Brennan adds depth for Dallas game


The Raiders signing of quarterback Colt Brennan Saturday means they’re not sure if Bruce Gradkowski and Charlie Frye will be healthy enough to face Dallas in the first preseason game and don’t want to go into it with only two quarterbacks.

Brennan arrived for the afternoon practice and spent most of the session getting a cram course on the offense from Ted Tollner, the team’s passing game coordinator last year and still listed that way even though the Raiders brought in a new offensive coordinator in Hue Jackson.

The Raiders looked at both Brennan and undrafted free agent quarterback Jevon Snead of Missississpi, before determining Brennan to be the better option.

Gradkowski spent his second day as a spectator with a groin injury, and Frye watched with a “sore” right wrist that was wrapped.

The Raiders declined to make public the transaction necessary to put Brennan on the roster, as they needed to either trade, cut or put a player on injured reserve in order to allow him to practice.

Among those not present for the afternoon session were wide receiver Jonathan Holland, who was awaiting MRI results for an injured ankle, safety Hiram Eugene, defensive end Jay Richardson and defensive tackle John Henderson.

Richardson and Henderson participated in the morning session. Eugene, coach Tom Cable said, was at the dentist.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • RaiderSam

    Colt Brennan could be an option down the line, especially since the Raiders considered trying out Jevan Snead as well;

    “The Raiders reportedly considered free agent Jevan Snead while searching for a No. 5 quarterback this weekend, but instead opted for Colt Brennan.
    It’s another bad sign for Snead, who easily cleared waivers and is now an unrestricted free agent. Snead might want to explore opportunities in the UFL.”

    Its looking more and more like the Raiders are getting as many options in tow as possible, especially since former Raider J.P. Losman has unseated Charlie Whitehurst as the backup in Seattle…I dont think Boller plays a factor in the long-term in Oakland

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