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Jon Becker

  • hwnrdr

    Good Morning Nation!!!
    Whats up GG? Yes, I am looking forward to tonight to analyze those things. Especially Colt Brennan’s play tonight…even though it will be with 3rd stringers!!!
    I won’t be on here too early tomorrow as I am off, but would be interesting to see everyone’s criticism (not pm) about our first pre-season game of the “new” era!!!

  • Ahhsheeit

    does anyone know where I can watch the game online? I am deployed to Germany and would love to watch tonight’s game. Anyone?

  • Thec07

    5. Play calling will be vanilla, teams really dont show much in preasea, however you may get a glipse of how potentially dynamic we can and should be.

    6. FORD not playing

    7. FORD not playing, expect NMILLER to contribute.

  • Thec07

    O-line (still the same cats for the most part, how will they hold up?)
    McFadden looking pretty dam injury prone
    Same with Schilens, will he hold up?

    The Oline is more of a question mark than a negative at this point, as we dont not know what we have in the rookies….

    contrary to popular belief rookies can start in this league out the gates…. ask SF about iupati and davis
    Both of those guys are going to start. If the vets cant cut it throw the rooks in the mix early, get them developed….

  • Just Fire Baby

    I don’t know of a station carrying the games live on video, but if all else fails you can go old-school and listen to the radio feed.

  • hwnrdr

    Doesn’t ESPN have a gamecast thingy? Not sure if it will stream the game, but you can follow along…

  • Ahhsheeit

    I am looking to catch a recorded version since the game will be in in the middle of the night here.

  • hwnrdr

    That I don’t know…sorry about that…

  • RaiderRockstar

    good morning AM crew 🙂

    “Can’t believe RRS snuck in here for private film study”

    Jwigg: sorry bro, I wasn’t trying to be sneaky

    Go Higgins! Go Henderson!

    busy day at work. tomorrow too. enjoy the day fellers

    tonight we give Dallas a royal beatdown

  • Kirk

    The NFL network is showing the game in HD.

    We need to run at least two misdirection plays a half.

    We didn’t do that last year.

  • SouthDakotaRaider

    tonight we give Dallas a royal beatdown


    Hell yes!!!

    cant wait to see Romo get knocked on his a$$

  • hwnrdr

    anyone know when the game will be shown? 6PM? Where? NFL Network’s schedule doesn’t even have the game there?

  • Just Fire Baby

    Last year we played OK against Dallas in the preseason, but we did give up a long TD drive, capped off by (who else) Stanford Routt getting boxed out by Witten for a TD.

    Jamarcus and Chaz did look good, but we had a goal to go drive stalled and settled for three.

    So this year, need to tighten that up. Hold them to 3, and punch it in ourselves.

  • J Wiggle

    Wonder how much we are going to really show tonight from a formation standpoint?

    Really think it is going to be more of a glorified practice from our standpoint, as well as audition for jobs.

  • hwnrdr

    Probably won’t be much but I would love to see ROMAC and Houston body slam someone!!! That would make my night!!!

  • J Wiggle

    Former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell appeared in court today in Mobile, Alabama, where a friend attempted to accept the blame for Russell’s July arrest.

    The friend, Marcus Stevenson, claimed the illegal codeine syrup found in Russell’s home belonged to him, WKRG in Mobile reports. After making that claim in open court, Stevenson was arrested on a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

    But Stevenson taking responsibility didn’t absolve Russell of responsibility. District Judge Charles McKnight said a grand jury will review the case against Russell. Russell has pleaded not guilty to the felony drug possession charge.

    Although the testimony of Stevenson seems intended to absolve Russell, the testimony of Mobile County Sheriff’s Corporal Johnny Thornton told a different story.

    “There was nine individuals inside the residence. I actually came into contact with Mr. Russell, who was inside the master bedroom in bed,” Thornton testified, per Fox 10 in Mobile. “When I asked him to show me his hands, he complied and I noticed a Styrofoam cup with an orange liquid in it and it looked freshly poured. The cup was on a night stand; still had ice floating in the top.”

    Thornton went on to testify that the orange liquid was tested at a lab and shown to include codeine.


