Draft prospect: Trent Williams


Second in a series analyzing potential draft picks for the Raiders, scheduled to select at No. 8 in the first round on April 22:

Position: Tackle.

Height, weight: 6-5, 315 pounds

College: Oklahoma

Why it’s Williams: He’s nearly as athletic as combine god Bruce Campbell with the added bonus of being productive in college. Williams ran a 4.88 40-yard dash in Indianapolis, had the second best vertical jump and was the fastest lineman in the shuttle. A right tackle for three years with Oklahoma, he became a left tackle in his senior year and ended up a consensus All-American after a slow start (Sam Bradford injured his shoulder on Williams’ watch). Could be plugged in as the right side starter on Day 1 and eventually move to the left. Versatile enough to have played center in a pinch.

Why it’s not Williams: One scouting report labeled Williams as only “adequate” moving his feet in zone blocks _ a problem if the Raiders continue to be an exclusively zone blocking team. There’s a chance Williams will not even be around when the Raiders pick at No. 8, with the Seahawks on the lookout for a replacement for Walter Jones.

Quotable: “Pass blocking, my athleticism, staying in front of people. That’s dating back to when I played basketball.That kind of led to a lot on the field. But I can get better at both,” Williams at the NFL combine, asked if his strength was pass blocking or run blocking.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Watching the WNBA draft?


    speaking of …

    pretty funny that Trey Wingo got demoted from NFL Live to women’s college basketball.

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    I like that guy, he is funny.

  • DT42

    Forget Williams draft C. Brown from USC but try to trade down a couple of picks first. But if not take Brown at #8, he won’t be there in the 2nd round.

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    April 8th, 2010 at 2:18 pm
    Where is Bo? Watching the WNBA draft?


    Working. We can’t all skate behind bulletproof glass…

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    Dakota = Dorothy Hamill


  • RaiderRockstar

    Three early schools of thought

    The draft is now three weeks away, and there seems to be three ways of thinking when it comes to what the Raiders are going to do with the eighth pick.

    One, draft a tackle – either the best one available (Oklahoma’s Trent Williams or Rutgers’ Anthony Davis) or workout warrior Bruce Campbell of Maryland. Campbell didn’t do much last season but ran a 4.74 40 at the combine.

    Two, go for the gusto and take a raw pass rusher like South Florida’s Jason Pierre-Paul. He’s got long arms and maybe he could use that to get over an offensive lineman.

    Three, really really go for the Al Davis effect, shock the world and take Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen. He makes all the NFL throws, and would put a lot of pressure on JaMarcus Russell. He could be looking at a win-the-starter’s-job (over Bruce Gradkowski) or get-cut scenario. Would make for a great training camp.

    It’s early yet, but put me down for No. 2 — with the Raiders taking a tackle in the second round.

    Posted By: Vittorio Tafur

  • RaiderRockstar

    Vittorio Tafur thinks we’re taking Jason Pierre-Paul and a tackle in Round 2 …

    dirt bag!

    he’s probably right

  • DKnight007

    RaiderRockstar Says:
    April 8th, 2010 at 1:51 pm
    Anyone heard of Rodger Saffold OT? I think the Raiders should go D in the first, get Williams DT or McClain LB. That would help the run d then go OT in the 2nd like Charles Brown or if he is not there go with Saffold.



    This years draft is DEEP at the DT and DE positions. A good one can be had in Round 2 or 3 IMO.

    TRADING DOWN in this draft would be the correct move, but we all know it’s hard for the old looney man Al to make correct sound moves these days! LOL

  • The thing about JPP is….because of George Selvie at RDE was doubled almost every play.When Selvie was a sophmore,I dont know the exact # of sacks,but he was one of the top sackers in Div.1A….JPP has all the physical tools but if Selvie wasnt there JPP might not be as sought after,imo

  • About an hour ago, I was coming off the Ron Cowan Parkway there at Harbor Bay Parkway, and there was the most tricked out Black Escalade with Raider Sheild on the Mirrored windows. I bet that was Russell.

