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Tied up with the live blog and Tom Cable press briefing, still waiting for Rolando McClain conference call . . .

— Great common sense pick by Raiders. Unlike last year, where DHB pick was greeted with laughter, most everyone nodded their heads and seemed pretty impressed by selection of McClain.

Cable said McClain had the size of a guard, could defend receivers, and was instrumental in getting Alabama teammates to put defensive tape on discs so they could go over it together.

— Said Raiders are still a 4-3 team, but alluded to the possibility of some “new” wrinkles. Being more multpile, changing things up . . . I like the sound of that.

— Kirk Morrison is now “depth,” but don’t expect on him being a reserve linebacker at 2.51 million this year. He’ll be traded or cut, like Danny Clark/Greg Biekert.

— Someone on the on-line chat says Morrison and Thomas Howard were tweeting up a storm until McClain was picked. Since then . . . crickets.

— Will check in later, back to live blog and other duties . . .

— Hey, wasn’t there at least one person in the local media who had the Raiders taking McClain?


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer


    please stop with the gayhart talk he is trash. and we do need help at the cb spot, and the dt spot

  • RaiderRetribution

    Was Tom Jackson more uupset/angry/frustrated that the Broncos drafted Tim Tebow or that Steve young was stealing all the microphone/analysis time?

    I was loving it, watching his veins pop out of his neck and looking the other way at some producer or cameraman.

  • aig

    here’s teh scoop on McClain….from Raider.com

    The grand prize from head coach Nick Saban’s first recruiting class at Alabama, McClain rapidly developed into one of the premier players in the collegiate ranks. Looking to rebuild the program around a strong defense, the middle linebacker played a vital role in the team’s progression from also-ran to national champion.

    The defensive signal-caller has the power and downhill ability to excel in stuffing the inside run. He also has the balance, speed and pursuit quickness to string plays wide. Before his arrival, the Tide ranked 46th in the nation vs. the run in 2006.

    During his freshman campaign, McClain helped Alabama finish 28th against the run (124.15 ypg). The front seven continued to improve, as the defense ranked second vs. the run in both 2008 (74.14 ypg) and 2009 (77.92 ypg).

  • RaiderRetribution

    I would have hoped we, the Raider Nation would have drafted Mr. Tebow in the second round myself, personally speaking.

  • Chris in NY

    Second year in a row we take the guy I really didn’t want us to take and didn’t think we actually would in the Top-10. Second year in a row I’ll try to quickly turn optimistic and hope I was wrong.

    On the bright side, some very, very good players remain including several I had rated in my Top 25, such as:

    6. Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas
    9. Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland
    10. Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford
    14. Koa Misi, LB/DE, Utah
    15. Taylor Mays, S, USC
    18. Charles Brown, OT, USC

    As great as Kindle is I think we’ve gotta go o-line with this one if Campbell or Brown is still around. Have a feeling both will be gone if we don’t move up a few spots though.

  • priesttj


    Everson Griffin is a stud I would take him in a heartbeat same with Gerhardt. Lamarr is a player same with Geno Atkins. There are some great players left in this draft. We have to be very smart and not impulsive making a reach for some fat fool who’s shown he has no discipline.

  • stoopidmike

    priesttj Says:
    April 22nd, 2010 at 9:59 pm
    He might see your point but he doesn’t understand positions. Brandon Spikes is a MLB ONLY we just drafted a MLB ONLY why in the world would we spend more money on another one. You see us get another safety brfore we do that.

    Guy’s you first have to understand what you’re asking for and why the coaches on the team would WANT what you’re asking for. This isn’t fantasy football it’s NFL football. If you know the player fits what we do then YES but why would we get 2 MLB’s in one draft?? yet you guy’s hammer Mr Davis about what you call doing stupid things and all you do is ask him to do them. But when they gpo awry he’s stupid old man. While you all forget it’s exactly what you wanted at the time. I’m talking Russell, DMC and many others. Including Gallery you all get amnesia.
    Again,I see your point.Not arguing those things.Not asking for spikes in the next 2 rds.How many md-late rd picks do the raiders throw away? if he falls to 5th, not a bad spot for a great backup.We would probably cut player at that spot anyways,as usual.Q Moses anyone(3rd)? Also,I’m 30 yrs old.Been a raider fan since 87.I Never asked for JaMarcus, I was on the calvin johnson wagon.I’ll admit i liked DMAC,was never comfortable with gallery, and damn sure didnt like DHB over cabtree.I also didnt think Huff was can’t miss like evryone said,and I liked seabass in 1st rd and took hella static.So i guess i’m not one of those “fans” you are reffering to.Not that i expect you to believe any of these above statements

  • Guy

    I only have Cody ahead of Joseph because I can’t find anything videos on Joseph. I also picked Cody first because McClain is familiar with him.

