The McNabb buzz: Pick your version


The denials are coming in the same manner as the stories.

The Donovan McNabb-to-the-Raiders story is built on hushed whispers given in confidence, with Yahoo Sports! (Charles Robinson) and ESPN (Adam Schefter) leading the way with unnamed sources saying the Raiders are the leaders in the clubhouse for the Eagles’ quarterback and equally anonymous Raiders sources telling Steve Corkran there has been no contact between the teams.

A few possible scenarios:

A) Someone in McNabb’s camp is floating the Raiders as a primary suitor, knowing full well there will be no on-the-record public denial that comes from teams that actually deal with the media. It’s no accident the Raiders so often come up in free agency stories as an interested party _ and often are not.

This is perfect for the Eagles, who want the market to be rich with McNabb suitors and when asked about the Raiders interest, won’t say anything on the record but give a knowing nod and wink.

B) Al Davis wants McNabb and has explored the possibility, but has commissioned the Raiders denials as a way to drive down the Eagles asking price.

Let McNabb and his $11.2 million due bill this season marinate for awhile on the open market. As the draft approaches, and there are no other teams willing to cough up that kind of coin for a 2011 free agent, Davis could get himself a starting quarterback and not have to give up the No. 39 pick in the draft.

C) Davis’ inner circle is so tight that it’s possible for club employees to deny the story because they truly know nothing about it, and they’ve seen enough rumors come and go that never come to fruition to be comfortable in that assessment.

That leaves the possibility that both sides are right _ Davis is talking to the Eagles about McNabb and is the front-runner to land him, while the Raiders will have people in their own building who will be surprised when it actually happens.

D) It’s nothing more than a competitive media wildfire, with the the Raiders continuing disregard older talent and develop their own roster. McNabb will either wind up elsewhere or with the Eagles and the whole thing will at some point in the near future be yesterday’s “news.”

Whatever the reason, the McNabb story confirms what columnists and pundits have long known about covering pro football.

When in doubt, write (or talk) about the quarterback.

There’s an actual buzz around the Raiders for a change, and only time will tell if it is real or artificial.

I’m sure all things McNabb will be open for discussion for an on-line chat later today . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • jhill

    Larry Fitzgerald, Jake Long and Bill Belichick couldn’t get Jamarcus Russell back on track …


    Oh yeah?!?!?

    Prove it!

    Get Long, Fitzgerald, and Bellichick over here and let’s see!

    Make it happen!

  • RaiderRockstar

    We are NOT getting Suh man. It actually WOULD be rocket science to pull that off.


    LOL. Very nice Jhill

  • RaiderRockstar

    Get Long, Fitzgerald, and Bellichick over here and let’s see



    It actually WOULD be rocket science to pull that off too!

  • jhill

    lol …

    semi pro bloggers … rocket scientists … pawn shop owner … business owners with more employees than you would believe …

    Man, this is the spot!

  • Preppie Car Industry Killer,

    Thx for the nice words the other day. I really appreciate it.
    BTW, it must have been really hard to say nice things about a BUCKEYE Fan! Almost as hard as finding descent Mich Fans. lol

  • M Lonetree

    O-line, D-line, O-line, D-line, alternate the picks and move on.

    After all we’ve got pro bowlers at LS, P and K to take up the lack of production at QB, RB, and WR.

    Plus, the secretest of weapons – Nicky “Float like a butterfly and run like the wind” Miller.

  • We Need Rocket Science!!

  • DMAC

    Morning Nation

  • RaiderRockstar

    I doubt we’re going to trade down, but just for the sake for arguement here is the “trade value chart”


    8th pick is worth 1400 points.

    say we traded with New England, so picks 22nd overall and has 3 picks in Round 2 …

    22 (780) + 44 (460) + 119 (56) would slightly favor New England.

    *** This would give us their 1st, highest 2nd and 4th rounders ***

    22 (780) + 44 (460) + 47 (430) would slightly favor Oakland.

    *** This would give us their 1st and two highest 2nd rounders, so they’d get to keep the 4th rounder and still have a 2nd left ***

  • M Lonetree

    Raider O,

    the Raiders tried that with Ismail and it didn’t really pan out.

  • Thx for the nice words the other day. I really appreciate it.


