Could McCloughan saga end in Oakland?


The signals in the Scot McCloughan story are so mixed and confused it looks as if he could wind up in Oakland.

McCloughan’s father, Kent McCloughan, was an All-AFL Raiders cornerback and remains a Raiders scout.

McCloughan’s brother, Dave, also worked for the Raiders.

During Raiders-49ers joint practices over the past two years, McCloughan made long stops at the golf cart where Al Davis was watching, paying his respects and trading ideas.

In conversations and e-mails with different media outlets, McCloughan has seemed to indicate he wasn’t ready to leave while at the same time conceding family issues had been an issue.

Perhaps it’s all designed to keep things as muddled as possible before an agreement is reached, but it’s clear McCloughan is done with the 49ers.

It’s been speculated already McCloughan could be headed toward Green Bay, where he worked under Ted Thompson and was a disciple of Ron Wolf.

Wolf, of course, was a Raiders exec during the glory years. Depending on who you talk to, Wolf was either solely responsible for the Raiders success or watched dutifully as Davis spun his magic.

In any event, there’s a lineage between McCloughan and the Raiders. He understands how Davis thinks, and having been a general manager, would be willing to speak his mind and disagree. And despite the popular perception, Davis invites dissent and debate. (He may not be swayed by it, but that’s another story).

If you’ve ever spent 10 minutes with McCloughan, it’s abundantly clear he’s not shy about giving his opinion. He’s sure enough of himself to know he’ll always get another job.

Sometimes that’s what it takes to succeed with the Raiders. That’s what Pat Swilling said about Jon Gruden in 1998 when asked why Gruden could succeed where others had failed.

“Because he knows he can get another job,” Swilling said.

As much as been made about not wanting to work for Davis, there’s an unspoken factor to consider.

Davis is 80 years old. Perhaps he’ll go another decade making all the decisions, more likely he won’t. Davis has said on the record he is looking for someone to help with the football operation. Some of his most trusted employees and former employees have been shaking their heads, saying he needs help. John Madden said it on the record in a Q&A with the New York Post.

Q: Should Al Davis hire a football czar?

Madden: I think he knows that he should. When he had Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden, that was a pretty good team.

McCloughan is more of a personnel guy than Allen. He’s not a coach, like Gruden, But, at some point, an executive who knows, likes and understands Davis might get himself in position to have a major say in running an NFL franchise.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    Yeah last year was ridiculous. Shaughnessy and Murphy were good picks, but that was just about it.

    The DHB pick set the franchise back and Mike Mitchell was not defensible in the 2nd round.

    Still need a NT, UT, OT and we could have addressed any one of those three with #7 last year…not to mention WR with Crabtree, Maclin, Harvin, Britt, and just about any other receiver as DHB was the worst rookie receiver last year in terms of production.

    Oh well….let’s hope Davis realizes the error in his ways.

  • Raiders4eve


    40 Dash yards ain’t nothing brother. Bart Scott went undrafted and played for the Ravens, do you think he had the speed, he plays ILB for the Jets and solid against the run. E.J. Henderson run a 4.8 but guess what he Butkus Award winner highest award for a defensive player in college. My point, Brandan Spike is a great player and you will see that yourself. He is a true leader and he could be the new Takeo Spikes the younger version. Watch this video.


  • another late round guy we should grab…

    even the Walter football guys think so…

    and i trust them !!!

    here’s a OT:

    Andrew Tyshovnytsky, Fordham
    Height: 6-4. Weight: 317.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.10.
    Pro Day 40 Time: 4.91.

    Benchx225: 33.

    Projected Round (2010): 5-6.

    3/9/10: Andrew Tyshovnytsky shined at his Pro Day. In addition to running a 4.91 and benching 225 pounds 33 times, he performed well in the positional drills. If Al Davis’ gargoyles get these numbers to their master, Tyshovnytsky will be an Oakland Raider.

  • PassTheCheetos

    al davis wont draft spikes. he coulnt even run a sub 5 forty. robert gallery ran a better 40. im not saying spikes is not any good but when if ever has had al drafted a player with that big of a question mark on how fast he is.

  • Raiders4eve

    One thing about Brandon Spike, he is instinctive player, a guy who watches the game film and studies hard. He knows where he is suppose to be and he can play the 4-3 right away and would be easily become the voice of this defense. AL hopefully sees what I see.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    Davis values athleticism over all else. He believes you can teach all the other stuff but you can’t teach athleticism.

    He won’t be changing that philosophy at all.

