Vote of confidence for Shaughnessy


With multiple media outlets reporting the release of wide receiver Javon Walker and defensive end Greg Ellis Monday, the player who stands the most to gain is defensive end Matt Shaughnessy.

Walker was in the second year of a renegotiated contract which which guaranteed him $2.6 million this season. He ends his Raiders career with 15 receptions for 196 yards and one touchdown and will pocket some $21 million.

The two-year payout is now being reported as closer to $14 million. What I relief. For a minute there, I thought the Raiders had gotten fleeced.

Ellis is a bit of a surprise in that the lineman most expected to go was defensive tackle Gerard Warren, who has a $1 million roster bonus due at some point this month.

When last seen at the facility following the season, Ellis talked of having non-invasive knee surgery which would enable him to play another season. He had an in-season arthroscopic procedure which caused him to miss two games.

Lauded by coach Tom Cable for his leadership ability along with fellow veteran end Richard Seymour, one reason Ellis became expendable was the play of Shaughnessy, a third-round draft pick out of Wisconsin.

Shaghnessy was not only extremely active, showing the ability to get to the sideline as well as downfield to make a play, but hopefully will develop into a solid point-of-attack player for the NFL’s 29th ranked rushing defense.

Ellis, strength was primarily as a pass rusher and in his last year in Dallas had his snaps limited against teams that went heavy to the run.

Both transactions showed up Tuesday afternoon on the NFL official personnel wire, and were confirmed by the Raiders.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • NorthernD

    Cornell Green to the Bills. 3 years for $9 Million.

    Question: What do losing teams have in common?

  • JB

    The mop handle goes to the Bill’s. They must be worse off than us. Come to think of it, Walker went from us to the Bills and then back to us. I guess this just proves what goes around, comes around. Walker is serviceable at guard. IMO, he’s a much beter opyion than Carlisle at this point in Carlisle’s career. Get us a new top flight center and we’ll definitely have the beef advantage in the middle with Gallery, new guy (C) & Walker. Draft a new OLT and move Henderson to ORT and we could have a competitive O-line. The Center position is critical and should either come from FA or the #2 or 3A draft pick.

  • JB

    # NorthernD Says:
    March 8th, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    Cornell Green to the Bills. 3 years for $9 Million.

    Question: What do losing teams have in common?
    Answer: Their parts (Players) are interchangeable? It sure seems that way – Losman, Walker, Mop Handle, etc.

  • Norco Bob Says:
    March 8th, 2010 at 9:38 pm
    I dont live in Sacramento.
    I meant Placerville dumb!

    You do know I am just fukking with you right Bob? Although you have been pretty wishy washy regarding JaMarcus.

  • Nnamdi21

    Reek, as some of you may have noticed posts next to nothing about the Raiders instead attempting to poison the board with his desperate bid for attention.


    The release of Walker signals and end to the Kiffin era once and for all.

    Stated weeks, months ago Ellis would not be back.

    Those of you silver and black die hards knew he was very limited last year and hardly practiced for stretches.

    Faded as the season progressed and his knee worsened.

    I’d be shocked if we drafted a DE with the 8th when we’ve done fairly well with late round selections and in FA in recent years.

    The real problem in O town is the O or complete lack there of.

    Alot of it rests on Jamarcus but alot rests on our line.

    Ditching Green is another HUGE sign that hopefully meaningful chagnes are in store for 2010.

  • El Tato

    I still think we should try to resign Ellis as a pass rusher and as a veteran leader in a young team.

    Shaughnessy showed promise and played very well when given the oportunity

  • The JaMarcus story is actually good news. If the guy is chugging “lean” constantly it explains his failure until this point. The lack of motivation, the deteriorating body, the slow slurred speech.

    Good news for the Raiders. With treatment he can turn it all around. We all know that we saw some good play at the end of 2009.

    Get it done.

