Green out, who’s next at tackle?


It’s hard to know what’s more amazing. The fact that Cornell Green was essentially a three-year starter for the Raiders or that the Buffalo Bills looked hard at that film and gave him a three-year contract.

With Green officially gone (you never know with the Raiders when players will boomerang to silver and black), it increases speculation Al Davis will be looking hard at an offensive tackles in the draft.

It’s logical thinking, with the danger being the Raiders haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory locating tackles in the past. We’ll give Mario Henderson (third round, 2007) the benefit of the doubt because he’s entering only his second season as a starter.

A rundown of the other Day 1 selections in the last 10-plus years:

— Paul McQuistan, third-round, 2006: Looked at originally as a tackle in an Art Shell power-blocking scheme, he never flourished as a zone blocker and battled injury.

— Robert Gallery, first round, (No. 2 overall, 2004): Struggled under revolving-door of line coaches until Tom Cable dubbed him a square peg in a round hole, put him at guard, and salvaged the selection.

— Langston Walker, second round, 2002: Coaches and teammates at Cal were stunned Walker went this high. He did eventually become a starter at right tackle, but had more bad games than good ones. The Bills gave him a huge free agent contract (you’d think they would have learned something about Raiders right tackles) and regretted it.

— Matt Stinchcomb, first round, No. 18 overall, 1999: Played the end of his senior year with a serious shoulder injury, and _ surprise! _ had reconstructive shoulder surgery early as a Raider. Went from tackle to guard to center, mastering none.

— Mo Collins, 1998, No. 23 overall: Powerful interior blocker drafted as a tackle but was better in a phone both than in space. Shifted to guard and played well.

The names you’ll be hearing about the most until April 22?

Russell Okung (Oklahoma State), Trent Williams (Oklahoma), Bryan Bulaga (Iowa) and Anthony Davis (Rutgers), the four players expected to go in the upper half of the first round. There’s also combine warrior Bruce Campbell of Maryland, deemed a reach at No. 8, much as his college teammate Darrius Heyward-Bey, was a reach at No. 7 in 2009.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • Gardkowski on Cable:

    Coach Cable is more of a overseer. A discipline guy. He’s a player’s type coach. The players want to play for a coach like coach Cable. He’s easy to communicate with and he wants the best for his players. So you like playing for a coach like that.


  • I’ll have another think tonight while I’m on nightshift Bob.

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    Bo,..I admire the little Polock,..but, well,..money talks…I dont think he will be given a fair shot,..I may be wrong,..I am usually never worng, but at times I have been,…we will see. Hey now.

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    The Raiders didn’t want to show their hand by showing up at the OU pro day.

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    I would make the trade with the Rams,…because the following teams also want Suh, like the Bucs, and I bet the Rams would love to pick 8th,..lot less cash.

  • David White on OT issues:

    So now what do the Raiders do?

    The obvious thought is they’ll draft an offensive tackle in the draft, something they haven’t done in the first round since Robert Gallery in 2004. Of course, if they wanted a stud tackle to build with, last year’s class was much stronger (Michael Oher, anyone?) and they didn’t draft an offensive lineman in any round, period.

    Don’t be surprised if the Raiders go as-is with Erik Pears and Khalif Barnes, with the possible addition of a second- or third-tier veteran free agent in Green’s mold.

    Here’s an even more intriguing possibility: why not move Henderson to right tackle and shift Robert Gallery back to left tackle? Everyone will say “because of the 2006 season” but that was different.

    Gallery was ruined by the Art Shell-Jackie Slater disaster, and had played pretty good until then. That coaching staff didn’t give him a chance and left his confidence shot.

    Gallery has been very good at left guard. Don’t think for a second he wouldn’t mind another crack at left tackle to show everyone he wasn’t a bust as advertised.

    Just a thought.

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  • Yep, Cable is a great head coach….hence his 20-54 record…because that is all his players’ fault…the head coach has nothing to do with wins and losses….right?


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    So far the best things Cable has done is break the snitches jaw, and slap around his ex old lady,..clearly both deserved it. Print that.

  • I always imagined the other Corey kicking the bucket first…

  • Al Davis’ mother is still alive and living in Georgia!:

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    I think the more of the losers in here that post that they hope Al dies soon, I think thats whats keeping him alive. Print that.

  • Cable is an idiot!

  • Jhill,

    I got duped by the media, and let my own feelings skew my beliefs. Egg all over my face.

    I still stand behind my stories, however, WAY jumped the gun on this one.

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  • jhill Says:
    March 10th, 2010 at 7:51 am
    The Raiders didn’t want to show their hand by showing up at the OU pro day.


    So your saying the other 31 teams “tipped” off their hand when they attended?

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    I wish old Al would overpay for LT,..and promise him starting job…why would he go to Minn to backup Yo Adrien? LT is a atarter man! Word.

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    Cable is da man.

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    I actually wanted Cable gone until he broke Randys jaw, and when I heard he slapped around that pig ex of his, I wanted him to get contract extension. Print that.

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  • Look at my boy Bruce, talking up his coach, being present for the media, acting like the starting QB.

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  • After the Mike Mitchell pick, when it appeared the only video was in fact his youtube cutup, sadly Dakota might be speaking some truth.

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  • My last 5 jerseys are Jamarcus, Moss, Sapp, C-Wood (the only good one) and Jeff George.

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  • Anthony Becht re-signed with the Cardinals…Al is now moving on to his next free agent target…Kurt Warner.

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    You still stand by your friend the tattoo artist’s stories? Who just met him last May?

    The last update we got from your source was that there was no way Russell would should up to camp in shape. Right after that, we get confirmation that he actually is in Az working out with some trainer. Not only that, the Raiders have an employee rolling with him full time.

    Any new updates?

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