Bush says he has `Bennett fracture’


Raiders running back Michael Bush said on his Twitter account Tuesday he underwent surgery the previous day that included the insertion of screws in his left thumb to repair a fracture.

Bush even gave it a name. It’s a “Bennett fracture,” which perhaps is fitting since teammate Michael Bennett was the one helping him tie his shoes in the locker room Saturday night.

According to an orthopedics web site, treatment for a Bennett fracture includes surgery if the joint surface is out of position to properly align bone fragments.

Bush gave no time frame for his return.

News and notes as relayed from beat writer Steve Corkran Thursday following practice, coach Tom Cable’s press briefing and media availability:

— Cable declined to name a starting center, saying it would be determined later in the afternoon. Since there is no media availability Wednesday, we’ll find out when the offense takes the field whether it’s Samson Satele or rookie Jared Veldheer.

— Let tackle Mario Henderson was getting a post-practice tutorial session from Cable, with line coach Jim Michalczik looking on.

“Just helping him. He and I have spent so much time together it’s easy for me to reach him or relate to him,” Cable said. “He’s frustrated by a couple of things, but they’re easily fixed.”

— Cable indicated during Monday’s session there could be a role for former starter Thomas Howard on the roster, and Howard sounds more than happy to accept it.

“It’s jut a blessing to be out here and playing the game we all love,” Howard said. “People forget that it’s an opportunity, and that’s how I I’m looking at it _ as an opportunity to go out and play. Just to get better.”

— Darren McFadden seemed to get a kick out of Cable’s assessment that he was “explosive” after gaining nine yards on seven carries.

“Nah, I felt like my legs were out there just turning,” McFadden said. “I wasn’t slowing everything down for myself, which is something I usually try to do is slow the game down in my head.”

— Michael Huff realizes the Raiders poor bottom line on rushing defensive over the past two weeks _ 177 yards to Chicago, 166 to San Francisco _ had a lot to do with an 89-yard burst by Matt Forte and a 49-yard burst by Frank Gore.

Guess who had the chance to stop both of those runs much earlier?

“We definitely took a step back the last two weeks,” Huff said. “We stop them for two or three yards and then they break one for 60 or 70. Some of that comes down to me. ONce it gets to me, it’s one-on-one. We definitely have the pieces of the puzzle to stop the run.”

— Darrius Heyward-Bey isn’t the only player who has battled fatigue.

“The team’s a little tired, that’s the only thing,” Cable said. “At the same time, we’re working to freshen them up.”

— Cable doesn’t share the concern most of the outside world has with the Raiders’ offensive line.

“It’s never really been a good-and-bad thing. It’s been good and I wish it was better,” Cable said. “Consistency is probably the No. 1 issue to me. We’ve had some things where you say, `dang, we’re going to be real good. But we’ve got to continue to do it play after play. That’s the part that’s still missing a little bit in our offensive line — getting that every down consistency.

“Then I’m going to be very excited. And I think they’re close.”

— Tight end Eric Butler was cut as the Raiders reached the 75-fan limit. One more cut to 53, with the Seattle game giving player’s a last chance to make a good impression.

— Cable when asked if he could in any way clarify the situation of quarterback Jason Campbell, “No, I cannot.” Later, when asked if Campbell’s reputation for getting off the deck in Washington gave him cause to be optimistic about his availability for the opener, Cable said, “Yes.”

Hey, you take what you can get.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    The Raiders have been to the Playoffs 6 times since the inception of Free Agency in 1989.

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  • Things will be different when all our starters are playing on Defense. We miss Seymour and CJ.

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    the raiders have been in the afc championship game every ten years since 1970 next time due 2010.

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    Over the last 20 years the Raiders Record is sub .500

    I’ve got plenty of numbers, ok?

  • Print facts, my good friend! And league results, BTW>

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    11 losses or more for 7 straight years is an NFL Record.

    Numbers are my thing.

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    Thank you.
    LMAO @ Skinny 6’4 260! How fast can you run a 40, and do you play football? Al may daft you.

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  • 7 out of 8 games blacked-out last year.

