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A good three weeks before the 2009 draft, NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock became the first to forecast the selection of Darrius Heyward-Bey to the Raiders with the seventh pick.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King and National Football Post columnist and former Raiders exec Mike Lombardi climbed aboard later, although most amateur and professional pundits had Heyward-Bey going much later in the first round.

“He’s a height-weight-speed specialist. The fastest guy at the combine,” Mayock said at the time. “This is an Al Davis special. You pair him with JaMarcus Russell and Darren McFadden.”

Understand, Mayock was looking at it through the eyes of the Raiders and their history. As he reminded the media on a conference call Tuesday, he wasn’t on board with any of the Raiders’ Big Three. He didn’t like Russell’s work ethic, McFadden’s ability to break tackles or the extremely raw skills of Heyward-Bey.

“My own personal opinion if you’ve followed the past few years, I said JaMarcus Russell was the most gifted college quarterback I ever saw but I wouldn’t taken him with a first round pick,” Mayock said. “I said Darren McFadden’s lower body went dead on contact and I didn’t think he made people miss. I thought Heyward-Bey was just a work in progress and no way should he have ben a high first-round pick. I’m on record with all three of those guys and felt they reached on the height-weight-speed scenario.”

(To be fair, Mayock was caught in an information void regarding the Raiders second-round pick, safety Mike Mitchell. However, rather than criticize the pick, as Mel Kiper did, Mayock conceded the simply didn’t know anything about him. Mitchell’s first season was derailed by hamstring issues although he began to receive playing time late in the season in some defensive packages.)

So who might the Raiders be looking at as the combine convenes this weekend? Mayock wants to see how the numbers play out, but he has a position in mind with the Raiders at No. 8.

“I think offensive tackle becomes a primary need and I think there are four of them worth taking in the first nine or 10 picks,” Mayock said. “You look at Kansas City at No. 5, seattle at No. 7, Oakland at No. 8 and Buffalo at No. 9 all have big tackle needs. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Raiders wind up with Anthony Davis, Trent Williams, Bryan Bulaga, and of course, Russell Okung.”

Mayock said he considers this year’s draft crop as poor for quarterbacks and interior offensive linemen, but could consider a scenario where as many as six tackles could go in the first round with a big dropoff after the top seven, with the other notables being Charles Brown of USC, Vladamir Ducasse of Massachusetts and Bruce Campbell of Maryland.

Here are links to profiles of Mayock’s top seven tackles:

Bryan Bulaga, Iowa

Anthony Davis, Rutgers

Trent Williams, Oklahoma

Russell Okung, Oklahoma State

Charles Brown, USC

Vladamir Ducasse, Massachusetts

Bruce Campbell, Maryland

A few other Mayock observations from Tuesday’s conference call . . .

— He believes the value of the combine, particularly where quarterbacks are concerned, is the chance for all 32 teams to see how the players matchup with each other in a competitive environment rather than in the controlled nature of a Pro Day.

— Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford, if his shoulder has healed, is the class of the quarterback class.

“I think he’s a franchise quarterback if he checks out medically,” Mayock said.

He considers Colt McCoy a second-round possibility, likening him to Jake Plummer, and Tim Tebow a third-or-later selection.

“Give him two redshirt years while a veteran plays to work out his mechanical issues,” Mayock said.

— The top two players, and it’s not close, are both defensive tackles _ Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy and Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh

Although Mayock believes a quarterback need often overrides the “best player available,” he said of taking Bradford before either player, “You’d better be 100 percent sure Bradford is going to be an All-Pro because you’d be passing up an all-pro tackle for the next 10 years.”

Mayock gives a slight edge to McCoy, believing him to be the more disruptive player against the pass in a league skewed heavily toward passing teams.

— The No. 3 player on his board is Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant.

“When I see Dez Bryant on tape I can’t get Andre Johnson out of my mind,” Mayock said.

— The best available safety is not USC’s Taylor Mays, but Earl Thomas of Texas.

“I don’t think Mays is as instinctive, but he’s a big, tough guy in the middle of the field,” Mayock said.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 24

    LaDainian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook are available. I don’t think LT would come here but if there are no takers for Westbrook, I say bring him on and let Fargas walk. I think Westbrook could show McFadden a few things and playing behind Bush and McFadden can keep him healthy and prolong his career a little bit.

