Back in Napa, link for practice updates


Have returned to familiar ground after subbing for 49ers beat writer Dan Brown for two days in Santa Clara.

Pracitce updates will resume on my Twitter page starting at 3:30 p.m.

I’ll have a news and notes blog this evening including some notes on the 49ers training camp in contrast with how it’s done with the Raiders _ relevant in that San Francisco will be an opponent twice this year.

Those of you who who can’t stomach even a mere mention of the 49ers can avert your eyes . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • itzSteve

    per Twitter:

    Jerrymcd – TE No. 87 is Eric Butler, former Mississippi State tight end

  • JB

    #87 Eric Butler, scrub needed for TE rotation practice. Frye on IR out for the year. DHB still out. DMac too, no surprise there. ZMiller catching everything in sight. No surprise there either.

  • priesttj

    Everybody has been riding Stanford Routt like a whipped horse and all he’s doing in camp is playing his butt off. I’ve been paying attention with a critical eye and so far he’s been holding own and some. Not too many tweeets about Nnamdi and every time I see a tweet abpout Routt he’s worse than a horsefly on a hot day for these WR’s and he’s getting picks almost everyday.

    Sometimes Jerry omits the impact certain players are making in camp. You cannot possibly cver everything and tweet as well so I don’t blame him but if you ever been at pactice it takes stict concentratin and then you still miss a lot of stuff. The only real way to know apreciably what’s going on in camp is watching film which he can’t do. But I don’t eact to every tweet I put together several days of it to see if said player is consistent. Routt has been very consistent. If I were CJ I’d be afraid I’d be very afraid. Routt might get that job if CJ doesn’t knuckle up bigtime.

    Don’t be surprised to see Goethel make the 53 man roster that kid is as good a LB as we have he’s a natural inside backer with coverage skills he’s much better than his draft position suggest.

  • Raider E

    I have seen alot of tweets that lead me to believe Routt has been getting used.

  • Kirk

    #25….DHB over Crabtree?

    I looked at 10 minutes of film and could tell Crabtree was a much better player than DHB.

    There is a difference between straight ahead speed and lateral quickness. Quickness is more important.

  • Just Win Baby

    Nope, Routt sucks nutz. He will ultimately prove it like he always has. He is terible. 1 int in practice don’t mean shiz.

  • J Wiggle

    Everybody has been riding Stanford Routt like a whipped horse and all he’s doing in camp is playing his butt off. I’ve been paying attention with a critical eye and so far he’s been holding own and some.


    What does paying attention with a critical eye mean? Are you talking about the Dallas game? Or have you been to a practice or 2?

  • J Wiggle

    Frye on IR per Jerry …

    Looks like Campbell-Boeller-Grads will be the depth chart.

  • I mentioned during the Cowboy game that Goethel was always around the ball, and doing good things.

  • priesttj

    Yeah the “he sucks crowd” always with the mind of a horde.. But I will say this let’s see who’s right come opening day. You guy’s always overreact to a single tweet not understanding Jerry can’t see everything. But all I can say is father forgive them for they know not what they do.

    Kirk here’s a clue while straight ahead speed isn’t everything it is the one thing you cannot teach. The rest you can put in the hard work and become very proficient. Vernon Davis proved that. He was flat out aweful but he made himself into a probowler. No one works harder than DHB.

  • J Wiggle

    Goethel is going to have a hard time beating out Ricky Brown. I think Brown goes back to being that stud STs player on top of backing up MLB. Groves is also a lock IMO so how many LBs do we keep is the question?


    All the above are locks …

    Sam Williams
    Thomas Howard

    All on the bubble IMO

  • J Wiggle


    DHB is a project mayne, plain and simple. Will he translate his talents into something that justifies his draft status? Man, I sure hope he does.

    I’ll say this though …

    I think you mentioned that Nick the Quick has the best hands on the team, and we all know he has that Raider speed.

    Chaz is our best WR.

    Murphy is better than DHB right now by most folks opinion.

    JLH is a big play waiting to happen.

    None of those 4 need “time to develop” so I think we need to get those players on the field as much if not more so than DHB. Once DHB “arrives”, then turn him loose.

  • priesttj

    J Wiggle

    What did it baby boy? I know I’m a fan of Rickey Brown but this kid is more physical and just as instinctive I think where he has RB is in coverage he more instinctive and that is saying a lot because RB is a very good LB in his own right.

