Round 7: DB Stevie Brown

The Raiders completed their 2010 draft with the selection Michigan defensive back Stevie Brown.

Brown was drafted as a safety, where he played at Michigan in 2008. He played in 2009 as a strong side linebacker, winning the team’s Roger Zatkoff Award as the club’s top linebacker.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaidingTexas

    Well, at least the headscratching picks took place in the later rounds.

  • VT Raider

    Another LB?

  • GG

    See this is what angers me with Al, he always drafts about 3+ DBs every draft, always looking to upgrade the bar on DBs, but he needs to do that with the OL for like 2 or 3 seasons, for the same reason.

  • bcz24

    We did well in the “money” rounds and should be psyched about that… smart trade for Campbell as well. I give us a B for the weekend.

  • SD_Raider_619

    I have a feeling jackson n cable tricked Al jajaja

  • RaidingTexas

    He played S most of his college career. I doubt they’re bringing him in to play LB.

  • SD_Raider_619

    who ever picked in the first 3 rounds thank you and go Puro Raider Nation!!!!!!!

  • Guy

    I dont get it. Stevie brown will get cut. One of the other corners will get cut. We could have had Cam Thomas, Tony Washington, and Ciron Black or Brandon Carter instead of these scrubs.

  • Pretty Rick

    You knew Al couldnt resist,,,he must’ve ran a 4.3

  • No Mas Diamante

    he’s a ss. headscratcher here… oh well. now go get haynesworth and Fanecca and we’ll call it good…

  • we definately whiffed on Cam Thomas…

    now we’re gonna have to beat his ugly ass twice a year…

  • RaiderDuck

    Good grief. Would everybody stop yapping about Cam Thomas?

  • DKnight007

    Another whatever Al Davis pick with a freakin safety last??

    Sheesh….at least this crap didn’t happen in Rounds 1-4!

  • NFL.com on Walter McFadden

    Pick Analysis: The Raiders nab a good value with the selection of Walter McFadden. The Auburn standout has underrated cover skills, and gives the team a ball hawk at the position. Though he isn’t regarded as a tough or physical tackler, he shows enough skills in the passing game to merit the selection at this point.

    on Travis Goethel

    Pick Analysis: The Raiders continue to add depth to the linebacker corps after taking Rolando McClain in the first round. Goethel drew interest from several teams for his impressive size, speed and athleticism, and can become an immediate contributor to Oakland’s special teams unit.

    on Jeremy Ware

    Pick Analysis: The Raiders once again show the heavy premium they place on speed by taking the exceptionally fast Ware. At his pro day, Ware clocked a 4.37-second 40-yard dash, and also demonstrated impressive burst. He will have to compete to earn playing time as a backup in the Raiders’ crowded defensive backfield.

  • Pretty Rick

    I agree with bcz24,,I give it a B,,,maybe a B- for allowing Al to pick in the later rounds.

  • RaidingTexas

    Now just need to invite Brandon Carter to camp.

  • DKnight007

    Grade is a solid B for this draft compared to last years D!

  • GG

    Ciron Black should be invited too.

  • bcz24

    2OL and a DL… and an MLB what more can you ask out of an Al Davis draft


    well no matter what a few pics we seemed to miss n rounds 6 n 7 but we got a beast at mlb a stud at dt n qb n a kr wr and 2 otss 1 that was projected at 8 overall n a solid lb in the 6th n hey the cb out of aub will be on the team but jasonn made this dft

  • Guy

    Good thing is Ciron Black, Jay Ross, Donovan Warren, Brandon Carter, and Tony Washington are free agents.


    al get on the phone

  • Guy

    ALSSOUL Cable said Houston will probably be a DE for us. Invite Jarret Brown to camp too.

  • GG

    # Guy Says:
    April 24th, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Good thing is Ciron Black, Jay Ross, Donovan Warren, Brandon Carter, and Tony Washington are free agents.


    we need cable to pester Al to invite them all in

  • Pretty Rick

    Raiderduck I take it you dont like Cam Thomas 🙂 he wouldve been a good late round pick though,,,if we were permanately moving to a 3-4, but it doesnt appear so. Since he’s now a Charger I officially think he sucks.


    carter n black sighn them now

  • raideralex99

    Here’s the million dollar question … if Al had the best 5 starting secondary players in the NFL … how many DBs would be draft?

  • i’m overall very pleased with this draft…

    but my attitude has always been to use the 6th and 7th rounds to pick up receivers and linemen…

    they either become camp fodder or we find a diamond…

    but there is no point in drafting people for positions where we already have too many players…

  • Guy

    That would be great, Can’t believe Tony Washington went undrafted. Thought he was a 3rd round prospect with 1st roudn talent.

  • Guy

    Same with Jarrett Brown and maybe Snead.


    I still say at august we trade for haynsworth

  • fat kidd

    detroit has last pick mr. irrelevant and they take-j russell

  • lefty12

    it is pretty obvious in the later rds we went for Special Team players.Safeties and LBs make excellent ST players.Now lets see who we go after in UDFA.



    CALL BLACK!!!!


    GET ON THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    JaDavis Russell really threw away a GOLDEN opportunity.

    Unbelievable….how many days and weeks and months can go by where one does nothing but party late, get up early, eat, and repeat the next day.

    Millions of kids, heck, and adults, would dream of that opportunity and never get it.

    He gets the opportunity and doesn’t even try….

  • VancouverRaider

    Its the SEVENTH round people, these players will never play, what your hopping for is players who can run/tackle to cover kicks…

    Maybe one of these guys will make our special teams

  • Chris in NY

    I would’ve liked a big guy like Cam Thomas too but it has been overkill with the teeth gnashing over the fact that we didn’t take him. He was impressive at the Senior Bowl and in postseason stuff but the knock is that he didn’t play up to that level during the season.

    I wouldn’t have minded having him but can’t get too crazy.

    Not sure of the point of getting another safety though. But I’m not going to go crazy about the 250th pick in the draft when I don’t even know the first thing about the guy to say whether he’s any good or not.

    Still feel there are some great RB and o-line prospects out there I hope we sign as UFAs.

  • Damn……that was a DEEP DRAFT!!!!!

  • stoopidmike

    yeah,let’s just get all the bes undrafted players…….not likely.come on guys,is this your 1st draft? You’ll be lucky if we sign ONE guy that you’ve heard of.

  • A Brown SS from Mich. Damn you Mich!!
    He is 5’11 211, ran a 4.51 at his proday, but was projected to run a 4.3+.

  • fat kidd

    j russell to be offered position on team as team dietician



  • GG

    It’s gonna be the story all year….Russell #1 all-time bust and the discussion about rookie salaries (Russell a poster boy for bringing it in).





  • r8derman

    Wake up people!!!!! here we are complaining about us drafting DB with our 6 and 7th round picks. It is the 6th and 7th round people. A place where you might get lucky and add a few special teamers. Not exactly the place you find hall of fame DT’s. We did awesome dont rain on our parade, want to be negative go join the ESPN staff. Hell of a job AL!!!!!!!!!

  • VancouverRaider

    Whats with all the Cody Love on here???

    1)He’s only a 2 down player, liability on 3rd down
    2) No pass rush skills
    3) Bigtime weight issues, he could balloon to 350-400lbs at any point, always going to be an issue at training camp
    4)Made no plays behind the line of scrimmage, 1.5 tackles for loss last year
    5) Doesn’t fit our 4-3 scheme

  • Try Some Reality

    Cody has weight and motivation issues. Sound familiar? This team wants no part of that.

  • Try Some Reality

    Ryan Leaf just sent a thank you card to Russell. He is no longer the biggest bust in NFL history.