Warren the latest to go


The speculation that defensive tackle Gerard Warren would be cut before he was due a sizable bonus payment has apparently become reality.

Nothing official from the Raiders yet, but the National Football Post and NFL Network are reporting Warren was released Thursday. On his Twitter account this morning, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Warren was due a $5.925 million option bonus on March 14. Warren was due $755,000 in salary this season.

The Raiders obviously considered that way too much for an on and off tackle who had a career low two sacks.

With the release of both Warren and Greg Ellis, the Raiders have lost two defensive linemen who were part of their regular rotation _ neither of whom was considered particularly stout against the run.

It puts defensive line in play for a high draft pick, and also means Desmond Bryant, who had an impressive rookie year as an undrafted free agent out of Harvard, is in line for a starting spot at tackle alongside Tommy Kelly.

At present, Bryant and Kelly are the only two defensive tackles on the roster, although Richard Seymour moves inside in some defensive packages. William Joseph, who finished the season with the Raiders, is an unrestricted free agent who could probably be re-signed at a moderate price.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Norco Bob

    I dont agree with the old blowhard often,..but I truly want T.O. here,…I will be first to give him a bear hug from my row one seats and plead with him to do a leap in my seats after a td. Print that kids.

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    March 11th, 2010 at 6:53 pm


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  • Norco Bob

    However old kells wrong, T.O. wont have any affect on russell,..as russell isnt making it out of Napa. Im told that by a rock solid source,..his only chance is to win job, he wont be kept at 9 million as a backup,..and the raiders know he wont compete, work, try, for the starting job,..wont,..doesnt know how…no Im not happy bout that,…hes let us all down, and its his own fault,..contrary to what old kell says,..this ones on him, not any toxic environment…word.

  • Bobbo?
    Have you seen the picture of Kelli’s “vette”?? lol

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  • 30 year raider

    norco… im thinking the same thing if comes in like he did last year hue will cut is sorry ass!!! lol

  • Norco Bob

    God I hope the rumors are true and some team will take Kirk…an extra 3rd rounder would be sweet.

  • 30 year raider

    wheres jp losman?????

  • Reekofchit

    You are a jealous loser.

  • severeraiderz

    I’ve been saying for a while now that Antonio pierce would be a good pick up. Hess great leader, a no non sense, is a raider fan who won’t generate a lot of interest so his price tag would be cheap. He also does his best work stopping the run, an area we clearly need help in. Only question now is with that neck injury can he pass a physical?

  • Reekofchit

    Have you ever been to Africa?

  • TO will easily make Grad better..in that he commands double coverage, freeing up others.
    As long as that other isn’t Bey, receiving yards has no choice but to get better.

    JR? Throwing to TO? lol…oh man..

    ONE REASON IT WON’T WORK…JR’s arm is actually worse than Garcia’s..and Garcia was well known for his off target throws…behind receivers, up high..throws that get receivers KILLED..just annihilated..and TO, in his last year with the Niners, stated “IF HE STAYS, I’M LEAVING”..and refused to work with Garcia because of his horrible play.

    JR? lol…oh man..that would be fun watching TO get in BlubberButt’s face and call him out, ESPECIALLY if JR pulls another “throw WR’s under the bus” bit.

  • Reeky

    Have you ever beeeen to Europe/Asia?

  • Norco Bob

    I guess a bad joke would be no, but Iv been to Oakland…*rim shot*… 🙂

  • 30 year raider

    # Norco Bob Says:
    March 11th, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    God I hope the rumors are true and some team will take Kirk…an extra 3rd rounder would be sweet.
    # 30 year
    be careful what u wish for we got knuckleheads on here saying sign roy williams and let him play sam… need to slide kirk over to sam and get a REAL MIKE in here… a 255 pound beast to plug the freggin middle… kirk is not a mike anyone who knows anything about football knows this! hes a sam or a willie!!! but not a mike he would be a very good strong side linebacker

  • Norco Bob

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  • # KoolKell Says:
    March 11th, 2010 at 7:05 pm


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  • buckeyeraider

    Another young player who’s going to have to step up is M. Bush. Now that everybody’s favorite whipping boy, Huggy Jr. isn’t around to hog all his carries. He’s going to have to be ready to carry the load along with Dmac.
    He also needs to get himself in shape. He did not endear himself to Cable when he begged out of the game after four or five carries. Even coming out as a rookie, even though they had him rated as a first round pick, the predraft mag I had criticized Bush and his conditioning. Called him soft and pudgy because of an aversion to lifting weights.
    He also didn’t endear himself to the coaching staff when he balked at moving to FB, temporarily, due to injuries. Football is the ultimate team sport, and he put his own interests ahead of the team. I remember a certain future hall of famer, who had already been a league and Super Bowl MVP, making that switch for the good of the team.
    So, Michael Bush has a lot to prove this year as well.

  • # KoolKell Says:
    March 11th, 2010 at 7:10 pm


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  • buckeyeraider

    New post

  • # Norco Bob Says:
    March 11th, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    old kell, why is it you feel about every week or so you have to remind us you have a vette,..you have traveled,..we get it old dude,..you are a world traveler, you have a sports car,…you run with big ceo`s in parades,…we are all impressed,…ok?
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  • 30 year raider

    buck- marcus allen had no choice bro it was either fb or bench…bo was the man

  • 30 year raider

    but i agree with you BUCKEYE michael bush must be 1000 yard rusher or damn near close to it for our teams success this yr

  • tharris236

    WOW, the Raiders actually made wise decisions in releasing Warren, Walker, Ellis, and letting Cornell Green walk. Maybe a voice of reason has been in Al’s ear and he actually put batteries in his hearing aides and turned them on…. Now if he’ll dump Russell or get him to restructure and get Mcfumbles to restructure, Kelly to restructure, and DHB some stickum.
    Ellis and Warren could be back at a cheaper rate if someone better can’t be found.

  • ohioraider

    Here you go Norco Bob, I’ll fax this to Alameda for you:

    Hey Al, you old douche bag, why don’t you shuffle off into the sunset and let a real owner run the team for a change. You fugin old puke.

    While your at NB, you can tail him with your nose up his ass. This is our product, we consume it, we’ve been loyal, and we’ll damn well exercise our right to criticize it.