Russell isn’t late for anything


While JaMarcus Russell has done little, if anything, to deserve a benefit of the doubt, it’s not entirely fair to make an issue out of being absent for the first day of the offseason workout program.

The Chronicle reported Russell did not appear to be on site as other players arrived, which may well be true.

And while in terms of symbolism and his draft status that he show up on Day 1, chances are good a handful of others weren’t there either.

The offseason program runs through June, is voluntary, and isn’t a full-squad event.

Players are asked to appear a certain number of days, but can go as often as they wish and make up days they failed to attend.

It doesn’t become a problem unless Russell remains a no-show to the point where he can’t get in the requested amount of workouts and isn’t adhering to the wishes of the training staff.

Considering Russell’s performance last year, it’s easy to assume the worst and think maybe he’s not quite ready to step on a scale and that the unconfirmed reports of being in Arizona to train were either wishful thinking or exaggerations of the work he really put in.

It’s up to Russell to begin showing his teammates he’s ready to put in the time to be a starting quarterback, particularly when worker bees Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye are already on hand

But as of now, it’s just one day of a voluntary program, and it’s entirely possible Russell has a schedule with the club in place that didn’t include March 15.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • Rock and Roll Hoochie Coo

  • This is now a Chargers blog!!!

  • Will we miss LT? I think not.

  • Greatest QB of all time, Fouts or Rivers?

  • RaiderRoman

    Did anyone let him know that there would be a buffet there?

  • Russel is fat like your mama RaiderRoman.

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  • San Diego would be a better city if they had a mass deportation; a mass deportation of all the jarheads and rednecks.

  • VanHeathen

    He’s performed at such a ‘high’ level so far, why burden him w/ some conditioning and building a rapport of respect w/ his teammates?
    JR is turning into a ‘Lockerroom cancer’ right before our eyes…

  • inonewordraider

    your punk a would never talk that mess in person, all of a sudden there are charger fans well I’d be damned

  • RaiderResurrection

    Greatest quarterback of all-time is Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Bart Starr, or Johnny Unitas.

    Quarterbacks that have won it all are only included. Dan Fouts and Phillip (I throw like girl) Rivers don’t belong in the same sentence.

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  • 408, whats up homie?

  • Thanks 4 not jumping on the doomsday bandwagon Jerry…

  • Carl Weathers

    If Russell was doing anything to get his ass in shape, we would hear about it. PERIOD! Get healthy Bruce, we’s gonna need ya!

  • RaiderRoman

    Hey Charged up the A$$! Go back to that pie hole of town you call San Diego let norv turner give it to you hard and fast!

  • inonewordraider

    They say LT is such a modest humble guy but I saw his a whining when they lost to NE in the playoffs then get all upset last year when Peterson was being called the best back saying he was more complete than Peterson. Yeah maybe 5 years ago

  • Different quarterbacks had different qualities. Montana and Favre were the coolest, best leaders under pressure. Manning might be the most raw talented ever, but he’s not the best leaders. Comes undone too much.

  • RaiderRoman, Russel gave it to your mama hard and fast.

  • Worst QB of all time, Russel or Leaf?

  • Leaf was worse than Russell. Leaf had a decent team. Russell has nothing surrounding him of any value. No line. No veteran, possession receivers. Most quarterbacks have at least one of the two. Not to mention, the plays Russell gets are atrocious, designed for the ’60s.

  • Carl Weathers

    Worst uni colors of all time.

    Powder blue and butter or ketchup and mustard OR orange next to blue?

  • 24

    San Diego has some of the hottest women I’ve seen and its constant. There are so many beautiful women out here, its retarded. I do see plenty of military obviously. Theres a mix of different people but seriously, theres a hot girl at every turn.

  • 24

    Now…the Chargers don’t do the city justice…they should leave. They really don’t belong here.

  • Senior Beeecham

    Hey Charged Down, whatever happened with FingerForce 5 anyway? You dudes seemed poised for a big breakout. Of acne.