    No freekn way Davis takes an MLB that runs 5.0+ 40x.

    Hell, he would be hesitant to take a lineman that runs 5.0+.

    Not saying its right…in fact its very wrong to base draft picks on just speed and strength.

    But it is what it is.

    so I would focus on another linebacker that has the requisite Raider speed

  • if we can get Spikes in the 3rd…

    i would take him…

    but not sooner…

  • actually, my expectations for this year’s draft is way lower thatn last year’s…

    last year i thought we could have an intelligent draft that would inprove our team… especially on defense…

    this year i just hope that we as Raider fans aren’t embarrassed…

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    My guess is that a linebacker has to run a 4.75 40 to get serious consideration Oakland.

    Remember Davis reached for Slade Norris and Stryker Sulak based on 40x.

    Florida Pete, there has to be some candidates for MLB that can also run to Davis’ specifications

  • best guy is Rolondo McClain…


    Dan Williams…

    Bruce Campbell…

    man… if one of those two are there at 8…

    i think ya gotta go with Williams or Campbell…

    Davis will take Taylor Mays…

    and convert him to OLB…

    welcome to Darnell Bing; chapter two…

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Florida Pete Says:
    March 21st, 2010 at 4:33 pm
    actually, my expectations for this year’s draft is way lower thatn last year’s…

    last year i thought we could have an intelligent draft that would inprove our team… especially on defense…

    this year i just hope that we as Raider fans aren’t embarrassed…
    Yeah….a Bruce Campbell or Taylor Mays reach at #8 would get the peanut gallery all fired up again

    Maybe another out of nowhere pick like an Honerable Mention Guard from the Sun Belt in the 2nd round…..who knows

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Florida Pete,

    I agree about Mays being converted. Davis is going to see that 4.3 or 4.28 40 and try and find a way to make it work

  • SnB offense defense specialteams Says:
    March 21st, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    Yeah….a Bruce Campbell or Taylor Mays reach at #8 would get the peanut gallery all fired up again

    Maybe another out of nowhere pick like an Honerable Mention Guard from the Sun Belt in the 2nd round…..who knows


    do you know something about Bruce Campbell that I don’t???

    i don’t see him as a reach at 8…

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Florida Pete,

    He looks like DHB…..

    Great measurables, limited starts and pretty raw.

    It was either Mike Mayock or the guys on Sirius Radio that said Campbell will take 2 years to get ready

  • From the Maryland Football site:

    An imposing physical specimen who has outstanding athleticism … took over as the No. 1 left tackle midway through the 2008 season … played in 27 career games, including 17 starts, all at left tackle … one of the strongest players on the team during his career … posted a bench press of 490 lbs. in spring 2009 testing, the second-highest total in school history … surrendered his final year of eligibility to enter the 2010 NFL Draft.

    As a Junior (2009): Started nine games at left tackle, but battled nagging injuries all season … an All-ACC nominee … suffered a turf toe injury in the season opener against California (9/5), causing him to miss the James Madison (9/12) and the MTSU games (9/19)… returned to action against Rutgers (9/26), starting at left tackle … injured his left knee vs. Clemson (10/3), causing him to miss the Wake Forest game (10/10) … still graded out as the No. 2 offensive lineman vs. the Tigers … returned from his knee injury to start against Virginia (10/17), helping the Terps post 126 rushing yards (most in four games) and allow just one sack … graded out as the team’s second-best offensive lineman vs. the Cavaliers … part of the offensive line that helped Maryland gain a season-high 196 rushing yards and give up just one sack against Florida State (11/21) … graded out as the top offensive lineman vs. Boston College (11/28).

    As a Sophomore (2008): Played in all 13 games … saw action as a reserve at LT in the first six contests before starting at that spot the last seven … member of a line that enabled Da’Rel Scott (1,133) to become the seventh Terp back, and first since 2002 (Chris Downs), to gain over 1,000 rushing yards … the line also aided Chris Turner to throw for 2,516 yards, the seventh-highest single-season total in school history … posted the second-fastest 40-yard dash time (4.79) in school history (among offensive linemen) in spring testing … a part of the unit that surrendered just seven sacks during the seven-game span from Sept. 20 to Nov. 15, five of which resulted in Maryland victories … part of the unit that surrendered just one sack and helped Scott rush for a career-high 197 yards vs. Delaware (8/30) … member of the offensive unit that scored 35 points vs. No. 23 Cal (9/13) … part of the unit that accounted for 51 points and 486 total yards against EMU (9/20) … graded out as the team’s top offensive lineman (along with Scott Burley) and earned ACC Lineman of the Week honors for his performance against Wake Forest (10/18) … part of the unit that helped ball carriers rack up 203 rushing yards (including 163 by Scott) vs. NC State (10/25) … part of the unit that helped Scott and fellow RB Davin Meggett combine for 215 rushing yards and allowed just one sack in an upset of No. 17 UNC (11/15) … helped spearhead a solid offensive attack in the win over Nevada in the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl (12/30) … offense posted 456 total yards, including 258 rushing yards, vs. a Wolf Pack defense which entered the game ranked third nationally against the run (74.5 ypg).

