`Other’ McFadden worth a serious look


Wide receiver Louis Murphy, who makes it a point to to avoid saying anything nice about a defensive back, conceded of Walter McFadden, “We’ll see in the preseason game, but I can see him not being scared of the big moment.”

Nnamdi Asomugha said he was talking to a teammate the other day when McFadden’s name came up and he offered up this evaluation: “He’s the coolest, calmest, most poised rookie we have. He’ll come in, make a play like, `OK, I’ve been here before.’ It seems like he never gets rattled.”

Most of the training camp buzz has been around the Raiders’ first two picks, and justifiably so. Rolando McClain took over at middle linebacker the instant his name was called with the No. 8 overall pick and has done nothing to indicate he’s a work in progress. Lamarr Houston, who will start at left end, has scrapped and scuffled and and played with an intensity the coaches hope will elevate the entire unit.

Much more quietly, McFadden, the fifth-round pick out of Auburn, enjoyed an excellent training camp, looking as if he could be a serious contender to be on the field in some defensive packages earlier than anyone anticipated.

McFadden and a promising rookie class make their debuts tonight when the Raiders visit the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium at 6 p.m.

In both drills and team sessions, McFadden’s coverage skills have been very good. He’s broken up a lot of passes, and he’s seldom been beaten for a big play.

“Right now my strength is just covering my guy, being up on the receivers,” McFadden said. “I think my next strength is getting down there in the hole, becoming a full football player. I’m a good tackler in the open field, but sooner or later I want to have one of those big Tyvon Branch hits.”

Careful, Walter.

McFadden has looked so solid he plays bigger than his listed 5-foot-10, 180 pounds (Asomugha said he’s 175, tops). So he might consider leaving the big hits to the safeties.

But despite his size, McFadden has no trouble moving into the slot and dealing with the picks and screens designed to separate him from his man. It took Stanford Routt, the current nickel corner, a few years to get adjusted to doing more than staying outside and going man-up on a wideout.

“In college, I played a lot of nickel because a lot of teams try to strategize so their best receiver is going to be in the slot, hoping to to get them on a safety or something,” McFadden said. “You can’t really worry about the traffic. If you tryst the guy that’s on the side of you to do his job, he’s going to back you and be in a spot to help you out, whatever your coverage is. The traffic is going come. That’s just being a football player.”

McFadden can hardly wait to suit up for his first NFL game. His father, Walter Sr., a lifetime Cowboys fan, will be in attendance, wearing a Raiders hat.

“For him to see his son play football and have a dream come true is a great thing,” McFadden said.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Have a good night fellas. No hard feelings. Enjoy the game. I might be back “acting like an expert” after the game if I can figure out when they play.

  • Kirk

    Fargas signs with the Broncos.

    We’re in trouble now!!!

  • Tick….Tock….

    Damn clock is moving s-l-o-w…

    Is it to early to start drinking ice COLD beer, in preparation for the game?

    Cheers then, clink….

  • buckeyeraider

    ‘Sup fellas?
    Two hours til kickoff. Can’t wait. Won’t be able to watch until tomorrow. Already got DVR set.

    Stuck watching BSPN Car vs. Balt.
    Will be scouring espn news and NFLN for highlights and scores.

    So you lucky bastards who get to watch it live, keep the rest of us updated, will ya?

  • The Devil must be wearing a parka today…

    I just heared noted hater Tom Jackson, say on BSPN:

    “I’m looking for the Raiders to do something this year.”

  • Buckeye….

    Try ktla.com They might show it via the web…

    Or, scroll up a ways, someone else posted a site you can try.. Good luck with it…..

  • Just Fire Baby


    The laptop is charged up and ready to go.

    I’m sure Jerry will toss out some updates as well.

  • buckeyeraider

    Thanks fellas.
    I guess Dez Bryant is not going to get ko’d like Demtrius Byrd in that clip. He’s out tonight.
    Chaz isn’t only injured WR MIA tonight.

    I saw where Percy Harvin is having problems with migraines again. Not playing this weekend. As hard as some of you guys get on Chaz for the broken bone in his foot. I could just imagine Harvin playing for the Raiders. Missing games and practice time with a headache. I can hear it now. Take a couple of Tylenol and some Midol Nancy, and get your azz back out there. Percival.

  • Plunketthead

    <——– canceling dish network as I speak

  • Plunketthead

    <——– all signed up for NFL network!!

    Best year ever!!

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    kidseven Says:
    August 12th, 2010 at 3:23 pm
    I vote MISTA for “King of the Inside the Oakland Raider Fan Blog.” Why?

    Are you in love or is he paying you?
    Nothing against MB but you are stepping out on a limb

  • In 1972, Hunt became the first American Football League personage inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The trophy presented to each year’s AFC Champions is named the Lamar Hunt Trophy. In 1984, Hunt was also inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.

  • Aussie-Sam

    Hey anyone got some sites I can look up 4 the game 2nite?


    Pre season or not i want to see some hitting.

    gooooooooooooooooooo raiders !!!!!

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    The time has come! It is now LAMAR time in Dallas!

    Houston #99 ROY! Bet

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    Good for you… Now you’ll be able to enjoy the games at your palatial estate in NW Arizona….

  • This blog is getting in the way of my ice COLD beer..

    Enjoy the game everyone..



    buckeyeraider Says:
    August 12th, 2010 at 3:59 pm
    ‘Sup fellas?
    Two hours til kickoff. Can’t wait. Won’t be able to watch until tomorrow. Already got DVR set.

