It’s weight and see on Russell


Willie Brown says JaMarcus Russell’s weight loss was “significant.”

Tim Kawakami reports through his Twitter account that Russell weighed in at 271.

Taken together, it makes those “Russell nearing three bills” rumors look on the mark.

None of this is going to go away until the Raiders make Russell available, and even then it’s doubtful anyone will cop to an exact weight.

None of this is going to matter, of course, if Russell begins completing passes all over the field at his first minicamp.

We’ll probably never know if Brown is telling the truth, and Kawakami isn’t about to reveal his source, and any unnamed source is to be viewed skeptically.

This wouldn’t be a problem if Russell had showed up weighing between 245 an 250 pounds.

Even the Raiders would have found a way to leak that information.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • buckeyeraider

    Hello Raider Nation.
    What’s going on?

  • buckeyeraider

    Man O Man. This blog has now officially sunk from the ridiculous to the sublime. I thought this sight was fixed, where posting under other’s names was impossible. Apparently somebody was posting as Florida Pete earlier and professing a man crush on Tim Tebow. That is just cold.

  • 408RAIDER Says:
    March 19th, 2010 at 4:39 pm
    Jamarcus hasn’t been 250 since the 7th grade…


    lol….250 might be pushing it, but if so, not by much.

  • Well, my little pissant puppy…like I said, I’ll let the mod decide what to do with cross posters.

    As I recall..they GET BANNED.

    Oh..and posting under someone else’s name? YEP..CROSS POSTING..

    Losers cross post.
    those who get slammed with no recourse, cross post.
    Those who find thinking a daunting task…cross post.
    And those who continually lose in an exchange cross post.

  • Buckeye..I don’t think that was a cross poster regarding Pete..as I recall he stated he was showing Tebow’s biceps..when someone commented, he replied he was comfortable in his masculinity in pointing that out.

    Wasn’t a big deal, actually.

  • # KoolKell Says:
    March 19th, 2010 at 6:46 pm


    Have you ever been diagnosed with Schizophrenia?

    Do you hear voices?

  • buckeyeraider

    Did you see the picture Kell posted the other night? Not sure when it was taken. I don’t think it was at the combine. Early LSU days maybe, but the dude looked lean and mean. JaMarcus is just a big man. I think he could carry 260-270 quite easily. He gets up in the 28o-290 lb range, where he might have been last season, and it’s obviously going to affect his mobility, mechanics and conditioning.

  • i think the “mimic” is Maddenraider…

    don’t think it’s Oakglen…

  • buckeyeraider

    I thought Pete came back later and said Hey guys that wasn’t me. I haven’t been in here in a couple of hours. Maybe he was being toungue-in-cheek because people were busting his chops over the Tebow pics, and it just went by me.

  • Buckeye,

    No doubt he is a huge guy. If he was a workout warrior he could be a massive guy. He is pretty soft in the midsection, he could easily lose 20 pounds, IMO.

    Not that losing weight is the indicator of his success. He is athletic enough, it’s his decision-making, mechanics, and football IQ that is the effect of his laziness. He could improve all those and still be a fat azz. He can be on his ass eating twinkies for what I care, as long as he is cutting up film.

    So the whole weight gain/loss is kind of a non-issue to me. Have a good preseason and look crisp, 250 or 280, I don’t care.

  • buckeyeraider Says:
    March 19th, 2010 at 7:15 pm
    I thought Pete came back later and said Hey guys that wasn’t me. I haven’t been in here in a couple of hours. Maybe he was being toungue-in-cheek because people were busting his chops over the Tebow pics, and it just went by me.


    Tebow pics ???

    what Tebow pics ???

    by the way, i have a particular writing style…

    and you will notice all of the messages above regarding Tebow do not have my … pause and effect…

  • Vegas…

    he’s not nimble at the big weight…

    he can’t take snaps from under center because he might trip over himself or others…

    that effects the running game and play-action…

    a fat QB that can’t move is not a good thing…

  • # buckeyeraider Says:
    March 19th, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    I thought Pete came back later and said Hey guys that wasn’t me. I haven’t been in here in a couple of hours. Maybe he was being toungue-in-cheek because people were busting his chops over the Tebow pics, and it just went by me.
    My bad…took off shortly thereafter..guess you’re right, considering the above.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Folks, the offense is going to struggle this year as a young and lazy QB tries to find himself along with an oft injured receiver, another highly paid receiver that can’t catch and another that makes a great play followed by a dud……couple that with a new coordinator a running game trying to get rhythm and you will have a struggling offense

    The BEST chance to win…again win…is to shore up the defense. How many years have we been saying this….get the defense up and ready so that the struggling offense can stay competitive.

