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Jon Becker

  • Sorry, MR, Bo know’s best, I vote for Bo, and hope AD lives to be 120 years old!

  • EM, you take notes when watching Raider games?

  • Hobs Gnarly

    guys are playing hard, they want to win.

  • Bo Jackson? What does he have to do with anything I’ve said?

  • I expect Mike Singletary to try to run the ball tonite.

  • EMRaiders

    Not really. maybe mental notes.

  • Didn’t you hear him in the Broadcast Booth?

  • They haven’t played a game yet, Hobs. The Raiders have not played one single 4 quarter football game yet, that counted. Yet you’re saying the team is playing hard. What are you talking about? Played hard when? Where? First game is in two weeks.

  • What did Bo say in the broadcast booth? I don’t watch more than 1 quarter of pre season football, Todd. Do enlighten me. Tell me what Bo said while on a Raider broadcast, on the Raiders’ t.v. network, while being watched by a hundred Raider personnel.

  • Nothing but praise for AD and the RAIDER tradition, I go with BO!

  • JB

    Sapp & his comments have no credibility with me. He’s just an angry man. He might not be appy with the Raiders because we all didn’t kiss his a$$. What he failed to recognize was that his contribution in Oakland wasn’t all that great. I suspect that he was effectively fired rather than retired. The team probably gave him a gracious avenue to exit but he’s still pissed and will continue that mode ad infinitum.

    Even if AD phoned down at the last minute, I’m sure he wasn’t calling Sapp except maybe when he needed to be told “get your a$$ moving”. Forget Sapp. He wasn’t even that good on Dancing with the Stars. Even there, he showed his true colors as an obnoxious pompous jerk.

  • raiders22

    duh i would love al to retire, but its not going to happen. he will be passing soon though look at him, he resembles a 50 yr old vulture. and this yr hes finally got it so who cares. weve had the best off-season in the nfl by far. people like the seahawks but they did last yr also and howd that turn out?

    im not saying al should hav gona years ago, all im saying is rmr is annoying. nobody wants to hear the same thing over and over. and if your life sucks that bad that all u have to do all day is post the same thing over and over and over and over and over, then i feel for you man. some of us like to party, go to school, work, and interact with females.

    and 1 more thing, ive definitely never posted with another name, this is not that important to me lol. i just read to see what fellow fans r thnking. go back to draft time, youll see me on here with the same name.

    and here we go: tonights score: Raiders 27-Niners 17.
    player of the game, lamarr houston.
    anthony davis has looked verrrryyy average at best, and lamarr does not. our ende r gonna have a field day.
    im out haters

  • I know Al’s not going to retire, 22, that’s why we’re going to suck.

  • Of course Sapp’s comments have no credibility with you, JB. You have a soft spot for Al Davis.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    lol, mr i just said i would love him to retire. you just can’t get me mad, sorry not going to happen. your hate for al is keeping you from enjoying any hope for the season and any enjoyment out of wins be it preseason or not. go get laid man. al has put together this team whether we like it or not, that is not the problem, it’s old schemes that are the problem. these guys, they want to win and that is something different then in recent seasons.

  • Did Bo get into specifics, Todd? Or did he just say Al and the Raiders were great, on the Raiders’ t.v. network? So basically Bo’s take is the same as priest’s.

  • Warren Sapp has a Super bowl Ring, Hall of Fame Credentials, and he Played for the Raiders.

    He knows a damnsight more about them than you fans do.

    Get over it. Why don’t you people worry about what’s going on, on the field, instead of the Al Davis drama?

  • Al Davis 2010 NFL Exec of the Year!

  • Bo gets a call from Al every year. Do you?

  • Hobs, your little soft spot for Al, along with the rest of the kool aid drinkers who think he’s going to change every year, are the reason he’s still here and still ruins this team. If you guys would get a backbone and stop forking your money over to this guy, and if Raider fans nationwide vowed not to give him a dime if he moved to their city as long as he’s still involved with football operations, he’d retire. He’d have no choice. But fans like you with all of this, “he’s made mistakes, but he’s won 3 super bowls, and he’s going to bring us back, he just needs to stop meddling, so stop hating on him”, blah blah blah, just enable him.

  • Al Davis is 29-83. What the heck is Warren Sapp lying about?

  • Who cares if Bo gets a call from Al every year?

  • Your forgetting one simple thing,MR, he owns the team, period!

