Cable conference call at 5 p.m.


Raiders coach Tom Cable will talk to the local media on a conference call this evening, at which time he may or may not have any definitive information on the status of quarterback Jason Campbell and running back Michael Bush.

Cable said he didn’t see Campbell missing the opener mostly shrugged his shoulders and did what most players do in cases of injury _ be as vague as possible.

Watching the replay this afternoon, it was clear that while the stinger appeared to be on the left side of his body, Campbell also had issues with his right wrist and/or arm. The local broadcast crew noted Campbell talking to trainers about his right wrist before his last series. When Campbell lay on the ground, waiting for the effects of his stinger to subside, the training staff was talking to him and examining his right wrist.

As for Bush, he was awaiting word after seeing a doctor today, and while that visit has probably concluded by now, it’s by no means a sure thing Cable will will go into great detail about it.

As much as it’s easy from the sidelines to say all Bush has to do is wrap it up and play, the injury is on Bush’s left hand _ which happens to be his dominant hand. He throws (and bowls) left-handed. A broken thumb would also be a problem while pass blocking, an area in which Bush has become proficient.

More to come later . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • carnitas


  • carnitas

    cj better watch out stanford looking good

  • TheyCallMeAssassin

    Willis McGahee.

  • SnB offense defense specialteams

    Losing Michael Bush will hurt this offense more than Campbell.

    Without Bush….there is no running game.

    And the O-Line is too delicate to trust to primarily pass blocking all game.

  • fat kidd

    campbell expected to return for season opener

  • TheyCallMeAssassin

    Willis McGahee or Marshawn Lynch?
    Jared Gaither?
    Antonio Bryant?
    Tony Richardson?

  • LT DAN

    Maybe all 5 assassin

  • LT DAN

    On second thought bryant is hurt.

  • TheyCallMeAssassin

    Yeah, on Bryant and Gaither it’ll likely be one of those “wait and see” type things. Wouldn’t surprise me to see them come on board just before Week 1.

  • ArmChair GM Says:
    August 29th, 2010 at 2:00 pm
    # Richochet Says:
    August 29th, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    Fact is, the true assessment of this game is hoe the STARTERS played.
    Now get your little VCR out, and rewind it and add up how many quarters the STARTERS for both teams played. I know you only have a pre school education, so I’ll be patient.

    Richochet: How cute. You still use mommy’s VCR. You can still get tapes for those? Ever hear of a DVR?
    Over the course of 3 quarters(which is the entire length of time that the starters from both teams played) the Raiders outplayed your little team of sissies.Tell us how long the majority of starters played for both teams and what the score was at the point when the starters for both teams left the game.

    Richochet: Not sure if you’re slow, or just stubborn and inept.
    Regardless, you insist on me schooling you, and embarrassing you, so who am I to argue?
    Sure…why not, lol.
    I mean, why do you expect anything different now?
    Seriously?? Do you REALLY expect a different outcome?

    3 QUARTERS? “ you say: “(which is the entire length of time that the starters from both teams played)??? Are you FREAKING SERIOUS?


    · San Francisco 49ers at 15:00
    · 11-S.Janikowski kicks 75 yards from OAK 30 to SF -5. 18-B.Guillory, Touchback.
    · 1-10-SF 20 (15:00) 33-A.Dixon left tackle to SF 24 for 4 yards (55-R.McClain).
    · 2-6-SF 24 (14:19) 5-D.Carr pass incomplete short right to 19-T.Ginn (26-S.Routt).
    · 3-6-SF 24 (14:15) (Shotgun) 33-A.Dixon up the middle to SF 33 for 9 yards (24-M.Huff).
    · 1-10-SF 33 (13:37) 5-D.Carr pass incomplete deep left to 19-T.Ginn (24-M.Huff, 22-W.McFadden).
    2-10-SF 33 (13:30) (Shotgun) PENALTY on SF-65-B.Sims, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at SF 33 – No Play.