    A Dan Williams will have more impact on wins and losses this year than an OT in the 1st round. Mario Henderson was not the reason for this team struggling…however, having paper mache DTs in Kelly and Warren coupled with a bunch of glorified safeties at linebacker sure as hell prevents victory!

  • Let’s put it this way…IF the moron who cross poster as me also cross posted as Pete..AND NOTHING IS DONE?

    Board is history…

  • buckeyeraider

    those were almost my exact sentiments. Last night I posted that showing up in better shape is a great sign. But, it is just the first step. Now he has to pick it up in the classeroom and the film room.
    I’ve said before, my hope for Jamarcus is that last season was a rude awakening and a real eye opener for him. Jamarcus was probably bigger and better than most eveybody he ever faced growing up. He could excell on his god given talents. Now, this is the NFL. These are grown men. This is their livelihood. Even somebody like P. Manning, with all their prior successes is still a film junkie. JaMarcus has to step it up on the practice field and the filmroom. I think he can do it, and personally, I’m pulling for the guy.

  • SnB..doesn’t matter how solid a D is shored up..too many 3 and outs means at the end of the game the D is dead on their feet, and the 4th qtr belongs to the opponent.

    Can’t have the 22/38 minute time of possession like last year..defense is dragging at the end.

  • SteveAlford21

    Okay, I’d like to get a consensus opinion on the tattoo for which I’m making my stencil right now.


    I’ve had to make a few changes because the helmet doesn’t taper correctly, the shield doesn’t have a border, there are too many teeth (and the front ones are buck teeth), and the highlights (shading) is all wrong. I’m doing the fixes on paper, though, but I’ll post a pic after I get the ink done. It’ll be on the inner left forearm. The words “CementFilled” won’t be on there and on the front of the helmet where “Riddel” would normally be, I’m considering putting “Alford.” I’d love to get your thoughts.

  • buckeyeraider

    Goodnight Rich-O.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Even in games where the offense was competitive, the defense still got smashed.

    A good defense is just plain good and can carry the team.

    This defense in Oakland is AWFUL and has been for years.

    The offensive problems has to do with the maturity of some highly paid players. The defense has absolutely NO DTs and NO LBs…in addition the secondary is compromised because Nnamdi isn’t moved around.

    If the Raiders are going to be a BAck 7 focus as opposed to front 7….they need a couple of DTs, with one able to 2-gap run stuffer….they need an MLB and SLB….the defense is terrible

  • gilbert

    post 1128, who cares,if one name calling little pri-k gets lost? not me,ocheta the f— up, go RAIDERS!!!!!

  • buckeyeraider

    Hell, why split hairs? This team has room for improvement on Offense AND defense. And by no means don’t forget special teams. While they probably have the best and most highly compensated kicking tandem in the league, the rest of the unit took a huge step back last year. Two years ago, they had 5 combined returns for TD’s. Not to mention excellent starting field position oftentimes. Last year Nada. JLH was a shell of his former self. And they had a back up FULLBACK struggling to return a kickoff to the twenty. Coverage teams were spotty at best. The Raiders need a kickoff returner badly. A mid round flyer on J Arenas, whos also a fiesty liitle CB for depth might be in order.

  • SaintKaufman

    That is gonna be badass!

  • SteveAlford21

    Thanks, Kaufman… I think so, too. Gotta love the perks of being manager of a tattoo shop that also does piercings. 😉

  • SteveAlford21

    To clarify that: I don’t have any piercings, nor do I want any… but the kind of customers who come in for that ties into the “perks” category.

  • buckeyeraider

    Goodnight fellas.

  • We may have to be the first successful team built around it’s special teams. Get a badazz kick returner, with Shane and Seabass, with an average offense and defense, with a plus turnover ratio and that will get us to .500.

  • That’s a badass tat, Steve..yeah, for a forearm size, have to get rid of a lot of the fine work, too small to detail.

    Something like that would be best on a shoulder instead of trying to fit on a forearm.

    that black shading? lol…gonna sting

  • Gilbert? are you crying?
    I told you…no crying in football.

    And that was likely MaddenMoron who was posting under my handle.
    We’ll see if the mods ban him soon enough…whoever it is.

  • SteveAlford21

    Mr. O’Shea,

    Actually, I don’t mind the shading at all. Outlining with a #9 has more sting IMO… but none of it really bothers me. I shattered my forearm back in HS (compound fracture with ulna and radius sticking out and left hand touching left elbow) and didn’t get medical treatment for over an hour (happened during a basketball game at a school way out in the country, pretty far from the nearest hospital)… and I kind of found my pain on-off switch out of necessity there. Tatts don’t bother me after that, the threshold is too high. A toothache KILLS me, though… dental pain is its own category of excruciating.