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    About an hour ago, I was coming off the Ron Cowan Parkway there at Harbor Bay Parkway, and there was the most tricked out Black Escalade with Raider Sheild on the Mirrored windows. I bet that was Russell.

    If it had 22″ spinner rims on it, then it was Al Davis.

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    Krappy, don’t lie. You were asleep on your couch dreaming of roast beef sandwiches with nacho cheese and a side of curly fries.

    And don’t try to tell us you were doing a Broker’s Tour for the town home. We stopped believing that lie back in ’08.

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    Where do you live, under a rock?

    You’re life seems to be pretty grim.

  • A lot of folks have dropped the Tony Pike in the 3rd or 4th talk.

    I don’t know, didn’t he suck in his bowl game and the senior bowl? I didn’t see much, but the only thing impressive I saw was his size.

    But we should seriously look at a QB in this draft. If Tebow’s around at #39, it has to be at least on the table. Same with Lefevre and Pike in the 3rd or 4th, and Periloux, Levi Brown and a few others in the late rounds.

    What happens if Bruce gets hurt again and Jamarcus doesn’t care again? Seems like a likely scenario for 2010.

    We need plan C, or F, or whatever the hell letter we are going onto.

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    Krappy, I’m drinking Singapore Slings with 2 strippers from Spearmint Rhino in my 2500 sq ft condo over looking the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

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    Try again, my faithful little shrimp cocktail servant!

  • Too bad we can’t get the Raiders back to LA where some of these players would actually desire to live.

    Once Al is dead and the team is back in LA things will turn around.

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    I know you’re always trying to impress me, but:

    I’ve been from New York City to Eagle pass.

    Playing society whores and kicking Dumb Beeyches like you in their no good azz.

  • Thats why we need Jason Campbell,Vegas….

  • Oh yeah #2 wont care

  • I hate that your right Dakota.

    More importantly, going blonde for young Grey was a solid move. Let’s hope DHB’s number change has the same impact.

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    That’s right Dakota, and when we get the Silver & Black back to LA, I’ll be throwing a bash in my luxury box for all my favorite blog dorks and nerds.

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  • I agree Vegas, solid move by the junk breaker.

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  • We’ll party like its 1986!

    Hot Tub Time Machine! FUNNY SCHYT!

  • Rob Halford and Raider football. A fitting combo.

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    Nice to see people getting on the Poncey bandwagon

  • Thats just not right Vegas 🙁

  • Cable loves him some Samson Satele. He might be heart-broken if Al takes Pouncey.

    As 4eva says, if he would have taken Mack last year……

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  • JB

    When it’s all said & done the best & safest pick at #8 is Maurike Pouncey. He’d be an immediate starter at Center – a BIG need for us. There’s a strong liklihood the Bruce Campbell OT will be there at #39, our second pick. Take a MLB at 3, Mitch Petrus OG at 4, a DT & John Conner FB at 5A/5B, and two speed RB (PR/KR), Alfonso Smith & Deji Karim (both 4.4/ 40 or better) at 7A/7B.

  • BoJacks

    What about that linebacker from we had on the practice squad? Any word on him?

