Bush fractures thumb


It turns out Jason Campbell wasn’t the only injury of concern in Saturday night’s 28-24 loss to the 49ers at the Coliseum.

Coach Tom Cable said Michael Bush sustained a thumb fracture and his status would not be determined until he saw a hand specialist Sunday.

As he was getting dressed, Bush needed teammate Michael Bennett to tie his shoes. He echoed Cable’s statements that he didn’t know if or how long he’d be out and he would know more Sunday.

As for Campbell, Cable said the stinger which caused him to leave the game shouldn’t prevent him from playing in the season opener.

Campbell said he wasn’t sure what his status was.

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • BigLefty

    R McClain had a terrible game but:

    Did Trevor Scott play?

    Talk about a non factor in a game!

    He went to the wrong gap, got blown up by smaller running backs blocking him, ran by the runner with the ball. Never heard his name called once.

    Hey Tom it looks like your T Scott linebacker experiment is an utter failure!!!!!!!

  • raiderman09

    I think we played possum last night and i think we shud start bruce campbell at that right guard spot and either put valdeer at left tackle. cause herderson is off and on everytime i see him play. He gave up on that play that got JC blown up if i was the line coach i would have chewed him out. Since bush is out DMC needs to step up and run like hell during the season opener and i pray to god that our run defense steps up cuz we got to speed demons on that team.

  • chargerschoke

    We need Branch(FS) and Mitchell(SS) at the safeties, we need Howard at SLB or WLB because he’s the only LB with the speed to cover backs and TE’s! Surprise some teams with the wildcat , let MCFading work in spaces. Use him like New Orleans uses Reggie Bush!!!!!!!!