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Join us during today’s NFL Draft as Jerry McDonald moderates a live blog as he provides analysis on Oakland Raiders news and rumors today. We’ll also bring you live draft updates and analsysis from Cam Inman.


Jon Becker

  • utahraider

    we really need some talented beef up font guy’s. people are talking about cody, he’s a beast.

  • manassamauler

    go look at last years 1st round MLB brian cushing. see soem similarities between him and mcclain? I DO, cushing made the pro bowl btw. neither guy is a ray lewis tyoe hitter but both guys are smart, dont miss tackles often and have a nose for bowl. both are leaders.

  • utahraider

    good pt. on cushing, I agree w/u on that

  • elboocho

    you know what makes me PO’d is that if we would have made the picks the dolts and donkies made we would be joke de jour of the media but because it is not the raiders their is only silence……….. fuk the media and raiders til I die!

  • Mickey Rat

    Hey Richochet and RaiderRockstar, what does it take to get on the ALPHA list? My pick was Trent Williams but I’m real happy with McClain