Raiders-49ers chat


Checking in from the press box. If all goes according to plan, I”ll be on a live chat from 6 p.m. until the close of the game.

Since I’ll be watching the game, and am assuming most of you won’t be seeing it on television, it will be heavy on what’s going on on the field and as a result I may not get to a lot of questions, although I’ll try to sneak one in here or there as well as at halftime.

Comments can also be left here, of course, and if possible I’ll have a few in-game posts as well so the comments don’t back up too much.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • JB

    Watching the tape delayed game – end of 1st Q. My assessment so far:

    • Veldheer doing fine at C
    • JCambell seems to have adequate control of the offense
    • DHB is making some plays (catches)
    • Bush is the #1 RB
    • DMac is not a RB, he’s a WR in disguise
    • Walker needs to be moved inside to RG
    • Why is Cartwright KOR? Where’s Ford?
    • Keeping DMac in the backfield is a waste of downs.
    • Huff is on & off. Needs consistency. Not a good tackler.

    That’s what I’ve noted so far.

  • ajoakrader

    what’s up with the special teams why is’nt nick miller returning punts. i dont like higgen returning punts. special teams needs some work.

  • fat kidd

    its just a pre season game if it counted they would have kicked a 82 yd field goal,then a onside kick and kicked a 77 yd field goal a won.

  • BornInOakland

    CAMPBELL separated his shoulder (mid to severe) and will be OUT 4-6 (prob 8) weeks.
    Bruce G will start against Titans. This is confirmed and accurate info.

  • Thec07


  • Thec07


  • ajoakrader

    goodnight raider nation lets get them titans on the 12. i’m up in temecula ca so i see all the games no tape delays here anyway GO RAIDERS.!!!!!!

  • GRIM

    BS touchdown and a dropped pass on the 1 lost us the game.

  • fat kidd

    new post