  • SteveAlford21

    Unfortunately for me, I didn’t go into shock… because everyone else was freaking out too much when they saw it, so I had to keep my head and politely raise my voice to eardrum-shattering levels at them for someone to take me to a hospital.

  • Raiders4eve

    Can we start something new, how about we breakdown what went wrong with each and every game we lost last season?
    I mean detailed if any of you remember and maybe those who remember few things can contribute. Lets begin with the Monday Night opener, we lose to the Chokers, what went wrong?

    Imo, Marshall was to be blamed for playing prevent defense in the last two minutes of the game. DMAC fumble ruined our momentum. And of course, the refs cheated us as usual, your thoughts?

  • SteveAlford21

    Howdy 4eve, it’s been a while since I’ve seen ya.

    I believe that your analysis is pretty spot-on. The only thing the prevent defense does is PREVENT you from winning. I don’t think anything more could have been asked or expected of JR in that game… and DMC picked the worst possible time to cough one up (as if there’s EVER a good time to fumble… unless it’s the Holy Roller, that is).

    I won’t discuss the refs because although as a Raiders fan, I feel that we get boned on vast scale far too often, there are plenty of bad calls made against (or for) ALL teams… we just don’t notice them or give them as much importance in our minds because they didn’t affect OUR team. Nevertheless, I can count at least three TDs that we would have had last year that were nullified by blatantly BAD calls, so your point is taken.

  • priesttj


    I know we’v e gone over this a ton but it doesn’t seem t sink in with you. You keep asking for a 2gap DT when we don’t play a 2gap system. So why does it not make sense to you that a 2gap player would not fit this system? I mention getting Cody earlier today but that is not meant for his 2gap ability I meant if he can get his weight under control and play in this system we might have something. It’s not a gaurantee that the coaches see a fit. There fore even if he were available as late as the 6th rnd they wouldn’t draft him.

    Especially if they see him as a 2gap player only.

  • priesttj

    That was NOT a prevent defense in fact we didn’t play prevent at all the entire year. That was a zone defense designed to keep everything in front of them and we executed it poorly making it seem like a prevent. There was a spy throughout that last drive but he reacted very late on checkdowns giving up 1st downs instead of forcing to run the clock out.

    It was a well designed defense that was executed poorly. By Ricky Brown and T Howard their drops were way too deep.

  • Raiders4eve


    Thanks for your analysis. Well, whatever happened in the monday night was good, but come sunday against the Chiefs, Jamarcus played one of the worst game in his career, I don’t even remember how we won that game except that he played good the final drive of the game. But the signs were clear that the Chiefs studied the Raiders previous game. They did shut us down, matter fact we never deserved to win this game. I blame Cable who came up with the same game plan and lack of adjustment in half time. Interested in knowing what you guys thought and remember from this game.

  • Raiders4eve


    If that wasn’t a prevent defense, then why were we not blitzing and allowing the short pass to Sproles, if you remember sproles was the reason SD won.

  • priesttj

    I just explained why, we had a spy on Sproles who didn’t check out of the backfield. He dropped too deep and gave Sproles a running start and took bad angles to tackle him. It’s not wise to blitz in that situation with a QB like Rivers because it leaves a void in the defense. Blitzing is more of a weakness than a strength if you regularly do it because your trying to hide a deficiency. If you play sound defnse and force the QB to make throws it’s much more difficult to drive downfield quickly. You blitz teams that are suseptible to the blitz or else you’l die by it.

  • priesttj

    The spy was slow to check Sproles out of the backfield.

  • Raiders4eve


    What is your thoughts against the Chiefs? why even though we won, did we play so bad? Who is to be blamed for that game, Jamarcus or Cable?

  • priesttj


    Russell was putrid in that game it was the single worse game I’ve ever seen him play. His mechanics were terrible he had no confidence and he looked lost. Cable IMO should’ve seen that and ran the ball m,uch more than he did. The Chiefs were terrible vs the run I mean worse than us. He never gave MBush a chance to get going he just kept forcing the issue.

    Luckily Russell somehow pulled out of his funk and put together the winning drive. But he and his coach should’ve been flogged.


    Raiders4eve Says:
    March 19th, 2010 at 8:41 pm
    Can we start something new, how about we breakdown what went wrong with each and every game we lost last season?
    I mean detailed if any of you remember and maybe those who remember few things can contribute. Lets begin with the Monday Night opener, we lose to the Chokers, what went wrong?

