Boschetti back for another try

Defensive tackle Ryan Boschetti, a defensive tackle thought to have a good chance of making the Raiders roster last season only to be a training camp casualty on the final cut, has signed a contract, according to Raiders.com

Boschetti earned positive reviews from coach Tom Cable when he signed in April of last year. Boschetti played at UCLA when Cable was the Bruins’ offensive coordinator and the coach spoke in glowing terms of Boschetti’s ability to defend the run and play with necessary energy on the defensive line.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • raideredoutL.A.

    i think it was for a 2nd round draft pick

  • the_big_one_of_83

    now who is down for that

  • the_big_one_of_83

    we need a vet WR

  • M Lonetree

    People here write of JLH, DHB, Chaz and Murphy but seldom is anything written considering Jacoby Ford at wideout.
    As well as a kick returner, in the slot the kid could be everything that Nicky “Shin Splints” hasn’t been.

  • DMAC

    kid could be everything that Nicky “I’ll be erady week 16” hasn’t been.

  • the_big_one_of_83

    ford could be good but not a sure fit like nicky but he does have J Cribbs potential

  • the_big_one_of_83

    but he cant play QB like Cribbs from wildcat

  • M Lonetree

    and personally, I would rather see the Raiders attempt to use Jacoby in formations that many of you have mentally slated for McFalldown as a receiver since I have no confidence whatsoever that McFumble won’t just cough up the rock no matter whether he gets it as a hand-off or by air.

  • hello

    you sikfks disgust me