    As a Freshman (2007): Appeared in five games at left tackle, including one start … started against Clemson when injuries hit the offensive line… also played vs. Villanova, UNC, BC and FSU … one of three true freshmen (also Haroon Brown and Dominique Herald) to play during the season.


    sorry to post a big block of schit… but it doesn’t look like he needs very much time to be ready to me…

  • hmmm…


    Dan Williams it is…

    which means…

    say hello to Taylor Mays !!!

  • ah… crap …

    ya know… the more i think about it…

    piss on the ACC…

    stick with the SEC…

    Dan Williams…

  • mcfaddenswaggon

    Whats up Raider Blogger Nation I haven’t posted in a long time, hope all is well, I haven’t blogged since the DHB pick I was bitter……Hope this is the draft where we take a step in the right direction picking a linemen on either side.

  • mcfaddenswaggon

    No way Brandon Spikes slips to the 3rd round.

  • edward teach

    SnB… weird thing about Dmac is that he was very durable at Arkansas. I hope it’s just bad luck and it’s behind him now because I think he’ll be better utilized with Hue Jackson calling the plays.

    Cable may be well-liked and guys may play hard for him, but that guy can’t direct an NFL offense to save his life.

  • PassTheCheetos

    i agree that al davis will probably end up drafting mays. however i dont beleive he will turn him into a linebacker. davis doesnt take linebackers in the first even ones that played safety in college. campbell on the other hand would be an excellent pick out of the top tackles he and baluga project as the best to play on either side of the line. not only would a player like campbell instantly upgrade our rt position but if henderson fails this season we wont be handcuffed into taking a tackle next year.

  • mcfaddenswaggon

    Cambell is a great project for a left tackle, but he is not a great fit into our blocking system. He doesn’t work well in space, and we require our gaurds and tackles to zone block meaning holding a space no a man. We continuelly draft the best atheletes who don’t fit any particular system but that of one from the 70’s and 80’s. The only way this team turns around is by getting a system and getting players who fit the system, like the good teams do.

  • i hate the ZBS…

    dump it…

  • PassTheCheetos

    i think were going to incorporate more power blocking. thats what baltimore uses, hopefully hue jackson carries that over to oakland and we know how al feels about power blocking.

  • Raiders4eve

    High risk/High potential

    Campbell / Trent Williams
    Baluga \ Dan Williams
    Anthony Davis / Rolando Mcclain
    Joe Hadden \ Maurkice Pouncey
    Jason Pierre Paul / Derrick Morgan
    Dez Bryant \ Brandon Graham
    Mike Iuputi / Charles Brown

  • Raiders4eve


    No way we incorporate power blocking and man blocking scheme for our OL. Number one, we don’t have the personnel to do that, number 2, Hue Jackson is not an OL coach, you would have to bring a coach to implement this new system, number 3, why do we still have Cable if we implementing a new system? I believe Cable will continue the ZBS and Hue will focus on play calling and creating new strategies to attack opponents defenses.

  • edward teach

    377. I’d be happy with anybody on the “high potential” side at #8.

    Except the DEs.

  • mcfaddenswaggon

    I hope we address defensive line personally, I’m tired of being in the bottom 4 teams in the league every year, in Run Defense, it demoralizes the team, and we all know whats coming every second half, our Defense getting run into the ground.

    At the same time Offensive line will do just at much,all the fall start penalties, runs for loses, sacks, do just as much damage…… Theres no other way for us to go but either side of the line.

    my Draft Wish List

    1. Suh
    2. Okung
    3. Dan Williams
    4. Trent Williams
    5. Bruce Cambell
    6. Rolando Mcclain
    7. Anyone who could start immediatly and upgrade any position.