    And to answer your questions, as far as the greatest charger QB to NEVER win the Super Bowl, I’d probably go with Fouts. His beard and gut alone were more entertaining that your current crybaby addicted to folding in the playoffs.

    And I don’t think you’ll miss LT either. After all, the bolts squandered the career of one of the greatest running backs ever. All those yards and still 0 super bowls. Total.

    btw – I think those sluts in your new band were on my last party cruise getting seriously loose with the wait staff.

  • 24

    The Padres suck as well.

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  • 24

    Fargas needs to find a team already…I don’t want him to end up back in Oakland because he couldn’t find work elsewhere.

  • We could use Fargas in San Diego.

  • The only thing that used to be good about SD is it’s proxmity to TJ and Rosarito, but now Mexico’s so f’d up, plus you need a passport and have to wait in a long line to get back in now. Screw San Diego. If had the chedder to live in a beach down, Miami in a second.

  • 24

    MR – Ok…that was about the dumbest thing you’ve ever said. In regards to San Diego, you’re way off but thats fine…if you don’t like the women here, theres more for everyone else. As far as rain goes…Its winter and the weather has been crazier than normal but it will go back to normal.

  • MR, who are you kidding? You probably live in your mother’s basement because your too scared to go outside and see real women.

  • Just because he dosen’t HAVE to be there on the first day. Has nothing to do with the fact he SHOULD be there on the first day.

    Hell, I saw over at pft.com even Mark effing Bulger showed up for first day…

    Get to work chubby one…

  • I go to San Diego once a year. The weather gets worse, the blondies get more mangled and tweeker looking, and their asses get flatter. Tramp stammps alone don’t make you hot. It should say that on SD’s city limit sign. That and “please, we have enough jarhead rubes, try Alabama”.

  • 24

    MR – Well at least we found something that you like…Miami.

  • You live in your mothers’ basement if you think SD women are hot. You definitely didn’t base that opinion on being in SD, that’s for sure. SD women were hot 10 years ago. Not anymore. I was there last summer.

  • M Lonetree


    you want to see some hot women go hang out in Buenos Aires or Santiago or Lima or Rio for a few hours. That’ll take care of a few weeks worth of SD ogling.

    Ahem. Headline: JaMarginal Takes Lethargy To a New Nadir. “It was the tse-tse fly casserole which did it” says his auntie. The agent for Russell had no comment as he was unsure when his client would ever wake up.

    When Quinn the DBronco gets here everybody’s gonna run over him. C’mon without, c’mon within, you ain’t seen nothin’ like DBronco Quinn (except all of the other paltry and failed signal callers strewn throughout the NFL wasteland).

  • At least I’m not stupid enough to believe that the Raiders have a prayer with Al DAvis in charge, 24. I’d rather be the angriest person on the planet than be that stupid.

  • In my view, anger beats stupidity. Rather be angry and smart than dumb and happy, like 24.

  • Senior Beeecham

    Charged Down, I remember all the juniors at my high school used to think there were mature like the college kids, but you’re taking it to a whole new level!

    It’s cool you want to sound all grown up and quote Mike Gundy, but you’re shooting like 20 years too far in the future. Being old leads to much bigger problems, just ask our pal KrappyKell.

    Anyway, little bro, looking forward to next season’s charger 1st round playoff loss and your new band putting out a killer demo!

  • 24

    MR – Don’t forget who you’re talking to…I’m not an Al Davis fan, I just don’t dwell about him 24/7. I have a life and I happen to notice hot girls in San Diego because I go outside and see them instead of b!tching and moaning on the computer through most hours of the day.

  • I was going to say, the only thing SD does have is a football team that competes every year. Wish Oakland had that. We used to. When Gruden was here. And won’t again until Gruden comes back.

  • 24

    MR – You’re confusing me with Priest bro. You’re starting to lose your memory.

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