ESPN: Fourth-round pick in 2012 brings QB


ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting the Raiders acquired Jason Campbell for a fourth-round draft pick in 2012.

If the Raiders have had a better draft weekend since they returned to Oakland in 1995, I can’t remember it.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Norco Bob

    Sorry Jerry, diodnt mean to beat you to it. 🙁

  • RaidingTexas

    Just need the new OLs to keep Campbell upright, and we just might have a chance!

  • Alameda_Lee


  • Heck yeah. Great deal.

  • dikembesaysno


  • Altho I am very happy 2 have J.Campbell on the team….I dont think he can beat out Bruce

  • Thec07

    They should have throw in haynsworth…

  • Alameda_Lee

    Ok guys now what the RB Blount from Oregon next or is he not a character guy

  • Thec07

    J Campbell is clearly better than any QB on this team…

  • Norco Bob

    Release Jamarcus today and its an amazing weekend. By the way Jamarcus, you wont be picked up, and you will be 400 pounds in 2 years, diabetic by then as well,….dead by 30,…you didnt outsmart anyone, like MR says, you disgraced yourself, your people, your family,…when that last penny is gone, so will your friends be,…sorry, keepin it real.

  • raidergo

    only negative is that were out a 1st and 4th next year but ill take that any day

  • Thec07

    NO, just grabbed Tennant…

  • GG

    Wonder if that’s a conditional 4th. I mean it’s not 2011, but 2012!!

  • RaiderRockstar

    we still have 3 picks then?

    good 🙂

    we still need a center, guard, defensive tackle & fullback.

    this team is soft!

  • Sweep The Leg.

    A black qb?

    Come on Priest, tell us how we are racist for liking Campbell and hating JaLoser.

  • edward teach


    That’s pretty funny.

  • Mistabr0wn

    With the exception of a FB I was on this.

  • There is a reason Campbell is available.

    With that said, a guy with average motivation and above average talent, is better than a guy with no motivation and world class talent, and a guy with exceptional motivation and below average talent.

    Welcome aboard Jason Campbell.

  • GG

    # raidergo Says:
    April 24th, 2010 at 10:18 am

    only negative is that were out a 1st and 4th next year but ill take that any day


    Apparently, a 2012 4th, not 2011.

  • SteveAlford21

    Jason Campbell wasn’t even the best QB on the damned Redskins last year… that distinction went to Suisam… the punter.

  • DKnight007


    Trading for J Campbell us HUUUUGE for this team and it only cost a 4th in 2012??

    The BEST DRAFT WEEKEND for the Raiders in years!

    They finally listened to the freakin fans!

  • RaiderRockstar

    do we really have to wait 30 more picks for another Al Davis flunky?

  • Mistabr0wn

    Campbell given an extension to 2011!!

    JaMeatlaof is a GONNER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sweep The Leg.

    Here’s one for you Priest.

    I would like to offer this laurel, and hardy handshake to our new….quarterback.

  • DKnight007

    SteveAlford21 Says:
    April 24th, 2010 at 10:19 am
    Jason Campbell wasn’t even the best QB on the damned Redskins last year… that distinction went to Suisam… the punter.

    Campbell came cheap….why not? Let him compete!

  • RaiderRockstar

    that distinction went to Suisam… the punter


    Steve: don’t hate on punters now.

    Shane Lechler is BY FAR the best player on the Oakland Raiders

  • Jason Campbell has gotten better every year he’s been in the league, take a look at his numbers:

    From 2006 to 2009, Campbell has improved his completion percentage, passing yards, TD’s and QB Rating every single season and he’s never thrown for more INT’s than TD’s.

  • Ghost2Post

    We fianlly joined the rest of the league.
    Thank you

  • Yep Mista….it appears you are picking up where you left off last year! Good 4 You!!!!

    I got and called the 1 I wanted most in Lamarr Houston!!!!!!!

    I hit the BONG 36 times in honor of his number 8)

    I hope Houston takes a new number like 99,ya know 🙂

  • DKnight007


    Trading for J Campbell is HUUUUGE for this team and it only cost a 4th in 2012?? Let the competition begin!

    The BEST DRAFT WEEKEND for the Raiders in years by far!

