McNabb fallout? None


So now the Raiders embark on the 2010 season without Donovan McNabb, who they never really had in the first place but at least created a nice diversion for a week or two.

Saw the McNabb crawl while enjoying Easter dinner with relatives, mildly surprised it happened on a holiday and that his destination was Washington, but never figuring the Raiders as a realistic suitor.

There seems to be a lot of sentiment that McNabb is just what the Redskins need to get over the top, particularly with the new regime headed by Mike Shanahan. And those two NFC East games against the Eagles got a lot more entertaining, provided McNabb is healthy enough to play.

But I repeat _ as much as McNabb has accomplished in his career and as bad as Oakland has been at quarterback over the past several years, this wasn’t a good idea for the Raiders.

(That is, if the Raiders were ever major players in this, and I’m still of the opinion their name was floated by the Eagles and McNabb to get a deal somewhere else).

Judging by the way McNabb has handled himself through some tough times with a tough crowd in Philly, he’s always seemed like a class act. And if the Raiders had actually swung a deal, chances are he’d have been just like Richard Seymour, showing up next to Al Davis talking up his new home.

But as Andy Reid and the Philadelphia organization throw bouquets McNabb’s way, they simply didn’t want him as their quarterback. They’re giving McNabb’s job to Kevin Kolb.

McNabb is a steady veteran presence, but he’s not the playmaker he used to be and he’s an “old” 33, not the guy you want playing in an entirely new offensive system with an offensive line that got all its quarterbacks hurt last year.

The only thing lost was a good rumor.

Jason Campbell, anyone?


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Morning Nation!

    Cable has shown he prefers O-linemen with “some”nfl experiance,imo.That being said,Big Al might covet 1 of the linemen in this draft.Also with the 2 TE blocking with Pears acting as a TE and The Road Grader Walker at a guard position,I hope we are leaning towards fixing the D-line.Plus we still need a RB and a MLB.

    DECISIONS DECISIONS….Which way 2 go?

  • RaiderRockstar

    he IS #2!!!!


    LOL @ Frank.

    in more ways than one!

  • RaiderRockstar


  • jhill

    How about Murphy’s comments regarding the offense?

    I think that was the best part of it.

  • RaiderRockstar

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  • CJ Legend 34

    People do forget like ESPN who ranked the guy. Unfortunately his first year is making him look like a reach, which failed last year. I would had prefered us taking Crabtree that high before we found out he was a jerk!

    I always said that out of the three WRs I thought DHB had the most upside. HIs QB in Maryland ahd a weak arm and he was use to catching air balls and dead ducks. Pro QBs mainly have cannons for arms. He will have to adjust to the pro game. I hated the way we used DHB. In college he ran a number of WR screens, reverses and quck passes where he was able to utilize his speed. Not to mention jump passes in the corner of the end zone. Oakland has to learn to do what players feel comfortable doing then add on. I think DHBs confidence broke last year. He is not just a speedster the guy has a big frame as well. NOw he has to get into the grove of the offense and start to catch the ball.
    YoungAmerican Says:
    April 5th, 2010 at 8:37 am
    # maddenraiderfan Says:
    April 5th, 2010 at 6:06 am

    When has Al ever reached for a first round pick? Last year was probably the first one, and in case you guys are forgetting DHB was ranked #3 at WR and expected to go in the first round.

    I love how you guys love to forget the actual facts at the time stuff happened.


    Nnamdi Asomugha? Sebastian Janikowski?

  • Hey Rockstar and ALL the MORNING CREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dakota Says:
    April 5th, 2010 at 8:35 am
    lol, shut up Bo!
    Hey, wtf is up with the lakers?


    A combination of no Bynum, Gasol remaining soft, Odom being invisible, Artest shooting bricks, and no good 3 pt shooting by the guards.

    Phil has his work cut out. At least Kobe resigned.

  • RaiderRockstar

    hey 4eva,

    what player do you want the Raiders to draft in Round 1?

    pick 1 player. any player!

  • CJ Legend 34

    My prediction for next year

    DHB will be the most improved player. You heard it here first 04/05/10.

  • hEY rOCKSTAR….Put me on your list as wanting Lamarr Houston and that Price kid from UCLA….Both have played DT all their career,not the nose.

  • jhill

    Wassup 4eva!

  • RaiderRockstar

    Dakota & BSJ:

    I told you guys that the Lakers would fold in April (when it matters)

    just watch

  • RaiderRockstar

    4eva: Price is rated Round 1 & Houston is Round 2 so i’m mark you down for Price, cool ???

  • Round 1 – Lamarr Houston DT Texas

    #2 – Bryan Price DT UCLA

    IMO we shoulda took A.Mack last year at #7 but we didnt.Oh yeah,did I tell ya


  • RaiderRockstar

    ok. Houston it is !!!

  • As always Rockstar….waaay coool

  • I just hope we get a DT ANY DT

  • RaiderRockstar

    My prediction for next year

    DHB will be the most improved player.


