Schilens situation will be monitored


The short version is there is no new injury to Chaz Schilens, according to coach Tom Cable, but that his left foot is sore and he’ll likely be on a reduced schedule through training camp.

More news and notes to come, with practice highlights available on my Twitter page.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • priesttj

    We know Dakota it’s everyones fault except DMC’s, running into the G didn’t have anything to do with it.

    deny deny deny!!! works better than reality right Dakota?

  • Jerry still Hating on the ROG

    Well guys Im out for now……may be back later

  • Fargas: 827 career attempts 10 rushing TDs….1 TD every 83 carries?

  • “running into the G”? Translation please…

  • running into the guard?

    running into the ground?

  • depcharger

    i go with Dakota on this one. Cable was holding this team back with his man crush on Fargas. The running game was always better when Cable had to “settle” for Michael Bush.