Rating importance of Raiders FAs


A priority list of Raiders unrestricted and restricted free agents in terms of bringing them back for the 2010 season when the trade and free agency period begins March 5.

Gotta have ’em

DE Richard Seymour (UFA): Can’t be allowed to get away after sending a 2011 first-round draft pick to Patriots. If Seymour is looking for guaranteed money of $30 to $40 million, the best course of action is the franchise tag and a single season at $12.3 million to see if he can play at or near his prime or is in the declining stages of his career.

QB Bruce Gradkowski (RFA): Why? Because his teammates believe in him and it’s important to have the guy who took the job away from JaMarcus Russell around to push Russell this season. If Gradkowski is allowed to walk, and Russell gets a free pass, the Raiders learned nothing last year.

Could be useful

LB Thomas Howard (RFA). One of the NFL’s fastest linebackers, he can be retained for less than $2 million depending on the tender and he is useful on passing downs, although not a stout run defender.

QB Charlie Frye, (RFA). Gradkowski is the priority, but Frye is an ideal No. 3 quarterback _ an extremely hard worker and student of the game who aspires to coach some day and knows his role.

G-T Langston Walker (UFA). Showed something last season when he switched to guard in a pinch and performed better than expected.

C-G Chris Morris (RFA). Strictly as a backup in the middle three positions. Has faltered as a starter.

Take ’em or leave ’em

LB Kirk Morrison (RFA). Seems ridiculous on its face to put the team’s leading tackler five years running on this list, but if some is going to take the fall for the Raider perpetually poor run defense, it ought to be the middle linebacker.

LB Ricky Brown (RFA). The Raiders thought well enough of Brown last year to put a second-round tender on him, but he hasn’t been able to remain healthy either season.

CB Stanford Routt (RFA). Considering his skill set, really should have been a starter by now. Prone to mistakes and head-scratching penalties.

QB J.P. Losman (UFA). Came aboard too late to make any real impact. Assuming Gradkowski returns to compete with Russell, hard to see Losman getting a shot in Oakland unless Hue Jackson is a big fan.

Thanks, but no thanks

LB Jon Alston (RFA). One of the better guys you’ll meet, Alston’s concussion issues last season looked pretty serious to the untrained eye.

RB-FB Gary Russell (RFA). Russell is not really a halfback, and the Raiders already have a glut there with Darren McFadden, Michael Bush and Justin Fargas. And he’s not big enough to be a lead-blocking fullback, which is something they need to find in the draft or free agency.

OT Cornell Green (UFA). If Green lines up as the starting tackle for the third straight year, it’s bad news. Tom Cable swears by him. Most fans simply swear at the penalties and sacks surrendered.

OT Khalif Barnes (RFA). When Barnes signed, it was supposedly as a competitor to start at left tackle. Instead, Mario Henderson was told early on he was the guy, and it didn’t matter as Barnes sustained a broken ankle. He never made enough of an impression to get any serious time, bypassed by Langston Walker.

Note: Doesn’t include Sebastian Janikowski, signed to a four-year, $16 million deal with $9 million in guarantees.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderRockstar

    75, thanks for being the voice of reason.

    so who should we draft?

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  • RR,

    Not much. I was looking for a Raiders blog. lol

  • RaiderRockstar

    What do you do AT sex addiction therapy? Bone everyone in the room until you get it out of your system?


    enough with the McFadden jokes, Dakota!

  • Study pictures of Rosie O’Donnell?

  • RaiderRockstar

    Not much. I was looking for a Raiders blog. lol


    good luck! haha

    any SD fans upset about the potential of losing Cromartie?

  • Al Davis doesnt deserve blame in all this….Al Davis deserves praise ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Norco Bob

    Sorry wannaberocker, I dont click on links here nor do I post any here,…but he has quit,..now at Cal.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Al Davis deserves praise


    4eva: for what?

    drafting Shaughnessy, Murphy & Myers?

    getting Ellis in free agency?

    trading for Dick Seymour?

    adding Jackson, Waufle & Pendergast to the coaching staff?

    you mean Tom Cable didn’t do those things ???

