Could McCloughan saga end in Oakland?


The signals in the Scot McCloughan story are so mixed and confused it looks as if he could wind up in Oakland.

McCloughan’s father, Kent McCloughan, was an All-AFL Raiders cornerback and remains a Raiders scout.

McCloughan’s brother, Dave, also worked for the Raiders.

During Raiders-49ers joint practices over the past two years, McCloughan made long stops at the golf cart where Al Davis was watching, paying his respects and trading ideas.

In conversations and e-mails with different media outlets, McCloughan has seemed to indicate he wasn’t ready to leave while at the same time conceding family issues had been an issue.

Perhaps it’s all designed to keep things as muddled as possible before an agreement is reached, but it’s clear McCloughan is done with the 49ers.

It’s been speculated already McCloughan could be headed toward Green Bay, where he worked under Ted Thompson and was a disciple of Ron Wolf.

Wolf, of course, was a Raiders exec during the glory years. Depending on who you talk to, Wolf was either solely responsible for the Raiders success or watched dutifully as Davis spun his magic.

In any event, there’s a lineage between McCloughan and the Raiders. He understands how Davis thinks, and having been a general manager, would be willing to speak his mind and disagree. And despite the popular perception, Davis invites dissent and debate. (He may not be swayed by it, but that’s another story).

If you’ve ever spent 10 minutes with McCloughan, it’s abundantly clear he’s not shy about giving his opinion. He’s sure enough of himself to know he’ll always get another job.

Sometimes that’s what it takes to succeed with the Raiders. That’s what Pat Swilling said about Jon Gruden in 1998 when asked why Gruden could succeed where others had failed.

“Because he knows he can get another job,” Swilling said.

As much as been made about not wanting to work for Davis, there’s an unspoken factor to consider.

Davis is 80 years old. Perhaps he’ll go another decade making all the decisions, more likely he won’t. Davis has said on the record he is looking for someone to help with the football operation. Some of his most trusted employees and former employees have been shaking their heads, saying he needs help. John Madden said it on the record in a Q&A with the New York Post.

Q: Should Al Davis hire a football czar?

Madden: I think he knows that he should. When he had Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden, that was a pretty good team.

McCloughan is more of a personnel guy than Allen. He’s not a coach, like Gruden, But, at some point, an executive who knows, likes and understands Davis might get himself in position to have a major say in running an NFL franchise.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Jags need more fans to attend games, and Tebow alone can do that. Florida loves Tebow.

  • The Jags will draft Tebow.IMHO

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Raider O,

    I know. Al Davis will always take the most athletically gifted player regardless of on field acumen and the team will probably be the worst off for it.

    The Raiders are such a finesse soft touch team…is it any wonder why they get demolished each week…especially against physical teams.

    Go ahead and draft Mays, Campbell or DHB (oops we took him already) and continue to be frustrated and continue to hope for a better day.

    Way too many busts on the current roster. Way too many!

  • Seymour Bush

    SnB offense defense specialteams Says:
    March 21st, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Seymour B,

    Jack Del Rio is in a must win year. The franchise is trying to get back now.

    Why would Del Rio pick a player that can’t help him today?

    They are going to get a player that can come on the field week 1 and contribute.

    Actually it is McDonough and Vance that run that team and I am sure they don’t care if Del Rio wins or not, they’ll just get someone else. GM’s are funny that way. It’s never THEIR fault if teams don’t win or guys don’t develop. It’s always the fault of the coach. ( See Davis, Al, Oakland Raiders 1960-present)

  • I have a Dream….

    1- Trade up for Suh
    2- J Best
    3- Spikes
    4- Austen Lane or Sam Young
    5- Ciron Black
    5- Thurmond or stoudamire
    7- FB

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Raider O,

    I am cool with your dream. Trust me, I see DT as the NUMBER 1 need for this Raider team.

    Just tell me what trade package you see working to make your mock a reality

  • HayesDaze37

    I don’t want to defend Clausen…I just point out that some scouts (a majority?) believe Clausen’s training will transfer quicker to the NFL level…and he won’t need as much “development” time.

    For this Raiders team, I personally drool for either of those kids from OU — McCLain or T. Williams.

    As for needs?

    SnB offense defense specialteams Says:

    I have to disagree with your assessment of our needs. Wide Receiver and Running Back both have significant investments that have been made from previous drafts. The players in those positions simply have to play better and play up their potential and contracts…


    I couldn’t disagree more there, SnB. No matter the investment, the needs have not been fulfilled at those positions. Even if DHB had already worked-out (and I still think he will), our investment in him didn’t take care of other needs there.

