Bush fractures thumb


It turns out Jason Campbell wasn’t the only injury of concern in Saturday night’s 28-24 loss to the 49ers at the Coliseum.

Coach Tom Cable said Michael Bush sustained a thumb fracture and his status would not be determined until he saw a hand specialist Sunday.

As he was getting dressed, Bush needed teammate Michael Bennett to tie his shoes. He echoed Cable’s statements that he didn’t know if or how long he’d be out and he would know more Sunday.

As for Campbell, Cable said the stinger which caused him to leave the game shouldn’t prevent him from playing in the season opener.

Campbell said he wasn’t sure what his status was.

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Thec07

    Raider Nation

  • WenzhouRaider

    3. …Leaving McChicken legs to carry the load. what was the deal with him getting 0 carries today???

  • SaintKaufman


  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    No Bush means no running game!

    The O-Line is not good enough to be pass happy.

    Hopefully Bush is back by week 5

  • SaintKaufman

    Somebody get that man a jug of stick-um!

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    and the delicate and limited 1st round pick can’t be called on to carry the load.

    I hope Al has learned with all this that just looking at speed DOES NOT WORK!

  • Sweep The Leg.

    Look I’ve had a fractured digit.

    Yeah, it’s sore, but he can play. Shoot it up and go.

    It’s not like he fractured his skull.

  • fat kidd

    mike bennett the new #1

  • Sweep The Leg.

    Put in Fargas…..oh crap.

  • raiderzride4free

    please god, let bush be able to play

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    The Raiders need to stop playing or practicing with the 49ers.

  • fat kidd

    god cant hear you fargas will be back.

  • Sweep The Leg.

    *God not god.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    If Tom Cable didn’t overrate Fargas so much..he could have stayed.

    But having Fargas here meant that Cable was going to split all the carries with him…and therefore hurting the running game…

    This team can’t stay healthy and is often injured and it has no depth.

    Hopefully Bush can make it work because that horrid offensive line won’t allow them to be a pass 1st offense

  • fat kidd

    al davis is god

  • SaintKaufman

    Please god, let Bush be able to block! ๐Ÿ™‚

    This is going to be a passing team.

  • Richard Bentley

    The offensive line can’t be guilty EVERY time. When oh when are they going to give up on running McFadden inside?? Use him as an H-back. Use him as a slot receiver. DON”T use him as a back. Bennett sticks now because he is the only other guy who can do what Bush does, even if he has lost a step. This game was lost by the 2’s on defense, so it’s not all gloom and doom. And somehow Grads was able to get the ball off despite the O-line. That kid is a gamer. Defense against the run is at best a question mark now. I didn’t see the game – were the linebackers out of position a lot, or did they just get blocked too easily?

  • fat kidd

    give up on mcfadden all together he is taking up a roster spot.

  • Sweep The Leg.

    I saw it live, so no replays, but the d-line was getting pushed around. Also I saw the lb’s out of position and I think it was Huff who again missed some tackles that turned into big plays.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams


    Gradkowski took a full on body slam in the 2nd half.

    The o-line got h’d this game. Patrick Willis was living in the backfield and practically got inducted into the hall of fame today.

    Mario got worked over in such a way that reminded me of the time that Andrew walter was bloodied after gettign popped from the left side

  • Sweep The Leg.

    Patrick Willis is a bad man.

    We could have had him instead of the sizzurp in 2007.

  • He Hate Me

    Well? It was nice to enjoy 2 wins in a row, even if it was preseason.

  • fat kidd

    trade dmac and a slapchop to the ravens for willis mcgahee

  • EMRaiders

    Man, two injuries that could hurt us a lot.

    Here’s what I got from this game:

    – DMac is not our starting RB. Bush is. Given this is his first game back and he didn’t turn the ball over, it is obvious by now that he goes down too easily. He should be the change of pace back used more as a pass-catch RB or in the slot. Also, Michael Bennett should be #3. He’s the better RB between him and Rock, and given Bush’s injury, we will need another true RB.

    – DHB actually showed up, not in the big door busting way, but in the contributing role. Which at this point is better than anything else we’ve seen, which is not much. He did drop one though. Murphy should be our #1. He dropped one too, but I think he has more of the big play capability everyone wants to see out of DHB. Until I see Schilens, this is my theory. I think DHB, Murphy, and DMac would be a good set of WRs. Throw in JLH and Chaz or Ford, and Nick Miller, and we have our WRs.

