Javon talks Raiders

Here are some Excerpts from an interview with Javon Walker passed along by Melissa Jacobs, a former KNBR AND ESPN producer currently editing a Web site called “thefootballgirl.com.” The key quote where Raiders fans are concerned is highlighted in italics:

On his tumultuous last few years:

“Everybody needs to know that none of that was out of any wrongdoing on my part. It was just a situation where I was at the wrong place at the wrong time….I feel like I got put through the test of things that could happen to people and I bounced back.”

On time with Raiders:

“I was in an unfortunate situation in Oakland where I got put on the backburner… A lot of people know that situation when you go to Oakland so it’s not to no surprise. It wasn’t the right situation for me. . . When I was in Denver I performed. I was in Green Bay I performed, so now you’re trying to tell me that now I’m in Oakland I can’t perform? I never really got a fair chance. I’m not the first athlete who went into Oakland and all of a sudden it looked like his talents have disappeared. We can all remember, you know I’m a huge fan, with Randy Moss. People thought Randy Moss was done and look what happens when he decides to leave.”

On Oakland fans calling him Bernie Madoff (referencing contract):

“It wasn’t my fault because obviously the Raiders gave it to me. Everybody knows how Al Davis is. What fans don’t realize is when I signed that contract I offered to give it back. I don’t take money just to take it. People need to give the money back and they said no. I didn’t go into Oakland like Madoff. Somebody has got to give it to you, and they gave it to me. Last year, they didn’t put me on the field so if anybody “made-off” it was Oakland. . . People were wondering why I wasn’t dressing, well you know what, I couldn’t tell you. They just decided not to utilize my talent the way it needed to be utilized.”

On his surgery in Israel:

“I’m 100% healthy, finally, since I left Denver. People are going to say ‘Wow, that’s the Javon we remember.’ I returned 110%. That’s why if I was such a bad football player they would have let me go during training camp; they would have let me go during the season; they would have let me go during the 2009 season. So if people can read into that, if I was such a bad player they could have let me go a whole season ago. They didn’t because I came back 100 miles per hour, and they saw that every day. It’s like putting a new engine in an old car.

On the future:

“Come the 2010 season people are going to say ‘wow, this is the kid we remember and I’m going to sit back and say, hey, this was always here.’”

On what he’d say to a GM:

“Javon has never been in trouble. Javon doesn’t have a criminal record. Javon has never been caught up in anything detrimental to a team as far as my character. I’m not scared of nothing. I’ll come in there. I’ll workout with the team. Run routes for whoever I need to run to because my ability is where I need it to be. I’m the Pro Bowler who was there in Green Bay. Whatever team thinks they’re in need of a top receiver, 30 years old, in his prime, they’re going to come get me.”

On if he’d be willing to take the league minimum/incentive-laden contract:

“Yes, the thing about football right now is it’s not really about the money. Even when I went to Oakland, I said I’d give that money back. I just want to play football and utilize my talent to help a team win the Super Bowl and everything else will take care of itself.”

On being a potential fantasy sleeper:

“Fantasy is about what have you done for me lately, and I haven’t done nothing, so I just want to mess up everybody’s fantasy league wondering where he’d come from.”

The final word on Walker?

He’s probably kidding himself about his skill level. The Raiders paid him somewhere between $14 and $21 million (the club says it’s the former) and got 15 receptions in return. Easily one of the worst signings in the history of free agency, trumping even the Raiders own ill-fated acquisition of cornerback Larry Brown.

At least Walker offered to give it back.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • rastaraiders

    Javon Walker is pathetic..
    Who bites the hand that feeds him. Al Davis made a huge mistake in signing him, thinking he still had skills to perform and refused the payback cause he still believed. No wonder this fool got knocked out in Vegas. It’s just flat out disrespectful!

  • ghostwritter

    To you ignorant people that have no clew about football and conracts. Javon wanted to give the money back not because he couldn’t play but because he saw the direction in which the team wanted to go. The only reason All talked him into staying is because All didn’t want to be told what to do. Its funny how so many reports from Training camp from actual raiders BEAT writers quote how fast and great Javon looked and how well he was catching the ball. Another thing to look at. Wednesday is open practice media day around the whole NFL, but the raiders decide to keep the “practice” closed to media all year long. That was because they did not want to let the public know that All runs the show and not the performance of his players and to see how Javon was killing the first team during there game run threws. I know for a fact several players wanting Javon in the game but the coaches were told not to even look his way. All hurt the team not Javon. He has a track record of this, players are just the escape goat(i.e Javon)

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