    CJ: I agree with that. How can he not be?

    9 catches & 6 drops last season!

  • RaiderRockstar

    How about Murphy’s comments regarding the offense?

    I think that was the best part of it.


    yeah Jhill, seems like the players are already buying into Hue Jackson’s program. He’s breathing life into one anemic offense!

  • Thec07

    What up NATION??????

  • Thec07

    Any one have any clue what J Campbell will cost? He was a 1st rd pick, choosen, 25th overall. He is also in 6th year, which would potentaill require a contract extension.

  • I agree RRS!

    I think the kid just tried 2 hard 2 try and justify his $$$$$$$$

    DHB has an EXCELLENT work ethic,really wants 2B GREAT!

    No one in da NFL can catch him,so the sky is the limit 4him,imo

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DHB!!!! The Nation and Team really needs you

  • Thec07

    Glad we didnt get Mcnabb, I was on the vote no bandwagon, we need picks and football players. Shore up the oline, you will get better performance out of your QB….

  • RaiderRockstar

    if we trade a 2nd rounder for Gaither …

    1st (NT) Dan Williams
    3rd (C) Matthew Tennant
    4th (MLB) Micah Johnson
    5th (QB) trade for Sage Rosenfels or Troy Smith
    5th (FB) John Conner

    and get a few guards in free agency.

    Randy Thomas, Shawn Andrews, Ben Hamilton are available.

  • That being said,I sire hope JLH can snap back.Oh snap did I just say snap?

  • RaiderRockstar

    good mornin’ Thec!

  • John Conner???? wasnt him and his mom,Linda Hamilton supposed 2 save the world or something? 🙂

  • RaiderRockstar

    4eva thinks Higgins & Heyward-Bey will turn it around this year under Hue Jackson too?

    oh snap!

  • I told you guys that the Lakers would fold in April (when it matters)


    It matters in June, not April.

  • Thec07 Says:
    April 5th, 2010 at 9:03 am
    Any one have any clue what J Campbell will cost? He was a 1st rd pick, choosen, 25th overall. He is also in 6th year, which would potentaill require a contract extension.


    Peter King says a 5th rounder, Florio thinks a little more than that.

  • Trade Dmac for June,not April lol

  • Thec07

    This is a deep draft for oline men. Our cupboard is empty so we sould be stocking up, and not giving away picks. I still dont get th wimbley deal. Hopefully we get something for morrison in the 3rd.

    Last year was a good LB draft, but the personnel dept was asleep on that one. 4 USC LB’s alone were drafted.

  • RaiderRockstar

    BSJ: don’t be silly

    Lakers won’t be playing any games in June!

  • Sure do RRS I still think JLH,when used in the slot can be even better than Welker,just because he is waay faster

  • Thec07

    RR, what is up BRO????? See ya in hear shaking things up as usual.

  • RRS, you’re just jealous that all of your chosen teams are weak. At least I got the Lakers!

  • Maybe we was using JLH right but when our QB has no time,well we’ve come full circle again.SNAP

  • Thec07

    I would take J cammpbell for a 5th right now. Dont wait do it. He would cost a lot less than Mcnabb,
    and be double effective over JRUSS. I think we may stand pat at QB for some strange reason….

  • RaiderRockstar

    Thec: you know it man!

    gotta keep things interesting …

    Higgins in the slot? I’m not sure. His hands aren’t bad, but I’d try to have him someplace other than going into traffic or over the middle.

    I’d hate to see him shell shocked for a few weeks (or half a season) again after a big blow from a safety or linebacker!

  • RaiderRockstar

    BSJ: is Prez BO’s approval rating any better than JaMarcus Russell’s 48.8 completion percentage yet ???

  • Thec07

    New post ladies….

  • King James > Rapist Kobe
    Cavs > Fakers
    The OSU > Mich > ND

  • RaiderRockstar Says:
    April 5th, 2010 at 9:15 am
    BSJ: is Prez BO’s approval rating any better than JaMarcus Russell’s 48.8 completion percentage yet ???


    You mean the highest rated politician in the nation?

  • Dakota Says:
    April 5th, 2010 at 8:35 am
    lol, shut up Bo!
    Hey, wtf is up with the lakers?
    Unless Jackson and Kobe get over their spat, it will be hard to play for a lame duck coach even if it’s Jackson. See the difference in the praise of Kobe compared to Jordan by Phil.

    Go Lakers!

  • bcz24

    Campbell is worth a 5th round pick and can be had for that. Wouldnt mind it, but if we are going to spend a 5th rounder on a QB then I would rather spend it on Troy Smith, a guy Hue is already accustomed to.

  • the_big_one_of_83

    bottmo line this is like when we didnt get john elway we need a Qb and JR aint it bruce cambell will be their late

  • the_big_one_of_83

    mr davis ask yourself how do we win and sell tix

  • the_big_one_of_83

    get a QB and a LB and a vetran reciver (t.o) and a josh cribbs / devin hester kind of game changer