Pendergast jumps to Cal

Clancy Pendergast, who was fired as defensive coordinator with the Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs in the past two years, will leave the Raiders after less than a month and to be defensive coordinator under Jeff Tedford at Cal, beat writer Steve Corkran confirms.

Pendergast was hired by the Raiders Feb. 8 as a defensive assistant. Although the club never specified Pendergast’s responsibility, he was coaching defensive backs along with Lionel Washington.

The situation is the reverse of one which occurred last year when Jim Michalczik, hired by Steve Sarkisian coach the offensive line at the University of Washington, instead left the Huskies to take over as line coach with the Raiders under Tom Cable.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • lefty12

    what my eyes tell me is 55% of Russell’s passes are off target so it is impossible to say who that pass was intended for.A QB should be able to hit his WRs in stride-Russell doesn’t-except his TEs.Therefore,i seems obvious to any observer that that particular pass,which sailed right over his TEs head,was intended for the TE.maybe you don’t see it that way,but i do!

  • jhill

    Cmon guys … plenty of film here. Help RRS out. Someone point out the obvious flaws in Russell’s game.

  • jhill


    If Murphy doesn’t fall down, does the ball hit Cromartie right in the hands, or does it hit Murphy?

    CMon man, I know how you feel about Russell’s alleged work ethic, but geeze.

  • You know Bruce scored major points with Al, by actually getting DHB a TD in his short time playing.

    That moment alone might make Al re-sign Grads.

  • jhill

    A QB should be able to hit his WRs in stride-Russell doesn’t-except his TEs.


    If he can hit his TEs in stride, then maybe we need better WRs? It doesn’t make sense that he can connect with Miller, Stewart, Meyers, Chaz, the RBs, and not DHB, Murphy, and Watkins.

  • jhill

    Hell, trade for Bowe, and Doucett! We know he can hit those guys. Or as some folks like to say, we know those guys can go get Russell’s passes that he just throws up.

  • lefty12

    Why is it when other QBs get hit they don’t fumble with regularity?Gradkowski got beat up playing behind our terrible line,he wasn’t a fumble machine.Frye got beat up behind our terrible line,he wasn’t a fumble machine.Yet Russell fumbled regularly,Why is that if he has such great pocket presence?

  • lefty12

    and I know how you like to blame everyone and everything but him.You constantly focus on a few plays instead of looking at the whole picture.Every QB misses passes now and then.Every QB has passes dropped by his WRS now and then.The good ones overcome those mistakes-Russell hasn’t so far.maybe someday he will,who knows.All i know is I won’t hold my breathe waiting for it to happen.

  • lefty12

    got things to do-later!

  • RaiderRockstar

    Barnes getting punked = Russell not having pocket presence.


    Remember our conversations the past 2 weeks?

    I guess you wanted Barnes re-signed BEFORE “watching film” then, eh Jhill? LOL

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post!