Camp questions: Is Campbell the answer?


Eleventh in a series analyzing Raiders issues and questions heading into training camp with players reporting Tuesday and the first practice on Thursday:

Is Jason Campbell the answer for the Raiders at quarterback?

Oakland is a tough town for quarterbacks.

The only one who got a free pass was the beloved Ken Stabler. When Stabler was the backup, Daryle Lamonica was booed so fiercely the Raiders began introducing their defense for home games. Fans cheered for backup Jim Plunkett even as Dan Pastorini twisted on the ground in pain with a broken leg.

Kerry Collins once stood at the line of scrimmage and urged the home fans to “bring it on.” Josh McCown seemed surprised he was disliked so quickly. Rich Gannon delivered three straight division titles and an AFC title and in some circles was barely tolerated before being Public Enemy No. 1 after throwing five interceptions in the Super Bowl.

Campbell is about to begin a honeymoon period unlike any other Raiders quarterback for obvious reasons. He replaced JaMarcus Russell, who in his short time in Oakland may be the most unpopular player among the home fans in the history of the franchise.

Simply because he’s not Russell, Campbell will be given the benefit of the doubt and initially will be a fan favorite. That’ll last as long as it takes for him to fumble a snap or force one into coverage for an interception during the preseason.

Campbell has been programmed and reprogramed virtually every season, his career a revolving door of offensive coordinators and systems dating back to his days at Auburn.

Considering the constant change, Campbell’s touchdown pass-to-interception ratio (55-to-38) is pretty good, with his worst quality being that he’s taken too many sacks (81 in the past two seasons).

Campbell has been through so much change it’s impossible to know at this point how good he is. He’s in a situation similar to Alex Smith across the bay, someone who you would like to see in a system for more than a year before determining whether he can win in the NFL.

Almost everything in the offseason was encouraging. Campbell flew to Oakland immediately upon being traded, meeting with new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson and immersing himself in another new system.

During minicamps and organized team activities, although coach Tom Cable proclaimed the position a “competition,” Campbell got most of the work (Bruce Gradkowski was out with a torn pectoral muscle) and was immediate upgrade over Russell.

From what I’d seen of Campbell with Washington, and looking at his sack numbers, he was more mobile and athletic than I’d anticipated. Without going into specifics (one of those unwritten rules about watching practice), Jackson has some interesting ideas which include getting Campbell on the perimeter. He’ not a stationary dropback passer along the lines of Kerry Collins.

There was a push in some circles for the Raiders to get Donovan McNabb from Washington, but Campbell is much younger and hasn’t had the benefit of being in the same system as McNabb was. Acquiring him for a fourth-round pick after McNabb went to Washington could deflect some of the grief Davis is getting for insisting Russell was “great.”

The Raiders finished 10th in the NFL in passing in 2005 with 21 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions _ not sensational, but not embarrassing either. From 2006 through 2009, the Raiders were 31st, 31st, 32nd and 29th in passing offense with 47 touchdown passes, 73 interceptions and a staggering 201 sacks allowed in 64 games.

Can Campbell help?

How can he not?

Whether Campbell can be more than a temporary solution will begin to play itself out starting Thursday.

For now, he’s not Russell, and that’s enough.

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Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • the ROG is ready for 2010

    aig Says:
    July 24th, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    I think people expecting JC to be a leader like Gannon will be sorely disappointed. However, I dont think this guy is another Aaron Brooks either. Will he lead us back to 8-8…very possible.

    Gannon just like JC have zero rings…….screw Rich Gannon and that chump dink and dunk offense. You see when stout defenses got a hold of Gannon his true colors showed

  • the ROG is ready for 2010

    See ya guys….TRAINING CAMP soon

  • EMRaiders

    So here’s my crystal ball’s prediction for our team, done by player:

    J.Campbell – should have a decent season, I’m guessing 2800-3200 pass yds, 150-200 rush yds, 22-27 pass TDs, 8-10 ints, and 2 rush TDs.

    M.Bush – 700-800 rush yds, 150-200 rec yds, 5-6 rush TDs 2-3 rec TDs.

    D.McFadden – 400-550 rush yds, 350-400 rec yds, 4-5 rush TDs, 4-5 rec TDs.

