Camp was a success, of course


Everyone involved proclaimed Camp 2010 a success.

Just as they did last year under Tom Cable and as they did under Lane Kiffin, Art Shell, Norv Turner . . . you get the idea.

Words will give way to deeds on Sept. 12 when the Raiders visit the Tennesee Titans, and until then, there are two more preseason games to help sort out the roster and fine tuning to be done when practice resumes without the prying eyes of the media in Alameda Monday.

A few notes as relayed from those actually on the scene while I finish my stint on the disabled list:

— Cable seemed most gratified that in his judgement, there were no backward steps during camp.

“We came with our plan, we got through everything, we installed everything that we wanted to. The mission was to try and get better every day, not have those days where you’re really disgusted or disappointed as a coaching staff, that, ‘Man, we really went backward today.’ We didn’t have any of those days.

“So, well done by this football team. Now the real issue is to continue that when we go home. Eliminate the distractions that come with living back at home and all those kinds of things, travel and such, and being able to handle that and eliminate those distractions.”

— Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha believes the Raiders will enter the season with more confidence than in years past.

“We’ve accomplished a lot, and being able to put out good practices and win games in the preseason, it goes a long way,” Asomugha said. ` Just getting the wins, even though it’s preseason, it’s just getting those wins builds your confidence and gets you used to it.”

— Asomugha believes Cable is a better coach and the Raiders are a better team for handing the offense over to Hue Jackson rather than making another change at the top.

“You know, it’s always a big impact when you don’t have a coaching change, because guys are used to the person who is calling the shots,” Asomugha said. “So I think it’s had a huge impact. We have had, like I was saying earlier, the coaching change with the coordinator, but like I said, he plays to the player’s strengths so there hasn’t been any head-butting there and Tom has been good with just giving that portion to Hue and letting him just take it.”

— More Asomugha . . . he’s gratified that he now has company in terms of players sticking around and getting more work after practice.

“You’ve noticed it, I’ve noticed it. Other guys have come up to me and have noticed it too. And every camp you guys have been here, that’s been the thing — work after practice, work after practice. And now, there’s like, you know you’re seeing like seven, eight guys, nine, ten guys doing it, and you’re like, ‘well this is new,’ and it’s great.

— Quarterback Jason Campbell on Jackson: He’s brought so much to this team, especially offensively. His mindset. His attitude. He pushes everybody each and every play. There’s not a day off, there’s not a play off. In order to be a champion in life, you’ve got to work like one. That’s what he preaches everyday, to work like a champion.”

— Campbell is giving the 49ers-Raiders preseason game the hard sell, apparently unaware it wasn’t popular enough locally to be on local television except on tape delay.

“This is probably the biggest preseason game I’ve aver been a part of, talking about the two teams in the Bay,” Campbell said. “San Francisco is a really good football team. They’re well-disciplined, they’re well-coached and they don’t beat themselves so it’s a great challenge for us heading into the regular season because you get to face an opponent in San Francisco that there’s a lot of different things offensively. Defensively, they move around a lot, they bring different blitzes, so it will be good for us to get a lot of stuff on tape, see what we need to continue to work on and what we need to do.”

— Wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey (sort of) compared 49ers-Raiders to the blood war that is the Terrapins vs. the Midshipmen.

“I mean, you always want to battle for it, you know, a team that’s in the same area as you,” Heyward-Bey said. “At Maryland, we never had a chance to do that because we’re the only team in Maryland. Matter of fact, we play Navy this year so I guess that will be something.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Coach Elkins

    Sorry to have to spill the beans…

    6-10, the sooner you accept it the better off you’re all gonna feel….

    Believe what you want to believe. Me, I know!

  • Captain Mudslide & the Dingle Berry Posse

    well said, Priest. A good Raiders team is good for the NFL.

  • edward teach

    It cracks me up when people suggest that compliments directed toward Al Davis by current and former players and coaches are somehow scripted and/or required.

    The NFL is the pinnacle of the football world. To suggest that these men that have climbed the ladder to the top of their profession by being the best there is at their jobs would read from a script just so they could work for a certain person when they have so many other options, is just ludicrous.

    Al Davis (like the rest of us) has his faults. He is, however, a great man that has contributed more than most to the sport that has been his life. People that care about the sport and have an affinity for its history and develpoment know this, and appreciate him for it. Maybe they all say the same thing because it’s true.

  • If William Joseph, that man who the Raiders cut and sign over and over again as filler, is selected over Henderson…Henderson should immediately hang up his cleats.

  • Coach E, you got it here first, 9-7, play-offs….

  • Captain Mudslide & the Dingle Berry Posse

    yea Dak, coz if he can’t cut it for us he’s through.

  • Ghost to the Post

    I will, I think he will be easy to find.

  • Lol, yeah I am sure having a job with the Raiders has nothing to do with what they say about Al Davis….just funny how most of them stop saying such things once they are gone from the Raiders….

