Cable reverses field on lead back


On second thought, a Darren McFadden-Michael Bush tandem could be the plan in 2010.

Raiders coach Tom Cable’s postseason stance until Wednesday was he was hoping to identify a lead back which could upgrade a running game which sagged in 2009.


“I think they’re both doing something exciting each day, whether it’s running the ball or pass protecting,” Cable said. “Each one of them has their own strength but they both show up every time we come out here. I actually think their both (No. 1s) and I think it’s a great deal we got going here.”

Bush remained diplomatic saying, “My motto is, `You call it, I’ll haul it,’ so I don’t have a preference as long as I get the ball.” He said he had no idea what the coaches had in store for him but that competition has been stressed.

“We’re two different guys, two different backs, two different players, hopefully they just use us the best we can,” Bush said.

Bush, despite his 240-pound plus payload, chuckles when he is referred to as a power runner, saying, “It’s just me being a bigger guy that makes it seem like that.”

So there’s Bush, the big back who thinks of himself as something else, and McFadden, the supposed breakaway threat who averaged 3.4 yards per carry and has too often gone down too easily.

Asked about the perceived weaknesses in McFadden’s game as a scrimmage runner, Cable acknowledged the Raiders’ top pick in 2008 still has to prove himself in that area.

“I think it’s a mentality thing. I think that we do talk about it,” Cable said. ` I think we’re doing some things (during practice drills) that actually help him a little bit in terms of ball security and having to get down near the ground and keep your balance, those kind of things. But I think he hears it and he’ll do something about it. I believe that.”

Walker has elbow surgery

Neglected to mention earlier today that right tackle Langston Walker missed practice after having elbow surgery which Cable said was not serious.

“(Walker) had some elbow clean-up surgery, taking out some loose bodies, some things like that,” Cable said. “Nothing big, just so we’re ready to go to camp. Felt like it was the right time to do it.”

Erik Pears took the first team snaps at right tackle.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Went to Golf Course: INC


    not happening today.

    And I thought Wal Mart was cheap. Spent damn near $300 on friggin nothing.

    I think I could’ve done better at Toys R Us and Party City!

  • Raider Dell


    Great job spending $300.00. Just think your only $150 from a complete round at pebble.

  • jhill

    Oh, the green fee is not the problem.

    It’s the 5 grand for the room, lol.

  • Raider Dell

    Raider Nation!! Take care

    Off to catch a basketball game in a few.

    Keep the Faith.

  • ANY improvement from DHB this year will be a plus. The few OTA tid bits we get from Jerry, and the other hacks are encouraging. Like what I’m hearing about how Hue is running the Offense…

  • I’m also starting to get a good vibe about the upcoming season, I’m not yet going to claim we’re heading for the SB. But, we can put up 8-8, and with a break or two maybe 9-7 and a wild card shot is possible.

    And, this time we WILL beat those scumbags from Dago!

  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    I´m all for the winning season! but 7 years of hearbreak will make you a skeptic. lets wait and see where we are at the end of September.

  • fat kidd

    McClain will have a chance to be great for us its early but the way he works I think hes the real deal the next Ray Lewis

  • DKnight007

    Goooo LAKERS…u mutha f’ers! haha

    Expect the lame ass refs to call the Lakers on cheap fouls tonight to try and help the old fart tired leg Celtic players win the game.

    Predictable corrupt NBA ref BS!

  • M Lonetree

    Jon Condo says, “Without me SeaBass and Lechler would be Cole Ford and Leo Araguz.”

  • fat kidd

    how come nfl refs never make bad calls?

  • Just Fire Baby

    Yeah I got no beef with Priest, his acumen of all things Raiders is pretty high in here, amongst the top.

    But I will never understand why he went to such lengths and hitched his entire wagon the last year or so on Jamarcus Russell.

  • M Lonetree


    I agreed wholeheartedly with BHP that JaWasn’t had the potential to be the greatest QB ever for the Raiders. When it became apparent that the kid just didn’t give a rat’s azz about being that I personally saw only daggers aimed at that fat lethargic waste. I have no idea why BHP held onto his notions as long as he did when JaBlob showed he was less than zero.

  • fat kidd

    The quarterback controversy for the Oakland Raiders remains a hot topic amongst every Raider fan that bleeds silver and black.

    JaMarcus Russell has all the tools, and yet Bruce Gradkowski has all the desire.

    Going into the 2009 season, many Raiders fans and even the sports media believed that the Raiders had a chance to be competitive or at least give NFL and Raider fans alike something fun to watch.

    Instead, we were subjected to more of the same anemic offense under JaMarcus Russell, until coach Tom Cable benched Russell in favor of Bruce Gradkowski.

    In only a few starts, Gradkowski gave the sports world a reason to believe that the Raiders were close to contention and that coach Cable wasn’t far fetched in claiming that the Raiders would be back to the postseason.

    The Raiders were no longer systemically dysfunctional, as has been the narrative since 2003. And dare I say it that Al Davis could ultimately have the last laugh!!!

  • Priesttj is familiar with the musings of Allen Davis, period.