    Stuck watching BSPN Car vs. Balt.
    Will be scouring espn news and NFLN for highlights and scores.

    So you lucky bastards who get to watch it live, keep the rest of us updated, will ya?
    I used to be the same way until i just decided to order direct t.v.

    I had them come to my house set everything up. Then i waited 2 weeks called them and told them i moved. I made up an adress in los angeles and signed up for paperlees billing online. Now i get all pre season games on kcal 09 ( they show every pre-season game ) and none of the home games are blacked out on Sunday ticket.

    Just an idea. I live on the AZ / CA border and it is well wort it to me.

  • Plunketthead


    Aint that the truth
    Pabst blue ribbon, dirtweed and the Raiders on the big TV screen!!

  • Kirk

    I have direct tv and I get every game in Va., although not all the preseason games are live.

  • RaidingTexas

    Raiders just got a lot of love here on Dallas ESPN radio 103.3. They were speaking highly of Hue Jackson and Jason Campbell (and these guys have seen a lot of Campbell since he was on a Cowboys rival team). Some praise for Zach, DHB, Nnamdi and Chris Johnson, too.

  • J Wiggle

    Hey Raider O,

    Your boy Gerrard “Money” Warren is starting for the Patriots, lol.

    Just thought you might be interested.

  • buckeyeraider

    WTF was that?
    Just when you think BSPN is showing the Raiders some love.

    Then they dredge up that ol clip of Buffalo’s Huckleberry Hound GM takin that shot at the Raiders, while Cris Carter and Tom Jackson giggle. How old is that clip? 6-8 months? C’mon Man!

  • GG

    It’s true time is going by so slowly before the start of our game. Grr.

    Meanwhile, I’m watching the Panthers-Ravens game, just to see how Hunter Cantwell (QB Panthers) goes. He’s been holding off Jimmy Clausen for the #2 job right thru OTAs and Camp.

  • MistaBrown Says:
    August 12th, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    OakGlenSeymour666JustWinBsDetector has surfaced on opening day of pre-season football! Who would have guessed it!

    Add 1 more screen name on your long list of aliases, you are truly the king of trolling!
    Oh man…you nailed it the other day when you predicted SeyOakDeboDork would show back up just before the first game…I was pretty sure he would wait a few days…

    That said, he did take our suggestions on avoiding you and yours truly for a bit, considering that’s always a dead giveaway.

    Still laughing at his predictable swan song “ohhhh…those mods are such meanies…THAT’S IT…I’M TAKING MY DOLL, AND GOING HOME”…I.E. “I’m at the fullblown pinata mode, where everyone is making me their target de jour..TIME TO CHANGE HANDLES.”

    The little toady just can’t stay away…

    We knew better, lol.

  • SR Raider

    for the bored: Radio pregame on kfrc 1550. not sure if they stream

  • buckeyeraider

    Tyler Brayton just beat Michael Oher for a sack. Forces FG attempt.

  • Check out the Front 7 in the First Qtr.

  • Why do you guys spend so much time being watch dogs of what ESPN and radio hosts are saying about the Raiders, when it’s Al Davis who runs the team? What should the media say about the Raiders? That they’re great? If the Raiders are good, what are the Saints for crying out loud?

  • Steaks and Jalapeno Peppers on the grill. Getting ready for gametime.

    GO RAIDERS! Breaking the Slump in 2010!

  • GG

    Even with the new receiver acquisitions in Baltimore, Mason is still gonna lead the team in receptions this season.

  • J Wiggle

    Look at young Tyler Brayton with his 2nd sack of the qtr!

    Bust, huh?

    Nah, just not a frickin LB.

  • The first pre-season game is always rough looking. But this is the cowboys 2nd game.

  • J,

    I never understood that. He was the base end we needed for the last few years!!! We played him at LB and DT, but not his true position. Base End!!!!!

    That’s like Cable playing Campbell at G and a 6’8 OT at C!!!!

    You are on thin ice Fat Monkey!!!

  • Just Fire Baby

    Watching these hicks on the Dallas feed is brutal. Had a 20 minute interview with Jerry Jones that was about as exciting as watching paint dry.

    Give me Atkinson any day of the week.

  • Just Fire Baby

    Holy shat Nate Newton is some type of Cowboy media guy, and he looks like he has been smoking crack.

    No way he weighs even 220 pounds.

  • buckeyeraider

    The starters sure are playing alot in this Balt/Car. game. Entire first qtr. Lot more than the HOF game.
    Wonder how much Campbell and Raiders starters will play?

    probably depends on how they look.

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  • GG

    What do you guys reckon is better?

    18 reg season games + 2 pre-season
    16 reg season games + 4 pre-season

  • Just Fire Baby

    Jerry was just talking about it, and he believes 18 games will be in the next negotiations, and that it will pass, with longer training camps and only 2 preseason games.

  • Nooooooooooooo!!!! The game is not on KTLA!!!!!!
    I hate San Diego!!!! Damn the DisChargers!!!!

    Damn the NFLN!!!!

  • GG

    I like the 18/2 idea because you can now fill out an NFL schedule more easily, cos it includes the 2 other teams that normally are being left out.

    Ie, 2 divs all 4 teams once. own div twice. That’s 14 games. So 4 more games, 1 vs a team (similarly ranked) from each of those divs.