How much cash does Al have?


Conventional wisdom over the past few years is that the Raiders are hurting financially.

They added new investors a couple of years back. They’re playing before crowds in the 30,000-range. Forbes magazine ranked Oakland 32nd in 2009 in terms of franchise value.

But as free agency opens at 9 p.m. tonight on the West Coast, never underestimate Davis’ ability to strike for a player he really wants.

The Raiders spend little on P.R., support staff and look to cut corners in every way possible except the acquisition of talent.

Here’s just some of the money the Raiders are scheduled to pay out this year:

— More than $16 million in bonuses and salary to Nnamdi Asomugha. (His salary is only $775,000).

— $12.38 million to Richard Seymour as the exclusive franchise player.

— $9.45 million to JaMarcus Russell.

— $5.75 million to safety Michael Huff.

— $4.5 million to defensive tackle Tommy Kelly.

— $3.268 million to first- and third round tender corner Stanford Routt.

— $2.6 million to cornerback Chris Johnson.

— $2.6 million to wide receiver Javon Walker (guaranteed _ they pay it even if they cut him).

— $2.6 million to Shane Lechler and $2 million to Sebastian Janikowski

— $2.5 million to defensive end Greg Ellis.

— Just under $7 million to second-round tender free agents Bruce Gradkowski, Thomas Howard, Jon Condo and Hiram Eugene.

— A little over $2.5 million to Kirk Morrison if he doesn’t come back with an offer sheet.

That’s nearly $60 million spent on 16 players on what will eventually be a 53-man roster, and doesn’t even include bonus payments which aren’t available to the likes of Darren McFadden and Robert Gallery. McFadden’s salary is $470,000 and Gallery’s $1.6 million. Nor does it include what it will take to pay the No. 8 overall pick in the NFL draft.

ESPN is reporting the possible demise of Justin Fargas and Gerard Warren because of upcoming bonus payments, although don’t rule out the possibility of one or both remaining with the team, either signing after being cut or adjusting their scheduled bonuses.

There is no salary cap, so Davis can spend as much as he wants, and at least Raiders fans won’t have to concern themselves with an owner saving up his cash for the lockout 2011 lockout.

The point is this _ if Davis is even thinking about inserting himself into the Julius Peppers sweepstakes, which begin in a few hours, or has his eyes on Karlos Dansby, let’s dispense with the stories about how the Raiders don’t have enough cash on hands to compete with the higher revenue teams.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Nnamdi21


    If you’re going to stay get thee to PRIME U stat!!!!!

    Detroit released Phillip Buchanon.

  • Midwest Fan

    vegas raider Says:
    March 4th, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    Sure it is not 100%, but they were pretty good last year, and typically are just as accurate as anybody else out there.

    And I certainly believe the Rams will take Bradford. No doubt about it. I was suprised at Bualaga at #6 as well though.

    If Moss can fall to #21, who was way better than Dez in college, Bryant could fall just as far.
    Completely agree Vegas.

  • 24

    SIGN EVERYONE with guarentee’s of being the next guy to get a 1st and 3rd round tender. The more you suck, the better your chances. Come on everybody, come to Oakland and get your paycheck.

  • 24

    1st and 3rd round tenders for EVERYONE!!! BIG FREE AGENCY SALE!!! Come get yours today!!! (Preferably at 9pm tonight) No assembly required.

  • 24

    Excuse me but…can we get everyone to line up next to each other for a race? Al Davis only wants fans who run at least a 4.2 40 time.

  • Pretty Rick

    Stanford Routt is the Sam Williams of the secondary.

  • Chris in NY


    You want to take arguably the 3rd best DT in the draft — a guy who’s definitely a drop off from the top 2 DTs — with the No. 8 pick. I’m not sure I’m a fan of that move. We have Seymour who can play some DT and Kelley, who’s decent. Not worth his contract by a longshot, but decent.

    Meanwhile, on the o-line we’ve got Cornbread and Carlisle who need to be replaced. Satele and Morris who are below average. Gallery who’s coming off back surgery and Henderson who’s been OK but also inconsistent.