    DHB – 450-500 rec yds, 40-50 recps. 4-5 rec TDs.

    Chaz – 400-500 rec yds, 35-45 recps, 4-5 rec TDs.

    L.Murphy – 550-650 rec yds, 55-65 recps, 5-6 rec TDs.

    Z.Miller – 650-750 rec yds, 75-85 recps, 5-6 TDs.

    B.Myers – 150-200 rec yds, 15-20 recps, maybe 1 TD.

    Higgins – 150-200 rec yds, maybe 1 TD.

    J.Ford – 150-200 rec yds, 15-25 recps.

    ON Defense because it’s too hard to guesstimate individual stats, I’m just doing it as a team. I’m guessing 8-10 ints, and about 20-25 sacks. Top 16 both pass and rush D.

    What’s going to get us to an 8-8 mark will be our special teams:

    Polish sausage – 130-150 points. We will win a lot of games because of this guy hitting the 40+ yarders all the time. I believe our offense will be improved enough that we will at least get into the 35 yd line of the opposite team a lot more than any of the past 6 years.

    Crazy Legs Lechler – Well, you know the story on this guy. Pins the opposition deep on their field 98% of the time. With a much improved run D (hopefully) and our pretty decent pass D, we should be able to get to 8-8 with no problem.

    Here’s a bummer, McClain will have growing pains. He will struggle at times – hence the top 16 rankings and not top 10.

    I know this is all a bit on the “glass half full” mentality, but why not, training camp hasn’t even started yet. I will have another revised guesstimate right before the season starts, after pre-season.

    I could be 100% wrong on all of this, but there’s no reason to be aim for the sky at this point.

    As always, GO RAIDERS!

  • M Lonetree

    Dogging JCamp for his days in Wash is like idolizing DMc for his days in Pigland. Scheme and surroundings answer for much success and failure.
    Joe and Zorn and whoever plus a beatdown O-line didn’t help JCamp in Wash, the more narrowly construed (and elevated?) hash marks in the NFL have tripped up Mr. Hog in the NFL.
    Expect a Campbell to wear the cheers, and a McFadden (Walter) to wear then as well.

  • this blog has been a pleasure to reaad the past few days…

    i think this defense si going to be very very good…

    we got the DTs we needed…

    we got real linebackers…

    we got a real QB…

    and M Bush is gonna start…

    i’m loving it…

    let’s play some football…

  • buckeyeraider

    Amen to that Pete.
    The pads should start cracking next week.
    Jerry’s gonna keep us updated, and I can’t wait.

    This season can’t get here fast enough.
    I get the sneaking suspicion it’s gonna be fun!

  • fat kidd

    Vikings give Bienemy raise, new title to keep him from USC
    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on July 24, 2010 7:42 PM ET
    It turns out that Kennedy Pola wasn’t Lane Kiffin’s first choice to become offensive coordinator at USC. (Although we doubt Pola was the sixth choice, like Kiffin was for the head coaching job.)

    Vikings coach Brad Childress told Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that Vikings running back coach Eric Bienemy was given a raise and the title of assistant head coach to help prevent him from jumping ship to Lane Kiffin’s staff.

    Childress said earlier this week Bienemy is the best running back coach in the league that has a bright future in the league.

    “You’re talking about giant money and it costs giant money to live [in Southern California]. It was extremely appealing and maybe you become a head coach in college,” Childress said Saturday. “But I think he has the ability to be a head coach at this level. He’s a tremendous teacher.”

    The Vikings backed up Childress’ words with action, and successfully kept a quality coach. (Which wound up indirectly pissing Jeff Fisher off.)

  • buckeyeraider

    I wish I would’ve seen the NFL replay of Wash vs. the Saints you were talking about awhile ago. I’ve had Sunday ticket for 12 years and watch a ton of football. But I don’t have much of an opinion on Campbell one way or another. Can’t say I’ve ever paid that much attention to him, to be honest.

    I don’t even remember much about him from the game last year. It was a very competitive 1st half. The second half seemed to deteroriate into an avalanche of sacks of Russell by Orakpo and co.

