Raiders still watch from afar


Bruce Allen’s skin remains as thick as ever.

Rest assured the signing of Larry Johnson and his checkered history won’t be received well in Washington, but that didn’t prevent the Redskins from signing him before he had a chance to visit Oakland.

As the senior assistant under Al Davis, Allen not only didn’t care when the Raiders were criticized in the media. He almost seemed amused by it.

Johnson, provided the Raiders were truly interested in signing him, is a not a significant loss. He hasn’t been the same back since carrying 416 times in the 2006 season.

Washington did have the right idea with regard to a contract. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, it was three years and $3.5 million with incentives that could bring it to $12 million. And it’s doubtful much has been guaranteed.

Meanwhile, according to Philly.com, Justin Fargas will strike out in Philadelphia after not getting contract offers in Kansas City and Cleveland.

He’s scheduled to be at the Commitment to Excellence awards dinner Saturday night, where he’ll receive the honor along with tight end Zach Miller.

Fargas probably won’t use the same line on the crowd that he did with Philadelphia media.

“I’ve had seven tough years in Oakland and I want to compete for a championship,” Fargas said. “That’s the expected here with the organization and the fans here.”

Considering the Raiders recent history when spending big in free agency _ and they’re far from alone in coming up empty _ their strategy is sound. Wait for prices to come down, then sign players for lower salaries and minimal bonus money.

Meanwhile, linebacker Jon Alston, who did not receive a qualifying offer from the Raiders and became a restricted free agent, has signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Biz Markie

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  • Stabler76

    If he scores 1 TD in the 64 quarters of regular season football next year, we can consider it a successful Fargas comeback. I hope he can do that for another team also.

  • A player will be blackballed for badmouthing Al? ha ha ha!!!! Yeh, like Al’s in the NFL good ol boys fraternity. That may be true if a player were to badmouth any other owner, but Al Davis? Trust me, other owners do not care. The NFL doesn’t care, either, that’s why they gave Sapp a job at their network. CBS certainly doesn’t care, Gannon’s doing fine there. There are no repercussions for badmouthing Al, other than Al trying to get even with you, assuming he even has the power to do so. So that’s why Al won’t sign T.O., because he knows Owens will tell everyone what goes on here. Do you think he’s going to take the fall? Heck no, and Al knows that. That’s why Al’s not going near him. I wish Al would sign him though. I always said that when Al signed Sapp, the best thing about it would be that Sapp would give us the scoop as to Al’s b.s. Boy, did he deliver. I hope T.O. comes here for the same reason.

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  • RaiderLen

    Evening Fellas,

    Why should Fargas be scapegoated?

    The Guy went to work every day and layed it all out on the field.

    He had no control over his Reps on Offense.

    Fargas is a mediocore back that played with everything HE could bring.

    End of story.

  • priesttj

    MR you idiot Sapp wishes he was still here getting paid he’s peobably near broke. Did you ever see him turn down a paycheck? Sapp was a loser as long as he got paid he didn’t care. He contirbuted to a losing attitude and now blames everyone except himself.

    For all the flack Javon Walker gets at least he tld the owner he was stealing money. Sapp should’ve had a mask on.

  • Midwest Fan

    I’m guessing I’m in the minority here but I have a strange feeling that Morrison got a 3rd round tag so the market can set his value. Oak always has the opportunity to match any offer OR receive a 3rd rounder.

    Otherwise you have Kirk’s agent negotiating with the Raiders that he’s been their leading tackler last few years and would force them to pay more than he’s worth. This way, he can test the market, see what other teams are willing to offer and do all the work and than we just match it.

    Think that’s what the Jets are doing with Leon. No way they let him walk for a 2nd.

    Morrison said on Sirius he would love to stay a raider.

  • RaiderLen

    Sapp is a front running blowhard.

