Raiders sign Walter McFadden


The Raiders announced the signing of cornerback Walter McFadden on their Twitter account Monday, as well as on Raiders.com

A fifth-round draft pick out of Auburn (No. 138 overall), McFadden will be given a chance to win a job as a nickel back, according to coach Tom Cable.

McFadden is the third draft pick to sign, following third-round pick Jared Veldheer and fourth-rounder Bruce Campbell, both offensive linemen.

According to a source familiar with defensive lineman Lamarr Houston, contract talks are expected to begin this week.

Others in the draft class include middle linebacker Rolando McClain (first round, eighth overall), wide receiver Jacoby Ford (fourth round, No. 108), linebacker Travis Goethel (sixth round, No. 190), cornerback Jeremy Ware (seventh, No. 215) and safety Stevie Brown (seventh, No. 215).

The Raiders historically are one of the NFL’s better teams at getting players signed and in to camp on time, with you-know-who the notable exception.

Last year’s top pick, wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, missed the first practice but was good to go for the afternoon session.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • J Wiggle

    You can call it what you want to RRS, but the point is Routt should NEVER cover the slot WR. If CJ is the #3 corner as I prefer to call it, CJ needs to move to the slot and Routt needs to be on the outside.

  • J Wiggle

    * if Routt is the # 3 corner that is ….

  • fat kidd

    RaiderRockstar Says:
    July 13th, 2010 at 12:55 pm
    Prine reports that police did not interview the golfers. (There also presumably was no Porky’s-style line up.)



    hey fatty, how many times have you heard your girl say “tie it in a knot PeeWee!” ???

    …………………………………..my girl is mad at me cause i wont talk basketball like her gay freinds do.

  • DKnight007

    RaiderRockstar Says:
    July 13th, 2010 at 12:58 pm
    Raja Bell should go to Miami so he can punk Kobe Bryant some more and earn a ring doing it, this time …

    Ooops another bandwagon Miami fan now huh?


  • DKnight007

    Azbuke, Randolph, Morrow and Turiaf GONE for an overpaid David Lee and some scrub Wright??


    “Genius” moves! hahahaha….yeah riiiiiight!

    Terrible! Hooooorrrible! LOL

  • RaiderRockstar

    Johnson > Routt the past 2 years. before that it was MeAngelo Hall for 8 games. before that it was Fabian Washington for 3 years

    It’s not like Routt is a good player thats waiting in line behind a guy like Asomugha, Revis or Bailey.

    he sucks. CJ37 will start opposite N21 (AGAIN).

    Routt shouldn’t be on the field PERIOD – in any capacity. resign Michael Waddell, it would be much cheaper. after we cut him he’ll join JaWalrus in the UFL

  • J Wiggle

    PG – LeBron
    SG – D Wade
    SF – Mike Miller
    PF – Bosh
    C – Ilgauskus


    Joel Anthony

    That’s the best lineup I see for them …

  • fat kidd

    see what i mean!!!!!

  • RaiderRockstar

    new post!