    I say we have 7 very good LB there is no way T Howard is getting ot of here unless someone gives us the store fo him. And Sam W to the dismay of many blogites is an outstanding STer and the final guy IMO on the 53 is Goethel. He and RB will actually play defense while Sam wont.

    We stole Wimbley and Grove making this the best LB corp in the league IMO bar none.

  • priesttj

    You could be right about DHB but there is too much smoke for there not to some fire. They rave about this guy now that has cooled some I must admit since camp started but let’s see where he is come 3rd preseason game I think he will answer a lot of questions with one big play. Let’s see if I’m right….

  • Just Win Baby

    Here are some things you can probably count on if you are like me and think that the past is a pretty good indicator of what to expect next.
    1. Chaz Schillens will be lucky to play in 8 games in the regular season.

    2. McFadden will be a disappointment

    3. our QB will throw more ints than TD because our OL cant protect him.

    4. Janikowski will miss an obscenely long fg because Al Davis has a chubby for breaking the record

    5. Zach Miller will be our leading reciever

    6. DHB will be a disappointment

    7. the media will talk us up until we lose two straight games and then they will smear us.

  • edward teach

    I wanted Crabtree and a whole lot of people in here told me I was nuts. Well, all the guy does is get open and catch the ball. And make first downs. Consistently, and reliably.

    Say what you want about Murphy’s promise, Chaz’ natural ability and DHB’s work ethic. I’ll still take Crabtree every time. You know why? Because he actually produces.

  • DirtyRaccoon

    raidertay Says:
    August 19th, 2010 at 4:36 pm
    Im a diehard Raider fan, but I grew up a Niners fan. Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott were my heros. Great players and really classy down to earth human beings.


    Oh, so in other words “BANDWAGON”

    It’s ok Tay, we take em all. One NATION!

  • raidertbone

    Two things:
    JustWinBaby: add one thing to your list — Cable will swing on someone before the bye week;
    Teach: I was crying for Orakpo during the draft last year; so, we got all our linebackers THIS year, instead … I’ll take it.

  • raidertbone

    People are talking about the Whiners potentially winning their division this year, and people are already starting to jump on their bandwagon.

  • vegas,

    8. Cable will be replaced by Jackson mid season.

    9. Jackson will take us back to the playoffs since ’01.

  • edward teach


    Unfortunately, we got our receiver last year. Don’t get me wrong, he sounds like a great kid and by all accounts is working very hard. He is no Michael Crabtree, however, and that’s who we should have taken instead.

    We would not be having some of the conversations we’re currently having about the passing game had we made a different choice when we had the chance.

  • raidertbone

    All valid points. Al would have obviously paid Crabtree the money, so he wouldn’t have had to hold out — and none of us would have had to suffer seeing the #12 jersey tarnished. I agree that DHB is a hard-working kid, but he is doomed to never be able to live up to where he was picked.

  • and with the 28th overall pick off the 2011 nfl draft….the oakland raiders select……

    wait a minute….he don’t have a1st round pick next year!!!

  • raidertbone

    If Cable doesn’t make the playoffs, I see Hue taking over for him next year. If we have a miserable stretch going into the bye week, Al just might pull the plug then.

  • raidertbone

    Whoever wins the Super Bowl will trade us their 1st Round pick for Nnamdi — if we win the Super Bowl, then Al will trade away our 2012 first round pick, because “it was good luck before”.

  • usually the 28th overall pick does not make the super bowl.

  • priesttj

    Well JFB I am glad to say that I’m nothing like you, I seee every year as it’s own intenty. I’m almost sure the QB’s will play much better because they’re more experienced and so are the WR’s. That counts a ton and the Oline is nothing special but even last year as bad as they were they gave up 49 seacks the Steelers gave up more.

    If the Oline can stay relatively healthy that’s the key, they will usually get better as they play longer together. Health is everything if we have one or more go down it could get ugly but we’ll see what happens.

  • raidertbone

    Good night fellas; I guess I’ll just have to turn on Sirius Radio on Saturday night — then, DVR the game (which they’ll probably show either at noon or at 3 AM, on NFL Network!)

  • BigLefty

    I agree with J Wiggle
    # 61

    Goethel will have a hard timep making the 53 but worth keeping on the practice squad

    Either Brown or Howard will make it, not both. See you Thomas. Brown is much more versatile and physical. He will end up playing a lot for T. Scott when the opponent figures out that he can’t cover a back out in the flat or a tight end anywhere.