Join our live blog from Raiders vs. 49ers game tonight


Follow all the action tonight live as Jerry McDonald provides updates and analysis from the Raiders vs. 49ers preseason game from the Coliseum at 6 p.m.


Jon Becker

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  • Just under two hours until kick off, is that to early to start drinking ice COLD beer? I didn’t think so. Cheers!

    Will be watching how young Jered does at center, and to see if McSkinny can get by those pesky hash marks without tripping over them..Also, hope no one gets injured…Go Raiders!!!!!

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    Post some links guys.


  • raidersxy

    DHB lives!

  • gogo0

    cant find video, radio is better than nothing for those of us not in the bay…

  • RaiderSam

    28 24 Niners…can I show my face at work tomorrow? But its pre-season…lets win it when it counts

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  • RaiderNick712

    I’m not convinced Campbell is our answer in the pocket. I really like the way this team responds with Bruce at the helm. Every time with maybe the exception of once or twice, the Offence has always moved with him in the pocket. I would give Bruce a solid shot at owning that position and use Campbell as the backup, we didn’t give up much for Campbell to begin with so why not