  • Seymour Bush

    The issue with Jamarcus was not that he didn’t have talent, smarts or didn’t care. The issue with Russell was he was NOT coachable. He would not listen to Kiffin, nor DeFillipo, he would not listen to Hackett, he would not listen to Tollner, he would not listen to Cable and Davis thought he would bring in Hue Jackson to knock some sense into him. When Jackson found out in four minutes he wouldn’t listen to HIM either, the Raiders let him go.

  • M Lonetree


    It is a good thing that NFL refs never blow a call, or collude with the NFL powers that be to make ill-fated decisions, or intentially screw a certain team, or favor certain teams or favor certain players because then the NFL would give advantages to people like Brady and Elway just like MJ got from the NBA… oh… wait a moment…

  • Funny, Russell’s college coaches say he was very coachable.

  • M Lonetree


    32 or 39 million reasons why he changed from being coachable to %$#*@(.

  • M Lonetree

    Are the Black Helicopters circling your house too?

  • M Lonetree

    Do you think the reason the Raiders have had only 6 winning seasons since 1989, is because of NFL conspiracies?

  • The Big Banana

    Russell has character flaws and his family and friends have issues too. He has no dignity whatsoever and it’s clear that folks were making him feel good about himself in his circles.

  • Just Fire Baby


    Priest fought that fight up until the bitter end with Jamarcus.

    Kind of reminded me of that Iraqi general who would claim nothing is going in, while smoke and fire from bombings was right over his shoulder.

  • Banana

    I’ve heard the same thing from a guy who graduated from LSU in 06′

  • the_big_one_of_83



  • Just Fire Baby

    I don’t think Jamarcus realized the amount of work that is required of a NFL QB. I think he thought it would kind of be like college, which it is not, ESPECIALLY for QB’s.

    Once he saw the work required, it became a burden to him. Had a good friend who has hung out with Jamarcus numerous times, says there was always talk amongst Jamarcus and his crew about life after football, owning businessses and doing things, as if football was just getting in the way.

    I hope he still wants to do something good, and who knows maybe he will find a passion in business. Now that he is not our problem, I wish him luck.

  • There’s no more Russell to blame for 29-83 is there? Who else?

  • Nnamdi21

    688. CLEARLY, demonstrably the Raiders have been f’ed over by bad calls and the refs more so than other teams.


    Anyone who says other wise disregards factual evidence.

  • Nnamdi21

    June 10th, 2010 at 6:03 pm
    There’s no more Russell to blame for 29-83 is there? Who else?


    C’mon now KK…

    Russell wasn’t even around for or even played in most of those games.

    Davis is the man responsible for the losses…and the victories we once shared.

  • buckeyeraider

    ‘Sup fellas?
    How’s everybody doing?
    Here’s my take on the NFL imposed OTA penalties: While it’s a shame the Raiders are going to lose the OTA’s, lord knows this young team can use all the reps they can get, there is a silver lining. The Raiders are working hard, and maybe just maybe, regaining a little bit of their former nastiness and physicality.

    Especially Lammar Houston. He sounds like a surly rascal. I think it might have been newly acquired running back Rock Cartright who complained to the players union. Seems like Jerry mentioned him taking exception to Houston slamming him to the ground during a “noncontact” drill. Just my opinion.

  • Thec07


  • Nnamdi21

    681. Hows it brutha? Hope you’re having a good night.

    Could be Rock, could be Satele could be Randy Hanson…

    Whoever it is I hope they ship them the f out. Unless it was J. Campbell…

  • Nnamdi21

    Off to get some pizza and pick up the stepper!

    Peace owt and enjoy the evening Raider Nation!~

  • fat kidd

    Nnamdi21 Says:
    June 10th, 2010 at 6:30 pm
    681. Hows it brutha? Hope you’re having a good night.

    Could be Rock, could be Satele could be Randy Hanson…

    Whoever it is I hope they ship them the f out. Unless it was J. Campbell…

    …………………………could be a sports reporter/nfl writer allowed at ota

  • fat kidd

    Nnamdi21 Says:
    June 10th, 2010 at 6:03 pm
    There’s no more Russell to blame for 29-83 is there? Who else?

    ……………………………after investigating the crime scene of the 29-83 some DNA was found ,after getting hair and skin samples ,the following people are cleared of any wrong doing AL DAVIS,JON GRUDEN,TOM CABLE,HUE JACKSON

  • buckeyeraider

    Read the previous thread before I logged on. Just wnted to throw my two cents in. Love Tarentino. Pulp Fiction is probably my favorite movie. I like the dialogue in his movies. One of my favorite scenes in Reservoir Dogs is the opening where they’re just sitting around at breakfast talking about tipping the Waitresses.
    Kubrick also. Love Full Metal Jacket. The first half of that movie, the boot camp with R. Lee Ermey. Classic.

    One I don’t think any body mentioned is Dr. Strangelove. George C. Scott in the War Room with the Big Board. Peter Sellers playing multiple roles including the German scientist with the reflexive Zieg Heils. Very funny movie.

  • CHT13

    we’ll see what happens this year. at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I think jc has alot to prove and it would be nice to see shanahan floundering after mcbust goes down with another injury and jc brings us back to respectability.