Round 5: Raiders add another McFadden


Oakland’s fifth-round pick is Walter McFadden, a defensive back from Auburn.

McFadden intercepted five passes for Auburn, including a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown in the Outback Boiwl.

Projected as a nickel or dime back, McFadden started 12 games and had five interceptions and 10 pass breakups. He was not invited to the combine. Accoding to the Birmingham News, McFadden is the brother of Arizona defensive back Bryant McFadden.

The Raiders aren’t scheduled to pick until the sixth round, No. 190 overall, after having traded No. 153 to Jacksonville along with linebacker Kirk Morrison to get to No. 108 and select Clemson wide receiver Jacoby Ford.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Thec07

    If we are not running a lot of 3-4, maybee we dont need a true NT…

  • Tommy Kelly blows.

  • Petris gone to NYG….

  • Kjorstad

    Grr Al, Cam Thomas goes to Chargers, now you’ll see what you let go, when you try running into that …

    Good call. I hope McFadden is worth it.

  • Petrus even.

  • Raider-405

    # Thec07 Says:
    April 24th, 2010 at 9:43 am

    If we are not running a lot of 3-4, maybee we dont need a true NT…


    Thats exactly correct.

    Seymour and Kelly/Bryant rotation at DT
    Plus, am sure we will take another with #7 or UFA a few hours after the draft ends today

  • Could have gotten some FA to be our DIME back…

  • ohioraider

    Thanks, Al! Now, can we get a center?

  • Raider-405


    RT @MoveTheSticks: If J Campbell does go to OAK, it will be the most significant move the Raiders made in the draft.He will start yesterday.

    Michael Smith and Move the Sticks must REALLY love Cambell!!

  • Where is “stay the course” boy’s double secret master plan now???

    Shot to hell by a toothless goul.

  • Raider-405

    Even PFT says,

    “Campbell would be the best quarterback on their roster by a wide margin.”

  • Alameda_Lee

    Ok Guys are next pick is coming who we gonna get.Having taking a RB yet

  • turner42

    What’s with all the haters? Mcclain best LB in the country, heart and soul of the national champs, and best D in the NCAA. Who else would’ve you taken, D starts with a MLB. Campbell is a steal in the 4th, given people had the Raiders taking him in the first. JLH was god awful returning kicks last year, and Ford could be another Welker in the slot. Mcfadden is an instant starter as Dime back. Some people will never be happy with anything Al does, but he’s been extremely logical this year, perhaps he’s finally lost his mind as is now sane.

  • the_big_one_of_83

    vetran OG we need that

  • Turner. Al has dicked us for so many years that we get edgy.

  • the_big_one_of_83

    pro bowl guard

  • Al > “listen Cable, we need SPEED, draft Bruce Campbell, Ford and McFadden Jr.”

  • Alameda_Lee

    Raiders.com has Jacksonville picking next.Do they know Morrison was traded for that pick.

  • Watch how much Cambell blows….he whifs half of the time.


  • bcz24

    What we go and trade back to Jax for Morrison

  • LT DAN

    Get Haynesworth and we are ready to go on def.

  • fat kidd

    They are going to ask jwalrus to take a pay cut if he dont except it he will be released

  • Guy

    Who can we get now? If we still need corner help, Donovan Warren is going to be a hell of a gem.