  • Raiders4eve

    Here is my list of signing I would like to have as far as the unrestricted free agents go, make it happen AL

    1)Karlos Dansby many teams after him, please choose the Raiders

    2)Aaron Kampman, if we get him Seymour can move inside permanently

    3)Derrick Mason, best gift for DHB and Hue Jackson

    4)Kevin Mawae, this a guy who will single handedly help our OL by being the leader of the offense

  • Midwest Fan

    Definately an upgrade if Mawae is calling the protections for any of our QB’s!

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Chris in NY,

    Williams is not the 3-tech that the top two guys are. Williams is a 1 gap guy that will take on the double team and clog the middle. The three players are not completely comparable.

    This team has two 3-techs in Kelly and Warren….neither of which is good at their jobs. The Raiders have no anchor to take the double team, clog the fullback and make chaos up front…no one to keep the linebacker clean.

    It is at the root of the WORST RUN DEFENSE IN THE NFL OVER THE LAST 3 TO 5 YEARS!

    You CANNOT…I repeat..CANNOT…win with no talent up the middle.

    As for the O-Line. Henderson is ok with Gallery at his side. We need a RT, RG and C. You don’t draft for those positions at #8.

  • 24

    Trade for Boldin with the 3rd round pick.

  • 24

    I love the uncapped tender rules. It gives more accurate values to all the players in the sense that everybody gets a shot to fight for certain guys. The more people fight to get a guy, the higher his value and the less people, the lower the value. To me, this makes the system fair and keeps the league from going into inflation. It kind of reminds of Socialism haha.

  • inonewordraider

    We know Al Davis isn’t going OL with the first pick with the promise Mario Henderson has shown when he was written off by critics and Al’s not getting a RT with the #8 overall pick. So the best NT avail would be great but what are we gonna do with our RT situation?

  • We’ve got a lot depending on Hue Jackson.

  • Raiders4eve

    Here is the fastest way for the Raiders to become a Superbowl team. Ofcourse, this all hypothetical.

    AL signs Brett Favre for his retirement check $20 mill for a year, he upgrades the WRs core by signing Antonio Bryant and T.O. He signs Mawae, moves Henderson to the RT, signs Chad Clifton, drafts Iuputi to play RG and keeps Gallery at LG. He also signs LT and Sproles and trades DMAC and Bush to the Browns for Shaun Rogers. He signs Kampman by Favre’s help and plays Seymour inside with big Roger. He also signs Dansby and Daunta Robinson and gets Leonard Little as a backup and third down specialist.

    There you have it, a strong team that will easily win the AFC West division and can win the Superbowl with all the main guys staying healthy. If AL got the money, that how he should spend it.

  • Midwest Fan

    In re of post #63

    Can you think of the options and variations with that defensive line given that unlikely scenario? Nice to think about the possibility though.

    I give this a 3% chance of happening but add McNabb to that scenario for this years 2nd and next years 3rd. Have condition that if there’s no draft next year for some unforseen reason, that goes to a 2nd in the next held draft. Farfetched, but that’s the kind of thinking and manipulation of the system Al’s capable of.

    What do you guys think its really gonna take to pry McNabb away from PHI? I think Kolb is the future for them and with his contract status I see it as a Aaron Rodgers situation. Have to see what he’s got. Get something out of McNabb while he’s still valuable and healthy. I think 2 & a future 3 would be close. Maybe some other pick this year or next would get it done, if he’s available that is.

    I for the record think there’s no way there’s no draft next year.

  • Chris in NY

    Free agents we should grap at 12:01 tonight (9:01 left coast time):

    1) Troy Smith, QB, Ravens: Baltimore only tendered him at the 5th round level. Gotta get this guy.

    2) Jamaal Williams: Read earlier today that the Chargers are unloading their big DT. A bit of a red flag that they’d part with him and he’s not what he once was, but still could be a big upgrade for us in a much-needed position.

    3) Kevin Mawae: Old man can still play and would be the instant leader of the o-line.