  • What should we do with Huff?
    Should we play him at CB too, or just play him at FS?
    I would like to see Huff Play CB more because he can cover well, and he did play the position at TX.

  • sounded empty just like Tiger

  • RRS…..thats what Tiger said about Elin lol

  • RR,

    They are calling him a cancer to the team.
    I’ll trade a 3rd for him.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Raiders DB’s Coach Clancy Pendergast has reportedly left the team to accept the Defensive Coordinator job at Cal-Berkley

    wow. you were right Bobby!

    good for Clancy. he took a job with more control and responsibility.

    going from Super Bowl DC to asst DB coach for a 5-11 team just 2 years later is almost insulting

  • Thanks for the damn picture Dakota you just ruined my breakfast….my egg mcmuffin is now in the trash!!

  • At least he has a job tho

  • Norco Bob

    Youre welcome wannaberocker,..I got it last night,..even told Jerry about it last night,..guess he didnt think it was worthy of a thread.

  • Luci….when ANYTHING implies that there may be a pic of rosie,stay far far away

  • RaiderRockstar

    Raider O: I’d like to see Huff at nickel corner on occassion too. keep 3 safeties on the field at the same time. why not? as long as at least 2 of them had cover skills we should be ok …

    a 3rd for Cromartie? that would be a steal IMO. SD is probably asking for a 1st rounder or a starting calibur RB (Tashard Choice’s name has been mentioned)

    SD wouldn’t trade a former Pro Bowler to Al unless he was willing to deal a king’s ransom in return

  • Any case anyone missed it:

    QB Bruce Gradkowski (RFA): Why? Because his teammates believe in him and itโ€™s important to have the guy who took the job away from JaMarcus Russell around to push Russell this season. If Gradkowski is allowed to walk, and Russell gets a free pass, the Raiders learned nothing last year.

  • Norco I can help you with the 13th step!

  • isnt #2 a king of something or other?

  • RaiderRockstar

    I wonder who Al Davis will target to replace Willie Brown now that Pendergast is out of the picture?

  • Thanks for the advice 4evaRaider

  • Norco Bob

    Luci Iv tried 12 step programs a few times…not interested anymore,..actually never was but was court orered.

  • yeah but the 13th step is where I get you back into drugs and booze!!!!!

  • RaiderRockstar

    Lionel Washington did a good job with the safeties last year. Huff & Branch both shined! even Mike Mitchell showed up to make a few plays …

    Nnamdi & CJ were solid.

    Need better production from the front seven though. then these cats will REALLY shine IMO.

  • What about Bush and a 4th for him? I don’t want to trade Bush, its not hard to find a RB, but to get a 6’3 CB with speed next to Nnamdi Is a great move.

    What do you think?

  • Norco Bob

    I dont need help with that Luci,…I do both, daily.

  • I’m not sold on CJ. He can tackle, has good hands, but he gives a lot too.
    Teams will pick on the other Guy (other than Nnamdi), so we need a guy who can make more plays. I think Cromartie can be that player.

  • RaiderRockstar

    O: Cromartie reminds me a lot of DeAngelo Hall the past 2 seasons …

    gambles a ton and often gets burned deep as a result. plus he’s got a little baggage

    I’d spend a 3rd on him, but I don’t think I’d package Mike Bush in ANY trade to SD!

  • Raider O

    We need better DT’s so we can get pressure with our front 4 and we need a legitimate MLB and that would improve the play of CJ and the safety’s…..our secondary is asked to cover their receivers too long.

  • I like Walter Thurmond from Oregon. He is 6’1, has speed, can cover, and has great hands. He was injured at the beg of the season, so he will fall if he can’t preform at the combine.

  • RaiderRockstar

    even if SD gave us AC for a 3rd rounder (doubtful), if “Crimetime” wanted a new fat contract I’d say the deal is OFF

    O-F-F, OFF!

  • RaiderRockstar

    early lunch!

