Tom Cable Q&A


Note: Raiders players had the day of Friday and will not practice Saturday morning, returning to the field at 4:20 p.m. with media availablity to follow.

A transcript of coach Tom Cable’s conference call with Bay Area reporters Friday, the day after a 17-9 win over the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas:

Q: Did you come through the game healthy?

Cable: We spoke of there guys last night. Walter McFadden, Sam Williams and Swayze Waters. We’ll know a little bit more about each one of them, Walter McFadden is definitely not anything serious at all, in fact, he may be ready to go to work tomorrow. Sam Williams may have a slight concussion so he’ll start the protocol today for that. Swayze Waters, very fortunate, when he got roughed on the PAT attempt, but it’s just a bruise. No one else came up today following the game, so we came out of it in pretty good shape.

Q: Looking over film, what were your impressions of the first team offense?

Cable: It’s a guy here and a guy there. It looks to be probably a little better than what I thought last night after the game, so I think we can fix it, and fix it rather quickly. The biggest negative I see is the four false start penalties. Good ball security, no turnovers or anything like that. I thought both Cartwright and Bennett ran the ball tough. I thought the second group of linemen blocked some things, the longer I played, I think the better they got. I think Kyle Boller went in there and did some nice things. There are some things I’m sure he’d like to do over again, but he was able to make some big throws and get us in some plays and give us a chance.

Q: Specifically, how did Veldheer and Campbell look with the second line?

Cable: You know, it was OK for the first time out. A lot of mistakes, but the longer they played I thought the better they got. That’s encouraging, and I’ll look for bigger and better things this week vs. Chicago .

Q: In terms of getting the plays in and out, in terms of Jason getting the team to the line of scrimmage and just looking like an organized team for the first time out, how would you rate it?

Cable: I thought good. I thought we could have been maybe a little faster in our tempo in and out of the huddle, but that’s normal for the first game of the preseason. But in terms of communication, we even ran a little bit of no-huddle, he handled that very well. So I was pleased with that.

Q: How important was it to get Lamarr Houston back on the field to close out a game in terms of his growth and maturity?

Cable: Well, you have to understand, he and Shaughnessy both are with the second nickel team, so they were going to be in there regardless. Guys wanted to make the point where they were playing all game. That really wasn’t by plan. Normally they wouldn’t be in there, with the first nickel group it would be Trevor Scott and and Kamerion Wimbley, but once we took the starters, so to speak, and started to play the second units, they’re part of that second unit, therefore they had to play a little bit.

Q: How encouraging was play of Shaugnessy and Houston?

Cable: I think it’s exciting. They were prodcutive. They were productive not only rushing the passer but against the run. They can do better at some things for sure. I think definitely an encouraging start.

Q: How do you weigh going for a field goal with Swayze Waters versus going for it on fourth down? Is it an “integrity of the game” issue or you simply trying to get a team ready for the regular season?

Cable: I think getting us ready to play. We were pretty lucky last night in that we got to deal with an incredible amount of situations throughout the game. Usually it doesn’t happen like that, not in one game or even this early in the preseason. I really just kind of took the situations as they came and we coached them and adjusted to them. It was really good for our team. That’s the thing we’ll take out of it. We were able to be in a number of different situations. You just kind of go with what you have planned and you go from there.

Q: How important was that last drive for Jason in terms of getting rhythm for that group?

Cable: The rhythm thing was most important. I did not like the second series very much. It just felt like we were going to put the line and the quarterback back out there together and see if they can kind of put some cohesiveness together which they were able to do a little bit. The thing I am encouraged about is it was a guy here or a guy there that were breaking down. I look for us to be better this week.

Q: Do you expect the guys you held out to come back this week?

Cable: We don’t know that yet. The report today is they are all better and improving. We’ll see how the week goes.

Q: How would you assess the play of the centers?

Cable: There was really not a lot of pressure other than the second drive of the game. Samson did get beat. That was a tough series of plays. I mentioned that. I didn’t like it so I put them back out there. I think prior to that and certainly after that, protection was pretty good all night.

Q: No kickoff returns but how did you like Johnnie Lee on punts?

