. Look forward to all your e-mails when they break ground on the new stadium.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post JaBlubber lovers!

  • DKnight007

    It’s crazy. Now, if Al Davis weren’t the GM of 29-83, I wouldn’t have a problem with him.

  • # jhill Says:
    February 15th, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    Yeah..well, I talked to Al Davis AND Cable..and both said the same..


    Richochet, you talked to Al Davis and Tom Cable about Russell?
    LOL…if there was a sarcasm, and rolling eyes icon, would have inserted.
    Was saying “Sure..TJ..you talked to everyone in private…SURRRREEEE YOU DID..what the hell, I did to…talked to Al”