    – Myers lost some points tonight, but Miller is solid. No surprise there.

    – OL is a BIG problem. Veldheer seems to have done ok for his first time as a C being a rookie and all. M.Henderson raised some questions today. I thought he was doing somewhat ok until today. Not only because of the Campbell play, but he just seemed like he was struggling. Our right side needs help. Heck, our whole line needs help.

    – I think Bruce showed he has picked up where he left off last season. I’m not too concerned if we were to loose JCampbell for a few weeks. What concerns me is the line. Boller should be kept like a #3. But I will wait until next game to finalize my mind on that. I want to see Bruce play the first quarter into the second, then have Boller play into the third and mop it up with Brennan. Then we should have a better idea of who is better. But based on last season and today, I think Bruce would have an advantage.

    – I don’t know what happened to our D today. Could it be that Seymour’s presence makes that much of a difference? He was out last week too though and we did fine. I don’t know, but I hope they figure it out. I’m not buying this Al is calling the plays thing. But if that’s the case, then this should be enough to make him realize he needs to stop. Either way, the running D needs to be tweaked. That call on Nam was BS too. But that’s not the reason we lost, I just thought I’d mention it.

    Overall though, I have to say we showed some improvement on Offense, we did take a step back on Defense, and our Return game needs to get better. That TD we gave up on that return shouldn’t have happened.

    Let’s hope Bush’s thumb can heal quickly, if not, then let’s hope Bennett gets the notch at #3.

  • TheyCallMeAssassin

    Marshawn Lynch time?

  • priesttj

    Everybody was in position we just didn’t tackle well at all, we weren’t aggressive and we didn’t play with any intensity. It was somewhat alarming, maybe we were reading our press clippings a bit too much. Because we really didn’t get after the niners like I thought we would.

    Guy’s lets just accept DMC for what he is a 3rd down back . It’s very frustrating to see him go down on shestring tackles the way he does. He lacks balance and good footwork has no vision what so ever. Get him in openfield and let him run……….period

  • Guy

    Anyone notice McClain wasnt shedding blocks very well? I think it was Iupati that kept handling him pretty well for all of the big runs.

  • Coach Elkins

    Here is the biggest story…

    Our 1st pick, #55 is not, I repeat, NOT a starting middle Linebacker.

    Are you watching this kid?

    The best place to run the ball is in the A Gaps…

    The eye in the sky don’t lie.

    Like I been saying..6-10

  • armond

    repost cuz of the dang moderators

    here we go again. yall better stop all this negative energy towards our players. last year people talked so much sh!t about hopin russell got hurt and they boy toy grads got hurt. now all this dmc hate and bush gets hurt. the same people yall keep hatin on are the ones u will have to depend on at some point. seems like alot of karma goin on around here.

  • priesttj

    The 3tech is the key to the 4/3 Seymour makes a big difference no doubt about it but we still should;’ve played much better. The best way t play a big back like Dixon is to get in the backfield and make him change directions or run laterally when he can just run downhill like that he’s very difficult to stop.

    I’m watching this agin and the niners are just flat out playiing a lot harder than we are…………period

  • lefty12

    Hello,Randy,how are you feeling?

  • EMRaiders

    I did see McClain getting neutralized in a few plays. I’m still hoping this is a learning curve for the rookie during the preseason and will have it sorted out by season opener…hoping.

  • TerrapinRaider

    The offense just doesn’t look as consistent with DMC in there thats all. He’s a very capable back. They just have to figure out how best to use him.

    From what I saw today Murphy is not your #1 WR as you guys like to say. DHB looked better or at the very least I saw the much more upside there than Murphy (and he looked better).

    I’m liking the way this Walter McFadden kid plays.

    I think Routt can be better than CJ but he scares the heck out of me sometimes.

  • MTraidernation

    fractured doesn’t mean broken. i’d be shocked if he misses anything more than next weekend’s final preseason game. won’t matter who’s carrying the ball if the oline continues to stink.

    it’s really disappointing that our coach’s “specialty” is our weakest unit.

  • Guy

    Just like against Chicago when Bush went out the offense kind of got flat until the blown coverage atleast.