  • RaiderRetribution

    AIG thank you for the defensive stats Mr. McClain led the tide to. Now he can lead the Raider defense.

  • stoopidmike

    Why take Gerhert in 2nd when we can get LaGarret Blount in 4th/5th?

  • Chris in NY

    Not sure if it’s already been mentioned, but I definitely think we’re playing a TON of 3-4 next year. Wimbley, Scott and Groves are really 3-4 OLBs. Seymour, Kelly and Richardson are best suited as 3-4 DEs. McClain and Morrison are probably best suited as 3-4 ILBs. The only important players who will have to fit in are Shaughnessy and Howard who seem like true 4-3 players to me.

    And the only thing that’s missing is a mammoth NT. Could be good news for you Mt. Cody enthusiasts.

  • the_big_one_of_83

    that would be a good tandom

  • the_big_one_of_83

    we still need to adress the qb situation

  • stoopidmike

    I believe we will be getting myron rolle with 6th or 7th.He seems like an Al Davis pick.Of course,i’m wondering who we get that we have never heard of.I’m sure thats coming at some point too

  • RaiderRetribution

    7th pick in the second round:
    therefore we have a shot (even if we do not trade up) at:

    Campbell OT, Maryland
    Brown OT, USC
    Mays S, USC
    Kindle OLB, Tx – wow two rookie LBs?
    McCoy QB, TX
    Claussen QB, ND
    Cody DT, AL (McClain’s teammate)

    we can figure at least one of the QBs will be drafted before the Raiders’ pick, I’m hoping both will be.

  • armond

    priest i hear u about cody but it wouldnt bother me if we take him. however i do prefer griffen and im tellin u like ive said all season de is a bigger need than they let on. if we were to get one of these athletic freaks in dunlap or griffen u have two 3 down pass rushers who can slide seymour inside. i believe they really want to collapse that pocket from the outside more especially now that ellis gone. hell somebody please help us get more picks and take morrison.

  • NEW POST!!!


  • RaiderRetribution

    My prediction is we trade Mr. Morrison or Mr. Howard to the Ravens for Gaither.

    We draft either Campbell or Mays. No way Mr. Davis passes up either of these two athletes.

  • stoopidmike

    RaiderRetribution Says:
    April 22nd, 2010 at 10:27 pm
    My prediction is we trade Mr. Morrison or Mr. Howard to the Ravens for Gaither.

    We draft either Campbell or Mays. No way Mr. Davis passes up either of these two athletes.
    That would be awesome.Don’t know if we can be that fortunate

  • stabler

    From National Football Post (sorry if this duplicates someone’s posting)-

    A huge, powerful middle linebacker who does a great job sniffing out the ball inside, McClain generates impressive of power on contact. He’s a secure wrap-up tackler who consistently breaks down and knows how to keep himself clean inside. McClain showcases impressive lateral agility and initial burst for his size, and he looks natural when asked to break down in space. Considering how large he is, McClain closes quickly on the football and exhibits impressive body control and explosion. He isn’t overly fluid in his drop and will get overextended with his footwork, but he exhibits impressive closing speed and has some range in zone coverage. He is solid when blitzing, timing up the snap count well, and has the power to fight his way through the A-gap. McClain looks like an instant impact guy at the next level and could have a Patrick Willis-type impact at the next level.

  • Jombus1


  • djohnnyg

    I don’t think this is the day to rip on our esteemed dictator, but i’m still concerned that we have an 81 yr. old gentleman handling the day to day responsibilities of general manager of an NFL football franchise.

    In this modern era of intense competition, and smart guys who are workin’ it 24/7 to gain the slightest edge possible over other teams, I don’t have full confidence that our beloved “manager of the general partner”, at 81 years of age, is the right fit for the general managers role he has assumed.

    Am I way off base here?

  • djohnnyg

    It’s very weird that I’m hearing all these ESPN guys saying positive things about the Raiders. Steve Young was saying the Raiders have a good roster and getting very close to being a good team, now I just heard Eric Allen saying good things, and even Tom Jackson said the Raiders will not have to worry about the position of MLB for a long time. Now, we all hate Mr. Jackson of course, but he did play linebacker and knows a little bit about the position.]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  • NancyGayFan

    WillisDaRaider on Raiderfans.net and Victor Cotto on SBReport.net had McClain pegged Jerry…

    And those guys also mentioned Morrison possible being cut ‘Biekert style’

    Nothing new if you go there.