Cable: I mentioned this before, it’s a big emphasis for us to improve the return game. Unfortunately he was knocking the ball to the back of teh end zone every time. Hopefully we’ll get some more chances here in the next three weeks. I did like the one return Johnnie had. I thought he handled the ball well. I look forward to getting those other guys in there as well and seeing what they can give us.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • fat kidd

    we got rid of j russell cause he ate too much pito,now get rid of dmac and we wont need a team doctor.

  • DirtyRaccoon

    Evenin Kid, Priest, JB, Lonetree, Kirk, NATION

    Chris in NY whats up, been awhile!

  • fat kidd

    we are arm chair gming

  • fat kidd

    now the referee signaled td for miller catch and another referee came up said we are in dallas you must call incomplete at a home game!!!!

  • fat kidd

    yamon figurs looks like a keeper,and mike bennett,rock cartwright i need too see again!!

  • JB

    People that need to produce this year or else:

    • Tom Cable
    • Darren McFadden
    • Darrius Heywood-Bey
    • Chaz Schilens
    • Tommy Kelly
    • Chris Johnson
    • Michael Huff
    • Samson Satele (he should just be cut now)
    • Chris Morris (he should just be cut now)
    • Sam Williams
    • Stanford Routt

    We might be better off just trading a few of these individuals now while they still have some perceived value. We still need a starting C, RG & RT.

    Tom Cable needs to make the right moves to significantly improve the O-line this year or there will be no offense. That means enough with the Satele experiment and the Carlisle hang-in-there program. I’m not sold on Walker yet as ORT but, he conceivably could roll over to guard and become successful.

    Fix the damn O-line Tom! No more Kwame specials. We need real players. Mediocre Freds need not apply.

  • fat kidd

    Kickreturner Figurs or Ford….for now those are my picks….picks are subject to change….kind of a nice problem for us to have though

  • fat kidd

    Chaz Schilens i think he could produce if he didnt have a body like a gay guy!

  • priesttj

    My honest opinion of DHB is he will have an acceptable year, nothing spectacular nor embarrassing. He will have between 40-60 catches 4-6 TD’s and a couple of confirming plays to show his hardwork is paying off. Michael Huff tunrd the corner for me last year now show some consistency. Chaz Schilens has everything except he need to stay healthy.

    Chris Johnson; is a solid performer who needs to be more confident in his ability to play.
    Satele; still having mental lapses
    Stanford; lacks concentration
    Sam Williams; he’s a ST’s guy no problem with him just don’t play him in the regular defense.
    Chris Morris; I can’t see him sticking
    Tommie Kelly; looked good 1st pre-season game

    Tom Cable; show why you’re so highly regarded as a Oline coach. You’ve righted the ship not sail us into secure waters. Take the baton and run with it(get this confident and playing well on a weekly basis)

  • JB
  • M Bush should be our starting RB, and have DMC be a 3rd down back. We should use him like the saints use R Bush (move him around).

  • MiamiBornRaider86

    DirtyBathWater Says:
    August 13th, 2010 at 6:46 pm
    you guys are simply overreacting DHB only have one pass thrown to him, its the preseason, and do you think a guy like terrance newman, their best and fastest cb is gonna give up a simple pass on a damn curl route? gimme a break give the kid some time already, some guys just “get it” a little faster than others ala Nnamdi, so chill on DHB till the season


    i agree , i bet he’ll have a few drops, but more big catches within the middle of the field which i’ve seen him run successfully. he seems to want it as much as we want him to get it.. at the end of the day he’s a raider, young, but potentially versatile… and lets not forget, we stole him off the ravens radar in the 09 Draft, they had him locked in at #23 and we snatched him up, so any chest move against those f*kin ravens is a good move to me, they left a bad taste in our mouthes the last couple of times aroun.. im glad we finally pulled the rug from under their feet a little bit u know?… sorry just venting!

    Later Nation!!
    11-5 here we come!!!

  • MiamiBornRaider86

    is every one ready for the raiders to sign mawae? this guy just finish’d blocking for one of the leagues best (chris johnson) and we havent picked him up???!!! OMG! >:O
    are we literally tryna build these centers?!
    lets plug that hole wit som premium compound and not this watered down piece of sh!t ceneter of ours.. wow..

    Anyone else real skeptical on T. Branch’s ability to be a superstar in the league? we seen him struggle against jason witten.. just imagine seeing antonio gates 2wice a year!! FML!!