    9 people at the crib, and Russell is laid up in bed sippin’ sizzurp?????

    Boy, I tell you, JFB and ROG were really on top of that.

    SAD !!!!!

  • J Wiggle

    How is Vittorio going to the game without Big Jerry????

  • Just Fire Baby

    How is Vittorio going to the game without Big Jerry????


    A crime against humanity.

  • Just Fire Baby

    9 people at the crib, and Russell is laid up in bed sippin’ sizzurp?????


    If it is anything like I heard, half those people were probably friends of friends that he didn’t even really know.

    Dude is obviously done with any type of football career, but now it is time to get his life under control.

    Reason no. 20134 why we need a rookie salary cap. If Russell is making Jimmy Clausen money, doubt this ever happens to him.

  • About the DT’s getting double teamed…

    If I recall correctly, it was ususally Tommy Kelly who would get 2 blockers ( and not every down, he’s not that kind of player), but when Gerard Warren was “on” opponents would single block Kelly and double Warren until he cooled off (which didn’t take long).

    And that’s because when Warren wanted to, he was a disruptive force, seems like every game there were a few plays where Warren would single handedly break up the play in the backfield, but, as we all know, he was not capable of sustaining that level of play for more than a few snaps.

  • Sweep The Leg.

    Finally it’s game day!!

    I want to see toughness on D.

    I want to see a crisp offense.

    Hopefully beginning today, we can let the last 7 years start to fade away.

  • hwnrdr

    Haha…JFB, do you really have 20133 other reasons why there should be a salary cap?

  • Lakota

    Just Fire Baby Says:
    August 11th, 2010 at 6:22 pm
    Andre Smith, lol.

    For the record, Lakota (Dakota) followed up his brilliant pandering for drafting Darren with saying we should take Tits Smith.

    I just wanted o-line…never dreamed Eugene Monroe would be available at #7 that year…and we passed on him for a guy that caught 9 passes…and our o-line is still dog schyt…

    Should have drafter Monroe in round 1 and Unger in round 2…instead we have a very questionable WR and Mike Mitchell who will have trouble getting on the field with the other two safties we have.

  • Lakota

    Thank you KTLA! Can’t wait to watch the game tonight! Hope McClain looks good.

    Hope someone steps up at FB.

    Hope DHB catches 3 passes.

    Hope Mitchell knocks off someone’s head.

    Hope JLH looks more confident than he did last year.

    Hope out tackles don’t get Campbell killed.

  • Lakota


    I saw your boy John Conner, FB, on Hardknocks last night….looks like the Jets are crazy about him.

    Maybe Richardson will be released…

  • SouthDakotaRaider

    Lakota Says:
    August 12th, 2010 at 7:37 am

    I saw your boy John Conner, FB, on Hardknocks last night….looks like the Jets are crazy about him.

    Maybe Richardson will be released…


    God i hope so…

    i think the running game would excel with even a mediocre FB blocking for us

  • GG

    Oh I forgot…

    How the OL holds up. The first, second, and third teams too, to see what the depth looks like…The cattle itself and whether the OL coaching is doing anything.

  • GG

    Sorry, i pop in and out cos i got some other stuff to do, but come close to game time i’ll be here.

  • Just Fire Baby


    That is great and all, and yes the O-line still needs reinforcement.

    But you were pining for the biggest flop in the draft, and a guy who needs the Bro.

    (Almost as bad as my blind faith for Bruce, lol)

  • Lakota

    Biggest flop in the draft? I don’t know…he played in a playoff game for the Bungholes…DHB caught what, 9 passes?

    Only time will tell. Both guys have time to turn it around, and DHB has shown the work ethic to do so…Smith, not so much.

  • Just Fire Baby

    he played in a playoff game for the Bungholes…


    DHB “played” in 12 games as well.

    Doesn’t mean he helped anything. He didn’t start, so what really did he do? Block on extra-points?

  • Lakota


    I don’t think debating the respective contributions to their teams of Hands of Stone or Man Boobs is really worth typing one more word.

  • Just Fire Baby


    We will pick it up next year, when DHB has 6 TD’s and Smtih is going through lapband surgery.

  • Thec07

    New post girls….