    As far as Campbell, he beat MM34 with a nice pass to Cooley. Mitchell returned the favor and thumped him pretty good on a sack. Other than that I can’t remember if he played well,poor or mediocre. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

    I kinda wished I’d payed more attention to wash. Sounds like he is doing everything right since his trade to Oakland, though.

  • fat kidd

    Lane Kiffin poorly tries to explain poaching Fisher’s coach
    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on July 24, 2010 6:44 PM ET
    Jeff Fisher ripped Lane Kiffin earlier Saturday for a lack of professionalism while hiring away Kennedy Pola from the Titans.

    In typical fashion, Kiffin has responded with an empty statement.

    “We reached out to Kennedy Pola [on Friday] to gauge whether he had any possible interest in returning to USC before we moved forward with the process,” Kiffin said.

    “Kennedy said he would think about it and get back to us today. Once Kennedy did call back earlier today, out of my great respect for Coach Fisher I immediately reached out to Coach to make him aware of the situation. I have spoken with Coach Fisher and he now has an accurate understanding of the timeline of events,” Kiffin said.

    Luckily, we found our Kiffin translator gathering dust in the garage. It spit this out:

    “Everyone knows I’ve been trying to hire Kennedy Pola for more than a month. Heck, Kennedy basically listed his job requirements on the record. Hopefully, this statement will satisfy the brain dead portion of the USC fans out there. But really, who cares? Fisher already knows I’m a weasel and I got what I wanted

  • Glutten for Punishment

    hes not the chosen one but he will make us better. thats what i want, a competitive team each n every sunday…. win or lose.

  • Raider guy

    Can Cable coach us to a 9 – 7 10 – 6 type season?

  • buckeyeraider

    One other thing I left out in my earlier rant about young Lance. The lil biothch has to bring his daddy with him everywhere he goes, to do the heavy lifting.

  • Glutten for Punishment

    the ROG is ready for 2010 Says:
    July 24th, 2010 at 4:21 pm
    aig Says:
    July 24th, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    I think people expecting JC to be a leader like Gannon will be sorely disappointed. However, I dont think this guy is another Aaron Brooks either. Will he lead us back to 8-8…very possible.

    Gannon just like JC have zero rings…….screw Rich Gannon and that chump dink and dunk offense. You see when stout defenses got a hold of Gannon his true colors showed
    i agree some BUT at least we were winning games and not getting blown out!

  • Raider guy

    I watched that wash saints game. Campbell was awesome. I am not expecting Rich Gannon. More Jeff Hostetler who did well enough for us to get into the playoffs each year…until they hired that bone head walsh to be oc the first time.

  • i hated walsh…

    everyone on the planet knew what play was going to be called next…

    he was pathetic…

  • Raider guy

    AS a matter of fact, hos lead us to an 8 – 2 start and when he got hurt against Dallas, the wheels came off. Does anyone remember that year? Mike White? Vince Evans platooning with billy joe Hobert in the last game against Denver?

  • Raider guy

    That was when 8 – 8 was a dissappointment not a goal

  • JLofty

    Jason has ALREADY proven to be a motivated, professional, efficient, and athletic quarterback.
    He will get a chance to be such in S&B.
    His success depends on 3 things (no partic order):
    1. Can Cable and Mitzelcheck build a decent OL. Remains to be seen and is the key to our whole season IMO.
    2. Can the young receiving crew step up and be good or better? I say if Chaz can stay healthy he can DOMINATE. Murphy seems studly and DHB has the gift (his body) and the ethic so I like his chances.
    3. Can Hue UOP Jackson design a kick @$$ O? I seen him back in Stocktown at Stagg and I believe he can.

  • Glutten for Punishment

    Raider guy Says:
    July 24th, 2010 at 7:15 pm
    AS a matter of fact, hos lead us to an 8 – 2 start and when he got hurt against Dallas, the wheels came off. Does anyone remember that year? Mike White? Vince Evans platooning with billy joe Hobert in the last game against Denver?
    i stopped sucking my thumb after that year just last month. THANX MAN!!!! LOL

  • fat kidd

    our defense could be a WMD

  • Glutten for Punishment

    its funny how AD goes against what works. A great HC and Good QB, he never seems to get them unless by accident.LOL…… i cant believe all the years that we had absolute CRAP for QBs. i was so pissed we didnt even call drew brees. i was hoping soooo bad.