    I am a huge fan of tireless efforts to…


  • M Lonetree


    can’t you start a rumor about trading yourself?

  • baumraiders

    I would swap 1sts with the Lions, give them the 4rd and 7th round picks, plus thomas howard, maybe just maybe could get it done, but dont think so

    I was just saying who i Want (in order to get suh, Al would have to trade up), not what is gonna happen, chill

  • DMAC

    I’ll see what I can do.

  • The Raiders are still very much in play for McNabb regardless of what Jerry Mac says. Word is that this year’s 2nd rd pick (#39) and this year’s first 7th rd pick (#215) are what the Raiders are offering.

    This seems like a very real possibilty, no one else is offering a 2nd round pick this high and the fact that the Raiders are offering a later round pick to sweeten the deal seems to be what is setting them apart from other teams in play for McNabb’s services.

    I am just happy that Michael Bush’s name is no longer being mentioned in this whole deal. I know everyone was talking about Nnamdi but, from what I have heard, Nnamdi was never a consideration, it was Bush’s name that was being thrown around.

    Also Al is convinced that he doesn’t need a contract extension in place to make this trade. He thinks once McNabb is here they will be able to iron out a long term deal by 2011, in the same fashion as what is going down with Richard Seymour now.

    Also Hiram Eugene signed his RFA tender and rumors persist that if the Raiders trade for McNabb that Al Davis will make a run at T.O.

  • DeuceDeuce

    Mark me down for Eric Berry…

  • RaiderRockstar

    I think the Raiders could get one of the following at 22nd overall

    Dan Williams, Terrence Cody, Maurkice Pouncey or Mike Iupati

    then we’d have an additional 2nd rounder and either an yet another 2nd or 4th

    3 picks in Round 2 could be:

    OG Mike Johnson, C Matthew Tennant, OT Ciron Black

    O-Line & D-Line solved !!!

  • 408Raider

    I don’t think trading our first round pick for a second this year and a first next year is a very good deal AT ALL!

    I would rather have a player now, and deal with the 2011 draft when it gets here. This team needs talent NOW, not later.

  • jhill


    So your sources are better than Corkran?

  • RaiderRockstar

    I would swap 1sts with the Lions, give them the 4rd and 7th round picks, plus thomas howard, maybe just maybe could get it done


    we’d probably have to give them our 1st, 2nd, 4th and either Morrison or Howard

    in other words: a king’s ransom!

  • new post

  • M Lonetree


    good morning.
    Your info seems plausible, as does the David White twitter that 408 just linked.
    hmmm…interesting stuff this morning.

  • Jhill

    What is Corkran supposed to do? He reports what he is told to report, whether it is accurate or not and maybe he is not privy to the info that I have. Unlike Corkran, I don’t have to answer to anyone. I am not a journalist that has just been fed the company line.

    I am just passing on info that has been passed onto me. The info I get from my friend has been reliable in the past although not always right on the money. For instance I kept hearing that a new HC was coming in to replace Cable and that just turned out to be the Hue Jackson hiring.

    I am not saying McNabb is a solid deal that is going to happen for sure, what I am saying is that the Raiders are STILL VERY MUCH IN PLAY for McNabb’s services.

  • Dakota

    Im not thrilled with the deal as much as the Raiders being open to the possibility of trading down.

    Al will fugg up the 8 pick anyway so whats the big deal?

  • Morning M, good to see your name on the screen.

    I have yet to read David White’s tweets, I will check it right now.

  • SD_Raider_619

    RaiderDogg, David White has better stories man, but i hate his blog setup jajajaja. I guess we are gettin offers for our 8th pick in this year’s draft.

  • SD_Raider_619

    Raiders’ first pick in demand
    As the Raiders reportedly look to trade for another veteran Pro Bowler, they are getting every opportunity to get back the premium pick they traded away in a similar deal last year.

    An unnamed team has offered the Raiders a second-round pick this year and a first-round pick next year in exchange for the Raiders’ No. 8 overall pick. (Well, the team has a name, but our league source wouldn’t share).

    That deal would allow the Raiders to get back in the 2011 first round after giving their pick to the Patriots in the Richard Seymour deal. (Lockout or not, there will be a draft next year, reportedly).