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  • hwnrdr

    Good Morning Nation!!!
    Walker…ok, they had to do something about him…
    Ellis…I admit, a bit of a surprise!



  • hwnrdr

    Nah, he’s going to make it rain in Vegas with Walker!!! Maybe he’ll get beat up too!!! OK, disclaimer here…do not wish any harm on a human being…

  • jhill

    Well Vegas,

    I guess yor attempt to take a rumor out of the last paragraph of ole boy’s story, and run with it was successful, lol.

    So it’s now a “fact” that Russell is a sizzurp addict, and you and B told us all along. Oh, and even Priest knew it and wasn’t saying anything.



  • Jhill,

    Hey I was sincere at the beginning, and I tried to hold it all in, with the hope he get the help he needed and didn’t make the papers.

    Now that the cat is out of the bag, the stories may start flying, lol.

    But I do believe he was in AZ working out prior to all this. Maybe it crashed and burned, maybe it was something else, who knows. I got no scoop on all that.

    As others have said, maybe this is a good thing. He would never make it with his priorities out of whack. Maybe this is the first step towards straightening those priorities.

  • jhill

    So we cut Cable annointed team leaders like Fargas and Ellis, but we keep the drug addicited 3rd string QB?


  • jhill


    There was a picture of him that we talked about a few months back. That said it all.

    The loss of his live in mentor was the first step, IMO. Were there any reports of this kind of stuff prior to his Uncle’s passing?

  • And BTW, I was on this way before B. He talked of him partying and living it up.

    I knew specifically what it was, and that it wasn’t mostly harmless fun. If he isn’t at a clinic, unless things have changed dramatically, he needs to be.

    The syrup is no joke.

  • jhill

    So with Ellis cut, Shaugnessy is pretty much penciled in as a starting DE.

    Warren is still hanging around, huh?


  • jhill

    Ok Scoop!

    We gotcha.

  • Good morning all.

  • Hope Green took his mop handle when he left for the Bills.



  • jhill

    Mop handle got 3 million a year from the Bills?


  • jhill

    Wassup Neilb

  • Morning Jhill ! How ya doing ?

  • jhill

    Not a bad offseason, IMO.

    I like the personell and coaching moves that have been made so far.

  • Were there any reports of this kind of stuff prior to his Uncle’s passing?


    You know I don’t think so. I’m sured he partying prior to it all, but I think it got out of control this past offseason. My friend met him around May this past year.

    Remember, he didn’t make that much his rookie year, only (lol) 3.5 million. You don’t make anything during the offseason as well.

    We started hearing of him starting to slack off around midway through the 2008 season (when he made 15 million or something like that). The Chargers Thursday night game on NFLN was the first real public-bashing of Jamarcus, when he flew seperate from the team and blew off the media meetings.

    Too much too soon, IMO. Once the big, BIG, money started coming in, with out Ray around, he started hanging with nothing but hanger on’s and guys who don’t have his best interests in mind.

    Not sure why Moms’ didn’t fly out for awhile.

  • It’s bound to have been said already,BUT……

    How can we not keep and pay Fargas 1.7m , let pay a third string back-up corner over 3m ?

  • jhill

    I’m good man!


  • jhill

    The Routt move was a good one, IMO because it means he’ll be starting.

    Starting = him NOT playing the slot, which is where he is constantly lost. He is better than average playing on the outside, IMO.

    March 9th, 2010 at 6:33 am


    That is a good question.

    I think the American Disabilities act includes substance abuse. Might be a slippery-slope, just cutting him, but you can make the case it would be a performance based cutting.

    He needs to restructure. If he does, it drastically reduces the likelihood of getting cut.

    I, the biggest Bruce homer and Jamarcus basher, hope he restructures, gets help and sits and learns from Bruce. No sense cutting him, unless things really spiral or he won’t restructure.

  • Are we back on???

    Damn you IBA, my blog time is limited and precious!!!

  • jhill

    What is he supposed to learn from Bruce, lol?