    Imo, Marshall was to be blamed for playing prevent defense in the last two minutes of the game. DMAC fumble ruined our momentum. And of course, the refs cheated us as usual, your thoughts?


    Those were all contributing factors. However, there were also a couple of series at the start of the 3rd quarter in which JaMoron’s utter ineptitude directly led to the Raids failing to score or at least move the ball. With decent QB play the Raids could have put the game away.

    Job number one for the Raiders is to develop a semblance of a passing game. Yes, the run defense was horrid — but it’s the total inablility to mount a consistent threat through the air that is what is most profoundly wrong with the Raiders.

    The first step in fixing that should be dumping Russell. He’s an irredeemable piece of garbage. However, as bad as Russell is, whoever replaces him needs to be protected. So there’s no doubt there’s got to be changes up front.

    Build an offensive line, dump Russell, get decent QB play — and I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised by the production of Bush, McFadden, Murphy, and Schillens.

    Having an offense that can actually score some points and keep the defense off the field is the quickest way back to respectability.

    For those of you that think Russell is a given on this year’s roster, keep in mind that Al dumped Deangelo Hall when it was obvious he couldn’t play man to man.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if after witnessing another pre-season and camp in which Russell demonstrates his incredible innaccuracy that Russell is unceremoniously shown the door.

    In fact, if it’s true that Russell is guaranteed 3 million this year and would earn 6 million more by being on the roster — I’d be surprised if JaMoron makes it out of camp.

  • Raiders4eve

    Yeah I agree Priesttj

  • priesttj

    You might even be shocked raiderman99, what if he starts? lol They aren’t putting this much energy into Russell because he’s cute, get a freakin’ clue will ya’?

    This organization is tied to him for the next 2 years as long as he demonstrates a desire to get better. And wether you like it, believe it, or agree with it that is exactly what he is doing.

    So maybe while he’s starting you and Gradkowski can take a long slow trip across country. And stay there.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    WE’ve been trying to fix the offense for 20 years sans the Gruden years.

    We have done NOTHING to fix the run defense except employ a bunch of fringe NFL players on defense in key positions.

    Gerard Warren – Out of the league
    Terdell SAnds – Out of the league
    Kirk Morrison – No Takers with a 3rd round tender
    Thomas Howard – No Takers
    Tommy Kelly – An over paid UFA that would suffer the same fate as Warren & Sands if on the street
    Ricky Brown – REally?
    Slade Norris – REally
    Trevor Scott – Great pass rusher – destroyed against the run

    How about we “reach or waste” a 1st round pick on the DT for a change.

    This offense will not be good until the QB, RB and Receivers mature and start playing competent ball….no addition is going to help those top draft pick talents.

    The defense up the middle is staffed with a bunch of stiffs that WOULD NOT START ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE LEAGUE

    Forget the technicality for a minute….ranking in the bottom 5 every year for nearly a decade is unacceptable and you can’t win that way.

    Get REAL talent in there. Did everyone notice how just about every team with a DT that was any good franchise him

    GErard Warren, William Joseph, Tommy Kelly , Terdell Sands and a bunch of glorified safeties at linebacker DOES NOT SINGAL A COMMITMENT TO PLAYING GOOD DEFENSE

  • J Best wants to be a Raider,so should we draft him when we have DMC & Bush on the roster?
    He would be a 2nd RD pick.

  • SnB,

    Why reach bro?! I would trade up for Suh, or draft L Houston in the 2nd.

    We need DT, MLB, and OL.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Good defense starts up front…not in the backfield.

    As long as we employ linebackers known more for their coverage skills and less for their hitting….we better have some bosses up front that are hard to move.

    eVeryone can’t be a pass rusher

  • priesttj


    You exagerate like a 9 year old pigtailed girl with braces. We’ve done nothing? What is Matt S, what is R Seymour? Nnamdi, Huff, Branch, Mitchell, Howard, Morrison? T Kelly we just added a edge rusher and wether you agree with the additions or not Warren was brought in to stop the run. They will do more this year as well the next ten years. They have always worked on this defense since I’ve been a fan f this team.

    You are delirious with your own absession to get the player YOU deem necessary. Which is better than any player any coach or acout or personnel man in the NFLcan come up with as far as you’re cncerned. And until they get who YOU want they haven’t done anything.

    You’re delusional!! you’ve never put together an NFL roster in your life yet you are better than any expert. Your too full of yourself.

  • Rushing Downs:
    DE: Seymour
    DT: TK
    DT: Suh
    DE: Matt S

    DE: T Scott
    DT: Sey/ TK
    DT: Suh/ TK
    DE: Matt S

    That’s a Good DL!

    Draft Suh!