Campbell, Bush updates


A few highlights from Tom Cable’s conference call:

— Quarterback Jason Campbell has a right wrist injury that is more significant at this point than his stinger. It happened on the series previous to the one in which he was injured. He’s had an MRI and X-rays and Cable said it will be evaluated this week.

— Running back Michael Bush will have a “procdure” on his fractured left thumb but wont’ necessarily miss the opener. Cable said Bush would be “protected” but not with a cast.

— Chaz Schilens’ arthroscopic knee surgery is a “three to six week issue.” Cable said he’d be questionable for the opener, meaning he’s more than likely out.

— Cornerback Chris Johnson and center Samson Satele will practice this week. Both have been been challenged for their starting positions, Johnson by Stanford Routt, Satele by Jared Veldheer.

— Veldheer earned mixed reviews from Cable on his starting debut. He will play both center and tackle this week, an indication Satele is probably still the front-runner.

— Cornerback Joey Thomas (concussion) and defensive tackle Desmond Bryant (elbow) are day to day. Neither Jay Richardson (knee) or Alex Daniels will be ready to play in the next preseason game.

More to come . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • fat kidd

    i bought boneless chicken!!!how the hell did it walk?

  • JB

    Keep a eye out for a trade to Pittsburg to pickup Hartwig – center. He was the starter but looks like he’s getting bounced for Maurike Pouncey, their # 1 pick this year. Hartwihg has a 4 year $2M+ contract. That’s a little expensive to be sitting on the bench. Fortunately for us, AD doesn’t get scared by the $’s. If we got Hartwig then we could focus both Veldheer & BCampbell on the tackle positions. We could then move Walker or MHenderson to RG. That would give us a reasonable dominating O-Line.

  • ajoakrader

    norco punk still in here

  • ajoakrader

    raider nation the season is going to be different and very unpredictable its all about the start. i say we can win the first 6 games

    go raiders.

  • djohnnyg

    Gradkowski has the “will to win”. He can obviously throw the ball and is very spirited and the players respect him and will play hard for him. His size is the only drawback I see. We’re better off with him in there than JCampbell.

  • GANJApassion

    What exactly is this ZB everyones talking bout? What I saw in that niners game was how Grad plays to win and how jason cambel plays not to lose I think Grad can have a very good year with the Raiders he gave us touch dwons and wins last year and he gave us two touchdowns in limited time..Jason cambell i dont think has thrown for a TD yet..Jason cambell hasnet really impressed me not saying he disapointed but Grad is where its at and i wasnt convinced of that until last game. No matter who we have back there though there going to be in grave danger lol so having to solid QB’s is a good thing