    Sean Paton: “Hey Gruden, Fox and Callahan, should I work for the all knowing, all seeing greatness that is known as Al Davis?”

    Gruden/Fox/Callahan: “HELL NO!”

  • ***Sean Payton***

  • Raider Dell

    Good game on ESPN tonight GB versus IND. Two QB’s going head to head for a half, will be fun to watch.

    The third pre-season game is the game for the number one’s to play a full half. Good indicator were your team is at, regarding the starters.

  • I’ve worked for Al since 1964. I dispay the Shield yearly, even at night. Does this entitle me to compensation? My friends think I’m nuts, so it’s a good thing!

  • Captain Mudslide & the Dingle Berry Posse

    860, i dunno….maybe constipation…LOL

  • Capt, hear ya, lol….

  • edward teach


    Yeah, and DeAngelo Hall and Warren Sapp come to mind as well.

    My point is that there are an awful lot of people out there that still give Al his due, and they either haven’t worked for him for years or never did.

    Are you suggesting that saying those things about him is a requirement for working for the Raiders?

  • Al Davis 2010 NFL Executive of the Year

    Coach Elkins, Real MaddenRaider and Kool Kell 2011 Golden Gate Bridge Statistics.

  • Teach, A lot of players come here for a payday, some don’t get it, leaves a nasty taste, did you see the Bo interview? Got to go with it…..

  • priesttj

    Gruden has never said anything remotely like that and neither has Callahan…………show us the quotes..

    Fox had a fight with Big Al so I know he said it but the rest show me. There are coaches on this present staff that worked here before and came back…..explain that. Tons of coaches who played here and want the job…………explain that.

    My thing is if you don’t know yourself, how can you have such a strong opinion on something you know very litttle about. That is exactly what’s wrong with this world. Unless you have overwhelming evidence to support your opinion why state something as fact.

    I know he runs the draft because everyone I’ve ever talked to for 30 years has said so. He has strong control on player personnel and has his own phylosophies about offense and defense. But I’ve never heard a coach say he wouldn’t let me coach…….NEVER!!

  • Nnamdi21

    DT Aubrayo Franklin says he’ll sign and WILL be with the 9ers on Saturday.

    That means Veldheer could face him…

  • Nnamdi21

    117. Funny how people who don’t use reason or logic are usually the loudest with their opinions.

    You can’t say Davis is a tyrant who runs every aspect of the Raiders just to blame him when things go wrong and then claim he has nothing to do with things that are right.

    The whole Warren Sappian “Everything is a nite mare in Raider land” may have been more true when that fool was here and frankly, I blame his big fat mouth for alot of it.

    If talked then the way he talks now about them you can see how it would sink the locker room.

  • Nnam, I like the idea of Veld in the middle, might open up some lanes for the ground attact, our O-line collapsed too many times in Chi-Town.

  • priesttj

    Oh NO!! not good not good at all. Now I have a lot of reservations about this move. I’m not dogging Veldheer I’m just saying Franklin is the most underrated NT in the game. This guy plays a real zero technigue right oover the C and he is dominant. He is the reason the niners defense is what it is.

    Well you guy’s are going to get what you’ve been asking for veldheer is in the deep end of the pool boy’s. I hope he can swim………

  • Nnamdi21

    103. Some “fans” on here are really just haters who look for the negative and there has been a lot the last 7 yrs.

    Its funny to see how they scramble for negative sh*t when the team does something positve.

    I hope we kick some azz soon so they can be even more exposed for the negative ugly little trolls they are.

  • edward teach


    Bo could have refused Al’s invitation to sit in his box with him and not done that interview, and no one would have ever known.

    That’s exactly my point, thank you.

  • Ataxia

    priesttj Says:
    August 26th, 2010 at 4:38 pm
    Oh NO!! not good not good at all. Now I have a lot of reservations about this move. I’m not dogging Veldheer I’m just saying Franklin is the most underrated NT in the game. This guy plays a real zero technigue right oover the C and he is dominant. He is the reason the niners defense is what it is.

    Well you guy’s are going to get what you’ve been asking for veldheer is in the deep end of the pool boy’s. I hope he can swim………——————————————————————————————— Whats it going to hurt it just a preseason game might as well find out now what hes made of instead of during the regualr season when it counts.

  • Nnamdi21

    120. WORD but man, thats alot to ask of a kid from Div II.

    IF he can put it all together and run a hybrid straightline / ZBS and ecel, thats a draft STEAL…

    He has looked good though. Anyone else notice how he played LT against the Bears and the very next play was at RT? He’s played center too.

    THIS is what RNS was talking about with the hybrid theory.

    You’ve got Seymour capable of playing anywhere on the D line to create matchups, imagine our O line guys doing the same thing. Never know who’s gonna line up where on any given play.

  • Nnamdi21

    124. Ataxia, Franklin IS under rated. Good call man. Know thine enemy.

    It is pre season though and should be a good learning experience…

    Hope Veld shines…

  • Lakota Says:
    August 26th, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    Damn it Jerry, when do I get to post as Dakota again? It has been like three weeks!