  • buckeyeraider

    I don’t know if Al goes against what works with regards to HC and QB. In fact Al’s record with that is pretty good. (It just doesn’t seem like it after these last seven years). Al actually has a pretty good track record of identifying bright young coaches with a passion for pro football.

    He hired Madden. John himself said he was a nobody. An overweight, red headed freckle facedd lb coach in high top cleats with a whistle around his neck. But Al saw something in him. Same with Flores, Shannahan, and Gruden. He had even reached a deal with Sean Payton, before he was talked out of it.

    Now he might not be an easy man to work for. He doesn’t like to pay his coaches well. Very demanding. Doesn’t like to relenquish control, meddlesome etc.

    I don’t think Al stumbles across great Head Coaches by accident. He has an eye for talent.

  • buckeyeraider

    As he’s gotten older and seemingly more bitter, and his last championship fades into distant memory, he’s grown less and less patient with his coaches. The constant turnover and instability at HC is the biggest reason for this seven year drought,IMO. But, it wasn’t always like that.

    And it ends this year,btw.

  • fat kidd

    Former NBA Player Lorenzen Wright Reported Missing15
    Say Something »

    7/24/2010 1:45 PM ET By Matt Moore

    PrintAText SizeEmailMore

    Matt Moore
    NBA Blogger
    Former NBA player Lorenzen Wright has been reported missing by his family after disappearing last Sunday. Wright was last seen in Memphis before he was to board a flight out of town, according to his sister.

    Wright played college ball at the University of Memphis and was the No. 7 pick in the 1996 NBA draft by the Los Angeles Clippers. He played 13 years in the NBA, including five with his hometown Memphis Grizzlies, before finishing his career with a brief stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2008-09.

    According to WREG TV in Memphis, police do not suspect foul play, although his family is extremely worried. Despite earning $55 million over his NBA career, Wright has had financial difficulties, and his house was foreclosed upon last May. He has a history of charitable work in the communities he’s played in.

    Marcus Hunter, a sports reporter for WHBQ Fox 13 in Memphis, posted a heartbreaking plea from Wright’s mother to her son on TwitVid, urging Wright to contact his family:

  • aig

    ROG and SnB,

    How in the hell can you blast Morrison in one line and praise Campbell in another? They are one and the same. They both got good stats but that didnt help their teams getting W’s. As a matter of fact, Morrison is JC. They both play the leadership position on D and O. Both got good stats last yeaer. Both played on teams that went 4 or 5 wins.

    I suggest you 2 lovebirds get a better argument. I’m punching holes all over your argument here.

  • fat kidd

    Dwight Gooden Reportedly Deserts Family
    7/24/2010 11:01 AM ET By FanHouse Staff
    Dwight Gooden, the former New York Mets and Yankees star, has abandoned his family and turned into a deadbeat dad, says his wife, Monique, according to a New York Post report.
    Monique Gooden told the paper she has not seen Gooden since June 22. She said the former ace, who has been plagued by substance abuse problems for decades, left the her and their children — 5-year-old old son Dylan and 4-month-old daughter Milan — surviving on public assistance and food stamps.
    “He’s left us with no money,” Monique Gooden told the Post. “When I got here to Maryland, I had to go apply for social services, food stamps and health insurance for the kids. He has offered no financial assistance to us.”
    Monique Gooden says the 1984 National League Rookie of the Year had been holed up in a hotel somewhere in New Jersey back in May.
    The couple wed in January 2009, but Monique claims they haven’t lived together since May 1, according to the report.
    “You know what, right now I’m so stressed, I’ve been so stressed that every day has been a struggle for me,” she told the paper. “I just want support for the kids at this time . . . I just want to take care of them.”
    Monique told The Post her husband’s latest downward spiral began March 23 when he crashed into another car while allegedly driving under the influence of drugs with his son in the car.
    The Mets are scheduled to honor the 45-year-old four-time All-Star — who retired in 2001 — as one of four inductees into the team’s Hall of Fame next weekend

  • buckeyeraider

    And franchise type, great QB’s don’t grow on trees, obviously. How long did Pittsburgh, one of the NFL’s most stable franchises struggle to find the heir apparent to Bradshaw? 20 years?
    The Bengals are hoping the 3rd times a charm with high 1st rd Qb’s. Klingler and Akili Smith bombed. I guess the jury is still out on Palmer. Cleveland, Detroit same thing.