  • JR repeatedly makes the same mistakes on the field, he also repeatedly comes in last and leaves first instead of being committed to his craft, attending meetings, and studying film; therefor, he is dumb.
    The same mistakes??? You mean like the Defense and their gap control yearly problems?
    JR doesn’t run in practice and does the things I listed for “dumb” as well; therefor, he is lazy.

    -Where do you get your inside info???????

    I can’targue with Aristotle, but we’re also Human Beings. And this world and blog is full of less than excellent people.

  • Seymour Bush

    Regarding post #148: absolutely. Expect Nnamdi to be gone. Of course he will restructure if it means getting him the hell out of here and playing alongside Darrell Revis. And let’s not forget he basically grew up in the league with Rex Ryan’s twin brother. Think THAT makes a difference?

  • “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”

    WTF don’t you go and lecture Al Davis with Aristotle? He’s 29-83 to the best of my recollection.

  • Al Davis has 3 winning seasons in the last 15 years, where the Aristotle quotes?

  • SteveAlford21

    I’m not getting info from any sources. I went to the Napa Mariott in ’08 and ’09 (when I lived in Pacifica) to be starstruck and beg and plead for a chance to watch a bit of practice. I still had my cute little laminated high school press credentials, fyi. While everyone else ran to position groups, JaMarcus leisurely strolled.

    No, I don’t have any contacts within the organization and I was never part of any clandestine operations. I saw one practice each year, but that’s enough to form an accurate opinion. When someone who ISN’T injured never wants to move faster than they absolutely HAVE to in order to avoid getting in trouble, that’s called being lazy. Not only did I see it myself, but I’ve read plenty of camp reports from news sources that said the same thing about other practices.

  • Seymour Bush

    KoolKell Says:
    February 23rd, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    JR repeatedly makes the same mistakes on the field,

    Someone was remarking earlier today about in the Washington Redskin game here Gradkowski was sacked twice in a half and Jamarcus was sacked 6 times in a half.

    I was at that game. It was a good game, both teams were playing hard. Grads was engineering the two minute offense in the lst half. On a third and 12 he hit Louis Murphy for what was ruled a lst down. The Raiders then ran an off tackle play, but after things unpiled, the refs said they were reviewing THE PRIOR PLAY!! I had NEVER seen that before. The pass to Murphy was ruled incomplete, the Raiders punted and Eugene Monroe brushed the return man. 15 yard penalty. John Fasssel the ST coach jumped out onto the field and went nuts! Another 15 yard penalty. The team basically gave up right then and there, and Washington just marched down the field and scored a TD in 1:55. Game over. Then Jamarcus came in.

  • SteveAlford21

    Kell, not once have you seen ME defend Al’s actions since a week before he traded away Gruden. He has been running my favorite team into the ground and I hate it. I signed the petition and donated money to get the sign put up on 880, begging him to hire a GM. Did you?

  • Norco Bob

    Oh how original are we today old kell,..lets see,..you are crying about al davis,..you are crying about racism,…now you bring in aristotle?…come on you stupid old man,…stop embarrassing yourself in here every day,…isnt it bad enough you are the poster boy for welfare, food stamps and section 8?…but must you come in here and play the angry stupid old man every day?…I mean, its funny, we like to laugh at you,..have a little pride you old fool.

  • Senior Beeecham

    Oh no – Krappy is back to the Raider won / loss record over the last 7 years!

    Don’t worry folks, it’s just what the old fool does when he melts down.

    See, he can’t think of anything else to say so he just barfs up the same stat over and over again.

    Love how low you’re sinking today, Krappy – keep up the great work! I’m loving every minute!

  • Norco Bob

    For the record, to all of you, not just that stupid old man old kell,..jamarcus isnt fat,…his a big dude,..he sucks at qb, so far,..not fat,…that dt in bama is fat,..cody,…russell is just big, not toned,…oh and that lefty backup qb in NY is fat,…thats fat,..not russell.

  • RaiderDebo

    Seymour Bush Says:
    February 23rd, 2010 at 4:46 pm
    I have to frank with you guys, I have seen Jamarcus a bunch up close and he never looked fat to me. I think that is a bit of an urban legend. Even Jerry said as much during preseason opening.

    Dude, I hear ya. Haven’t seen him in person, but I watched the Denver win again two nights ago and I just don’t get all this fat talk. He was moving around great in that game, and that was with two weeks left in the season. If he needs to lose weight, I don’t think it’s that much. One of the reasons he was drafted was because of his great size. He took a lot of hits this year and kept getting up. I think people get freaked out by those “300 lbs. in the offseason” reports. Don’t know if I buy that stuff.

