Raiders sign WR


Beat writer Steve Corkran filed the following brief for Wednesday’s papers: Undrafted free agent wide receiver Damola Adeniji signed with the Raiders on Tuesday.
Adeniji, 6-foot-3 and 213 pounds, played for Oregon State. He caught 57 passes for 807 yards and five touchdowns in 2009 for the Beavers, including eight for 106 and one touchdown against Brigham Young in the Maaco Bowl Las Vegas.

We’ll get a look at Adeniji during Wednesday’s open practice at the club’s organized team activity.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    Bynum’s a beast. just getting better every year.

  • RaiderRon

    Jon Ritchie was a 3rd rder?? Who the funk cares?

  • jhill

    D Wade is staying put in Miami and Stoudemire will be joining him.

    LeBron is so up in the air right now.

    Bynum is playing his way to another year on the Lakers in this finals. I don’t think he’ll be available.

  • Thec07

    The Judge Says:
    June 9th, 2010 at 6:41 am
    I see RMR is needing attention again. Hey RMR, instead of psychoanalyzing everyone that thinks you are a buffoon, why don’t you try doing a little self analyzation?

    It used to be how you KNEW that J. Russell would definitely, 100%, no matter what, be the starting QB in 2010. And I let you off easy on that one, I didn’t request that you put your $$ where your mouth was. I just plain out told you that I would send you $100 if J. Russell was the starter in 2010. We all know how that turned out.

    Now you go on and on about the last 7 years and how as long as AL is living, the Raiders will continue to lose AND you state that they will not win more than 5 games in 2010. PLEASE, bet me on this one. I want you to have to pay for your stupidity this time. I want to take $100 from you so badly and it will be so easy. Please bet me $100.

    I will win either way. Either you pay me when you lose and I have the satisfaction of spending the $100 that you sent me for losing the bet OR I get the satisfaction of you welching and proving what a POS you are. Come on, please. Put up or shut up. If you are so certain that the Raiders will not win more than 5 games this season, please, bet me $100.


    Good post Nation Brother…Doubt he will take you up on it. He will make some wormy excuse….

  • RaiderRockstar

    Lebron to LA? The rumor has legs but it is with the Clips not the Lake-boys.


    at least the Clippers wear red, white & blue. not sure why they don’t have many fans if they’re from L.A. too?

    oh yeah, because they don’t win games!

    bandwagon laker fans care to issue a response?

    the Raiders haven’t won the big one since ’83 and we’re all loyal to them right?

    I guess some of you were too afraid to support a losing team, like Kell with the Raiders.

    how many fans supported them before the Lakers acquired Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in ’74?

    I doubt many of you were old enough to remember Wilt Chamberlain or Jerry West …

  • Macho Man Randy Savage Says:
    June 9th, 2010 at 9:20 am
    Bynum’s a beast. just getting better every year.

    Bynum’s game is great…if he was healthy I wouldn’t even consider trading him for Bosh…too bad Bynum’s knees are junk. Hopefully we can fool Toronto into a sign and trade.

  • M Lonetree

    Where’s Raider O?

    Isn’t Damola Adeniji the name of one of the Jinn in “A Thousand and One Nights”?

  • jhill

    KG abused Pau, nothing more to say on that subject.


    Yeah KG was focused last night!

    I’d say the Lakers were more unprepared for that than anything. Pau is still up 2 abuses to 1, lol!

  • RaiderRon


    You just cant stand it when someone calls you out on your BS. You like it when you have the blog to yourself and you can just ramble on and on without anyone shootn ya down.

  • Thec07

    Dakota you wont get a snif at Bosh… The Dr would have to jettison half the team to accomplish. sorry to sa the Lake show is pat….

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    True, seems Bynum has had knee trouble since he was 8 years old. Shame about the knees, cause the kid can play.

  • jhill

    not sure why they don’t have many fans if they’re from L.A. too?


    You’d be surprised. There are A LOT of Clipper fans in LA man. A LOT!

    I love the Clippers!

    That’s our JV squad.

  • Thec07

    New post ladies….

  • # RaiderRon Says:
    June 9th, 2010 at 8:49 am

    Any bum off the street can come in and play FB. When was the last time a FB was drafted in the first or second round for that matter? That fact alone tells you the importance of the position.

    you sound so stupid that Harrera seem like a genius..

    ask any Hall of Famer RB if the FB is a dismissal position… they would say “NOOOO dumbasss, you dont know anything about football”

    A RBs road to the HOF is paved by a FBs work..

    do you know these names.. Tom Rathman, Lorenzo Neal, Darryl Johnston, Mike Alstott, Jim Finn…

    btw Darryl Johnston was drafted in the 2nd round, that was when there were more than 7 rounds…

  • RaiderRockstar

    you’re a bit edgy this morning. Abacus on the fritz?


    M: nice one man!

    no, I hate meetings and I get annoyed easily by stupid people like Ron

    sorry. i’ll try to be nicer

    care for a Lemon flavored shaved ice?

    other flavors are banana & pineapple

  • hwnrdr

    M…I know. Geffen is buying the Clippers? Is that what I heard/read? But there was a rumor that said that IF Lebron were to go to the Lakers…I know that it won’t happen.

  • hwnrdr

    Hey Rockstar…yes, I was around when Lou Alcindor went to the Lakers. Same year I became a Raider fan. I didn’t really become a Laker fan until Magic in ’79 and the first (L.A.)Laker player to beat the Celtics (twice).

  • hwnrdr


  • hwnrdr

    OK…enough about LA…back to Raiders!