    DIXON IS NOT THE STARTER, HE’S 3RD STRING, behind Gore and Westbrook, fool.
    Carr?? LMAO..you fool. CARR IS NOT THE STARTER.
    GINN?? Again, LMAO..Ginn is NOT the starter..

    So….you still want to stick with that silly ‘STARTERS PLAYED THROUGH THE 3RD QUARTER”??
    Yes, again, now I know why you changed your name…those who are left babbling like fools usually have no choice.

    Just ask OakSeyDeboCaptJustWin, he’ll tell ya.

    Now..back to the point.
    You want so desperately to say “Oh goodie, Raiders looked wonderful”.
    Raiders didn’t. Only a fool would state that.
    Oh…that would be you, wouldn’t it?
    Rushing was horrible…15 yds first half?
    Run defense was horrible…7.5 ypc?
    Pass rush was nonexistent…zero sacks.

    Some bright spots..some glaring holes.
    Sorry to burst your widdle bubble..

    Oh..I missed your reply on the Crab/DHB comparison?
    lol…gee..wonder why?

  • JB

    Regarding our O-line play: The Raiders haven’t had a decent O-line since we installed the ZBS. Every successful Raider O-Line has been a power blocking type line. Am I the only one to see that A minus B equals C? Trash this ZBS – we can’t continually win with it. Last nights loss really exposed the O-Line. We knew the problem was there and now it’s official. Veldheer needs to start at center. He’s that much better than Satele. He’ll learn his calls – he’s a quick learner. Henderson is a stopgap OLT. We need to quickly develop BCampbell to replace him. Quite possibly, Henderson will be OK at the ORT position. RG needs to be replaced. Move Walker there as he’s having problems with 1 on 1 protection when out in the open.

    Regarding the running game:
    DMac is NOT an NFL caliber RB. The experiment needs to be over. We all suspected it and now we know for sure. Putting DMac in the backfield as a RB is a waste of a down. Move him to WR now and run him out of the slot. He’ll be able to contribute there. BUsh, Bennett & Cartwright should be the #!, 2 & 3 RB. Reece would seem to have solidified the starting FB position. Let’s keep an eye out for the NY Jets FB castoffs. There may be some gold there.

    Regarding the defense:
    Where do we begin? They just didn’t play as well as they should have. Huff needs to learn how to tackle. That or replace him with MM34. We still need that BIG NT. That should be our first priority in next years draft. ROMC’s rookiness showed. He was out of position too many times. That will improve with more NFL playing time. Routt did a decent job at CB. The backup CB’s & Safeties also were OK for the most part. Our 3’s weren’t as good as theirs.

    Regarding ST:
    We need better coaching there. Figurs is not the answer nor is Cartwright at KOR. Use Ford or NMiller and let’s move on. Same for PR. We need better return blocking schemes – need to open more lanes. Our kicking game is the best in the NFL……PERIOD. Good job by both Jano & Lechler – but that’s no surprise.

    Regarding our receivers:
    We are set at TE – no problems there. DHB looked improved over last year so I’ll cut him some slack – at least for 1 more year. Murphy should be our #2 WR. He’s a player and will help us win some games. He does need to improve on his concentration as he should have not dropped at least two passes that I recall. Watkins is gone. Should have had that last second pass. That’s what the caches will remember. We need to see more Ford & NMiller. Figurs gets cut so he’s gone with Watkins. Move DMac to slot WR now. JLH made more than his share of dumb plays last night. I’m not sure he survives.

    Regarding the coaching:
    I understand that last night was plain vanilla night so I won’t comment on the play calling. Rather, I comment on Cable generically. He’s now in charge of the time outs and he did ok there. Good call on Jano’s FG if in fact that was his idea. He needs to focus his efforts on two main things. First, he needs to convince AD the DMac is a liability in the backfield and get a green light to move him to WR. Second, he needs to scrap the ZBS and install a power blocking scheme that works. He’s suppose to be the O-Line guru so let’s see some magic.

