Halftime: Bears 14, Raiders 13


Somebody take Kamerion Wimbley’s shoulder pads and makes sure he makes it to the regular season.

Time for Raiders infomercials at halftime . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • crister

    i can’t lie though. i was rocking the bo knows muscle shirt back in the day…

  • CJ Legend 34

    TD Raiders!

  • Wow…that had to be one of the least celebrated TD’s I ever saw

  • Raider E

    Kiss my a** Random. Bush looked good to me.

  • Raider E

    RMR is Random right?

  • tazZraider

    positives: jason campbell, tommy kelly, bush, veldheer, wimbley(damn 4 sacks), murphy (w/o drop)

    negative: o-line(except for gallery, and veldheer), huff, cartwright running the ball.