  • Midwest Fan

    I never was a fan of his

  • priesttj

    I’m watching Mike Mayock make all kinds a degrding remarks about JaMarcus Russell how he wouldn’t take him in the 1st rnd. But he never ever mentions how high he was on Brady Quinn who is every bit the bust Russell is if not more. Quinn is a workpout warrior. The scouts dream even Charles Davis admitted his man crush on him and the guy is a HUGE bust in his own home town.

    But Mayock NEVER mentions that oversight. he also was way off on Chris Johnson whom I was very high on. Mayock is way overrated himself.

  • RaiderLen

    Midwest, astute observation on Morrison.

    I hadn’t considered that angle.

    Makes sense.

  • RaiderLen

    Preist, Considered “experts” never revisit history on their failures.

    It’s not good for business.

    Your point however is revealing.

  • Midwest Fan

    Preist, have you gone on record about the direction you want to go in this draft?

    Len, weigh in as well.

  • Seymour Bush

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  • JB


  • I like Kirk to play SLB like he did when he was a rookie, Play TH on passing downs only, and draft a MLB like Spikes.

  • priesttj

    Midwest, how do you mean, by position?

  • Seymour Bush

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    Richochet Says:

    More importantly, Kelli…who was business today?

    I stop in early..you’re on here.
    I leave..come back hours later, you’re STILL on here..

    Leave again..and stop in briefly now..and YOU’RE STILL ON HERE.

    Can you spell hypocrite wacky?

  • RaiderLen


    I would like to see the O line addressed heavily.

    I’d like to see a D lineman.

    I’d also like a MLB.

    My feeling is that this team will not do a damn thing until they have at least an average O Line.

    My prefference is to see, within 2 years a dominant O Line.

  • Who gave the retard a keyboard?

    You People….

  • Stabler76

    I would like to see some strength in the middle

    Dominant C, DT, MLB

  • priesttj

    I concur, the absolute must is the Oline get it fixed with whomever and however and by any means necessary. Get it fixed. When that happens you have a foundation as a football team. I’ve always believed the backbone of any team is it’s Oline. The leader is the QB, defense allows you to be consistent and compete for a championship. Scoring wins games and compettitive in any contest.

    Without the Oline none of the rest of that matters.

  • We passed in a few good Cs last year, so why would we draft from a weaker C class?

    Sign a C in FA, trade for one, or wait till next year. IMHO

  • priesttj

    Without the Oline the rest of those items suffer greatly.

  • Midwest Fan

    My thoughts as the picks stand now – really hoping we can find someone to move back with and acquire a few more picks:

    Sign Mawae

    8)Trent Williams
    39)Pouncey or Ducasse either would start at RG
    69)Yes we have pick 69! Geno Atkins
    87)Cam Thomas
    Rd4)Austen Lane
    Rd5)Riley Cooper
    Rd5)Walter Thurmond
    Rd7)Anthony Harding (FB – Fresno State)

  • Stabler76

    I agree about drafting a C this year vs 2009. Is the Saint’s Center available in FA?

    Of course the right side of the O-line is in real need.

  • Midwest Fan

    Think Pouncey in the 2nd along with Mawae gives Pouncey a chance to start day 1 while learning the C position by one of the best. Mawae should be good for another 2 years min. Cutting it close to get him at 39 but maybe move up a couple of spots using 2011 pick, or just take Ducasse and find a C in another draft.

  • RaiderLen

    Priest, Yep. O Line. It can make average skill position players better.

    It empowers great skill position players to be great.

    The O Line is the foundation of any winning football team.

  • BHP,

    What do you think of OT Tomy Washington in the 3rd? I read he has great talent (1st RD talent), but he is a registered sex offender, and that’s why he will droppast the 2nd. He had sex with his sister when he was 16. She was 15.

  • RaiderLen

    Midwest, I like your mock because of the heavy enphasis on O Line early.

    I also like the players you suggest.

  • Einstein

    NFL.com reports WR Javon Walker was released by the Raiders earlier this week, but he says he isn’t done with the NFL.


    Yes he is.