    At least one other team has offered to swap spots with the Raiders. Perhaps this is evidence that the 2010 class is as good as advertised. People actually want back in the top-10 again.

    So why haven’t the Raiders bit?

    The Raiders simply do not have a history of trading down from its first-round perch. They’ll trade the spot away for a star player (Seymour, Randy Moss) but Raiders owner Al Davis doesn’t have a track record of moving down the order for another pick.

    So what does this have to do with Donovan McNabb?

    According to reports, the Eagles would want a top-42 pick for McNabb. The Raiders currently pick 39th in the second round. Let’s assume that’s what it would take.

    If the Raiders were to accept the aforementioned draft trade, here’s what it could mean: they could give Philly their No. 39 pick, then use the other team’s second-round pick in April. And, instead of picking No. 8 overall in this draft, they’d have a first-round pick in next year’s draft. Nothing lost, just deferred.

    Whatever the case with McNabb, if the Raiders want to trade their way back into the 2011 first round, they have been given at least one opportunity to do so.

    ** All this reminded me of the last time Davis spoke, after the Seymour trade. A reporter started to ask his thoughts of a rookie scale in 2011 even though he wouldn’t have a pick in the class, when Davis got a bit agitated.

    “Don’t say we won’t pick in 2011. You’re wrong, you’re wrong, didn’t the 49ers take the first with Staley and the next year didn’t they do it again this year? So don’t make statements.”

    ** He said something else that could apply to these “alleged” talks with the Eagles. By giving up a first-round pick for a player in the last year of his contract, Davis suggested he was willing to do whatever it takes to get the player he wants.

    “Sometimes you’ve got to overpay to get what you want,” Davis said in September. “But I didn’t overpay. I don’t think that’s overpaying at all. Sometimes you have to, you don’t always win the battle, the idea is to get the player.”

    So, if McNabb is the player he wants to get, he will get him soon enough.

    ** One more thing: wonder why the Raiders haven’t leaked a word on this McNabb story?

    “It’s usually a conversation with me on any trade,” Davis said in September. ‘Nuf said.

  • bcz24

    Did NorcoBob get banned or something? Havent seen him in a few days…

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Who will Al draft with the 39th pick? A project/bust/track-athlete. McNabb with the 39th pick is a dammed steal from where I’m standing. Let Al draft his pathetic projects later in the draft. Pull the trigger!

  • RaiderMario420

    Question: If JaLardass is really 290 lbs., couldn’t the Raiders argue that he is not fulfilling the terms of his contract and fire him for cause. I mean, if a guy drafted to play QB at a professional level refuses to stay in shape, doesn’t that go against what he is being paid to do. Sounds like a Mr. Davis argument to me.

  • bcz24

    Mario, that may work with non-unioned coaches, but I dont think Al could EVER get that to fly past the players union, unless there is SPECIFIC language that states what his maximum weight can be etc.

  • HairyBush

    If the Raiders did the deal where they gave up there 1st round pick this year in exchange for a 2nd rounder and a 1st in 2011, it would make total sense. It would make it easier to have more money to sign Seymour and Mcnabb, as opposed to giving tons of $$ to the #8 pick. Hopefully by 2011 there will be a rookie salary cap and that will save us even more money.

  • HairyBush

    Fire Sanjay Lal for cause!

  • 30 year raider

    whas up nation!!!!!!

  • freakeydink

    Think about this why as Big Al not gone after Owens? Why, I will tell you why. Big Al wants McNabb. We all know what Big Al wants Big Al gets.

  • 30 year raider

    i hope gradkowski gives up his # 5 for donovan man… i cant wait to get me one in BLACK#5 mcnabb…

  • 30 year raider

    everyone that has purchased a #2 russell would have to burn it or be forced to take it off at all games home or away!!!! NEW RULE!!!

  • bcz24

    Everyone should bring their #2 jerseys to the home game and whe “he” is introduced, collectively throw them all on the field…

  • 30 year raider

    that would be funny…i dont even think charity would take them…

  • LhayeS37

    draft russell okung.then trade the pick,not #21…the defense would be worse without him.implement the wildcat for d-mac.bubble screens….quick outs for 7 yards on 1st down…the list goes on and on