    4) Aaron Kampman: Can’t have too many pass rushers. This guy is proven but coming off injury and a down year in a 3-4 system. He’d be a good signing if he’s a reasonable bargain.

    Dansby and Peppers are also obviously attractive, but you could probably get all 4 of these guys for what it’d cost for Peppers alone. I’m thinking bargains.

  • No way Peppers comes here. He’s too competitive for one thing, too many teams who can write longer checks than Davis.

  • Midwest Fan

    Sorry 4eve, I think my scenario, while spending considerably more $$$ I like my team much better, even if you leave McNabb out!

  • Chris in NY


    What say you about signing Jamal Williams who the Chargers released today? Would that satisfy your DT thirst, or do you think he’s over the hill?

  • JB


    Good suggestions, especially the Troy Smith pick. He would definitely be the starter for us this upcoming season. JaBustus could be #3. More time for JR to learn the playbook and refine his passing skills & techniques.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Chris In NY

    At 34 or 35 yrs old and coming of injury…I am going to pass on him.

    Get me someone in the draft that will stick around for more than a few games.

  • Chris

    I agree that the Chargers releasing Jamal Williams is a red flag. As I recall he didn’t dominate us last year, no?

  • SD_Raider_619

    Mr Senile a$$ *I mean Mr Davis*

    Can you buy us a super bowl!!!!!! You have 2 hours to get ready & spend a lot of money on a Super Bowl team, for your fan you been pissin off for the past 7 years,Please!!!!!

  • Chris in NY

    I read — from a Charger fan’s comment on PFT so don’t quote me — that Williams missed most of last year with injury but had only missed like 3 games over the previous 4 years. He also said that Williams’ absence/injury was the main reason the Chargers defense struggled vs. the run in 2009. Chargers fans are trashing AJ Smith for the move.

  • buckeyeraider

    Anybody hear anything about my boy Marshall Yanda of Balt. getting tendered?

  • Chris in NY

    Anyone get the feeling when it’s all said and done the Redskins will have a $250 million payroll for the 2010 season and Snyder will Steinbrenner his way to a Super Bowl?

  • Chris in NY

    Just saw that Quentin Moses is an RFA with the Dolphins. Who even knew he was still in the league? Remember him? Our No. 1 pick in Round 3 of the 2007 draft who was cut at the end of training camp.

  • Snyder or Jerry Jones.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    There is not $250M worth of talent available. Anyway, Shanahan will bring some sanity to that franchise

  • buckeyeraider

    I know I’ve felt it for several years now, but this could finally be the year that San Diego falls back to the pack. But, who is going to step up and challenge them for the West? Are the Raiders finally going to reclaim their rightful spot atop the division? Or will it be lil Josh McDaniels and the yakkin ponies? Certainly not the New England midwest wannabe Chefs.

  • Chris in NY

    I could see Jones signing Peppers. Imagine Peppers and DeMarcus Ware coming off the edges? Crazy.

  • Midwest Fan

    I was thinking of steinbrenner when ready Jerry’s post. Hoping too. I’ll take a purchased championship.

  • I think the up-capped season hurts teams like the Raiders, and unleashes the Big Boys for the premier talent, and raising prices for the rest.

  • Midwest Fan

    Al = CRAZY like a FOX!

  • Kelli?
    How many contacts today, Kelli?

    Oh man…you been here all day???

    Sad…pops….big time sad.

  • # Midwest Fan Says:
    March 4th, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    Al = CRAZY like a FOX!
    Rabid foxes are crazy..which is likely appro pos

  • Midwest Fan

    Fair enough Rich!

  • RaiderDebo

    Chris in NY Says:
    March 4th, 2010 at 6:01 pm
    Free agents we should grap at 12:01 tonight (9:01 left coast time):

    1) Troy Smith, QB, Ravens: Baltimore only tendered him at the 5th round level. Gotta get this guy.