    I guess the Colts hit the lottery with Peyton. They were the dregs of NFL society. 10 years of Manning, and they’re the model franchise.

    Al has tried to draft em, Marijuanavich and JaPurple. Tui. Free agents with varying degrees of success. Hit on Gannon and Hoss(and hopefully Campbell) and missed on others.

    I agree with you on Brees, though. I was hoping they were going to grab him from their division rival, also.

    What might have been, huh? Brees and Payton reviving the Raiders instead of down and out New Orleans.

  • buckeyeraider

    G’night fellas.

  • aig

    fcking LMN,

    I saw this post on PFT….LMN is so in lust with Lame Kitten.

    La Milicia Negra says:
    July 24, 2010 7:07 PM
    Lane Kiffin Rules!!!1 He is the best coach since the existence of the AFL… Why should we care about dear Fisher got his feelings hurt, ? I certainly couldn’t care less. Lane got what he wanted and so what? isn’t that what you want in a coach? The sad part here is that he is wasted on a College team..

  • fat kidd

    Camp Battles to Watch for the Raiders


    Darren McFadden v Michael Bush

    This is a very important battle for the offense. McFadden needs to become the stud that they drafted, he has the ability to be a Top 10 RB in the league. If Bush wins the starting job, I see McFadden becoming a weapon like Reggie Bush, used all over the field and a threat, but not the star.

    Sleeper…Michael Bennett. Steady player, if Bush gets the start, do not be suprised Bennett shares the carries with him and even the goal line attempts.

    Tyvon Branch v Mike Mitchell v Michael Huff v Hiram Eugene

    Only 2 will start of these interchangeable safeties, but will any of them capitalize on a possible stronger rush by the D line and get turnovers?

    Sleeper…loser of the Chris Johnson and Stanford Routt CB battle. Might lose their job to Walter McFadden

    Chaz Schilens v Louis Murphy v Darrius Heyward-Bey

    All 3 have received offseason buzz and will receive plenty of opportunities in 3 WR sets. 2 of them need to become studs to complement Zach Miller and McFadden out of the backfield.

    Sleeper…Jacoby Ford. He will be given shots in the return game, he could be the deep threat if Heyward-Bey has another bad year.

    Mario Henderson v Jared Veldheer

    If Veldheer has a great camp, expect him to win this job. After many tries to fill this position, Veldheer seems to be the long-term answer. If Henderson wins the job, it does not bode well for line protection.

    Sleeper…Bruce Campbell. That is why it would have made sense for the Raiders to go after Shawn Andrews. He would have been a great pick up given Campbell time to ajust to his new position

    Bruce Gradkowski v Jason Campbell

    Campbell will win the job, he provides the accuracy and deep throws that are needed for this offense. Do not, though, sleep on Gradkowski. While he has had an unspectacular career, he did win over the locker room and they will fight for him. If Campbell struggles, Gradkowski will be given the shot.

    Sleeper…Kyle Boller. Only because his gorgeous wife, Carrie Prejean, would then be more often at the game and TV!!!

  • # aig Says:
    July 24th, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    fcking LMN,

    I saw this post on PFT….LMN is so in lust with Lame Kitten.

    La Milicia Negra says:
    July 24, 2010 7:07 PM
    Lane Kiffin Rules!!!1 He is the best coach since the existence of the AFL… Why should we care about dear Fisher got his feelings hurt, ? I certainly couldn’t care less. Lane got what he wanted and so what? isn’t that what you want in a coach? The sad part here is that he is wasted on a College team..

    well Fisher cries to the media, booohoooo, Kiffin gets the man he wants… USC will have the best run-game in college history, thats for sure, be prepared for a USC RB to be picked in 1st round the next 4 years..