    JLH cannot be looked upon as a solid starter. Murphy, as undisciplined as he is, is a definite player who looks to have a long career; but he’s young with a lot to learn. Schilens can’t be counted on to be healthy, even a year later. And none of the other guys has shown he’s inclined to be more than an occasional “role player.”

    RB? Bush should’ve already claimed that spot, but he hasn’t. DMC isn’t close to showing he can be a 25-carry back. If one of those guys goes down, the team has NO running game, let alone an under-performing one.

    Contract size has nothing to do with fulfilling needs. We’ve got multi-needs, at some high-paid positions…and they need addressed.

  • I don’t know SnB. I don’t think we are that soft. Add a DT and a MLB, and we will have a good defense. I know we can’t stop the run, but that can be fixed by adding a MLB and a DT.

  • PassTheCheetos

    raider o why would a team trade a top five pick for our number 8 and piece of garbage player. dmc might be the only one with value but no way al gives him up. i know brandon spikes is a good player but who here honestly believes davis will draft a linebacker who cant break 5 seconds in the 40.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    I guess we will see. But undermining your head coach doesn’t seem like a smart thing to do. But maybe Jax is tired of Del Rio already.

    I still don’t think they will trade up to get Claussen. And it won’t be with the Raiders.

    Al Davis and the Raiders rarely trade down. They also probably are fixated on Campbell or Mays and are worried that one of them will fall to #8.

    Remember last year…Cable actually thought someone was going to take DHB earlier….

  • SnB,


    Reality is Al drafting Mays or Campbell, and the rest is just a dream.
    I don’t know SnB. What ever the other team wants other than Seymour, Nnamdi & Z Miller.

  • HayesDaze37

    We don’t (and won’t) have that many Draft picks…especially if we were to trade up for Suh. That one player’s potential isn’t enough to mortgage anymore of this teams’ future on.

    Even Suh is a risk…and the Raiders can pick a player at his position with a later selection. If Suh isn’t there at #8 (hahaha), we won’t go up and get him.

  • HayesDaze37

    Excellent Draft talk today, boys, girls and ‘tweeners.

    It’s a great day to be a Raiders fan! Isn’t it?

  • Players with Trade Value: (IMO)

    T Scott
    Maybe TK

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Sure its a great day to be a Raider fan. but it would be an even better day if Davis would stop drafting high round busts and 3-5 year development players.

    None of the top picks, except Miller, has,or is helping this team win games.

    That has to stop.

    As for putting guys like DMAC, Bush, Schilens, DHB, Murphy on ice would set the team back…in my opinion.

    Let’s give those guys a full year before we try to replace them.

  • I’m not saying they are great players, buri do think they have trade Value.

    The fact that Kirk & TH didn’t get offers doesn’t mean much. Brandon M didn’t get an offer, so he is not worth a 1st RD pick?!

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Raider O,

    DMC, Huff, TK have exorbitent contracts very expensive

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    and if we traded huff then you can say hello to Taylor Mays

  • But I do think…*

  • SnB

    There is no salary cap this year, and Al likes MM. That’s his new pet project.

  • DMC was rated as the best player in that draft, and teams know we can’t develop talent, so they may trade for him.

  • edward teach

    Like most players, Dmac plays better when he’s healthy. Unfortunately for the Raiders and their fans, he hasn’t been.

    My hunch is that he will be healthier (and used better) this year, and will have a much better season.

    Provided the offensive line is addressed, that is.

  • PassTheCheetos

    huff, morrison, howard and even tk have virtually no trade value. huff hardly had what id consider a breakout year notice all three of his picks came as a nickle safety. morrison and howard are both looked at as guys were trying to replace. tk way to big of a contract not enough production. you can easily say that morrison has over 100 tackles every year, however true that is dont forget that even with those stats our run d has never been good with him on the field. as for th hes already been replaced by scott right now hes talented backup and thats it. how can you argue that those guys have any trade value. in fact al davis has tried trading huff in the past and no one was interested.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    Being healthy is part of the equation. Both DMAC and Schilens are going to be replaced if they can’t play for most of the year this year.

    Schilens getting injured really hurt JaDavis Russell’s development. Had Schilens been the #1 like he was supposed too from the start….2009 might have had a different outcome offensively.

    Can’t stay healthy…you can’t keep using up roster spots…no offense to Nick Miller.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    Yes you are spot on. The Raiders and their fans overrate so much of their talent.

    If we wouldn’t want these players…read 5-11 team with terrible player personnel..why on earth would someone else. Especially when you consider how much coin they get paid.

