DE Richardson has knee surgery


Defensive end Jay Richardson underwent surgery on his left knee Tuesday and is expected to miss the rest of training camp.

Richardson hurt his knee during a live-tackling drill during practice Aug. 7. He has been out ever since that day.

Richardson, 26, posted the following message on his Twitter account: “I jus wanna thank the Lord, my family, and all my tweet peep and raider soldiers out there for all the prayer n support. Surgery went great!”

Fortunately for the Raiders, they have rookie Lamarr Houston to start at the right end spot Richardson held for 11 starts in each of his first two NFL seasons, 2007 and ’08.

Richardson likely will return early in the regular season and slide right back into the defensive rotation as an integral part of their scheme to keep the linemen fresh.

More later after the conclusion of practice, and we have had a chance to get some feedback from coach Tom Cable.

Off to practice.


Steve Corkran

  • RaiderLen

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  • Raider Dell


    There are others, who have no patience for some players. I understand your right to critique, as well as others. In the spirit of instant gratification, some players develop slower than others.

    We have had 7 losing seasons in a row, and it has been down right frustrating, to wait for players, to meet their potential, as advertised when drafted out of college.

    Some players are first year or second year, does that mean their a bust. Sometimes it’s just maturity and being in the right system to excel.

    Think about it, most first year and second year players are 21, 22, and just left college. They have been pampered and told how great they are, then all of a sudden their expected to play a large role in the NFL. Not easy.

  • RaiderRetribution

    Mr. M. Bush is the Raider’s best running back.

    DMac fumbles more often and is easily shoe-string tackled by DBs.

    Michael breaks many more tackles than Darren.

    they compliment each other well

    They both need to get the ball 25-35 times a game.
    I would rather see them alternate that and get 120-150 yds a game, which would mean a solid rest alternating weeks with just 4-5 carries.

    This better than each getting 10-15 and not ever getting any kind of rythm going.