    Regarding the owner/GM:
    He needs to immediately find us a BIG NT for the defense and to make a deal for an ORT. I would have also said OLT but you are not going to find one of those, you have to draft and develop your own. AD also has to cross he bridge like he did with JaLoser and admit that DMac is not who he thought he was and to make the best out of what he can do right – receive passes. He also needs to make it clear to Tom Cable that this team will go back to power blocking now or at least as quickly as possible.

    I seen this team look worse so it’s not all bad. We’ll meet the Niners in the season and I think the results will be different next time. Am I an optionmist? Probably, but we are going to win some games this year as soon as the problems I’ve mentioned are fixed.

    Some obvious discards:
    They include Pears, Figurs, Heard, Morris, Rodd, Watkins, Tonga, Joseph, Gunheim, Eugene,Thomas & Norris. That will be a good start.

  • JB

    I’m a NMiller fan & I predict that he will make the 53 man squad this year. He didn’t play all that much in preseason but I’m convinced that they already know what they have with him that’s why the others played more so they could be evaluated. NMiller and or Ford should be doing the KOR & PR’s.

    So NMiller is my vote for longshot to make the team.

  • JB

    WTF is # 12?

  • ArmChair GM

    Post #424 ArmChair GM Says:

    Ok I’m going to attempt to have a rational football conversation with you. Please try and keep up.

    The Raiders and Niners actually played the majority of their starters for 3 quarters, not just 2.
    Richochet Says:
    August 29th, 2010 at 4:10 pm



    I think you meant to type, THESE ARE THE FIRST PLAYS OF THE 3RD QUARTER.

    Like I said, you clearly have less than a preschool level education, and that’s why I am going easy on you here.

    I don’t abuse women, children, or people with learning disabilities either. It just isn’t right.

    So I’m gonna type it for you one more time and give you a chance to process it, even if it takes til the end of the football season. It’s ok really. Like they say, ‘No Child Left Behind.’

    I CLEARLY stated that the MAJORITY of the starters played through the 3rd quarter. There are 11 players on the field at the same time for both teams.

    11+11=22. Take your time now, I know that’s over your head.

    So a majority would mean MORE THAN HALF. So all that means is that at least 6 players from each team would have to be starters in the 3rd quarter.

    You gave me a whopping number of 4 out of 11. So I’ll give you one more chance.

    Take your time.

  • ArmChair GM

    And furthermore chick-o-chet,

    when you combine the players from both offense and defense, you would need to show that at least 11 players from the offense and defense of your sissy team did not play in the 3rd quarter.

    Again take your time. It’s called addition and subtraction. Please use a calculator if necessary.

  • ArmChair GM

    We’re talking starters by the way.

  • Kirk

    This is the problem with playing vanilla in the preseason. If your offense is predictable, the defense can tee off on your running backs and your quarterback.

  • chargerschoke

    Hire a former NFL back who gained at least 1000 yds multiple seasons as RB coach , a guy who coached college backs and didn’t play in he NFL isn’t the answer, something is wrong with the way Mcfadden is being taught, look at Chris Johnson, Reggie Bush, C.J. Spiller, McFadden should be doing just as good as those guys, it can’t be just injuries that has slowed this guy down?

  • Richard Bentley

    It’s a no-brainer if your quarterback lies on the ground for five minutes to figure out who will start the season. And minus the three drops, Grads had a great outing. The Raiders are lucky. I don’t think there will be any dropoff and in fact maybe even an uptick. Campbell seems to hold the ball a little longer than Grads. I’d also like to see Nick Miller get some KO returns. No one else is doing anything and JLH is missing his head – not calling for a fair catch inside the 10 and lining up offside on the kickoff. How long has he been playing??