    Dude, are you serious? Look, loved Troy Smith in college. And while it’s true he was going into camp with the inside track to start before he got sick, there’s no guarantee he’d have beaten out Flacco. What have you seen from him in the NFL that makes you think he can start for us? To me, we should stick with the three guys we’ve got. No need to keep Losman around. I admit that JR had a tough sophomore year as a starter, but you’ve got to admit it wasn’t entirely his fault. Let’s see what JR does this summer, but if he comes in in great shape and ready to roll, I believe he deserves to go into camp as the starter with what I assume will be an improved supporting cast. If Bruce were to completely outplay him, that could change. But I think Bruce will and should be fighting an uphill battle.

  • Midwest Fan

    Have a semi-realistic question for you Debo. What do you think about Russell playing behind McNabb for a few years?

  • buckeyeraider

    As the Raiders last championship, SB XVIII, fades farther and farther beyond the horizon, I think Al Davis gets more and more desperate. He has grown more and more impatient with his coaches. It’s been one and done far too often, and the constant coaching carousel has set this franchise back. He is spending the money to acquire players, which is what any fan should want from his teams owner. He is just not spending it wisely. The contracts just continue to get more and more outlandish. From what I’ve read and heard from people who have interviewed with him, like Ken Wisenhunt, Al Davis is still mentally sharp and lucid. But he is 80 years old, and is spreading himself too thin. He does need help in the front office. Someone like Bruce allen, to help with the financial details.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    Everyone needs help managing a modern franchise. Whether your 30 or 80. Different game than it used to be. Used to not have free agency, cap management, scouting not as sophisticated, coaching staffs smaller, marketing and business simpler.

    These NFL franchises are Billion Dollar operations. No one person can do it all his or herself.

    I cannot understand why Davis feels the need to have total control like this.

  • If you guys think Bruce has a noodle-arm, than what would you call Troy Smith?

    Despite being the premier athlete for QB’s of his draft, and being a super-stand up guy, he fell to the 5th round and now can be had for that same 5th round pick.

    Great guy, great collegiate player, less talented than even Bruce Gradkowski.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    What do you base the statement that Troy Smith is less talented than Gradkowski? And how can you, a Gradkowski homer, crtitique the draft status of any QB. Gradkowski was drafted in the 6th round.

    Perhaps Smith would have more opportunities to play had he not gotten sick, and had been cut 3 or 4 times AND had the priviledge to play behind one of the most unprepared QBs of all time.

    BTW, I think they are both in the same class of “backup QB”

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Making a guess…

    I think Antonio Pierce is going to be a Raider.

    Just a hunch

  • SnB,

    I base it on what I have seen. Troy Smith has no arm.

    Troy Smith is faster, more athletic, and tripled up Bruce on the wonderlic.

    But Bruce looks more set to have a better NFL career and has had one so far. Bruce will be starting in 2010, Troy looks lucky to be a no.2

  • Bruce threw 320 passes his rookie year and set an NFL record for most passes before his second career interception.

    Troy Smith might not ever throw 320 passes in his NFL career. He is at 80 right now.

  • Random Drug Tester

    24 Says:
    March 4th, 2010 at 5:09 pm
    Al…you’re only as strong as your pocket books. Your old and you probably don’t do anything in life but sit and watch 1970’s film of the Raider glory days. Come on Al…blow it all. Give your last hoorah, your last wave. You’ve only got a few years left and you promised 2 more Superbowls. GO GET EM YOU MAVERICK YOU!!!

  • RaiderRon


    You stated you liked the offseason so far, WHY?

    Dont even say anything about Fargas and Warren cuz Shefter has been wrong so many times its rediculous. He said 2 months ago that Cable would be fired.

  • O Mock draft 8.0:

    1- OT: T Williams, A Davis, or B Campbell
    2- DT: Lamarr Houston
    2- ILB: B Spikes (trade a 3rd & 5th)
    3- WR/ KR: Jacoby Ford
    4- DE: Austen Lane
    5- CB: Walter Thurmond, or OG
    7- DT: Demarcus Granger, or FB

    Sign the best C in FA, add a G, HB, and that will help us improve even with a fat monkey for a HC!