History says don’t rule out LT as a Raider


This is hardly an original thought, but the more you think about it, the more LaDainian Tomlinson continuing his career with the Raiders makes sense.

The downside is obvious. Tomlinson has gained 1,840 yards on 515 carries over the last two years, averaging 3.6 yards per carry. He’s averaged only 3.8 against the Raiders, a team which he has shredded for 2,017 yards and 25 touchdowns (rushing and receiving) in 18 games.

It brings to mind the last days of Roger Craig and Eric Dickerson in 1991-92, with the Raiders handing the ball to a past-his-prime back and getting little in return.

(Marcus Allen watched from the bench, but that’s another story).

Tomlinson also ruled out the Raiders in his tear-streaked press conference after learning of his release from the Chargers.

“The Raiders are pretty set in the backfield,” he said. “Even if they weren’t, I wouldn’t become a Raider.”

As far as being set in the backfield, there has been a vacancy. And if Tomlinson reversed field, he wouldn’t be the first to view Al Davis as a caricature from afar only to be captivated by him in person. Especially if Davis’ name is at the bottom of a check bigger than he’ll get anywhere else.

Other reasons it shouldn’t shock anyone if Tomlinson ended up with the Raiders:

— There isn’t going to be a huge market for Tomlinson and it’s unlikely anyone will make him a lead back. He won’t cost a fortune.

— Davis fondness for “greatness” goes beyond those those who started their careers with the Raiders.

In no particular order, here’s a list of thirty-somethings he’s brought to the Raiders with varying degrees of success in terms of production: Jerry Rice, Rod Woodson, Warren Sapp, Bob Brown, Lyle Alzado, Albert Lewis, Andre Rison, Pat Swilling, Bill Romanowski, Trace Armstrong, Tom Rathman, Ted Washington, Cedrick Hardman and others I’m sure I’ve neglected.

Think of L.T. as another Raider Hall of Famer in the media guide five years after he retires.

— Touchdowns.

In his public appearances over the past few years, it’s been a constant theme with Davis. “We’ve got to score.”

Tomlinson has 23 rushing touchdowns in his past two “down” years, plus another receiving. The recently departed Justin Fargas has 10 touchdowns in his entire career.

Steve Baker, the agent for Fargas, said via e-mail Saturday night his client was healthy enough to play. Fargas himself told the San Francisco Chronicle today he was lining up visits, with Kansas City being a possible destination. Nor did he rule out the 49ers.

Fargas wasn’t cut because he was hurt. If he scored 10 touchdowns a year, rather than 10 in his career, he would have collected his $1.7 million bonus as well as his $755,000 salary in 2010.

— Davis doesn’t believe in chemistry, so he’s not going to worry if Tomlinson pouts about lack of use with Darren McFadden and Michael Bush still around.

As for how the rotation will work, that job belongs to Hue Jackson and Tom Cable.

— Tomlinson has never been disparaging of the Raiders in public. He’s always downplayed the notion of his success against the Raiders, and reminded Bay Area writers on his yearly conference call about how the Raiders got the better of him his first few years in the league.

— Regardless of what Tomlinson said upon being released, who doesn’t think there is some appeal to being in silver and black to help the Raiders end a 13-game losing streak to the Chargers which began in 2003?

— I threw out a net on this rumor today and got nothing in the form of a positive response. Nor did I get anything from anyone on background saying, “No chance. It won’t happen, etc. . . .”

Which means it’s nothing but a topic of discussion at this point.

Given the way Davis has operated in the past, one worth debate.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • Get bent!

    Trade DMAC!

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    Bryant would split time with Tommy Kelly at UT.
    Dick Seymour would stay at DE unless we’re looking at an obvious passing down like 3rd & long. then we’ll have Shaughnessy, Kelly, Seymour & Ellis on the D-Line with Trevor Scott rushing the passer from WLB. SACK!!!

    Kemoeatu/D. Williams/J. Williams/Houston (pick two) would split time as well. Especially since Jamal & Maake finished last seaon on IR!

  • Any of you Bay Area “people” ever try a Mc10:35?

    I bet Jerry Mac gets em free…


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    # jhill Says:
    March 8th, 2010 at 7:26 am

    Russell is going to come off the bench week 5 for an injured/ineffective (take your pick) Bruce Gradkowski, and win the fans back by leading us to 11 wins and the division title


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    I think we only need one new guy. And if Dez Bryant were to put on 10 lbs, I’d say we might actually be set already.

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  • the Raiders should employ Mike Mayock…..who told us all the DMAC’s legs stopped moving and he went down with minor contact.

    The film speaks for itself actually. Don’t the Raiders scouts watch film? Shucks, even Priest told us this.

  • BlackHolePriest is actually more astute than the Raider scouts….”period”!

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    Jerry, I suppose I should thank you for at least putting that this is only a discussion point at the end of your column, but it would be nice if you would have put it at the beginning. You local writers never get your opinion of Raiders history correct and you might as well plug any FA into your article here and say “let’s discuss.” Obviously this has nothing to do with history and nothing to do with LT just what appears to be you writing something to try and get us to read it. Well I suppose it worked. Except it only lessens my opinion of what it is that you write.

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    Against it. There are bigger fish to fry. Building the offensive line, quaterback, and run defense(linebackers).


    just logged in to say/ if we get LT im killin all of u .. then myself // that is all


    also . i have seen LT wearing a raiders suck tshirt .. fact .. classy my azz