  • Raiders4eve


    What I dont understand is this, why not draft a DE who solid against the run and a good pass rusher someone like Derrick Morgan and have Seymour play fulltime DE. Seymour can play DT and is stong against the run, don’t get it why we don’t do that.

  • edward teach

    Not saying Al won’t draft a DE, Raiders4eve, just that we have bigger needs elsewhere. NT, MLB, O-line are higher priorities, in my humble opinion.

    That said, we all know how Al likes his playmakers (or guys he thinks are playmakers) in the first round, and Morgan or Everson Griffen wouldn’t surprise me even a little bit.

  • PassTheCheetos

    how about this im fine with us drafting anybody who doesnt end up a bust. wishful thinking i know.

  • mcfaddenswaggon

    Yes one probowler drafted in the top 10 picks would be nice for a change……instead of nhambi and 2 kickers being a best players year in year out.

  • GG

    Imo, the signing of Wimbley is a cheap ($1.05m) smokescreen because we’re gonna draft Jason Paul-Pierre at DE.

  • PassTheCheetos

    genius we trade a third round pick and its a smoke screen. wimbleys the strongside linebacker. suprisingly we got plenty of talent at defensive end. what we need is guys in the middle of our defense.

  • GG

    Yeah, of course we do. But in terms of the draft, if we don’t trade up, Suh and McCoy are gone, we have to draft BPA of what’s there at the time (OT/RB/DB/DE).

  • GG

    Trade McFadden for a 1st, trade down our original pick, draft Jahvid Best with it. Draft an DT/MLB with the extra 1st we acquired. Probably have an extra 2nd or 3rd + 5th from the trade down. Draft another RB and two DTs with the middle round picks. Draft OL with all the late picks. And Bob is your uncle!

  • RaiderDebo

    Saw Mayock on NFL Network talking about Florida pro day. He said he thinks that on tape Spikes looks like a 2nd rounder. But he said he’s never a seen a linebacker who couldn’t break 5 flat in the forty. He thinks that could drop him to the 3rd round.

  • PassTheCheetos

    i have a hard time beleiving anyone would give up a first for mcfadden. if we were lucky maybe pick number 25 or higher and that would be a stretch. nobody wants to give up a first round pick for someone who cant stay healthy and doesnt produce when he is.

  • If The Browns got a 3rd for Wimbley, then why can’t we trade Huff or DMC for a 2nd, and trade Kirk or TH for a 3rd? Did he play better than Kirk or TH?

  • DKnight007

    Power Zone Blocking should be implemented and more power counter action should be done as well.

    What I mean by Power Zone Blocking is to add O-Linemen that are bigger and stronger who are mauler types in the 320 pound range at RG and RT positions and get a strong, smart mauler type of C who can move and are good on their feet…..much like the B-More O-Line.

    During short yardage and goal line situations they shouldn’t run a zone but more straight up or counter action type of plays.

  • gilbert

    Hey Jerry, you on VACATION again,lets go big fella,time to type up! RAIDERS!!!!!!

  • I don’t think trading up for Suh will be easy, and it will take a lot of work, but I do think it’s possible. TB can use a S & LB, and the lions need help on every position on defense.

    Rams: Sam B
    Lions: Okung
    TB: trade with the Raiders

  • Raiders!!!!

    Later Gents.


    Raider draft:

    1. DT Dan Williams
    2. OT Bruce Campbell
    3. CB Brandon Ghee
    4. LB Sean Lee

    – Jamarcus will have 0 starts in 2010
    – Starting RT will be Langston Walker
    – Ricky Brown will start at MLB.

  • Seymour Bush

    – Jamarcus will have 0 starts in 2010
    – Starting RT will be Langston Walker
    – Ricky Brown will start at MLB.

    I think you are going to be O for three on this one dude

  • Seymour Bush

    Hey Wacko-shet, couldn’t get a date on Saturday night again huhs? hahahhahahhahahahha

  • djohnnyg

    I find it interesting that the same people who say Al Davis “controls everything” and always has, will then say that Ron Wolf is the reason for the Raider “glory years” and refuse to give Al any credit whatsoever. Well, which is it? If Al has run the org. with such a ‘my way or the highway’ manner, then he surely was the tight fisted general behind the good times as well.

    As much as you want, it can’t be both ways. Or is it that you just want to suggest that Al Davis relinquished total control when Ron Wolf was around, but then did 1-80 when Wolf left and resumed his dictatorship afterwords?

    Good Years = Ron Wolf (and anyone else besides Al Davis)

    Bad Years= Al Davis of course.

    Which is it?