    Comments from Yvonne Walker:
    “The NFL is all about what have you done for me lately, and you know, I haven’t done anything lately,” Walker admitted. “But (I’m) just (looking for) somebody who’s going to dig down deep and say, ‘Let’s take a look and see what this kid can do.’”


    Lately? Lately? You haven’t done anything lately? Try over four years you moron. Dig down deep, see what this kid can do? He can’t do shyt. Thus, he was released.

  • priesttj


    I rarely pick players beyond the 1st rnd it’s just grabbing names when you just don’t know who’ll be there. If a great player falls will you pass on him to take a guy rated lower? I don’t think so!

    At #8 I would love to get T Williams or Bulaga at worse case scenario. Trent Williams has really grown on me.

  • RaiderLen

    Stabler76 Says:
    March 12th, 2010 at 9:28 pm
    I agree about drafting a C this year vs 2009. Is the Saint’s Center available in FA?

    Of course the right side of the O-line is in real need.

    I wanted Mack last year. My feeeling was that if you can draft a C to anchor your line for a decade, and if that guy makes the Pro Bowl, nobody will remember that you “reached” for Him in the draft.

  • OT Tony Washington: 6’6 315, ran a 5.18, has 35.5″ arms, and had 33 reps on the bench.

  • Midwest Fan


    I think we’d be able to find a UFA RB to be a 3rd stringer / possible KR option.

    That’s the other thing i’ve mentioned before but haven’t gotten much response from is about the UFA period following the draft. I’m thinking of bringing in a min of 15 players. Not sure if any rules or anything but why not?

  • MWfan,

    I like your draft, but I would replace OT @ 39 with ILB B Spikes.

  • RaiderLen

    Raider O Says:
    March 12th, 2010 at 9:34 pm
    OT Tony Washington: 6′6 315, ran a 5.18, has 35.5″ arms, and had 33 reps on the bench
    Yo Raider O!

    The dude slept with His sister?

    That’s pretty freaky.

    If it’s a step sister, ok no problem…hormones and all.

    His biological sister, too twisted…even for the Raiders.

  • Midwest Fan

    Don’t blame you Priest, I just have fun with it and think of what could be. Sometimes even figuring out the 1st rounder for the Raiders can be difficult!

  • priesttj

    Raider O,

    I would be lying if i said anything about the kid I haven’t seen him at all. But the rap he has on him is a bad one I would deem him undraftable. AN UDFA

  • Midwest Fan

    O – is that with or w/o Morrison on the team? Have a feeling that I know the answer to this ?

  • Stabler76

    Yeah I wanted Mack last year.

    It is tough for rookies on the o-line.

    Rivera for SD got picked on last year.

  • RaiderLen


    Rookies do get picked on. I can live with that.

    When our veterans are getting abused…time to change up.

  • 1- DT SUH trade our 1st and Huff to the lions.
    2- ILB Spikes
    3- OT Tony Washington
    3- WR/ KR Jacoby Ford
    4- DE Austen Lane
    5- CB Akwasi Asnah, P Stoudamire, or Walter Thurmond.
    5- OL: Ciron Black
    7- FB

    That will give us a great defense, and that should help our young and developing offense. Our Ogfense needs more than just 1 draft. We need a C, RG, RT, and a FB.
    Mario, JR, Bush, DMC, DHB, Murphy, and Chaz need to improve and develop. we still don’t know what we have with those players. They haven’t don’t much YET.

  • It was his Biological sister Len.

    I like Kirk as a SLB. He as an Aztec MWfan.

    Go Aztecs!!
    Go The OSU!!
    Damn You Mich!!

  • RaiderLen

    Can’t draft a guy the F’s his own sister. Sorry.

  • He is an Aztec*

    I also think TH is only good against the pass. Kirk played great as a SLB his rookie season with us. He can be a solid MLB in a 3-4 scheme, behind a great line, but we font have a good Dline. IMO

  • LMAO Len!