  • ArmChair GM

    We need to be checking the waiver wire of the Carolina Panthers. They have 18 sacks so far through 3 preseason games.

    15 of those sacks are from the D Line.

    I would add D tackle depth if possible from that line.

    Tennessee by the way, looked horrible yesterday. So did the Cowboys and the Giants. If the 3rd game is the closest to a regular season game, a lot of teams look out of sync right now.

    That’s why I and several others are stressing that yesterday’s final score means nothing. The schemes and the play calling should be mostly vanilla at this time of year.

    The preseason is one big player evaluation process. That’s all it is.

    Let the young kids study the film, let’s cut down this roster, look for quality players to add to our roster, and let the season begin.

  • JB

    Just designate DMac as a slot WR and let’s move on. You can’t fix what’s ailing him. He simply is a fast WR that is lining up in the backfield. Put him in the slot and he will contribute and not get hurt playing against the BIG KIDS.

    DMac will NEVER be an NFL caliber RB.

  • LT DAN

    JLH has been doing dumb things since his rookie year cut that guy. Seymour playing will imporve the run d. Glad they are holding him out no sense beating him up now. I didnt see the game. Did Henderson play nt with the first d or is it still Kelly? IMO Kelly needs to rotate in at dt.

  • Twocents

    JB (#11),

    That was f’n outstanding!

    Especially the ZBS, it sucks.

  • JB

    Oh yes, he’s a straight line runner. He does not have moves and/or change of pace. He is NOT a Reggie Bush type player so don’t say we’ll use him like Reggie Bush. We simply need to get him the ball in the open and let him conduct a footrace. That is his talent, nothing else. And, he can’t pass block either. But most WR’s can’t block so I won’t hold that against him.

  • Norco Bob

    If I was on conference call I would say this to Coach Cable:…I applaud you for belting both Randy Hanson and your pig of an ex wife,..then would add, Tom you should have done what OJ did, because that Ho deserved it too. Damn strait.

  • HayesDaze37

    It’s a great evening to be a Raiders fan. Isn’t it?

    Last night shows just how quickly fortunes can turn for a team. In a matter of a few plays, the team could’ve lost it’s 2 “most important” Offensive players in JCampbell and MBush. Losing your starting QB and “#1” RB is really tough. Here’s hoping Cable’s delivering good news on the injury front in his conference call.

    Injury concern #1: MBush’s hand. Surgery would be a giant step backwards.

    Injury concern #2: JCambell’s wrist and/or neck. We already know Grads can take the helm, at least for a short while. Assuming Campbell’s neck’s OK, that wrist could take some time to heal. Remember Charlie Frye?

    Is Grads truly fully healthy? He won’t stay that way getting planted like he got last night.

  • raiderzmaverick

    Good post #11!
    Dmac can be kept as a change of pace back for screens, outside runs etc. and in motion to go as a receiver. Can utilize him like that.

    Grads looked pretty darned good coming in there. But looks similar with too many dropped passes including one which would have won us the game.

  • LT DAN

    Could one of you guys answer my question in #23 about Henderson?

  • HayesDaze37

    Jacoby Ford has the hands to go with his instinctive and athletic play. Jacoby Ford is a natural…similar to Murphy that way…he knows how to get open. And he knows how to catch.

    Yamon Figurs is squandering away his chances to make the team.

  • JB


    Thanks for the props on #11. Grads looked great and showed excellent command & flexibility. That’s good news as it will take two QB’s on every NFL team to remain successful throughout the season.

    Regarding your comment on DMAC. I disagree. See my post # 25. Bennett or even Cartwright are much better candidates for the outs and swings BECAUSE they have moves & change of pace which are required to get by the defenses. Neither of which, I might mention, is present in DMac’s skill set. I want him to succeed. Unfortunately WR is the ONLY place that will happen.

  • raiderzmaverick

    Well, JB, we’re certainly lacking in the WR department on people who can catch, so it certainly couldn’t hurt.