  • Sounds like Bo Jackson is another one of Al’s enablers. Bo was a great player, but today he’s only hurting the team by enabling the GM that’s tearing it apart. Bo’s useless.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    heck, yeah they are playing hard….you can feel it. this team is different, they may make an asre outta me but this locker room is not just collecting a paycheck and laughing with losses. their attitude has changed, i have hope. at the end of last season i wanted cable only if gruden wasn’t available. right now, i would not take gruden because cable has these guys. his handling of the team is gut. he may not have been a great play caller but his hand with the team feels right. bro i am drinking kool aid, but with some vodka spiked in it. go raiders.

  • He can’t retire from football operations because he owns the team? What kind of logic is that, Todd? Most owners don’t run their own football operations anymore. AL NEEDS TO JOIN THEM ALREADY!

  • JB

    # The Real MaddenRaider Says:
    August 28th, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    Of course Sapp’s comments have no credibility with you, JB. You have a soft spot for Al Davis.

    Yes I do. See post #55 & you will see why. AD is no where near perfect but we Raider fans do owe this guy to this day. I want to win as badly as all other fans o here. I’m not happy losing but I also understand that ultimately, AD is responsible for all the bad things AND the GOOD things that are associated with this team. Had it not been for AD, there would have been no Raiders or AFC. He’s earned the slack that I’m cutting him.

  • Hobs, pre season games don’t count. Every team plays hard in the pre season. Listen to yourself.

  • So there you go, JB. Your rebuttal of Sapp’s comments have no credibility with me, because you admittedly have a soft spot for Al so you could easily be downplaying Sapp’s comments to defend Al, knowing all the while Sapp’s right.

  • KoolKell Says:
    August 28th, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Al Davis is 29-83.

    Al Davis is not 29-83. Wake up.

  • MR

    I’m always excited when my Raiders are playing!

  • Had it not been for AD, there would have been no Raiders or AFC. He’s earned the slack that I’m cutting him.
    Are you sure about that, JB? The Movers & Shakers behind the scenes were Ralph Wilson and Lamar Hunt.

  • You have a soft spot for Al, but no soft spot for Sapp. So of course your opinion on Sapp’s comments about Al will have a bias against Sapp. Duh.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    madden, go get laid man. your just getting silly, sorry but i am lmao at your remark that i have a soft spot for al, dude that was over 2002. give him his due which he has collected at least twice and let this team send him off into retirement with a sb win.

  • inonewordraider

    Al is the reason we love the Raiders, he’s broken so many barriers x and o’s wise, race/gender wise, personnel wise and he’s a man of principle. I’m 29 years old and I have yet to enjoy the Raiders win the superbowl but I will never bash the man who created my beloved football team. Your buddy’s that are screw ups, do you stop being their buddy? Raider fans are loyal win lose or tie unlike Charger or other bandwagoners

  • I believe the AFC Championship Trophy is called the Lamar Hunt Trophy, no?

  • MR, it’s 2010, and people are still playing for AL Davis, I’d call that a Legacy!

  • Ha ha! Hobs, you telling someone to “get laid” is like Al Davis telling someone to start winning.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    yeah, al is the raiders but i love them more than him. i want to win and the buck stops there man, his desk.

  • KoolKell Says:
    August 28th, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    Al Davis is 29-83.

    Based on this idiotic logic, you could say Andy Reid who dropped his last two games is winless as a head coach.

  • Al is the reason you love the Raiders? you love the Raiders because of a GM that ships good coaches off, drafts players based on speed when there’s good football players on the board? You love the Raiders because of a GM who makes certain that they suck year after year?

  • Hobs Gnarly

    lol mr, lol.

  • Al Davis’ coaching record is 23-16-3, ok?

  • 860

    sup man.. Game day I cant wait for 1800.. Same ol haters on here I see..

  • Todd, you’ve hit rock bottom. You’re saying that Al is a legacy because people are still playing for him? He owns the team. Just who would anyone on the Raiders play for if not for Al Davis? And, let’s face it, you use the term “play” quite loosely, don’t you?

  • Anyone who is trying to divorce their idea of the Raiders without Al Davis is a dummass plain and simple.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    now that is the madden we all know and love, none of this “don’t bother to respond” jeez, i was wondering if you were depressed or something.

  • Are you done defending Al, Hobs?

  • MR, you own your own business, you run it your way, he runs his, his way. He is an NFL Team Owner, you? Then don’t try to tell him how to run HIS team? Just a thought…

  • Hobs Gnarly

    divorce? nope, he’s 80 years old, you figure it out. the raiders without al will be here soon enough. he’s had a good life and did everthing there was to be done. build, win and crash and burn a franchise. no one here is in denial of that, except maybe the paid bloggers on here that state al can do no wrong. but, that is it, i am not going to say anything more about he who shall be named al.