    Someone over there finally listened to the freakin fans and I’m sure it wasn’t the old man Al! LOL

  • SteveAlford21


    I used to live in D.C. (both of my sisters still do), so I follow along with the Skins when there are lulls in the Raider action… and I’ve wanted to trade for Haynesworth all along, NOT Campbell. If we traded for ANY QB, I wanted it to be a multi-player deal that got us Troy Smith along with Gaither from the Ravens. I was pretty happy with the way this draft was going until Jacoby Ford came off the board and we followed it up with Jason Campbell. meh… at least it’s not last year. I’m still happy with things so far, I guess.

  • It will be quite sad as Al forces Jamarcus to go through the motions this preseason. They will waddle ish large azz out there in the 3rd quarter of these games, and he won’t be much better. Maybe throw one last worthless TD before he fades into oblivion.

    Way to go Russell, way to ruin such a wonderful opportunity.

  • RaiderRockstar

    Rashawn Jackson at #190 anyone?

  • LT DAN

    We still need haynesworth and more oline help. Levi Brown as a FA QB for the future

  • Senior Beeecham

    Man, no sign of Krappy all week!

    I guess the old dog couldn’t take the constant humiliation and retired to the Regis Filbin blog.

    Somewhere where folks can commiserate with his problem holding down oatmeal. Where being married to an old bat with a bowl cut is considered a “step up”.

    Krappy, even though you’re a lifelong loser, I gotta admit, I kind of miss you, ol buddy.

    Who are we going to kick around now? Darn!

    Oh yeah and a heck of a draft – plus Jason Campbell? Get a center or guard in the 6th or Pike to groom.


  • buckeyeraider

    Travis Ivey a DT from Maryland, listed at 6-4 324 is still available I believe. The Sporting News draft guide describes his strenghts as: Is tall and well built. Has lower body strength to drive blockers into back field. Has long arms to knock down passes and disrupt throwing lanes. Shows strength to fight off blocks and make sound tackles. His weaknesses are he doesn’t offer much pass rush ability.

    Maybe they could still add this guy to bolster DT depth. Would make this an excellent draft, IMO.

  • RaidingTexas


    Campbell has definitely improved each year. The only statistic I would say is a concern is the fumbling. But that could be the result of bad line play. Which, of course, is also a concern with the Raiders. But hopefully the new OLs will improve the pass protection.

  • Would you trade a 4th round draft pick for a 28 year old QB coming of a 64.5% completion percentage, 3,618 yards, 20 TD’s, 15 INT’s, 86.4 QB rating?.

    Because we just did.

    Excellent move.

  • SteveAlford21


    I’ve NEVER hated on punters. I tell anyone who will listen that it’s the biggest tragedy in HoF history that Ray Guy isn’t in the Hall. Suisam is my favorite Redskin. Shane is a god. I just don’t care for Campbell. I root for the Skins to beat everyone they play that ISN’T the Raiders… so I have developed a healthy disdain for Campbell over the past couple of years.

    The way most people here talk about him, it’s as if the only time they’ve seen Campbell play was against US.

  • Typo:

    Would you trade a 4th round draft pick for a 28 year old QB coming of a 64.5% completion percentage, 3,618 yards, 20 TD’s, 15 INT’s, 86.4 QB rating season?.

  • Pretty Rick

    Wow! Im not upset about this at all,,,but lets be honest,,,JaMarcus Russell,,Jason Campbell,,Donavan McNabb or Peyton Manning didnt stand a chance behind last years O-line or playcaller. Wouldve been nice to see what JaMarcus couldve done with a real line as well as a real play caller. Where are all the Bruce bandwagoners at now. Ya’ll knew Bruce wasnt gona cut it. We need to get Cam Thomas,,,,what?,,he’s a Charger? oh,,,Cam Thomas SUCKS!!!!!

  • DKnight007

    6th Rounder should be on RT/RG Kyle Calloway or Guard Brandon “Crazy” Carter to bring some big NASTINESS to the interior line or go RB Jon Dwyer or L Blount!

  • SjFinest

    Wanted J Campbell all along….Fantastic draft….This kid is the best QB on our roster guaranteed. Give him a fresh start and a consistent offense and the NFL we see that this is the biggest still of 2010!!!

  • SjFinest

    Now C & OG for the rest of the draft would make this draft a dream come true

  • bcz24

    WTF did Millen say that he had to appologize for? And can anyone tell me what we sent our 5th rounder to Jacksonville for??

  • garrettraider18

    Its okay guys……..BRUCE CAMPBELL eats babies for breakfast.

  • crister

    excuse me while i remove this paper bag from my head…

  • kvnbntly

    j russell,” this is a baaaaaddd thing”

  • raideralex99

    Wow … replacing one dumb QB for another dumb QB.