  • here ya go

    # Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Age Exp. College
    21 Asomugha, Nnamdi CB 6-2 210 28 8 California
    69 Barnes, Khalif T 6-5 325 27 6 Washington
    10 Bodiford, Shaun WR 5-11 185 27 4 Portland State
    30 Boyd, Jerome S 6-2 225 23 2 Oregon
    33 Branch, Tyvon SS 6-0 205 23 3 Connecticut
    57 Brown, Ricky LB 6-2 235 26 5 Boston College
    90 Bryant, Desmond DT 6-5 290 24 2 Harvard
    29 Bush, Michael RB 6-1 245 25 3 Louisville
    66 Carlisle, Cooper G 6-5 295 32 11 Florida
    59 Condo, Jon LS 6-3 250 28 4 Maryland
    78 Cooper, Chris DT 6-5 285 32 8 Nebraska-Omaha
    50 Ekejiuba, Isaiah LB 6-4 240 28 6 Virginia
    31 Eugene, Hiram FS 6-2 200 29 5 Louisiana Tech
    13 Figurs, Yamon WR 5-11 185 28 4 Kansas State
    3 Frye, Charlie QB 6-4 220 28 6 Akron
    76 Gallery, Robert G 6-7 325 29 7 Iowa
    5 Gradkowski, Bruce QB 6-1 220 27 5 Toledo
    97 Gunheim, Greyson DE 6-5 265 24 3 Washington
    75 Henderson, Mario T 6-7 300 25 4 Florida State
    85 Heyward-Bey, Darrius WR 6-2 210 23 2 Maryland
    15 Higgins, Johnnie Lee WR 5-11 185 26 4 Texas-El Paso
    17 Holland, Jonathan WR 6-1 195 25 3 Louisiana Tech
    53 Howard, Thomas OLB 6-3 240 26 5 Texas-El Paso
    16 Hubbard, Paul WR 6-2 225 24 1 Wisconsin
    24 Huff, Michael FS 6-1 205 27 5 Texas
    11 Janikowski, Sebastian K 6-2 250 32 11 Florida State
    37 Johnson, Chris CB 6-1 200 30 7 Louisville
    94 Joseph, William DT 6-5 310 30 8 Miami (Fla.)
    93 Kelly, Tommy DT 6-6 300 29 7 Mississippi State
    9 Lechler, Shane P 6-2 225 33 11 Texas A&M
    7 Losman, J.P. QB 6-2 210 29 7 Tulane
    20 McFadden, Darren RB 6-2 210 22 3 Arkansas
    89 Miller, Nick WR 5-9 180 23 1 Southern Utah
    80 Miller, Zach TE 6-5 255 24 4 Arizona State
    34 Mitchell, Mike SS 6-1 220 22 2 Ohio University
    51 Morris, Chris C 6-4 305 27 5 Michigan State
    52 Morrison, Kirk MLB 6-2 240 28 6 San Diego State
    18 Murphy, Louis WR 6-2 200 22 2 Florida
    83 Myers, Brandon TE 6-4 250 24 2 Iowa
    56 Nixon, David LB 6-3 225 25 2 Brigham Young
    58 Norris, Slade LB 6-3 245 24 2 Oregon State
    46 O’Neal, Oren FB 5-11 245 26 3 Arkansas State
    72 Pears, Erik T 6-8 305 27 5 Colorado State
    45 Reece, Marcel RB 6-3 240 24 2 Washington
    98 Richardson, Jay DE 6-6 280 26 4 Ohio State
    63 Rodd, Brandon G 6-4 305 24 1 Arizona State
    26 Routt, Stanford CB 6-1 195 26 6 Houston
    22 Russell, Gary RB 5-11 215 23 4 Minnesota
    2 Russell, JaMarcus QB 6-6 260 24 4 Louisiana State
    64 Satele, Samson C 6-3 300 25 4 Hawaii
    81 Schilens, Chaz WR 6-4 225 24 3 San Diego State
    91 Scott, Trevor DE 6-5 255 25 3 Buffalo
    92 Seymour, Richard DE 6-6 310 30 10 Georgia
    77 Shaughnessy, Matt DE 6-5 270 23 2 Wisconsin
    86 Stewart, Tony TE 6-5 260 30 10 Penn State
    70 Walker, Langston T 6-8 365 30 9 California
    19 Watkins, Todd WR 6-2 190 26 3 BYU
    54 Williams, Sam OLB 6-5 260 29 8 Fresno State
    96 Wimbley, Kamerion LB 6-3 255 26 5 Florida State

    # Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Age Exp. College
    44 Lawton, Luke FB 6-0 240 29 5 McNeese State

  • The only real problem Theisman and other people in the press have with Russell is the money he’s making. Period, has nothing to do with his skills or work effort. It started in ’07, when Russell and his agent were holding Al’s balls to the fire. The media and the league might hate Al, but they hate greedy players even more. Nobody loves this criticism of Russell right now more than Al Davis. It takes the blame away from him for how bad the Raiders are.