    Becker…do me a favor and take me off probation!

    I am not feeling this Lakota handle!
    I’d advise you to keep your mouth shut about Al Davis. 😉

  • Priest, we don’t have many options at this point, I say let him have at it, it could make this O-line stand up and be noticed, O-line is my only fret with this team, let em rip.

  • priesttj

    I know it’s a preaseason game, That’s why I’m worried I don’t want to lose my QB before the season starts based on some experiment. The niners bring a lot of heat and they are very physical if this kid can’t hang Campbell may pay the price.

  • raidersxy

    I hope Willis talks to McCalin

  • Chris in NY

    Am I the only one that realizes that Kyle Boller is terrible?

    I’d rather see Brennan get the 3rd spot, but I just got done reading Jerry’s chat from the other day and he was talking about Gradkowski possibly getting cut and Boller moving up to the 2 spot. WTF?

    Yeah, let’s cut a guy who played great when he came off the bench last year in several games — winning AFC Player of the Week honors vs. Pittsburgh — for a guy who couldn’t cut it with the Rams and has looked erratic at best this preseason. To be honest, I’m not convinced Campbell is a better option than Gradkowski. Forget Boller. I have a feeling KB makes it because he’s a former No. 1 pick with good size and speed, but I’ve got zero confidence in him and with the makeup of this offensive line our backup QB is probably going to see some extensive action.

  • Priest, 6’8″ of Raider mean-ness staring you in the face, what you gonna do?

  • Edward Teach Says:
    August 26th, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    It cracks me up when people suggest that compliments directed toward Al Davis by current and former players and coaches are somehow scripted and/or required.
    Have you ever seen the TV intro’s of the Raider Pre-Season games? sheesh, all about the Greatness of Al Davis, pathetic.

  • edward teach

    We will certainly find out which of our TEs can block and which can’t, as well as the backs that can pick up blitzes.

    Agressive defenses have their own set of weaknesses. Hopefully Hue can keep ’em off-balance without giving away all the state secrets.

  • Ataxia

    Would you feel more comfortable with Morris starting? I cant imagine JV being any worse.

  • Chris in NY

    I also think Thomas Howard should stay. Not totally sold on the idea that Wimbley and Scott can consistently cover athletic TEs and RBs. We need to keep TH around.

    I’d also love to see Bruce Campbell get some work with the 1s. I have no faith in Cable’s judgment when it comes to evaluating who starts/sits. He’s often wrong including with, and perhaps particularly with, the offensive line.

  • Chris, you hit the nail on the head, if you’re in Cable’s camp, you play, if not, team suffers, sad to say.

  • edward teach


    What I wrote (and you referenced there) has absolutely zero to do with the TV intros of the Raider preseason games.

    Apples and oranges, and you know it.

  • Sure.

  • Chris in NY

    And not signing Mawae makes no sense at all. They say he made the Pro Bowl last year on reputation. Maybe. Maybe not. But even if he slipped some, is he really a worse option at the center position than a rookie D-II tackle who hasn’t looked especially ready thus far?

  • priesttj

    I might not want to face it but I don’t play NT in the NFL, Franklin is a true NT not a 4/3 so-called NT he plays the zero techigue with great skill. So you might want address that question to him.

  • Well, if Veldheer is not up to muster at Center, they can still sign Mawae.

  • Chris, he has heart, I’ll take that,and a desire to play ball. Sure he’s a Rook, and learning PRO ball everyday, I say throw him in, see where the cards fall….IMHO

  • 2 Best QB’s in the league on display tonite.

  • priesttj

    Chris in NY

    Why don’t you give Cable a call and let him know the starting QB should be Gradkowski. I’m very interested in his response. If you can’t see that Campbell is a better player than Grads I’m not sure what to say except…………OOOOKK!!

  • 2 plays, TD Colts.

  • Priest, the players trust Campbell, the O-line keeps him way to busy, I’m in with him, like his style….

  • priesttj


    Campbell is one hell of a QB and we are extremely lucky to get him at this particular time. It’s just not this year but the next 6-7 years as he matures and becomes one of the better QB’s in the game. It changes everything from gloom and doom to a very bright future as Hue Jackson delineated. This is a QB driven team now.

  • Priest, I’m in, we haven’t looked this good in years, and I did back JR, everything went wrong, grow from it, learn from it, put it on the field……

  • priesttj

    Truth be told I don’t think Russell would’ve ever gotten to the point that Campbell is as far as accuracy on a consistent basis. And just from a technigue standpoint it would’ve taken him 2-3 years of hard work and film study to get to where Campbell is right now. Russell there is no realchance that he ever puts that type of work in.

    Campbell is a real boost to this organization it’s hard for me to really believe that the Redskins actually let this guy walk. I said it before I think he’s better than Gannon was when we got him.