    And last and most definitely least S. Routt… with Mcfadden hurt he’s a shoe-in for nickel back.. i think he’s past his learning curve but hasnt manage to steer it in the right direction.. WTF he’s been here for years!! can we please sign a cris mclister or a anthony henry or a nick harper or a ty law or fred smoot, shawn springs?? like look how many good nickel backs i just listed, but yet we keep rockin this norv turner draft pick that he probably purposely planted him on us to rot…

  • priesttj

    I think you’ll see these young guy’s they just drafted play and play well. W Mcfadden is impressive and Jeremy Ware looked OK. We’re not hurting at DB at all if you noticed the game last night we must have gotten 3-4 sacks due to coverage on the backend. Dallas had nightmares trying to get the ball downfield and Romo was sacked 3 times in one drive because of the coverage. I think we’re OK honestly.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    what if…………..all the coaches, every single blessed one of them……..drew up their game plans and went through with them on game day just like they drew it up all while paying lip service to al. then all banded together and said if one goes we all go. al can’t fire every coach, buck the old man guys and you can win, but we can’t win if we have al saying “you can’t do that, there’s no single deep safety there”. he owns the team but screw him. are there more randy hansons out there? i suspect maybe hue?

  • Pitos

  • priesttj

    Hobs Gnarly

    Come on man these are grown ass men who know Mr Davis and know what he’s about. These aren’t freaking children if they didn’t want to be there they’d walk. Mr Davis doesn’t have a gun to anyones head. Most of them love coaching there I know Rob Ryan did. They just hired Greg Beikert who knows what this organization is all about. Why would he come here?

    I just heard a great interview by Nnamdi and he never mentioned the dislike or distrust with what goes on there. He was extremely positive. So if it’s happening asd much as Sapp wants everyone to believe there are some people there that are loving it.So why is that?

  • Hobs Gnarly

    hey i believe cable….i like him and i believe he wants to be here and i’ve said so on many occasions last year unlike you. you spout the company line each and every opportunity like you are john herrera. if what sapp said was true and i am likely to believe it, then we are in for a long season because al’s outdated schemes will not win in this day and age. regardless of talent, if the other teams knows what you are going to do then you are wasting time. coaches do what al says because they don’t want to lose their jobs at this stage of the game it’s hard to find one. you don’t think al freakin knows this? why else would he have spies like hanson? to keep the other coaches in line. nnamdi gave you several hints last year during the season, several veiled remarks taking shots at the vanilla d we were running. grow up bhp, we are life long raider fans and i still love al the man he used to be, but until he realizes he can best contribute to the team by being more hands off, our fortunes are ruined.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    what is it with you and dmc? is that al’s target these days? trying to take a little heat of dhb? we gave jameathead more of a shot and anyone could see he was nothing but an arm, hell just one of those throwing machines, no thought behind it, just throwing it where it was pointed, but more slowly.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    pats lost warren for the season. i bet they are looking for a trade senario.

  • Que

    I hope the raiders AL understands he can still find Offensive linemen getting cut for youth from other teams. And Kevin is still out there. Even everyone on this post knowswe needed a center for years. I myself am watching whose available and ahhh we should still talk to B-more about there tackle if he s still around. We need linemen and another wide out

  • Trade Kelly to the Pats!

  • Roch R

    Raider I most want to have a beer with —- Jon Condo!!

  • DirtyRaccoon

    Raider I most want to have a Beer with — Al Davis

  • My fav Raiders are Tatum & Atkinson!!!! Al is not my fav Raider. Al IS the Raiders!!

    Long live Al!!!!!!!!

    What’s up Raccoon?

  • BigTed707

    I like Chris Johnson. I think if it weren’t for Nnamdi, he would be the best CB on the team.

    The only reason he got beat on that 3rd down by Austin is because the defensive play-call was an obvious blitz:
    The Blitz wasn’t well disguised, Romo and Austin saw it immediately and exploited it with a perfect pass and catch. You can’t be mad at a perfect pass. CJ was where he needed to be – underneath with help over the top – and fortunately was right there to prevent any YAC.

    I don’t think Routt or W-Mac could have played that any better – just one of those times where you gotta give it up to great QB play. If CJ is the weakest link on the defense – we are in good shape.