    I point to guys like Gerard Warren and Justin Fargas. Nice guys…but no one is knocking down their doors to sign them…THEY WERE KEY STARTERS HERE1!!!!!!!!

    Morrison for a 3rd rounder and absolutely no takers….Howard…no takers…and I don’t think you would get a 3rd either….Routt…lol

    This is a bad team. With big holes at DT, MLB, NB, RT, RG and C…might as well toss in FB and QB depending on who you talk too.

    All the players at those positions are overpaid and overrated.

    It also doesn’t help that the Owner keeps drafting similiar type players at the top of the draft.

    Think DHB could command a 1st round pick right now?

    Give me a break

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Tommy Kelly is a backup reserve player being paid like a pro-bowler

  • Here’s the list of players with real trade value:


    and that’s about it…

    nobody wants the contracts of:

    T Kelly
    or just about any other body on the roster…

  • i still think my man Bush is going to shine…

    that is if Cable let’s him play…

    if not… guess it will happen on another team…

  • PassTheCheetos

    asomugha has the most trade value

  • Random Drug Tester

    Claussen won’t make it past Washington, Seattle, and Cleveland.

    Shanahan needs a QB, Carroll would like his own, and Holmgren loves to groom QB’s.

  • Random Drug Tester

    IF St. Louis takes Suh, every Mock draft will have to be re-done.

  • Raiders4eve


    Asmough, Seymour, Lechler, Jano and Miller have the high trade value.

    The remaining you mentioned are pretty much mid rounders.

  • Raiders4eve


    Seattle got their QB, they gave up the kid from the chokers $5 mill to become the starter and challenge Matt. They won’t draft Clausen.

  • Random Drug Tester

    true…but they didn’t give up much in the way of draft picks, and I don’t know how much money is guaranteed.

    But the truth of the matter is that Whitehurst hasn’t played a single NFL down.

  • Random Drug Tester

    Personally, I think it’s more likely that Holmgren takes Claussen.

    Delhomme and Wallace aren’t QB’s for the future.

  • Raiders4eve Says:
    March 21st, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    Asmough, Seymour, Lechler, Jano and Miller have the high trade value.

    The remaining you mentioned are pretty much mid rounders.


    just because the Raiders might give up a 1st rounder for each and every one of them…

    for the privelege of allowing them to continue to be the highest paid players at their positions…

    does NOT make them good trade bait…

    very few teams would want to pay thier kickers like we play ours… no, wait… NO teams pay their kickers like we do ours…

    very few teams would want Nnamdi AND his contract…

    Seymour, after having a relatively ordinary year is now going to be paid like an elite player… not too sure very many teams would be wanting to do that…

    and why you have Miller up there is puzzling… i had Miller on my list as well…

    and he is good trade bait… but why would you want to trade a player with a very acceptable salary???

    and that is the point i am making…

    the players on my trade bait list have reasonable contracts… very good contracts considering the value of the player…

    trade value is a quotient of salary/quality…

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Florida Pete,

    Hopefully Hue Jackson will put an end to the nonsense. Cable isn’t calling plays and lets hope he isn’t the decision maker as far as starters.

    I am with you on Michael Bush. If we can guarantee him 15+ per game…he will put up the numbers that we expect of a starting running back.

    DMAC hopefully is used correctly for the first time in his NFL career.

    Think we will get a real NT this year Pete?

    WHo’s your 4th to 5th round gem this year. Last year you had Jasper Brinkley, who’s the guy this year.

  • Raiders4eve

    I think Claussen goes to Washington. Now a good trade would be this, Redskins 3rd rounder and Haynesworth (who doesn’t wanna play in a 3-4) to the Raiders for Morrison, DMAC and Huff plus our second round pick. If we do that, we can focus on OL in the first round and draft Spikes in the third round. I know I must be dreaming.

  • Random Drug Tester

    I’d love a trade that dumps a lot of our under-achievers, and brings a player like Haynesworth back our way.

    We would need to draft a C, RG, RT/LT, MLB with our first 4 picks. Might need a corner/safety too.

  • Raiders4eve

    Nice Analysis Florida Pete, but I still think Asmough would command a first rounder, he is still considered top 2 Corner in the league. Seymour is aging I agree and your point salary/quality is well taken. Thanks.

    Btw, there you have it Holmgren wont draft Claussen.

    Holmgren on Clausen: “I wish I liked it more”

    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on March 21, 2010 6:33 PM ET
    Mike Holmgren has picked up two quarterbacks this offseason, and says he plans to draft another.

    Just don’t expect Holmgren to select one in the first two rounds. Holmgren never has drafted a quarterback that early before, and he doesn’t plan to this year.