  • mcdaddy couldn’t carry Bush’s jockstrap…

    let alone compete for the starting rb position…

    only if it’s gamed does mctiptoes get to start…

  • Violent Hands


    # Name Pos. Ht Wt Age College Comment
    8 JASON CAMPBELL QB 6-5 230 28 Auburn Couldn’t have smaller shoes to fill
    5 Bruce Gradkowski QB 6-1 220 27 Toledo Led shocking win at Pittsburgh last season
    7 Kyle Boller QB 6-3 220 28 Cal Has never harnessed strong arm
    3 Charlie Frye QB 6-4 220 28 Akron Must beat out Boller for No. 3 job
    Running backs

    # Name Pos. Ht Wt Age College Comment
    29 MICHAEL BUSH RB 6-1 245 25 Louisville 4.5 yards per carry last year
    44 LUKE LAWTON FB 6-0 240 29 McNeese St. Out two games for performance enhancers
    20 Darren McFadden RB 6-2 210 22 Arkansas Needs to break some tackles to split carries
    25 Rock Cartwright RB 5-8 215 30 Kansas St. A Redskin with Campbell last year
    32 Michael Bennett RB 5-9 205 31 Wisconsin Still has a little burst left in tank
    45 Marcel Reece RB 6-3 240 24 Washington Team tried him at FB, TE, WR.
    41 Manase Tonga FB 5-11 245 26 BYU Pride of San Mateo’s Aragon High has shot
    40 Chane Moline FB 6-0 250 23 UCLA Three TDs vs. Wash. St. last year

    # Name Pos. Ht Wt Age College Comment
    81 CHAZ SCHILENS WR 6-4 225 24 S.D. St. Must show he can stay healthy
    85 D. HEYWARD-BEY WR 6-2 210 23 Maryland Worked hard to put rookie year behind him
    18 Louis Murphy WR 6-2 200 23 Florida Surprise big-play receiver last season
    10 Shaun Bodiford WR 5-11 185 28 Portland St. Five teams in five years
    12 Jacoby Ford WR 5-9 185 22 Clemson Needed to take over kick-return duties
    13 Yamon Figurs WR 5-11 185 28 Kansas St. All way back from ACL tear?
    15 Johnnie Lee Higgins WR 5-11 185 26 UTEP Struggled mightily last season
    16 Paul Hubbard WR 6-2 225 25 Wisconsin Trying to shed “track guy” label
    17 Jonathan Holland WR 6-1 195 25 La. Tech Tried at cornerback, too
    19 Todd Watkins WR 6-3 195 27 BYU Career-high eight catches last year
    84 Damola Adeniji WR 6-3 215 23 Oregon St. Taking flyer on this raw kid
    89 Nick Miller WR 5-9 180 23 So. Utah Taking up space
    Tight ends

    # Name Pos. Ht Wt Age College Comment
    80 ZACH MILLER TE 6-5 255 24 Arizona St. Led team in receiving last three years
    82 John Owens TE 6-3 255 30 Notre Dame Ex-Seahawks reserve a longshot
    83 Brandon Myers TE 6-4 250 24 Iowa Made some plays on special teams
    86 Tony Stewart TE 6-5 260 30 Penn State Strong locker-room presence
    Offensive line

    # Name Pos. Ht Wt Age College Comment
    75 MARIO HENDERSON LT 6-7 300 25 Florida St. Calls Cable a father figure
    76 ROBERT GALLERY LG 6-7 325 29 Iowa Back surgery in rear window
    64 SAMSON SATELE C 6-3 300 25 Hawaii Will welcome less zone blocking
    66 COOPER CARLISLE RG 6-5 295 32 Florida Needs bounce-back season
    70 LANGSTON WALKER RT 6-8 360 30 Cal Down to a svelte 360
    51 Chris Morris C 6-4 305 27 Michigan St. Can back up guard spots, too
    60 Daniel Loper G 6-6 320 28 Texas Tech Played 40 games for Titans
    61 Allen Smith G 6-4 300 24 Stanford Lots of knee trouble on Farm
    63 Brandon Rodd G 6-4 305 24 Arizona St. Also played for Bills
    65 Alex Parsons G 6-4 300 22 USC Some fans hope he can push Carlisle
    68 Jared Veldheer T 6-8 315 23 Hillsdale Allowed one sack whole college career
    69 Khalif Barnes G/T 6-5 325 28 Washington Moved to guard in summer
    72 Erik Pears T 6-8 305 28 Colorado St. Looks lost in shuffle
    74 Bruce Campbell G/T 6-6 315 22 Maryland Workout warrior will be brought along slowly
    Defensive line