    IMO – a couple of those sacks on Romo could be credited to outstanding pass coverage, even then, Romo should have gotten rid of the ball, most QBs won’t hold onto the ball that long. We pretty much shut them down which is why they (the Cowboys) have yet to score a preseason TD on offense.

    Take it easy on my boy!

  • EMRaiders

    On that play where CJ got beat, also notice how Huff could’ve done a little more of a coverage job to help CJ once he noticed Austin was running passed him. I think he could’ve reacted a little faster to that.

    Another note, I think it was on our second offensive drive, we got to a 3rd and 4, and because of a false start call on Walker I think, we ended up with a 3rd and 9. Then we threw a short pass to Zack Miller for 3 or so yards. Bush was next to him, yet no blocking was done. So I think that play would work a lot better with McFadden and Miller, throwing to McFadden and having Miller actually block. Then we might get a first down.

    I did like how the screens are working however. And once we get McF in there I think they will be more productive. It might be that those plays were designed to use McF, but because he was out, we had to do with what we had. Not a bad outcome though, but I think they could be a little more productive with a faster back.

    I think our WRs for the season should be Murphy, DHB (if indeed improved), Chaz (if healthy), JLH, Nick Miller, and waiting to see Jacoby Ford, but Watkins is not that bad. IF DHB and Chaz are not holding up, then I say start Murphy, JLH and Miller. If JLH can’t perform either, then throw in Ford. But after that we are in desperate need for a WR. hopefully we get a proven vet if this scenario comes up.

    On the bright side, our Dline looks great, and we won our first preseason game!


  • YoungAmerican

    On that play where CJ got beat, also notice how Huff could’ve done a little more of a coverage job to help CJ once he noticed Austin was running passed him. I think he could’ve reacted a little faster to that.


    Word, that particular play was mostly on Huff, who was the safety “help” on the blitz, yet didn’t help at all.

    I’m hoping next season Walter McFadden can at least make a push for the starting lineup. CJ is 30 and as long as Nnamdi is around, other teams are not going to stop throwing at CJ.

  • RIP AVP Pro Volleyball Tour. Balance of season including Manhattan Beach event. Just in case anyone was interested.

  • YoungAmerican

    On that play where CJ got beat, also notice how Huff could’ve done a little more of a coverage job to help CJ once he noticed Austin was running passed him. I think he could’ve reacted a little faster to that.


    Word, that particular play was mostly on Huff, who was the safety “help” on the blitz, yet didn’t help at all.

    I’m hoping next season Walter McFadden can at least make a push for the starting lineup. CJ is 30 and as long as Nnamdi is around, other teams are not going to stop throwing at CJ. The Raiders need a backup plan should Johnson’s play start declining soon.

  • Plunketthead

    You are right about that backup plan. We need quality depth at every position.

  • Kirk

    We need to ditch McFadden and DHB.

    But we won’t, because Al takes years to admit his mistakes.

  • Nnamdi21

    Prayers and blessings go out to our brother Rolando Mclain his family!! Keep your head up bra!! We here wit you!

  • TerrapinRaider

    While its prudent to exercise patients at times lets not get too much in the habit of making excuses for these $million players.

    CJ is suppose to cover his man and he got beat twice for a 1st down on 3rd and long. Twice! Keeping the defense on the field longer than necessary. Very remanicent of his performance last year and why I began to refer to him as “Toast”.

    However, there were ‘coverage’ sacks so no all is bad. Those coverage sacks cannot be attributed to any single person; but the group as a whole which includes Routt, Nnam, etc.


    DHB needs to become a factor. Period! He cleary got his number called once and the pass was broken up from what I hear (I didn’t catch this action). I cannot say if he actually got his number called again. You never know when your QB is on the ground or rushing because of piss poor OL play. Lets see what they bring next week. He must become a factor if he’s going to continue to see the field.


    DMC will be used more as a WR this year vs. a running back. More like how the Saints are using Bush. Put him in space and let him use his speed. Michael Bush will be the primary back imo even if he doesn’t get the official start.

  • marnir

    1st game of the pre-season – you look at what went wrong, you look at what went right – you have a team who has changed coaches every other year – finally they have the confidence and the desire to win – they aren’t going to all of a sudden play an immaculate game – it’s preseason – the time of year they adjust and improve – they are finally headed up instead of down and regardless of their record this year, the heart is back in the team and that is what has been missing for 10 years.