  • I agree with you guys, but he is 6’3 with amazing speed.
    Don’t trade Bush, but I’ll trade a 3rd for him. Or a 3rd & 5th.

  • Raiders were I think 11th in the league in sacks, and either 1st or 2nd in the entire NFL for sack % of pass attempts.

    We get pressure on the QB, you could always use more I agree, but Routt needs to not hold and give up so many yards. Upgrade Routt and get a tad more pressure on the QB and we can have a top-flight pass defense.

    But that doesn’t do you any good when you score 13 points a game.

  • LA to TheBay

    Clancy’s out.

    Ditched us to be DC at Berkley.


  • Norco Bob

    LA,..weve discussed that already.

  • Enjoy your lunch.

    We need to move Seymour inside, draft a DE & a DT.

    O Mock Draft 5.5:

    1- LB McClain ( will play ILB)
    2- RT T Williams if available, or Kyle Calloway.
    3- DT Cam Thomas
    3- DE Austen Lane 6’6, 4.6 speed, and 34″ arms.
    4- LB Micah Johnson ( will play SLB)
    5- CB Walter Thurmond 10 INTs in 2 years before his injury.
    5- KR/PR Leroy Vann 11 TDs returns in 2 years, or J Ford if available
    7- Best Blocking FB that’s available.

  • LA to TheBay

    Sorry, Bob. Late on that one. You know that chronic will get you.

    I guess it’s not a big loss, but I was looking at it like an upgrade there. The DBs missed their assignments too often last year and in years past.

    A beastly front 7 could hide that.

    Al should toss his hat in the ring for Dansby. Trade up and draft Suh. Al has attempted to trade up for LTs and DTs before. No reason he couldn’t do so this year.

    Unless he wants to turn Eric Berry into the next shutdown Raider CB.

  • LA to TheBay


    I like Seymour’s versatility. Another piece on that DLine and he could move around quite a bit depending on the down and distance.

    I like the 3-4 hybrid looks that Marshall used last season.

    Waufle I think is a strictly 4-3 guy, so probably less of that, but an upgrade at DT and we’re in business.

    What you gents think about the upcoming offseason?

    A) Al turns it around with brilliant FA and draft.

    B) Al completely tanks both

    C) Al signs an overpriced FA who makes little impact, drafts a workout warrior in 1st and 2nd, then drafts gems in the later rounds that will excell with other teams 3-4 seasons from now.

  • Our Defense will be a strong unit, and we can add the best G & C in FA.
    -We cut WR Walker & DT Warren, and use that 11 Mil in salary on the new FA G & C.
    -We also should sign a cheap vet WR who can still play.


    RDE: Austen Lane/ T Scott
    DT: Seymour/ TK
    DT: Cam Thomas/ TK
    LDE: Ellis/ Matt S
    WLB: T H/ T Scott
    ILB: McClain/ Micah Johnson
    SLB: Micah Johnson/ Norris
    CB: Nnamdi/ Walter Thurmond
    CB: CJ/ Huff
    FS: Huff/ Branch
    SS: Branch/ MM


    LT: Mario
    LG: Gallery
    C: FA/ Satele
    RG: FA/ Walker
    RT: T Williams or Kyle Calloway


  • Also cut cooper who makes 5 mil/ year. Spend that money with the savings from WR Walker & DT Warren, and we should be able to sign the best 3 OL FAs. Sign a OT, OG, And C!

  • After all the improvements, if JR & DMC don’t improve, then I will look for a new QB and RB.

  • —“Raiders defensive backs coach Clancy Pendergast has reportedly left the team to accept the defensive coordinator job at Cal-Berkley. Pendergast, the Chiefs’ defensive coordinator last season, had just joined the Raiders two weeks ago. On Jeff Tedford’s staff at Cal he will replace Bob Gregory, who left for a job at Boise State”—

    LOL, what a joke…

  • Hey BSJ, are you going to apply to win the signed McFadden jersey on the facebook link above?

  • Maybe we can give the job of coaching the DB’s back to Hanson.

  • DMAC

    I wonder if Rod Woodson would coach the DB’s? I know he lives in the Bay.