Report: Asomugha to Eagles for McNabb, Samuel






The unsubstantiated rumors surrounding the Raiders trading for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb just won’t die down. In fact, they are spinning out of control.

ProFootballTalk.com just reported that the Raiders would send cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha to the Eagles in exchange for McNabb and cornerback Asante Samuel. The Internet site that deals with NFL news on all 32 teams cited an unidentified person who has provided tips that pan out on a regular basis.

Asomugha and McNabb are entering the final year of their contracts, though the Raiders have an option on Asomugha for 2011. Eagles coach Andy Reid said Wednesday that he is entertaining offers for McNabb, as well as his other quarterbacks, Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick. He later clarified his remarks by saying that he isn’t in the “market” for trading any of his quarterbacks but that he is “listening” to any and all offers.

Raiders coach Tom Cable has said more than once this offseason that the starting quarterback job will be “wide open” among JaMarcus Russell, Charlie Frye and Bruce Gradkowski. All three started games last season.

McNabb, no doubt, would jump to the head of the class if he became a Raider. He also could serve as a mentor to Russell, something he has lacked during his three-year NFL career.

The Raiders aren’t allowed to comment on the record about players under contract to another team. Two team employees told the Times on Wednesday that they were unaware of the Raiders contacting the Eagles about McNabb.

The Associated Press reported that the Eagles won’t accept anything less than the No. 42 pick in this year’s NFL draft, which begins April 22 and runs through the 24th. The Raiders hold picks No. 8 and No. 39.


Steve Corkran

  • Raider E

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  • Senior Beeecham

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  • Raiders4eve

    Here is my idea.

    Trade for Mcnabb, give them Asmough, Morrison and our 8th overall for Mcnabb, Asante and their 24th overall pick.

    Draft OT Charles Brown for the 24th overall pick.
    Draft DT MT. Cody for our second round pick.
    Draft MLB Brandon Spikes for our third round pick.
    Draft OG Mitch Pietrus for our 4th round pick.
    Draft WR/KR Linoval Holliday for our fifth round pick.
    Draft OT Ciron Black or C Eric Olsen for our 5th round.
    Draft FB Matt Clapp for our seventh round pick.
    Draft CB A.J. Wallace or Kevin Thomas for our seventh.

  • Senior Beeecham

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  • Plunketthead

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  • Random Drug Tester

    SteveAlford21 Says:
    March 25th, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    This reply is in regards to your post #230 on the “Report: Raiders inquire about trading for Eagles QB McNabb” thread.

    “I understand your concern for Russell if McNabb comes here but what this does is buy him time to fully develope without having to turn things around here.”

    So you’re saying that you admit that Russell isn’t near being ready to be a fulltime starter in the NFL.

    “Especially with someone he can identify with.”

    How exactly is it that JR can identify with McNabb moreso than with any of the veterans and coaches that we already have? As someone who calls out other people for racism that they never intended, you seem to have tipped your hand a bit on how you really feel there.

    Okay now… here is the BIG one. Are you ready for it?

    “This guy can come here and get us back to the big game in a hurry. Most certainly the playoffs”

    You just ADMITTED that with a good quarterback, the rest of the Raiders team AS IS can make the playoffs in your opinion… and even went so far as to say “back to the big game in a hurry”!!! All your excuses, apologism, and lies to cover JR’s bad play have just been undermined by you trying to argue against the people who don’t want McNabb in Oakland. You just accidentally called out your own BS and showed everyone that deep down inside, you know that the supporting cast is good enough to win the WEAK AFC West if not for the horrible play that JR has shown us to date.

    For the record, I hope that JR continues to do all that he needs to do to become elite and fulfill his potential. However, I have always taken issue with your excuses and lies. Didn’t you say that with a better supporting cast, JR would be a playoff QB? Didn’t you say that the lack of great supporting cast is what made JR look so bad and that he was far better than everyone says? … Yet NOW, you say that with a change at QB (brining in McNabb), we’re instantly a playoff team and within reach of the Superbowl! LMAO!!! You slipped up and showed your hand, TJ. You have admitted that you’re full of it and that you truly do know that Cable was right when he said that with better QB play, we’d have been in the playoffs… it just took having to defend another BLACK quarterback for you to come clean and show your true feelings. How’s it feel to be the one that proved that you’re a racist and blindly defended JR’s terrible play solely because you didn’t want him to lose his job to a white boy? You’re totally fine with a black man sending him to the bench to “develop,” though, aren’t you? LOL @ how you want JR to start immediately and say that it’s what he needs in order to develop when it’s Gradkowski who would start instead… but say the exact OPPOSITE is needed in order for JR to develop when it’s a BLACK quarterback instead of Grads.

    Enjoy your hypocisy, you racist punk.
    a must read.

  • LhayeS37

    if they get okung at left tackle the trade could work.mcnabb,though i don’t like him,can throw deep better than bruce g.if russell can’t make good audiables then he can’t start.i’ll take mcnabb over bg.but they can’t trade #21.this team could be 12-4 or 4-12 in the blink of an eye….