  • Jamarcus admitted that he was fined by the Raiders for being overweight.

    Can we put that too bed know? The guy is overweight in general, fat for a QB.

  • Norco Bob

    actually beech Im beginning to feel sorry for that old fool,…dudes in his 60`s hangin in a blog obsessing over Al davis`s billion dollars,..who f`n cares…I told you old man, you live in alameda, we know that because you keep reminding us,…if I lived there, and obsessed over davis all day every day, I would go to the raiders office and confront him,…why not do that old man?…youre getting nowhere with that obsession in here.

  • Senior Beeecham

    Gotta run folks, my Hooter girls are begging to take me out to sushi. I better indulge them so they’ll be happy on the helicopter charter they’ve booked for Catalina Island tonight.

    If I can’t check in later from the copter’s computer, enjoy the Krappy Meltdown – it’s almost as cool as a America’s Funniest Home Video’s marathon!

  • SteveAlford21

    Kell, you say that he’s not fat, right? This is JaMarcus’s stomach with him pulling up his jersey in 2008. It looked much worse than this in ’09 WHILE COVERED BY A JERSEY! I’m looking for pics of him standing on the sidelines wearing white now. Will post when I find them.


    That might not be “fat” by the common citizen standards (it is by MINE, no matter who you are), but for a professional athlete, specifically an NFL QB, that’s FAT.

  • Sweep The Leg.

    Dom Deloise = Fat

    Tony Siragusa = FAT

    JaMarcus = Paste eating, interception machine.

  • Norco Bob

    yes jamarcus is a little overweight,..bfd,..his weight isnt his problem, its his “I dont give s shyt” attitude,…and frankly I dont see the talent,..not yet anyway,…however, I am now in row 1, I have new future sight powers,..I see him leading the raiders to afc west title. Word.

  • Norco Bob

    whatever steve, he has a little gut,..thats not whats keeping him from the probowl,…his weight is about 7th on the list of why he sucks so far.

  • Jamarcus is a fine specimen of fitness & manhood…

    he is cut !!!

    a lean machine !!!

    he doesn’t eat the toast… he eats the toaster…

    he’s a mauler…

    a certified bruiser…


    you know… we probably will have an opening at defensive tackle this coming season…

    just saying…

  • Sweep The Leg.

    Which section?

    I sit in row 1 of 107.

  • # Norco Bob Says:
    February 23rd, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    For the record, to all of you, not just that stupid old man old kell,..jamarcus isnt fat,…his a big dude,..he sucks at qb, so far,..not fat,…that dt in bama is fat,..cody,…russell is just big, not toned,…oh and that lefty backup qb in NY is fat,…thats fat,..not russell.
    LMAO..are you serious?

    JR’s ass gets in the room two minutes after his stomach arrives.

  • SteveAlford21

    Bob, I’m the one who brought up Aristotle. Actually, it was a quote to prove that JaMarcus repeatedly doing dumb things, being lazy, and having a gut means that he is indeed fat, dumb, and lazy. I gave specific examples of each. So don’t attack Kell for Aristotle, it was me. Scroll up and see my comments if you want and tell me what your thoughts are.

    Also, have you crushed one up yet? How’d you like it?

  • If the Raiders are being heavy-handed towards their #1 pick and Al Davis fetish supreme, you know he was way overweight.

    Anthony Smith punches a coach, no fine, no discipline.

    Jamarcus Russell gets disciplined for his weight? Dude must have been HUUUUGGEEEEE!

  • Congrats to Dakota!!!!

    Can you field a hoops team yet?

  • SteveAlford21

    Bob, I listed quite a few problems with JR, but was only scratching the surface. I used fat, dumb, and lazy because those were the terms that Kell and Priest said were racist. I was just illustrating to Kell that those terms are only related to JaMarcus in terms of football and have no racial connotations whatsoever.

  • Seymour Bush Says:
    February 23rd, 2010 at 4:46 pm
    I have to frank with you guys, I have seen Jamarcus a bunch up close and he never looked fat to me. I think that is a bit of an urban legend. Even Jerry said as much during preseason opening.
    That’s because you’re not just an idiot, Oakglenn, but you’re a cross posting lying sack of crappola.

    Dude…you state “I’m leaving for the game”…at 12:00 NOON..and then at 12:30??? YOU’RE STILL POSTING..and that’s for a 1:15 kickoff.
    You’re a liar..plain and simple.