    I think Bennett looked pretty darned good as a #2 option as running back. Cartwright I haven’t seen much from running the ball that I’ve liked. He only has done well on pass catching and Special Teams from what I’ve observed at least.

  • JB

    # LT DAN Says:
    August 29th, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    Could one of you guys answer my question in #23 about Henderson?
    Kelly played with the 1’s and did very well, especially in view of the fact that Seymour wasn’t playing. JHenderson did play with the 2’s but I don’t recall any big plays he was involved in. They ran away from that position over into the slot where Seymour wasn’t.

  • LT DAN

    Thanks JB. Did Kelly play the 3 tech for Seymour or NT?

  • JB

    I think if they run DHB, Murphy & DMac (slot), they’ll be able to stretch the field and do some damage.

  • priesttj

    I think people are jumping the gun a bit with these QB comparisons. While I’ll be the first to congradulate Grads he played a great game. I think I was more impressed with his accuracy than anything. He hadn’t shown me that and it was sorely needed at that time. Campbell was great as well but he hasn’t had the advantage of being with this team for well over a year. Neither has Boller. I really think we have a great problem at QB for the first time in many years. Let it play itself out they’ve all been impressive IMO.

    Marcel Reece is a real weapon at FB not many FB’s have that kind movement skills as well as recieving. He isplaying some great ball right now an he’ll only get much better.

    Carlisle leaves a lot to be desired if a change on the line is needed I think it is there primarily he gets no push on running downs. We can’t even run to that side with any degree of proficiency. Cable needs to start Campbell IMO I think the returns on Carlisle are deminishing. His savy is n longer an asset.

    While most would like to see Veldheer at C I think if Mario continues to struggle at times I wouldn’t mind seeing Veldheer get a long look at LT. Move Mario to RT Campbell at RG and leave Satele at C.

    They have to run blck much better than they are doing and Cable has got to get that fixed. We can’t run to the right. We run really well going left.

    I know most are concerned about the sacks buit sacks are a part of the game you’re going to give up sacks I don’t care who’s playing LT. So asking for zero sacks is a little naive. We have given up a minimum this preaseason the line in terms of sacks given up looks good it’s the lack of a consistent running game that’s got me concerned.

  • JB

    I’m trying to remember. I believe it was both. I recall him at NT but I also remember seeing him at the 3 position.

  • 30 year raider


    YOU AND I THINK EXACTLY ALIKE..you hit the nail right on the head on everything in post #11..

  • JB


    I agree with your assessments in post 36 although I’d leave Veldheer at center.

    Do you recall which positions Tommy Kelly was playing? Was it the 3, NT or both?

  • JB

    We are VERY lucky to have what appears to be 3 excellent QB’s. JCampbell did very well as did Gradkowski. Boller is probably the best #3 QB in the NFL right now. Like TJ said, it’s a great problem to have.

  • LT DAN

    If Kelly was playing the 3 tech then we still dont know if he can play NT. If I remember right Seymour only played in one preseason game so far and it was our best run def game. IMO Henderson should be NT on run downs with seymour and let Kelly replace Henderson in passing situations or to spell Seymour.

  • LT DAN

    If Dmac cant play rb full time shouldnt he return kicks or/ punts?

  • JB

    # LT DAN Says:
    August 29th, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    If Dmac cant play rb full time shouldnt he return kicks or/ punts?

    No. That position requires moves and change of pace – neither of which DMac possess. He’s a straight line player (runner).

  • JB

    New post

  • 30 year raider

    LT DAN Says:
    August 29th, 2010 at 5:49 pm
    If Dmac cant play rb full time shouldnt he return kicks or/ punts?

    good point

  • LT DAN

    Its been suggested Dmac play the slot that also requires lateral moves. He may need to move to outside WR and run go routes all game like james jett did. KOR return is a lot of straight ahead running but with his injury probs he may not be able to handle that either.