Round 7: DB Stevie Brown

The Raiders completed their 2010 draft with the selection Michigan defensive back Stevie Brown.

Brown was drafted as a safety, where he played at Michigan in 2008. He played in 2009 as a strong side linebacker, winning the team’s Roger Zatkoff Award as the club’s top linebacker.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • silvernblack209

    Good draft, but not so sure about the last three or two picks, Blount signed already with the 49er’s, we should have got him. For the 2nd 4th round pick on Jacoby Ford, we gave up a 5th round pick and Kirk Morrison to the Jaguars, It feels bad, that we only got a 4th rounder for Morrison, and gave up a 5th too, the 5th rounder was an additional pick we had acquired by moving back a few spots, so that was kinda like a wash. I just wish we hadn’t given it up still, because we need to fill our d-tackle up, oh well, considering we only gave up a 5th rounder previously for Quentin Groves, whom was a 2nd round pick only two years ago. Not bad. I am content overall because we addressed our most glaring weaknesses and pick up a quality CB Walter McFadden, known as a ball hawk.

  • silvernblack209

    Kirk Morrison is gone, traded to the Jags. So long Kirk, much love.