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    teams with bad records dont appear on monday night football this years team is going too change that.

  • Fat, WE owned Monday nights! Wickedly!

  • Yeah, when Howard Cosell was calling the games.

    Night fellers.

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    i want that thanksgiving day game back that was awesome

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    turkey pumpkin pie yams with the little marshmellows and raiders football outstanding!!!

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    860Todd Christensen Says:
    August 31st, 2010 at 10:28 pm
    RaiderO, I’m 54, but can put up some numbers, your my agent, talk to Al, Sign me for twenty years, $100 Mil up front, and we’re golden, I don’t even know what Purple Drank is? 50/50 seems right to me!

    ……………whats your 40 time thats what al wants too know?

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    20 years is too long for a contract (especially for you).
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    there comes a time in every man or woman’s life when they have to step up. or not.
    to take on that blitzing LB or to crumble into a heap yelling “Ole!”.
    now is the time for Raiders collectively to shrug off the what was in order to go for it.
    all teams have flaws.
    go ahead and moan about O-linemen or injuries or the coverage of a WLB.
    doesn’t matter.
    it is the cumulative will of the various players to make certain that they are focused on and desiring to accomplish each moment in front of them.
    be the name Veldheer or Murphy or Campbell.
    be the name Shaughnessy or Branch or Scott.
    time to out-man the opponent
    Raider on.

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    I know 54 is not old. It’s the new 45.
    BTW, I’m 30.

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    Fat, don’t know him, but my best friend is a Nuke welding instructer, will ask him! He a Raider?

    ……………………..no i think he likes the jets

  • M-Lone, Spoken like the Raiders of Past and Future, bleed Black brother, Bleed Black!

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  • Jinks are all right with me, when we play them, I’m there. They are my NY team, lol, Celts, Red Sox, Raiders, here.

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    Did you watch Branch play at college, and what can you tell us about him?

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  • I wish on Branch, I work Saturday’s and do not catch many Coll. games, only night ones, which were rare.

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    New umpire rule carries the fingerprints of lawyers
    Posted by Mike Florio on August 31, 2010 11:02 PM ET
    This year, the NFL is experimenting in the preseason with the addition of an eighth on-field official. But the NFL isn’t experimenting with the placement of the umpire in the offensive backfield. That specific change to the rules has been adopted without experiment or, as it turns out, foresight.

    The key word in this regard could be not foresight, but foreseeability. As in reasonable foreseeability. As in the kind of legal mumbo-jumbo used to allocate blame when, for example, a 60-year-old man with no pads gets steamrolled by a 300-pound behemoth wearing body armor and a rock-hard helmet.

    The abrupt change in the rules has the feel of a decision that was initiated and pushed by lawyers hoping to avoid potential liability. Though we believe that the decision was motivated in part by a genuine desire to keep the umpires safe after several injuries in 2009, we’ve got a feeling based on the broader facts and circumstances that someone with a law degree made a compelling case for the potentially disastrous legal and P.R. consequences that would result if the league had failed to rescue its assortment of middle-aged men from a blender full of barbed wire.

    For now, we’ve got no smoking gun to support our theory. Still, the fact that the league has rammed into place without sufficient consideration of its competitive impact a rule that has drawn sharp criticism from teams that use no-huddle offenses suggests that either the football people badly missed on this one — or that they had no real say in it.

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    I enjoy reading your posts and I have a lot of respect for you. Keep on presenting us well.
    Later sir.

  • RaiderRetribution

    One great point I think we’ve all missed from Gore’s 49 yard run is that the 49er’s did not score any points off of it, not even a FG if I recall correctly. Unlike Forte’s run, Mr. Branch was able to run him out of bounds, the defense tightned up, held SF’s O to FGA, wide right.

    49er’s first 10 pts were off special teams, save for the kicking & long snapping aspect, the special teams, namely coverage & return (yes all that’s left) has me as concerned as the offensive line, if not more.

  • RaiderRetribution

    Upon rewatching the Raiders’ last preaseason game I incorrectly gave a fumble recovery to Mr. Norris it was actually Mr. Morris.