  • trade DMAC for Aristotle…

  • SteveAlford21

    This picture is DURING A GAME last year, not standing on the sidelines. His arm is cocked all the way back, which would men his gut is actually pulled IN at the time. As you can see, his gut protrudes not only out past his belt and pants, but sticks out forward FARTHER THAN HIS FLAK JACKET! A little gut? No way. His mobility issues might just be improved a bit if he lost that gut.


  • SteveAlford21

    Good afternoon/evening, Mr. O’Shea. If you have a minute to spare, would you please scroll up to posts 82, 84, and 85 to give them a read, then tell me your thoughts. Since you were involved in that topic yesterday, I thought I’d get an opinion from someone else who is on the sane side of that argument.

  • SteveAlford21

    This is in a black home jersey (the gut from last season shows MUCH better in a white away jersey). See the big roll there above the pants line?


  • Raider E

    I guess steve put ya on alert as well Mr. O’shea….

  • SteveAlford21
  • SteveAlford21
  • SteveAlford21

    Raider 3, I wasn’t putting Richochet on alert for anything. I believe that he agrees with my position and wanted to verify that.

  • Raider E

    White is not his color.

  • SteveAlford21

    *Raider E*

  • SteveAlford21


    I’m tired of searching for pics, just watch ANY of the away games from last season after he was benched. Every time they show him standing on the sideline, either from the front or from the sides (rare shots because he’s usually sitting his fat, lazy ass down), you can see his big gut hanging out over his pants. It shows up GREAT in those away jerseys. You have no more case to say that he is NOT fat. Discussion closed.

  • RaiderDebo

    SteveAlford21 Says:
    February 23rd, 2010 at 5:20 pm
    This is in a black home jersey (the gut from last season shows MUCH better in a white away jersey). See the big roll there above the pants line?


    Somebody help me out. Isn’t he wearing a pad around his midsection??

  • Raider E

    Where’s MR? I haven’t had the pleasure of reading a post from ol’MR today.

  • SteveAlford21

    Debo, the pad doesn’t go around the front, just the love handles… and with JaMarcus, there’s plenty to love… if only he’d give us a good reason 🙁

  • Raider E

    Your right Debo? He is much more of a specimen in black.

  • SteveAlford21

    Debo, in that pic, you can clearly see where the padding stops at the sides. You can also clearly see a huge fatroll hanging over the front of his pants.

  • Raider E

    I put ya on alert to Mr. O’Shea, you have a following….Now extend your arms and part the nation Limpdick 🙂

  • RaiderDebo


    Dude, don’t see a “fat” guy here. Don’t you think you’re exaggerating just a little bit?

  • SteveAlford21

    Debo, in that pic his shoulders are BACK, so he’s not slouched down… and his stomach clearly sticks out farther than his flakjacket and hangs out past his pants. That might not be fat by average guy standards, but that’s fat as hell for a QB. His mobility problems aren’t ALL caused by that, but losing the gut would help. And yes, even if he weren’t a QB, I see a fat guy there.

  • SteveAlford21

    Raider E:

    Actually, Me wanting Richochet to read it isn’t really about him as much as it’s about the group that discussed it yesterday. My previous was addressed to Kell and Priest. As soon as I see Priest, I’ll have him read it, too. I want opinions from everyone involved in that original argument (Kell, Priest, and Richochet). I figured the only one who would agree with my position is R, though.

  • new post Steve……

  • Raider E

    I was just funnin’ ya Steve, and Mr. O’Shea especially, the guy can be very clever 🙂

  • Raiderglory34

    first of all i will be sickend is raiders trade #21
    if they do it better be along the lines of herschel walker deal if not no deal! 2 first rounds 2 second rounds and a vet player! now let me get on my free agent have to get pick! floz adams will bring the veteran leadership with a nasty attitude we need to team up with gallery! once again first pick mcclain. second pick cody! with those picks and keeping asomough will make the raiders like the ravens of 2000-2002 who need the offense when you have a defense that can score! not to mention if the raiders pick up flo j.russell will play alot better you cant blame all of the mess up on russell but yes i will note that if he would move around in the pocket less fumbles and sacks will happen. the problem is we as raider fan want 11-5 and 14-2 season now! but i will say is we do what i say we could pull off a 11-5 and maybe a 12-4 season this year. but trading aso away means another 5 season of rebuilding not going to happen with al here and i dont blame al if he doesnt pull that trade trigger. but without a good DT it doesnt matter who you have a LB soo trading for merrian not going to happen. i think flo and a good guard would be the best free agent signing