    “This year it would be pretty hard to use the second [round] pick to get a quarterback. It would be pretty hard for me,” Holmgren said to Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “Next year might be easier. . . . But I’d have to have another second-round pick [to take a quarterback in the second round].”

    Holmgren seems likely to have a chance to take Jimmy Clausen with the seventh overall pick. But that’s not going to happen either.

    “I wish I liked [Clausen] more,” Holmgren said. “You know how you have a type of player that you like? It’s not scientific. People like him a lot. He’ll go high. But it would be hard for me [to take him].”

    Wow. Unless that’s a serious misdirection play, Holmgren’s candor shows why he wanted to invest so much in veteran quarterbacks this offseason.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Morrison, DMAC and Huff have no trade value.

    Would you pay $5M for Michael Huff?

    I don’t even want to guess what DMAC is getting.

    Morrison…he can be had right now for a 3rd rounder….

    Spikes? Do you really beleive that AL DAVIS is going to pick a linebacker that can’t run under 4.6

    Wait….Spikes couldn’t be 5.0? That means he isn’t a great player!

  • PassTheCheetos

    anyone watching the cal duke game?

  • SnB

    if we did wait to a later round to get a beast at DT…

    this guy is the strongest guy in the world…

    Jeff Owens, Georgia
    Height: 6-1. Weight: 304.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.98.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.97.
    Pro Day 40 Time: 4.88.

    ******Bench x 225: 44. ******

    Projected Round (2010): 4-5.

    1/24/10: Didn’t bounce back well off his knee injury; had 32 tackles, 3.5 TFL and a sack this year.

    2/14/09: Suffered a torn ACL in the 2008 season opener.

    5/9/08: A quick under tackle with speed who can get to the quarterback. Putting up 525 pounds ain’t bad either.

    2007: Jeff Owens may be the smaller of the two Georga defensive tackles, but don’t underestimate his strength; Owens can bench more than 525 pounds.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Yeah, Duke’s got too much for Cal

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Florida Pete,

    And he has a sub 5.0 40x. I say draft him late if the Davis foolishly bypasses the NTs earlier in the draft.

    Another question? Who’s going to be the Slade Norris of 2010?

  • SnB

    and i still like this guy… although we could get him in the 5th or 6th, instead of the 3rd like i was thinking in December…

    he might need a bit more time to heal… but still a goo9d late round pick…

    gotta like the strength…

    Micah Johnson, Kentucky – Scouting Report
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 256.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.71.
    Combine 40 Time: 4.99.
    Pro Day 40 Time: 4.84.

    Benchx225: 31.

    Projected Round (2010): 5-6.

    3/10/10: After a disgraceful 4.99 at the Combine, Micah Johnson ran an improved 4.84 at his Pro Day, which is still too slow.

    1/8/10: Micah Johnson will miss the postseason bowls and may even be absent for the combine because of a knee injury. Johnson had 105 tackles and 6.5 TFL in 2009.

    2/19/09: As one of the leaders of the Wildcats, Micah Johnson recorded 93 tackles, 13 TFL, 2.5 sacks and two passes broken up as a junior. He was on the All-SEC First Team.

    8/3/08: Micah Johnson has just one career start under his belt, but he was productive last season in relief. Johnson had 58 tackles, five pass break-ups and two interceptions.

  • Raiders4eve

    My ideal draft would be this.

    1) OL Trent Williams second best after Okung
    2) DT MT.Cody imo best run stopper after Suh and Mccoy
    3) MLB Brandan Spikes imo the best MLB and a future star
    4) OG Mitch Pietrus can again return blocking for DMAC
    5) WR/KR/PR Trent Holliday solves our KR/PR right away
    5) C Eric Olsen or Jeff Byers both are projects
    7) FB Matt Clapp solid Blocker

  • SnB offense defense specialteams Says:
    March 21st, 2010 at 3:54 pm
    Florida Pete,

    And he has a sub 5.0 40x. I say draft him late if the Davis foolishly bypasses the NTs earlier in the draft.

    Another question? Who’s going to be the Slade Norris of 2010?


    who’s Slade Norris ???

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    LOL – The linebacker we took over your boy Brinkley last year……you probably stopped watching the draft by the time it got to the 4th round…

  • oh…

    THAT slade norris…


    next question…

    actually, i continued to watch the draft in absolute amazement, astonishment, embarrassment, and grief…

    as each pick went by… i was hoping no-one would take brinkley…

    and then we would pick and… no brinkley…

    i still think last year’s draft was the most ridiculous and humiliating draft i ever saw as a Raider fan…