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Jon Becker

  • TheyCallMeAssassin

    # J Wiggle Says:
    August 24th, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    We do not need Gaither, his injured back, or his bad attitude.

    If he is not good enough or wanted by Baltimore, why would we want him?

    Same with anyone else’s hot garbage!


    What do you mean Baltimore doesn’t want him? It’s not like they cut him. He’s still their starting RT, and by far their most consistent lineman. Has been for a few years now. But they have the depth to replace him, and he won’t be able to play for the first couple weeks of the season, which should drive his price down to a later-round pick.

    He’s a vast improvement over Langston Walker, who after 8 years in the league still hasn’t mastered the fine art of not jumping the snap count and putting his team in a hole.

    The Raiders are in desperate need of help at the tackle position since the backups, Barnes and Pears, have the same problem Walker does.

    Gaither’s back injury isn’t severe. He’ll be healthy soon enough to help the Raiders. His bad attitude is likely just because he wants a contract extension, which a new team will give him.

  • TheyCallMeAssassin

    I’d be happy with Tony Richardson and Marcel Reece at FB. Hopefully the Jets come through on that one…

  • dwag1

    will the raiders look for another wideout through a trade or free agency now that chaz is hurt again?

  • Jim

    Thanks for the practice updates! Who do you recommend we follow on twitter while you are recovering?