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Vote of confidence for Shaughnessy

By Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer
Monday, March 8th, 2010 at 4:36 pm in Oakland Raiders.

With multiple media outlets reporting the release of wide receiver Javon Walker and defensive end Greg Ellis Monday, the player who stands the most to gain is defensive end Matt Shaughnessy.

Walker was in the second year of a renegotiated contract which which guaranteed him $2.6 million this season. He ends his Raiders career with 15 receptions for 196 yards and one touchdown and will pocket some $21 million.

The two-year payout is now being reported as closer to $14 million. What I relief. For a minute there, I thought the Raiders had gotten fleeced.

Ellis is a bit of a surprise in that the lineman most expected to go was defensive tackle Gerard Warren, who has a $1 million roster bonus due at some point this month.

When last seen at the facility following the season, Ellis talked of having non-invasive knee surgery which would enable him to play another season. He had an in-season arthroscopic procedure which caused him to miss two games.

Lauded by coach Tom Cable for his leadership ability along with fellow veteran end Richard Seymour, one reason Ellis became expendable was the play of Shaughnessy, a third-round draft pick out of Wisconsin.

Shaghnessy was not only extremely active, showing the ability to get to the sideline as well as downfield to make a play, but hopefully will develop into a solid point-of-attack player for the NFL’s 29th ranked rushing defense.

Ellis, strength was primarily as a pass rusher and in his last year in Dallas had his snaps limited against teams that went heavy to the run.

Both transactions showed up Tuesday afternoon on the NFL official personnel wire, and were confirmed by the Raiders.

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  • vegas raider

    Are we back on???

    Damn you IBA, my blog time is limited and precious!!!

  • jhill

    What is he supposed to learn from Bruce, lol?

  • jhill

    LMFAO Vegas …

    Learn from Bruce?

    That was your best one yet.

  • vegas raider

    Shameless plug time.

    For all you Dodger fans, I hate you. Actually, J/K, my cousin is getting his shot doing the play-by-play for today’s game as Vin doesn’t go to Spring Training.

    Tune in for Josh Suchon and Steve Lyons for todays play-call from Phoenix at 10 am. He could be the next voice of the Dodgers.

  •,,10281~1706060,00.html neilb

    Ahhhh!! We’re back!!

  • vegas raider

    Come on man, you saw Bruce during the second Denver game. You saw the improvement in Russell at the end of the year.

    Who has Russell had to watch be a pro’s pro, to learn what it takes to be a winning NFL QB?

  •,,10281~1706060,00.html neilb


    You got Routt starting instead of Johnson ?

  • jhill

    Come on man, you saw Bruce during the second Denver game.


    Uh, what?

    Are you saying that Russell was Gradkowski-esque on that winning drive?


  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Routt playing opposite of Nnamdi? Man, Al is one stuborn SOB. Routt has never shown any signs that he can conver people man 2 man, that he has the quicknes to cover shifty receivers or to be a student of the game…We are looking at 16-20 pass interference calls from Routt plus all the big gainers he’s going to give up…this all changes if Al just drafts the fastest DB in the 1st round and hands him the keys to the right side of the defense.

  • jhill

    Well Neilb,

    I guessing that with CJ suffering through injuries and him being on the other end of most of the big passing plays we gave up last year, the position is at least open.

    1st and 3rd round tender? 3 million a year?

    Yeah, I’d say he’s the front runner.

  • http://ibba 4evaRaider

    I wish Justin Fargas THE VERY BEST

  •,,10281~1706060,00.html neilb

    There it is Jhill.Anyone playing the other side of Nnamdi is going to give up big plays.Even more so if he’s covering the other teams #1 WR.

  •,,10281~1706060,00.html neilb

    HEY!!!! 4eva!!!!

  • http://ibba 4evaRaider

    Me and Vegas was right….We thin at RB so lets take that Matthews kid in the 1st :)

  • http://ibba 4evaRaider

    Suuuup Neilb?

  •,,10281~1706060,00.html neilb

    How ya doing 4eva!

  • http://ibba 4evaRaider

    Ok I guess Neilb! could be better,could be worse.Got in a fight with my daughter,she wanted her no job,do NOTHING boyfriend to move in with us and I said NO.So my wonderful gratefull daughter moved out on me.So now I stay with another friend of mine so its as good as can be expected.

  • vegas raider


    I had the over/under on 8 days for how long it would be in between 4eva posts.

    How many was it?

  •,,10281~1706060,00.html neilb

    Damn.Sorry to hear that 4eva.

  • Bo Schembechler Jackson

    Trade DMAC for Josh Suchon and Steve Lyons!

  • vegas raider

    Bruce was grabbing the stills of the D and going over it with Jamarcus.

    Usually Jamarcus sat on the bench, almost alone, if the coaches didn’t come around.

    Bruce wasn’t having it and Jamarcus got the W for the team.

    Jamarcus can and should benefit from watching a QB with arguably half as much talent as him, put in the work to be successful.

  • http://ibba 4evaRaider

    I think it was 8 or 9 days Vegas!!!! But unlike Norco Bob,I really am at the library.My ex-roomate/GF said she would just GIVE me her laptop but I told her no because shee needs it for work.Plus she got a car-payment so I wont let her buy a new laptop on credit.If her new car was paid 4 I would have taken her current laptop with a quickness tho :) :(

  • vegas raider

    Here you go BSJ, you can learn about the greatest year ever in baseball history

  •,,10281~1706060,00.html neilb

    “Usually Jamarcus sat on the bench, almost alone, if the coaches didn’t come around”.

    If anything that what drove me nuts with Russell.3 and out,sits down,puts his beanie hat on and does squat.

  • 408RAIDER

    Ha jamarcus is @ rehab..

  • http://ibba 4evaRaider

    Thankz Neilb but its OK .My friend that I stay with now is a “green farmer” like yours truely so….we gonna combine crops and in about 50 days it will be all good!

  •,,10281~1706060,00.html neilb

    Jerry’s on the ball! New post.

  • vegas raider


    You ever use apple juice? That used to be our trade secret. And we started the 12/12 light/dark shift a tad earlier than most.

  • raidertalk

    Damn I remember when Javon was begging to give his money back.

    I picked the wrong line of work

  • raidertalk

    Heres hoping that we can draft some linemen now that we got rid of the dead weight. Or maybe just some probowl caliber linemen

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  • jamie77

    Matt is going to do great things for the raiders this season

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