  • fat kidd

    rmr jamarcuss and his agent have the right to make money good ole capitalism

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    please, lets focus on reality. Al is going to draft the fastest wr o db on the board.

  • Raiders4eve

    Our team has to go through certain changes in order to jump up from 5-11 to at least 8-8. Here is some of my thoughts maybe you guys can critique it.

    QB: With Gradkowitzki being the front runner to win the starting job, the concerns are mostly can he do it for 16 games. If Grad gets hurt, JR will demoralize the Raider fans, therefore I think JR should get cut if he loses the open competition. Frye hasn’t been a winner ever since he came to this league, I doubt he can give us anything more then what JR gave us last year, I always saw him as a third QB not even a backup. We need someone who can at least move the chains and score some touchdowns, hopefully we either draft a QB or trade for Jason Campbell. Gradkowitzki is clearly not the best answer but he is all what we got now.

    OL: I am not sold on Barnes, Walker, Morris, Cooper, Satele, Pears, etc. With the exception of Henderson and Gallery, I doubt any of those bums can hold or allow our RBs to penetrate opponents DL. There is a reason why teams always blitz against the Raiders. They know sooner or later those DLs will be able to collapse our OL. We need new bloods, this is the most important position for this team. Not only do we have a weak QB, but if our OL remains weak, might as well expect another season 5-11.

    LBs: This position is still a mystery to me. Maybe some of you have better ideas. My confusion lies in the fact that Cable clearly states that Wimbley is going to be our starting SLB. He is not known neither for his tackling skills nor for his covering skills but he is known for his rushing capabilities. Does that mean Wimbley will be allowed to rush the QB along with our 4 DLs? That would leave us exposed in the middle and force both our safeties to play zone all the time. Can we expect the Raiders to become a 70% blitzing team like the Ravens or Jets? Regardless, Wimbley, a new MLB that I am sure we are drafting and Scott, they give us a solid unit in rushing the passer, can they cover who knows, but maybe if we still expect to have Morrison and Howard, we could switch our LBs back and forth depending on opponents strategies. We at least now have rushers and cover LBs in our team.

    DL: Second year of having Seymour is going to be a blast. I think he returns back into his pro bowl form and show us that he is a worthy of our first rounder. Besides, he wants his final paycheck and that would motivate him. Matt and Seymour at DE with Richardson and whomever we get in the draft as our DE, that unit is solid. For those who think TK is any good, go watch the tape, the guy gets penetrated more then 60% of time he plays. HE IS GARBAGE. He is not a starter in this league, he had only one good year as a Raider, can he stop the run, we seen the answer, NO. We clearly need a new blood in here too, a true DT who is young motivated and can hold his attacker and his pants. Desmond Bryant might make an impact, but we clearly need depth in this position. The two bums we signed are worthless.

    CB: Many of you think CJ is solid playing opposite the great Asmough. He has the Raider speed but he gets burned alot. He played better the first year he replaced moron DeAngelo Hall. Last year, CJ sucked. Routt in my opinion is better option, he can’t play the nickle but you put him in CJ position outside, the guy can cover man to man. Can CJ play the nickle, yes he can. He did it before, but we also need at least another corner. Holland Wr to CB is a two year project, draft a young guy or get him as undrafted rookie.

    ST: Our ST sucked last year, we couldnt stop opponents KR/PR. Our Kickers are the best in the league, but our unit need to get better. Why are we paying Ekujuba or whatever his name is top money? I think AL should try drafting players who can play ST in the lower rounds.

    FA: Jerry said that the Raiders are waiting for the market to cool down before signing any player. I think we should sign right now as the market is as cold as it gets. After the draft, some teams might compete with us for the services of the players we need. We clearly need a WR, FB, DL, CB, RT, RG, C, etc. I think the Raiders need to sign Mawae, Chester Pitts and T.O for less then $10 mill a year. Each player might be happy with the one year deal offered at this time. Mawae and Pitts could be had for less then 4 mill and give T.O a one year 5 mill deal. Does AL have the money, I think he does.