    # Name Pos. Ht Wt Age College Comment
    92 RICHARD SEYMOUR DE 6-6 310 30 Georgia Gets full training camp with team this year
    79 JOHN HENDERSON DT 6-7 335 31 Tennessee How much does run-stopper have left?
    93 TOMMY KELLY DT 6-6 300 29 Miss. State Club might wish it hadn’t shown him money
    77 MATT SHAUGHNESSY DE 6-5 270 23 Wisconsin One of several promising youngsters
    67 Kellen Heard DT 6-6 355 24 Memphis He’s big … that’s it
    71 Alex Daniels DE 6-4 260 23 Cincinnati Rebounded from legal issues in college
    73 Ryan Boschetti DT 6-4 310 28 UCLA Club re-signed him after UFL stint
    78 Chris Cooper DT 6-5 285 32 Neb.-Omaha “Baby Howie” not long on impact
    90 Desmond Bryant DT 6-5 290 24 Harvard Nice surprise last season
    94 William Joseph DT 6-5 310 30 Miami Released twice last season
    97 Greyson Gunheim DE 6-5 265 24 Washington Needs a huge camp to make team
    98 Jay Richardson DE 6-6 280 26 Ohio State Is this year he puts it all together?
    99 Lamarr Houston DE 6-3 305 23 Texas Expecting big things out of former tackle

    # Name Pos. Ht Wt Age College Comment
    96 KAMERION WIMBLEY OLB 6-4 255 26 Florida St. Meet new strong-side pass rusher
    55 ROLANDO McCLAIN ILB 6-3 255 21 Alabama No pressure, just stop the run
    91 TREVOR SCOTT OLB 6-5 255 25 Buffalo Can former DE cover RBs, TEs?
    48 Travis Goethel ILB 6-2 240 22 Arizona St. Special teams will determine fate
    52 Quentin Groves OLB 6-3 265 26 Auburn Another pass-rusher looking for fresh start
    53 Thomas Howard OLB 6-3 240 26 UTEP Four-year starter will play on passing downs
    54 Sam Williams OLB 6-5 260 29 Fresno St. Vet seems to hang on every year
    56 David Nixon LB 6-3 235 25 BYU Practice squad last season
    57 Ricky Brown ILB 6-2 235 26 Boston Col. Couldn’t have enjoyed draft day
    58 Slade Norris LB 6-3 245 24 Oregon St. Cool name
    Defensive backs

    # Name Pos. Ht Wt Age College Comment
    21 NNAMDI ASOMUGHA CB 6-2 210 29 Cal Nobody ever throws his direction
    33 TYVON BRANCH S 6-0 205 23 Connecticut Led NFL DBs in tackles
    24 MICHAEL HUFF S 6-1 205 27 Texas Former No. 1 pick is a survivor
    37 CHRIS JOHNSON CB 6-1 200 30 Louisville Picked on but pretty solid
    22 Walter McFadden CB 5-10 180 23 Auburn Scouts think he’s a sleeper
    23 Jeremy Ware CB 5-10 185 23 Michigan St. He’s special, as in special teams
    26 Stanford Routt CB 6-1 195 26 Houston Somebody upstairs likes speedster
    27 Stevie Brown S 5-11 215 23 Michigan Played LB last year in college
    28 Joe Porter DB 5-10 205 24 Rutgers Former track star in right place
    30 Jerome Boyd S 6-2 225 24 Oregon Was linebacker for Ducks
    31 Hiram Eugene S 6-2 200 29 La. Tech Lost free safety job last year
    34 Mike Mitchell S 6-1 220 23 Ohio Hard hitter says he’s finally healthy
    36 Joey Thomas CB 6-1 190 29 Montana St. Has been a long-term project

    # Name Pos. Ht Wt Age College Comment
    11 S. JANIKOWSKI K 6-2 250 32 Florida St. Shortest miss was 45 yards
    9 SHANE LECHLER P 6-2 225 33 Texas A&M Averaged 51.1 yards per punt
    1 Swayze Waters K 5-11 180 23 UAB Parents big fans of “Roadhouse”
    59 Jon Condo LS 6-3 250 28 Maryland Pro Bowler, baby

  • Just Fire Baby

    the ROG is ready for 2010 Says:
    July 24th, 2010 at 4:06 pm
    # Just Fire Baby Says:
    July 24th, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    Anyone who thinks JC played with less talent in Washington is crazy.