  • lefty12

    McClain had a pretty bad game.Hopefully he uses it to learn and improve.B.Grad. showed why he is the perfect backup.Before some of you commit hari-kari remember it was a practice game and we do play them again when it counts.

  • TerrapinRaider

    And how about Ware getting under that big az RB and taken him down! Thats the stuff Routt needs to do to be a complete corner.

  • SaintKaufman

    Come on Terrapin. A little homer? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Murphy is awesome!

  • TerrapinRaider

    SaintKaufman Says:
    August 28th, 2010 at 10:46 pm
    Come on Terrapin. A little homer?

    Murphy is awesome!


    Nah playa …DHB just looked better imo ..no homing here ..i’m only homing the Raiders!

  • Guy

    I usually dont watch the 49ers so I don’t watch Willis a lot but man did he shoot those gaps esp against McFadden he looked great. Hopefully McClain can be more aggressive like that in the future.

  • TerrapinRaider

    I think with DHB you have to become more of a passing offense. Not too much between the tackles stuff.

  • TerrapinRaider

    Sorry meant DMC

  • lefty12

    Terrapin,isn’t it getting a little past the point of ‘we just have to use him(DM) in the right way’?The guy was the #4 pick.

  • SaintKaufman

    I’ll give ya Red Bryant. He’s looked good as well.

  • EMRaiders

    I’m not defending Cable because being the HC and the Oline being his specialty, he should find a way to figure it out. But I think this may have to do more with personnel than coaching. Like I said though, he needs to sort it out.

    Murphy seems like our #1 to me because to me, he seems more consistent than DHB. Granted we have not seen much of DHB this season, and I’m not counting last season because…well you know. But if he shows consistency and improvement next week if he plays, and the first couple weeks of the season, than I am open to re-evaluate that thought.

    When DMac is on the field is almost like the D knows he is getting the ball. So maybe that is a factor on his non-explosiveness, but still, shouldn’t we have seen more by now?

  • TerrapinRaider

    lefty12 Says:
    August 28th, 2010 at 10:50 pm
    Terrapin,isnโ€™t it getting a little past the point of โ€˜we just have to use him(DM) in the right wayโ€™?The guy was the #4 pick.


    True. He should be lighting it up like AP; but he’s not! Like I said before Bush is your starter and you mix in DM

  • priesttj


    Playing HB is based on natural skills they can help somewhat as coaches but you have to have it already unlike any other position it is natural ability.

    McFadden is what he is, no hating no dislike in fact it’s just the opposite. We need this kid to step up man if he’ll just show that he has some skill for the psoition I’d be very grateful. I wanted to see him hit the 49ers for 75 yards rushing tonight and a TD. He just doesn’t respond. He’s got great hands and great speed it’s time to realize that is where he belngs and stop forcing a square peg into a round
    hole. Just accept him for what he is and use it to our advantage.

  • TheyCallMeAssassin

    You know, it’s probably good for them that they got outplayed this time around. They did well to capitalize on the Bears’ weaknesses. But they needed to see what it’s like to go up against a solid offensive line, an aggressive defense led by a monster like Patrick Willis, and an offense with a few established big-time playmakers.

    Hopefully they know what they did wrong and can come back stronger. The defense in particular had played pretty well before tonight, and had their moments against the 49ers. But for the most part its a young group of players (especially without Richard Seymour around) who are still learning their roles. So maybe getting lit up on some long runs in the pre-season is not always such a bad thing, as long as the players learn from it and adjustments are made.

    That said, in spite of Mario Henderson’s blown play I think this was the offensive line’s best outing as a group.

  • armond

    defenses do gear up when dmc is in the game thats where he and the oline have to get better. whether yall like it or not he may have to get the ball more if this bush injury is more serious than it seems. i really dont believe we have the talent on the oline to win battles throughout a full season. theyll have their moments but i expect to win some games in spite of them. guys are just goin have to make plays and look ugly while doin that.

  • BloodRaider

    McClain got pushed around on that big run, he had the deer in the headlights feel, I just turned 21 last month what am I doing here, thing going on. We’re asking a hell of a lot of this young man, in time he will be an outstanding MLB, just needs experience and the confidence and muscle memory that comes with it. Its like he’s analyzing what to do, but the NFL is very much faster than the SEC. He needs to learn to know what to do at NFL speed with out having to think about it.