    Santana Moss and Randle-El are legit NFL WR’s, Moss has made a pro Bowl. He played with Cooley for years, another pro Bowl.

    The defense is great, top 10 almost every year he was there, and was once the #2 ranked D. O-line was not very good, but find one place that doesn’t say we have THE worst line.

    Campbell is going to have to do more with less. I hope he is at in him

    VR i like you but now your obsession with Gradkowski is clouding all logic. The guy is not good at all. Never has and never will be. Noodle armed and is a runt! Get over it man. Do you not wanna see this team be able to beat the top notch teams when January rolls around? I’m sure you do and we have a way better shot with Campbell there than Gradkowski’s sorry ass. Please stop this…its embarrassing my friend


    I wasn’t talking about Bruce at all, just pointing out what JC is up against.

    I never seen a 20-32 QB coming off a 4-12 year get such a free pass before.

  • Just Fire Baby

    the ROG is ready for 2010 Says:
    July 24th, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    Pro Bowl NT of the Dallas Cowboys Jay Ratliff got on NFLN and said JC was most underrated QB in NFL and he was glad he was gone.


    LMAO!!! Why did you leave out the next sentence he said.

    They went to Auburn together.

    JC scored 6 points against Dallas in two games last year, and I don’t think he ever beat Dallas.

  • Campbell is no Southwick

  • Florida Pete Says:
    July 25th, 2010 at 6:01 am
    mcdaddy couldn’t carry Bush’s jockstrap…

    let alone compete for the starting rb position…

    only if it’s gamed does mctiptoes get to start…


    Cogent. Lucid. Depressing.

  • M Lonetree


    no worries sir. there’s a permanent place readied for McFumble outside of a Hot Springs, SD pawn shop where he stand through heat and sleet like a cigar store figurine with a football superglued to his hand and an iron framework that’ll hold him always upright. problem solved.

  • aig


    You think Kitten is the best coach since the AFL? Seriously? What is it that makes you like Lame Kitten so much? She has never won anything at the college nor nfl level. Last year she had Bryce Brown as the number RB in the country coming to her in Tenn. He didnt do anything either. Hardesty was the guy that stood out and he was from the prev roster. This year they got a kid that was already on Carroll’s roster. Do you really think SC will do anything special with all these sanctions for the next 4 years?

    Here is what I think will happen. SC will suck for the next 2 years. Kitten will be fired again. Then he will blame it on Carroll. But this time, Kitten will not get another job. He’s exposed now and he’s done. Take that to the bank.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Raiders have been better record wise since Kiffin left.

    I will guarantee you that the Vols will do better this year than last year.

    Kiffin = a great salesmen of himself, and a below-average coach.

  • MiamiBornRaider86


  • MiamiBornRaider86

    i am sooooo skeptical on S.Routt!! >:O!
    i have seen him disappoint year after year.. and yea i know he’s a speedster that can keep up wit most Slot WR but his ball skills are still raw, and he’s been in the league forever now. that shoulda been a transition problem on his first couple of seasons, not now that he’s a solid Vet…
    i kinda wanna see C.Johnson at Nickel, and Nmandi also.

  • mistic1

    Campbell is a great player that has gotten a raw deal. Im looking forward to watching him and the young receivers mature in jacksons system together over the next few years. Im sure they will be decent this year but year two and three will see huge improvements as the chemistry will be to the point where they will be able to know what each other will do on every play and in any situation. Campbell has super star talent and only needs a fair shot to showcase what he can do when he is comfortable. Also he has never had the type of explosive weapons that he has here in oakland. I would also love to the raiders draft jerod johnson from texas a&m, and let him develop behind our solid new pro.